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People in this vid:
@toddy smith
@Scotty Sire
@Mike Sheffer

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

@Christian Guiton

Camera man/ Assistant Editor

Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek7 hónapja

    Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award -winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.

  • Adam Guillen

    Adam Guillen

    29 napja

    YO I don’t comment on HUbase not on most this foo foo shit, but I love the barbershop man do a FINALE we need that JEFF, you the man hope you’re doin better and know I fwy😂

  • b shark

    b shark

    2 hónapja

    you ever realize that the very first scene in this video has blood almost perfectly aligned with your accident? you look better now bro but it's crazy serendipity

  • Anderson Neo

    Anderson Neo

    5 hónapja

    I fucking love Fight clu** Errrr i mean Jeff's barbershop.

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    Vanilla Gorilla

    6 hónapja

    Soap hoodies all sold out. Any chance on a restock?

  • sf49er1998 _

    sf49er1998 _

    6 hónapja

    Any chance you'd do a video of how we can get abs like yours??😂

  • Khaled Hamdan
    Khaled HamdanÓrája

    The "where is my mind" remix is immaculate.

  • Moises Porras
    Moises PorrasNapja

    The eye makeup though

  • Anderson Silva-Tlaczani
    Anderson Silva-Tlaczani4 napja

    Todd’s scene and acting was perfect. Looks like a scary movie 🎥. Best one!!!

  • Hedi Hadhri
    Hedi Hadhri8 napja

    6:29 "I wish I could have blond hair... but the mafia will kick me out" HAHAHAHAHA this dude cracks me up

  • sparkkn 2k
    sparkkn 2k10 napja

    Mom : everyone’s dreams mean something My dreams :

  • Jade SR
    Jade SR12 napja

    I love that movie

  • Niko
    Niko12 napja

    Where do buy Jeff's red sunglasses

  • Gunk MasterFlex
    Gunk MasterFlex12 napja

    Where is Todd's mind!

  • Lachlan Cameron
    Lachlan Cameron13 napja

    hahah the blood makeup on that part of your face didn't age too well, did it?

  • alexandria


    11 napja

    this is literally few months after the accident dude

  • MangoUnchained
    MangoUnchained13 napja

    megan is totes meh goats a baberoonie

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover14 napja

    Was that cherdlys

  • Ivan Luna
    Ivan Luna14 napja

    Why do you gotta be so sexy

  • Maiyne Boros
    Maiyne Boros18 napja

    Todd's got fuckn sweet hair naturally. Milky chance natural.

  • Cobber
    Cobber18 napja

    jeffs hotter

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan28 napja

    I thinks jonah is on acid

  • Sarah Stebani
    Sarah StebaniHónapja

    where's Todd's mind

    WORLD STARHónapja

    3k dislikes from hardcore vegans not bad Jeff!

  • Savannah Williams
    Savannah WilliamsHónapja


  • A L
    A LHónapja

    Breast Cancer Awareness 🤗😅

  • totallynotwill

    Just noticed that my man Jeff literally disappeared at 7:26

  • Carrie Lynch
    Carrie LynchHónapja

    I swear if Jeff were any hotter I couldn’t take it 🔥🤤 but besides all the hotness I love his content.

  • Donis GamingPortal
    Donis GamingPortalHónapja

    This one is probably one of the best ones yet! Loved it.

  • Larissa

    Jeff without a shirt on: shut the f**k up

    DING DONGHónapja

    Actually kinda funny

  • Rylee Haught
    Rylee HaughtHónapja

    The best episode for sure

  • Steven Ladnyk
    Steven LadnykHónapja

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Jeff is the most creative in the whole vlog squad and has the most upside. Dude is gonna make it even bigger than he is now. And I’m here for it. He has the looks, the charisma, the swagger. He will be in movies.

  • Rob Vans
    Rob VansHónapja

    6:40 “If I had a tumor I’d name it Megan” 💀

  • chaoticbaby

    What movie is he acting like now??????

  • Altamash Javed
    Altamash JavedHónapja


  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • Dark Knight
    Dark KnightHónapja

    I have lost count how many times i came back to watch this vid

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer McgowanHónapja

    Everytime I watch it I notice every scene is in the movie. 😍😍😍

  • Em Pac
    Em PacHónapja

    This gets so weird and I love the skinny crew worker with the drawn on abs

  • Waiz Sheikh
    Waiz SheikhHónapja

    Ya'll sleeping on Meghan here though👀👀 she fineee

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja

    with peace and love no one says Todd is more better looking than Jeff

  • Marcus Greenwood
    Marcus GreenwoodHónapja

    I feel like this episode is Jeffs best work however most of his fans weren't even born I 1999 so have no clue about fight club. So it didn't get a load of views.

  • sami samsam
    sami samsamHónapja

    The best video of HUbase

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor SmithHónapja

    my favorite part is shirtless chad smoking a cigarette

  • Kristina Renee Espina
    Kristina Renee EspinaHónapja

    This episode is gold.

  • Akz Camo
    Akz CamoHónapja

    Megan is so beautiful

  • Alex Frampton
    Alex FramptonHónapja

    “What? What are You take martial arts?”

  • Alex Frampton
    Alex FramptonHónapja

    I would just take off the camera. Just fuckin rip it off without showing your face.

  • Tanner Vrabel
    Tanner VrabelHónapja

    If that was really acting, then goddamn todd and jeff have great on camera chemistry. At first it really looked like jeff was scared todd was gonna fuck him up.

  • brainrot



    yeah theyre all acting todd said he knew jeff gonna dyed his hair but the slapping e/o part is not scripted. everyone rlly got violent in there

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. CleanHónapja

    5:02 I spy a wild cherdlys

  • Mike Rivera
    Mike RiveraHónapja

    Fuckin fantastic episode .. why am I just finding Jeff's barbershop ....Todd was twisted

  • Haydee Iza
    Haydee IzaHónapja

    this is caos, i love it

  • Rohan

    People don't appreciate this enough

  • Kasey Johnson
    Kasey JohnsonHónapja

    Jeff's cover of The Pixies > The original

  • RSB

    Release the pixies cover plzthx

  • Parislis

    Damn his hot D'x

  • Cherise Betancourt
    Cherise BetancourtHónapja

    5:21 is so cute

  • Riçardœ Tobias
    Riçardœ TobiasHónapja

    No way dababy was crying

  • Reagan Lincoln
    Reagan LincolnHónapja

    I love this episode. I wonder how many ppl really got the nuances? I fuck love Jeff.

  • Beam BOYZ
    Beam BOYZHónapja

    Jeff hit Mike, Mike sad Mike do nothing but cry ,Mike see nick mike think he can do a Jeff ,Mike sees why they is only one Jeff

  • jojo jdm
    jojo jdmHónapja

    When he smacked mike twice out of nowhere 😂😂

  • Hailey Irene

    Hailey Irene


    and Mike didn't say anything to Jeff XD

  • pink usagi 💗
    pink usagi 💗Hónapja

    jonah is so underrated, he’s actually so funny

  • Rob Dechellis
    Rob DechellisHónapja

    Todd looks like Jared Leto at the end. I made this comment before I heard him say that at the end too

    XOF YERGHónapja

    Surprised didnt see any Megan comments lol

  • Alex Mombela
    Alex MombelaHónapja

    This video is therapeutic

  • Chicken Noodle
    Chicken NoodleHónapja

    Jeff glitching on the door.... illuminati 😂

  • Lia Cook
    Lia CookHónapja

    jeff you are holy duck

  • Espada Six
    Espada SixHónapja

    Hahahahahah when Jeff starts flickering in and out that call back to fight club as me dead gg

  • Nathan Pinkham
    Nathan Pinkham2 hónapja

    I’m new here Jeff has no right being that yoked

  • Roberto Serrano
    Roberto Serrano2 hónapja

    Height Impared LMAO😂

  • Jovan Jacob
    Jovan Jacob2 hónapja

    I’m so high

  • Megan Thomas
    Megan Thomas2 hónapja

    Lmfaooooo the “where is my mind” edit sent me

  • enkidude •
    enkidude •2 hónapja

    Bro don't stop this series lmao please. Get hella more guests on here, gerard way, Tim armstrong, Eric andre, stop mucking with tiktok kids and ytubers

  • L LC
    L LC2 hónapja

    Nerf 😍🥰❤

  • yassin ahmed
    yassin ahmed2 hónapja

    what is the bg music he uses for the sponsor part

  • Kris Doughty
    Kris Doughty2 hónapja

    mike is so frickin skinny

  • Tru
    Tru2 hónapja

    Seriously 😂😂😂 I was literally

  • Justin
    Justin2 hónapja

    4:00 mike holding his pants like he really boutta hurt someone lmao

  • JokerOnline
    JokerOnline2 hónapja

    After seeing fight club I have a new appreciation for this episode

  • HR S
    HR S2 hónapja

    God damn this is a piece of art !

  • Chris Drake
    Chris Drake2 hónapja

    Todd beasted out of that chair

  • Loni Lange
    Loni Lange2 hónapja

    Ngl Mike got friendly real quick after Nick(Jonah) kicked him hehe

  • Jake Zamel
    Jake Zamel2 hónapja

    most underrated episode

  • Matthew rivers
    Matthew rivers3 hónapja

    The hair dyer looks like Jeff’s Ex a little bit

  • Ryan Rangel
    Ryan Rangel3 hónapja

    Everyone in this makes this a masterpiece

  • Henry Whiting
    Henry Whiting3 hónapja

    Jesus Christ scott looks ripped

  • Bald nonce 69
    Bald nonce 693 hónapja

    What boys do in there free time.😂😂😂

  • Mohammad Ahmed
    Mohammad Ahmed3 hónapja

    Jeff's like a pg FilthyFrank.

  • Myrandah Hernandez
    Myrandah Hernandez3 hónapja

    ok but do your neighbors ever complain about the noise? LMAOOO

    INDIGOMoe3 hónapja

    Hes so fn drunk

  • Matteo DeSantis
    Matteo DeSantis3 hónapja

    honestly jonahs the best part of the show

  • Tanay Prasad
    Tanay Prasad3 hónapja

    this is by far your best episode man. I wish I could have a haircut from you. Jeff's creativity has no limits damn it.

  • Exotic Bananabutt
    Exotic Bananabutt3 hónapja

    Jeff & Jonah 💕

  • RO 24
    RO 243 hónapja

    1 of the best videos on youtube. jeff is a legend

  • taylor
    taylor3 hónapja


  • kitze ss
    kitze ss3 hónapja


  • Des H
    Des H3 hónapja

    4:48 LMAOOO

  • Priya Sankar
    Priya Sankar3 hónapja

    Are you nice you are not in nice Man

  • keyona johnson
    keyona johnson3 hónapja

    I loved the look on Todd

  • Moritz Bochmann
    Moritz Bochmann3 hónapja

    love the phone background pic

  • Michael Ashton
    Michael Ashton3 hónapja

    4:14 the jacket adjust 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Erica
    Erica3 hónapja

    Scott looks like he's had a touch of roids

  • Preston720s
    Preston720s3 hónapja

    bro i sh*t myself when he threw the cigarette on the floor and the gas blew up😂

  • Ajay Nautiyal
    Ajay Nautiyal3 hónapja

    The song that jeff sings in the end ..😂💯 .*i hope i don't get copyrighted for this* bruhh .

  • CruzanMan
    CruzanMan4 hónapja

    “If I hit him he’ll sue me”😂