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  • fam. welling
    fam. welling2 órája

    I lowkey feel bullied into liking this video.... I would have liked IT anyway JAZZA!

  • Christiaan Vermeulen
    Christiaan Vermeulen5 órája

    i could see him saying "happy accident" from miles away

  • dax blackmon
    dax blackmonNapja

    You were in the ad that popped up before the vid it was like video inception

  • Baloch Durrazai
    Baloch DurrazaiNapja

    I draw sketch of jazza please watch and commnt me how drawing picture matching or no

  • Kelli Flinchbaugh
    Kelli FlinchbaughNapja

    I want one 😖❤️

  • rgjoyner

    you should do spring and summer as well

  • Humboy
    HumboyNapja ugly...

  • Ilyes Bensaber
    Ilyes Bensaber2 napja

    It’s out of stock for the print version 😭🥲☹️

  • Roland Katsuragi
    Roland Katsuragi2 napja

    10:45 It's truly fascinating to see Jazza's process working in real-time

  • june reyes
    june reyes2 napja


  • Keith S.
    Keith S.2 napja

    I love this idea. But kinda wish it went in another direction. In my mind if the original was autumn and they were friends then spring should be the start and winter should be the end. Like the knight could be an old man and the dragon could be asleep or dead. I just think death in winter. Not saying yours is bad. Just what i think when i think winter. I really want to paint now because of this.

  • Izzy Gordon
    Izzy Gordon2 napja

    This sold for $4,401 😲

  • Euphoria Hilstrum
    Euphoria Hilstrum2 napja

    Why does this give bob ross vibes

  • Will Travel For Sushi
    Will Travel For Sushi2 napja

    Your skillshare ad came on during this. Inception.

  • Christian Serna
    Christian Serna2 napja

    Absolutely Amazing!!!

  • Spencer Beasley
    Spencer Beasley2 napja

    I want spring and summer next. Favorite vid from you in a long time

  • Tyson Harris
    Tyson Harris3 napja


  • Tyson Harris
    Tyson Harris3 napja

    Jazza your big Mountain is a

  • Ghostmask19 Games
    Ghostmask19 Games3 napja

    Jazza I’m saving up for a Huion tablet so I can animate

  • Anna Otten
    Anna Otten3 napja

    This painting knocked my breath out

  • flibbertygibbette
    flibbertygibbette3 napja

    You realize you're going to have to do four seasons of this series now, right?

  • Sue Gore
    Sue Gore4 napja

    You are the Steve Irwin of painting!!

  • go foucault's pendulum yourself
    go foucault's pendulum yourself4 napja

    the mountains shouldnt have such high contrast because theyre obscured by atmosphere

  • Lisa H.
    Lisa H.4 napja

    I love the mood of this winter scene, I can almost feel the cold. But I have to admit that I prefer the golden Dragon because of its shape and highlighting.

  • Dup Dap
    Dup Dap4 napja

    Bruh, Jazza NEEDS to make his art into NFT!!!

  • Carla Beck
    Carla Beck4 napja


  • Violingineer
    Violingineer4 napja

    I got a Jazza skillshare ad before a Jazza video. Nice.

  • BroMation
    BroMation5 napja

    Jazza be like: bob Ross 2.0 the director's cut

  • Catherine Malcolm
    Catherine Malcolm5 napja

    Any chance that you would consider doing a paint-a-long teaching session?

  • Isabella Diecidue
    Isabella Diecidue5 napja

    Man, I love me some Bob Jazza!!!

  • Mimnim Petite
    Mimnim Petite5 napja

    Wow I really love this

  • Yeyu
    Yeyu6 napja

    This is their first meeting, before their peaceful farewell.

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 napja

    Man you should have actually kept these two and put them together or sell them together. Very cool either way. You did sound like Bob Ross with a soft spoken voice throughout

  • john johnny
    john johnny6 napja

    Dude makes a living as an artist and just discovered color theory….

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams6 napja

    Omg I got a Jazza Skillshare ad on his video lol 😂🥰

  • klipsgoboom
    klipsgoboom6 napja

    Jazza: Its a happy little a accident Me: Me too!

  • victor hugo sanchez cordova
    victor hugo sanchez cordova7 napja

    tbh i was waiting for a knight saves baby dragon story

  • Bren Matthews
    Bren Matthews7 napja

    You can tell Jazza was really feeling this painting. All fellow artist can definitely relate 😆 those are the best days.

  • Lab Rat
    Lab Rat7 napja

    NOT EVERYONE LOVED IT, your destroying someone elses work! make your own stuff and quit trashing other peoples. or get into graffiti if you cant get your ego under control

  • Elaine Wood
    Elaine Wood7 napja

    Wow , fab !!

  • Carol Boucher
    Carol Boucher8 napja

    You know you need to make the spring and summer versions now! I loved v.1, I love v.2 too!

  • TorontoOpal
    TorontoOpal8 napja

    Soooo game a thrones metaphor? Fire and ice?

  • joan banderas
    joan banderas8 napja

    Anyone else have a jazza ad for this video ?

  • S
    S8 napja

    didnt like it

  • blaababu
    blaababu8 napja

    it could go both ways... it could be the about to fight winter and then they make peace in autumn or... they were friends in autumn until the warrior decided to kill the dragon for its scales (or something) so he is planning to kill it in winter. and the dragon has his back turned, exposing himself not expecting the betrayal! the tragedy

  • Laura Mercer
    Laura Mercer8 napja

    I LOVE THIS!!! You're amazing! 😃

  • jim Moore
    jim Moore8 napja

    How can you sell other people's stuff yes you added to that picture but you didn't originally make that painting and it has someone else's signature on it so how can you sell that isn't that illegal

  • Savannah Dear
    Savannah Dear8 napja

    Kinda gives Ragnarok vibes!! So fun to watch you paint, please paint more!

  • KalonOrdona2
    KalonOrdona29 napja

    That's right you CHANNEL that inner Bob!!

  • Samantha
    Samantha9 napja

    A Hero Meets a Dragon. What a fitting title for a majestic piece such as this! I'm absolutely devastated that I missed out on the signed print of it! I was however, very lucky in getting to buy "A Hero and a Dragon" though and I will treasure it always. And maybe one day I'll have a chance to buy it's companion piece and they can share pride of place on my living room wall.

  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith9 napja

    Excellent work

  • Emerald Gilana
    Emerald Gilana9 napja

    “MOUNTAINS!!!” -jazza 2021

  • just a.person
    just a.person9 napja

    I just got an ad for jazzas skillshare class on this video

  • Faun Heartist
    Faun Heartist9 napja


  • Samantha Izaguirre
    Samantha Izaguirre9 napja

    And just like when watching Bob Ross, I CRIED when he covered those beautiful mountains. Maybe there'll be one version for each season?

  • A.J. Walker
    A.J. Walker9 napja

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Chris Rubinetti
    Chris Rubinetti9 napja

    Wow it sold for $4,401 that is awesome for 2 hours of work!

  • Maryeality
    Maryeality10 napja

    oh WOW 4k. Thats a lot I just love this. It reminds me so much of ark. I really want to buy some oil paints and start my own dragon-ark painting. I have acrylics but its really not the same

  • Trent Schmidt
    Trent Schmidt10 napja


  • TwoSoba
    TwoSoba10 napja


  • JM Community
    JM Community10 napja

    Did anybody else freak out when he put that big old clump of for ground? Ha ha

  • Hi There
    Hi There10 napja

    New reason added to my Reasons not to care what happens to my paintings after i die, list. #5 someone might unknowingly put my $500 or $250k painting, that took me 2 weeks to paint, in a thrift shop and take it home just to paint over it. At least its not the mona lisa which took 4 yrs to paint that lil thing. Shit

  • Hi There
    Hi There10 napja

    Hope u checked original painting value b4 u just painted over it

  • KaydenceElise
    KaydenceElise10 napja

    I got a skillshare ad of jazza before this video.

  • Lorena Ashcroft
    Lorena Ashcroft10 napja

    That turned out fantastic! Not that I doubted it. Excellent.

  • PharaohsKeeper7
    PharaohsKeeper710 napja

    I wanna know what the original painter thinks of this lol

  • Saylr Moncur
    Saylr Moncur10 napja

    Total Raya and the Last Dragon vibes

  • Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter11 napja


  • Justin Dubay
    Justin Dubay11 napja

    Do the summer fight

  • Sonny Florez
    Sonny Florez11 napja

    What if we win, then we add on to it like he did to the thrift one

  • Product Creation Formula
    Product Creation Formula11 napja

    Sometimes with some of the things you say and the way you say it makes you sound just like your brother.

  • TurtMusic
    TurtMusic11 napja

    I think... your theory is called mixing chromatic grey

  • Catho Nijsen
    Catho Nijsen11 napja

    talking about talent

  • Shadow Uchiha Edit's
    Shadow Uchiha Edit's11 napja

    I want the warrior and dragon to be friends

  • Blair Colbert
    Blair Colbert11 napja

    So my tired brain read the video title as “grand theft art…”

  • Spencer Wilson
    Spencer Wilson11 napja

    Where do you get off calling purple “pink”??

  • judyjude
    judyjude11 napja

    I did like that picture with the dragon. But I pictured an UFO flying, with a beam over to the smaller spot, with a cow there.

    EUDESTROYER11 napja

    Reminds me of the Velkhana from MHW Iceborne

  • seigeengine
    seigeengine11 napja

    "let's get crazy" says the man rubbing color sauce into the framed square inside.

  • MR D
    MR D12 napja


  • Emily Sutton
    Emily Sutton12 napja

    This is so cool!(not sorry for the joke!)😝 I feel like this could be an epic 4 seasons series. You have Autumn and Winter, all you would need now is the Summer and Spring. Ooooh, I getting hyped, and I don't paint very well(mostly due to lack of tools and lack of practice). But I am an artist of my own, so I guess artists' energy. Have a blessed day!

  • •Ram- Vince•
    •Ram- Vince•12 napja

    I was thinking what if Gordon Ramsay became an artist and not a chef

  • Jamie M
    Jamie M12 napja

    I absolutely love the concept of taking something very spring/summer and making it into autumn/winter how gorgeous! It’s like the painted version of folklore and evermore!

  • Justin Elkins
    Justin Elkins12 napja

    Where Have you been? Bob would be proud.

  • Ste Gough
    Ste Gough12 napja

    I was hoping to see our intrepid traveller shielding himself from a dragon breathing flames directly at him scorching earth, but our intrepid traveller survives and ultimately earns the respect of his foe to the point they're comfortable together. This just feels a little too similar to the original, there's no tension for the first encounter. Amazing artwork, just not buying the narrative. :(

  • Brittany Olsen
    Brittany Olsen12 napja

    Ooo this would be so cool if you did this for every season

  • flying teacup
    flying teacup12 napja


    KMNDRS12 napja

    This is so beautiful. Every time i watch one of your painting videos it makes me want to give it another go...then i heard you painted that in 2 HOURS?!?!

  • Fay's Corner
    Fay's Corner12 napja

    You are so amazing

  • Lonely Phantom
    Lonely Phantom12 napja

    The fact liked about 2 minutes into the video before he asked

  • Karidu Animations
    Karidu Animations12 napja

    Something tells me u like the big brushes

  • Meighan Rossi
    Meighan Rossi12 napja

    How are you so good at everything? I'm decent at maybe 2 or 3 mediums. But you've mastered them all! Better then a jack of all trades!

  • Hellowutsup5
    Hellowutsup512 napja

    I need spring and summer versions!

  • Planet Big Cat
    Planet Big Cat12 napja

    *AH, I MADE A MISTAKE.* Bob mode turns on: *No it wasn't, it was a happy ancient. Hello I'm Bob*

  • Nicolas Volken
    Nicolas Volken12 napja

    Do the two other seasons as well.

  • Cristina Alves
    Cristina Alves12 napja

    Fantástico!!! Super top!!! Amei!!!

  • Green SkullGG
    Green SkullGG12 napja

    You should Calab whith the HUbasers ZHC

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo12 napja

    its crazy to see that after all these years you still havent improved.

  • NatKhach
    NatKhach12 napja

    Please do a spring and summer version! Make it a 4 piece seasonal thing! This is awesome!

  • NekoHanyouHanaru
    NekoHanyouHanaru12 napja

    “Little more of vibrant pink here...” Uses purple. Is Jazza partially color blind? I remember him making a video about something similar but I don’t remember the outcome