Michele Morrone - Hard For Me (Live and Acoustic Performance From Berlin)

Michele Morrone - Hard For Me (Live And Acoustic Performance From Berlin)
Album "Dark Room":
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    No hay palabras para describirte mí Amor..... !!! Eres perfecto. Precioso , talentoso, un gran hombre.. desde que te vi me enamore Michel.. te amamos desde Venezuela... Quisiera tenerte aunque sea 2 minutos para comerte a besos .. te amamos

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  • Mimiauz

    Don’t know how but Blackpink’s Rosé - On The Ground sounds a lot to me like Michele Morrone’s - Hard for Me. Anyone else notice that?

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    He should be named sexiest man alive.. "Are you lost baby girl"..love that line..

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    Congratulations on your success brother, wish you all the best to you and your family 👍

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    je l'avais jamais entendu premiére découverte et je l'aime bcq aussi en acoustic trés jolie

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    какой же ты классный! Это наверное единственный русский комментарий)

  • Iris Mentus
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    I am delighted to see so many musicians on various social media platforms offering their own covers of "Hard For Me" ...... I heard a deliciously sensual pianist cover it in a recent HUbase video. The music seems to be transcending the film, and touching many in a deep, heartfelt way --- I think the music represents more of who Michele is than the film 365 Days. I honestly believe this song could easily win a grammy. My own 19 year old daughter - normally a 'rap' fan - has been swept up in the aching lyrics & music of "Hard For Me" and has added it to her top ten playlist. She removed 'Eminen' to do that ----- and that says a lot about this song. I think it will be one for the ages, honestly ..... something that, if alive, both Whitney Houston & Luther Vandross would notice - and love!

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    Its 3:15 am and I am crying my eyes out to this ..... this is such a beautiful song - full of the ache of love that is won ----- and then lost. It reminds me of my ex-husband, and brings back such bittersweet memories.

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    Pls pls part 2 that movie and your chemistry ana super kilig much and perfect loveteam I hope in real life couple super perfect combination together

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    Okay..I dont even know if Michele or anyone would read this but last night I experienced something so surprisingly weird..I was having a panic attack and was just so upset(I was going through something difficult) and prayed to god to help me and protect me..I had a dream, and in my dream, I saw Michele..He calmed me down and wiped my tears cos apparently I was crying in my dream too..He told me "it's okay" and held my shoulders and I felt this comforting warmth ..I felt so protected..We spent some time together..Then, he told me it was time to go..And I had to say goodbye.. The thing is, I do tarot (even volunteer as a listener on a website called 7cups)and believe in archangels and Michael is one of them..Michele's name is like the Italian equivalent of Michael, so I do feel like my prayers were answered..I'm getting goosebumps as I even write this..I dont know if anyone's reading this but it feels good to get it off my chest (and I do hope michele reads this some day,..u saved me and provided me so much comfort..thank you! and god bless whoever is reading this..U are worthy and deserve so much happiness!)

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