PRO ARTIST Redraws his Teenage Art!

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  • Ziggy Simpson
    Ziggy Simpson2 napja

    Hey, just so you know, I started modding your Alex character into a Friday Night Funkin’ mod, and I guess maybe you and some game programmer could help me out? (Btw you don’t mind that I took Alex and made him into a Friday Night Funkin’ mod right?)

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr4 napja

    This was really cool. I did a lot of the same, I also thought and think fingerless gloves are badass. Lol

  • Night killer
    Night killer4 napja

    I hate ur drawings

  • Night killer
    Night killer4 napja

    I hate u jazza

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar7 napja

    I saw an ad of you

  • Aaron Cardwell
    Aaron Cardwell9 napja

    Do this... more

  • Digibo
    Digibo10 napja

    Can you write books 📚

  • artzybruce
    artzybruce11 napja

    Did anyone else notice that he forgot to draw the necklace on Alex?

  • Mr. Ren
    Mr. Ren12 napja

    What pencil are you using Jazza?

  • armaantheweeb
    armaantheweeb13 napja

    new series?

  • Itsyaboyavron
    Itsyaboyavron13 napja

    9:17 it's super sayin goku me: he is going to draw goku him:that's the end of the vid bye

  • Chunky
    Chunky18 napja

    ᶜᵃⁿ ⁱ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵃ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇ'ˢ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵖˡˢ

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Abe Looez
    Abe Looez19 napja

    when you said you draw them to feel like the cool kid, that sounds amazing its just like a moment of feelin like a beast

    D6VID GARC1A22 napja

    He didn't do Alex's necklace

  • banana
    banana26 napja

    This reminds me of a pico school animation by this guy called jazza studios did you make a pico school animation?

  • Gila Shroot
    Gila Shroot29 napja

    Just be friends with everyone and spread the love and friendship abundantly. These are free gifts everyone can benefit from. Smiling at someone who is sad is a very good place to start. Spread love and peace and our world could be an amazing place 🥰.

  • katherine Scott
    katherine Scott29 napja

    Would love to see more of these videos.

  • Super Girl
    Super GirlHónapja

    Alex looks like the human version of that friend from the Goofy movie.

  • JS - 04KS 877168 Claireville PS
    JS - 04KS 877168 Claireville PSHónapja

    His aliens clothing kinda looked like he a god of destruction from dbs and I just saw legendary super Sayian broly for dbz in the background of when he picked allex

  • Sarah Renae Clark
    Sarah Renae ClarkHónapja

    Fingerless gloves ARE cool…. right?

  • darkk_sky 11
    darkk_sky 11Hónapja

    I only have 2 copics☹️

  • Neox7gr3


  • LilBruno

    fingerless gloves are always cool and will always be cool

  • pnumenwiese !
    pnumenwiese !Hónapja

    Fine! Now I have to overpaint my own art from 1995... I'M OLD!! L(・o・)」

  • OG Minecraftgod
    OG MinecraftgodHónapja

    Basically his characters hit puberty

  • Nikki Johnson
    Nikki JohnsonHónapja

    Which black pen do you use for your outlines?

  • jamaal morrsion
    jamaal morrsionHónapja

    Enjoy your personality bro no wonder you have so much subscribers

  • Janet Anderson
    Janet AndersonHónapja

    I think you are quite amazing! I love tuning in to see what you’re up to. Absolutely loved your video where you added to an already painted picture,


    Please do a part 2

  • Ditto


  • FawnixTheFlickFanboy

    When you have to delete half your old artworks in procreate because your iPad was running out of space qwq👌🏽

  • gasparsigma

    Can't wait for Jazza in 20 years to look back and say "this is what I drew back in 2021 and I'll try to recreate it"

  • Feezee the Seagull
    Feezee the SeagullHónapja

    If I ever do this I it’s gonna be a lot of cats XD

  • Alisha Orford
    Alisha OrfordHónapja

    Happy Birthday!

  • Marie

    Those three characters look like they could be in the same comic.

  • calimongoose

    Now draw them on photoshop in a “ marvelesque” way. Shiny huge muscles! U know!

  • BuriedSniper

    I really hoped he drew vegeta

  • Stephen Ryals
    Stephen Ryals2 hónapja


  • Silverfoil
    Silverfoil2 hónapja

    2001 alien gives me massive Ben 10/ PS2 protagonist vibe

  • Samar Rangnekar
    Samar Rangnekar2 hónapja

    my drawing sucked when I was 12

  • Muhammad Ameen
    Muhammad Ameen2 hónapja

    this is called progress homies

  • Janet Harradine
    Janet Harradine2 hónapja

    Your re-creatiosn are awesome, I think you must add your skill now, even if you have to change it a bit.

  • Janet Harradine
    Janet Harradine2 hónapja

    I love this, my daughter can watch it and see that her work now is a stepping stone...!!

  • Ella Carter
    Ella Carter2 hónapja

    i really wanna see a comic book made around the character before alex

  • Bec Still
    Bec Still2 hónapja

    What markers does he use? they look amazing I want some

    DENTSU2 hónapja


  • DrAgon Fly Swata Swata
    DrAgon Fly Swata Swata2 hónapja

    I request part 2 animate childhood drawings

  • Natalie Smetak
    Natalie Smetak2 hónapja


  • Blur_beastboyyt 2468
    Blur_beastboyyt 24682 hónapja

    1:26 kinda looks like a random person in family guy

  • J East
    J East2 hónapja

    I would very much like to see more of this.

  • lucawario 27
    lucawario 272 hónapja

    "just how I like em, medium rare..." "doesn't even make sense, he's not even coooked" lmao

  • Miguel Nuñez
    Miguel Nuñez2 hónapja

    i don't know why i just decided to abandon your content a while back. i gotta catch up now with everything

  • TonyAnimates
    TonyAnimates2 hónapja

    1:27 John Arbuckle on steroids

  • Rayna Roades
    Rayna Roades2 hónapja

    I feel similarly as an artist! I like to create the things I want to be, and it totally feels like a superpower! (also, fingerless gloves are THE COOLEST- all my hero characters are required to have some) It's also fun when your art is a unique gift to people!

  • zSuitSamus
    zSuitSamus2 hónapja

    I was also not one of the "cool kids" in school, so I drew the "cool kids". (: #loner

  • transformabrick
    transformabrick2 hónapja

    Nooooo there’s no mullet Joe!!!

  • Re Verse
    Re Verse2 hónapja

    This will sound weird, but I can "read" what might have been your expressive impulse when you were little drawing the buff guy. You were like, "[I'm a kid, but] I'm a big buff guy." I was able to read that after seeing your now version. I suppose that means you've managed to transfer your most honest impulses after all these years! That's reflective work, I think. You've kept your work "pure", I suppose; unfettered by imagery that's out there. Strong indeed, yes; big and buff indeed.

  • Epic David
    Epic David2 hónapja

    I would love to see the alien guy return in future art.

  • Panda Pixie
    Panda Pixie2 hónapja

    Jazza you forgot Alex's necklace 😱😂😂 the alien was my favorite! ❤ would love to see more recreations

  • Da Baum Studio’s
    Da Baum Studio’s2 hónapja

    The first drawing looks like he would be a idiot but if he wanted he would be your brains

  • Mohammad Nohman
    Mohammad Nohman2 hónapja


  • Flash Prince
    Flash Prince2 hónapja

    He did not drow Alex's locket chain

  • TheMah1337
    TheMah13372 hónapja

    wheres mullet joe :(

  • daskraut
    daskraut2 hónapja

    alex needs a skateboard

  • Joe R
    Joe R2 hónapja

    Your first character the original drawing looks almost like a character from family guy, it's drawn in the same style. He reminds me of megs boyfriend who louise tried to sleep with.

  • Joe R
    Joe R2 hónapja

    Your last drawing alex reminds me of a character from A Goofy Movie bobby zimuruski voiced by Pauly Shore.

  • iamadarkfox Speedpaints
    iamadarkfox Speedpaints2 hónapja

    4:23 He can't stand on his other "leg" it's too small

  • Peter
    Peter2 hónapja

    I can tell you that wearing fingerless gloves at school didn't work out, but I liked them so I wore them anyway! The best way to be uncool is to be cool about it.

  • アラノ・アランAlanArano
    アラノ・アランAlanArano2 hónapja

    Fingerless gloves ARE the coolest thing on earth

  • Kuro Uchiha
    Kuro Uchiha2 hónapja

    He looks like Jonathan jostar

  • Bridget Dupin
    Bridget Dupin2 hónapja

    I got donnie darko bunny vibes

  • Cool Legend
    Cool Legend2 hónapja


  • Zgall053
    Zgall0532 hónapja

    Just so you know, I was 4 months old when you made that alien (:

  • Fluorite Fox
    Fluorite Fox2 hónapja

    Alex kinda looks like Johnny test's dad but cooler XD

  • Andrew Tath
    Andrew Tath2 hónapja

    I swear, I more I see I more I think you'll be able to make a cartoon with these characters

  • Adriel Hewlett
    Adriel Hewlett2 hónapja

    Who else rushed to the comments after the video just to realize that Jazza, when he was drawing the glasses on Alex,drew two handles for the left eyeglass and no one else saw this but me?

  • Beca Brayton .Passionatelifeliver
    Beca Brayton .Passionatelifeliver2 hónapja

    Yes Jazza. More redraws!!!!!

  • Ruby Smith
    Ruby Smith2 hónapja

    first one he forgot the beard

  • John Kacer
    John Kacer2 hónapja

    I gues alex sold his neck chain in past ten years

  • Power Player
    Power Player2 hónapja

    Fingerless Gloves ARE the coolest thin on the planet!

  • WobbuffetBoy
    WobbuffetBoy2 hónapja

    I love how even tho it was 20 years ago he still has the same feel of his style, I like that

  • wolfling_conceptions
    wolfling_conceptions2 hónapja

    Love these you continue to inspire me

  • aalienbae
    aalienbae2 hónapja

    When he did the turnaround of the alien character I was two DAYS old :')

  • Hannah Schumacher
    Hannah Schumacher2 hónapja

    I've followed your channel for a few years now and hearing your stories about growing up, this is PROOF that even when you go through bad times (even years) that it will get better. You had your art to get you through it. May anyone see this or hear your stories, know, just power through it, and IT WILL GET BETTER

  • XDasareeX
    XDasareeX2 hónapja

    Alex looks like a phineas and ferb character

  • Mads Saucexx
    Mads Saucexx2 hónapja

    Your final remake looks like it was plucked out of an episode of Phineas and Ferb! I love it!

  • Tiffany Pharris
    Tiffany Pharris2 hónapja

    I would love to see you recreate more of your old drawings!

  • Kage No o
    Kage No o2 hónapja

    6:22 the date jazza drew this was 11/12/01 i was born exactly two years after that on 11/12/03. i just thought that was cool and now this is my favorite picture in this vid

  • Matthew McCluney
    Matthew McCluney2 hónapja

    Do more of this

  • Carlea Harper
    Carlea Harper2 hónapja

    Y e s

  • uzumagi :3
    uzumagi :32 hónapja

    Mullet Joe!?!

  • ITS WIG7878
    ITS WIG78782 hónapja

    I feel so sorry for you jazza the same thing happens to me at school I know jow u feel

  • DrMartian
    DrMartian2 hónapja

    Can you pls tell me what ink pen u use it looks so smooth

  • Suffering Artist18
    Suffering Artist182 hónapja

    (sees final illustration of Alex) Wow, that looks so cool----wait----necklace missing

  • Vexic929
    Vexic9292 hónapja

    Why does the first character feel like Space or Sci-Fi Kronk to me??? lol

  • Timothy Morris II
    Timothy Morris II2 hónapja

    More...more... *MORE*

  • Ro Wilson
    Ro Wilson2 hónapja

    I want 100 more episodes like this lol! I find these kinds of episodes super fun and interesting.

  • Chillie's Art
    Chillie's Art2 hónapja

    is it me or is it that always in cartoony drawings there are 3 fingers and 1 thumb instead of 4 fingers and 1 thumb

  • Derek Payne's Zubliminals
    Derek Payne's Zubliminals2 hónapja

    Alex before the redraw sort of looks like a character that would belong in Ed Edd n Eddy.