Loki Theme | EPIC GLORIOUS VERSION (Loki Soundtrack)

Loki Soundtrack by Natalie Holt. Arranged and Orchestrated by Yours Truly.
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Artwork by 𝐒𝐏𝐃𝐑𝐌𝐍𝐊𝐘𝐗𝐗𝐈𝐈𝐈: spdrmnkyxxiii

All copyright belongs to their respective owners.
Loki Theme by Natalie Holt
Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

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  • Samuel Kim Music
    Samuel Kim Music18 napja

    LOKI SOUNDTRACK 1 HOUR GLORIOUS MUSIC MIX!!! hubase.info/zone/vKWst5KnZmyjmIo/vide.html

  • juan pablo fernandez m.

    juan pablo fernandez m.

    4 napja

    Oñ. Oxzeeśhmi

  • Zacharie Zuwala

    Zacharie Zuwala

    12 napja

    I found that Amazing how a music can change the appreciation of a series, It's mainly because this music is in the series that I like Loki 😆

  • Eternal infinite

    Eternal infinite

    13 napja

    hey bro i made my own video but its copyright clam how can i avoid it??

  • maxpia piano

    maxpia piano

    16 napja


  • Jonathan Pilaar

    Jonathan Pilaar

    16 napja

    I needed this in my life, thank you.

  • Pranav Maiya
    Pranav MaiyaÓrája

    best theme ever

  • Anyelo lopez
    Anyelo lopezÓrája


  • Skywalker the Wanderer
    Skywalker the Wanderer3 órája

    First one cool but second one kills the hipe.. why did you combine these two man

  • Nicoelle Salim
    Nicoelle Salim7 órája

    eggs thrown

  • Galactic Lego
    Galactic Lego7 órája

    I can't wait till season 2 Is released, hands down the best thing marvel has made.

  • unknown personnel
    unknown personnel10 órája

    “Is this truly the greatest power in the universe”

  • Harsh Bundela
    Harsh Bundela10 órája

    this is a toy version of the original theme

  • Lohit Peesapati
    Lohit Peesapati18 órája

    You either die lowkey or live long enough to become a Loki.

  • The Rare Husky
    The Rare Husky19 órája

    The Rare Husky exists in Marvel Loki before he meets the TVA: "Great another person to kill." Loki after the TVA in episode 6: "The Rare Husky! Do you remember me?" Me: "Of course I remember my favorite villain/hero. Preferably villain." Edit: I did this for the fact of Loki changing personalities in only 4 episodes, I mean- What in Starclan-


    Loki isn't a hero or a villian ...he's just LOKI 💯

  • ToneF

    Omigod of Mischief! This is hella good!

  • jiah81

    Just look at this boyish devil. I love Loki ❤️

  • Cheshire Loki
    Cheshire LokiNapja

    Loki: You either live long enogh to be a hero or die a villain Mobius: I don't think- Loki: I know what I said

  • Leandro Amodey
    Leandro AmodeyNapja

    Great song for a great series. It conveys the feeling of fighting against something as great and powerful as time and destiny itself. Something bigger than anything we can understand.

  • Slurp Slurp1
    Slurp Slurp1Napja

    I like how marvel they literally got us by stupid by showing *NAH LOKI WAS AN ILLUSION THIS HOLE TIME SUCK THAT FANS*

  • Slurp Slurp1
    Slurp Slurp1Napja

    Who makes a loki.............. What are loki How many lokis are there Who is the real variant of loki..... *i feel weird now*

  • Alternatestories

    play this as Deadpool kills infinite Kangs montage or him skipping along to “Deadpool Kills the Multiverse” conversation

  • p k man
    p k manNapja

    I found it😁😁

  • p k man
    p k manNapja

    wow bahi

  • Ben Williamson
    Ben Williamson2 napja

    I have been falling for 30 minutes

  • Canal Sr.Godnizx
    Canal Sr.Godnizx2 napja

    glorious purpose

  • Jungleali 0812
    Jungleali 08122 napja

    This. Is. Amazing. Change. My. Mind.

  • Default
    Default2 napja

    god this is the definition of an eargasm

  • SmartGem
    SmartGem2 napja

    to all those that disliked: you disrupted the timeline

  • Deitrich Houston
    Deitrich Houston2 napja

    They should have her for every Marvel movie

  • J/NC\B
    J/NC\B2 napja

    Didn’t think the show one could get any better......I was very wrong.

  • NasiftheBeast
    NasiftheBeast2 napja

    Low key this is fire

  • Georgia Stanier
    Georgia Stanier3 napja

    It sounds so creepy ands awesome I LOVE IT X

  • George Gallagher
    George Gallagher3 napja

    Sounds like the resident evil theme slowed down* *but more glorious

  • Gaze73
    Gaze733 napja

    6 episodes of Loki have 48 tracks in the soundtrack, that's insane. In comparison, Mandalorian had 9 tracks in the first 8 episodes.

  • DarknessFNC
    DarknessFNC3 napja

    Burdened with glorious purposes

  • Farhan Anzum Afi
    Farhan Anzum Afi3 napja

    So the list goes like: 1. Loki Theme Song 2. Narcos Mexico theme song 3. Money heist theme song And the rest you say.

  • Shark__
    Shark__3 napja

    mandela effect kickin in, pls tell me im not the only one, i swear i heard this sound before

  • Teacup
    Teacup3 napja

    Thank you friend for sending me this ;w;

  • GrummNation
    GrummNation3 napja

    If the Time Keepers are fake, who created the TVA? Who is the man behind the curtain?

  • Shahad Ahmed
    Shahad Ahmed3 napja


  • Noah Kiel
    Noah Kiel3 napja

    This is the best soundtrack ever, change my mind

  • Bobby Yadav
    Bobby Yadav3 napja

    This theme song is something else man.....marvel at its best!!!

  • Don Won
    Don Won3 napja

    Goosebumps! My god!

  • Caua Ludso
    Caua Ludso4 napja

    FODA 🇧🇷

  • Yiğit Bla
    Yiğit Bla4 napja

    Hiç sevmedim

  • mello Marsh
    mello Marsh4 napja


  • Shlofty Intous
    Shlofty Intous4 napja

    Finally new stranger thing meme !

  • Jm Ramos
    Jm Ramos4 napja

    Please do the loki theme X natan on mobile legends theme. I think it is compatible to mix

  • Veeti Leino
    Veeti Leino4 napja

    answer me this: what is YOUR glorious purpose?

  • Infu Exe
    Infu Exe4 napja

    I hear this theme on my hear, I want it to stop. Why the fuck is this happening to me? 😢😰😡

  • Qualify_Us_LLamas
    Qualify_Us_LLamas4 napja


  • VRGalaxyTrey


    4 napja


  • Jeicob ExC
    Jeicob ExC4 napja

    Simply beautiful

  • Red _
    Red _4 napja

    I've always said Loki was my favourite, before this show people thought I sounded stupid. Now eveyone agrees with me 💀

  • EnragedCucco86
    EnragedCucco864 napja

    glorious purpose

  • G0dgrave
    G0dgrave4 napja

    Loki isn't a hero or a villain! He is the trickster!

  • trutav
    trutav4 napja

    "Quote from the show" "Other quote from the show"

  • Jonathan Majors
    Jonathan Majors4 napja

    Glorious Purpose

  • Vedaant Shrivastava
    Vedaant Shrivastava5 napja

    MCU Loki is dead LOKI Nah

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad5 napja

    For family

  • Samuel Edgar
    Samuel Edgar5 napja


  • Phoenix
    Phoenix5 napja

    Glorious Purpose!

  • sahil sawant
    sahil sawant5 napja


  • Alexander Tucker
    Alexander Tucker5 napja

    I do believe Tom Hiddleston has brought Culture and Shakespearean style to comic movies and to a whole new generation. I for one love it!

  • Louise Helgesson
    Louise Helgesson5 napja

    This is lit

  • D00d Min
    D00d Min5 napja

    Avengers endgame: that is America's ass Every Loki episode: endless awesome quotes. How is Disney and Jon even pulling this off?!? The mandalorian, toooooo?!?

  • M1KYTA
    M1KYTA5 napja

    Esto es EPICO, imposible parar de escuchar este T-E-M-A-Z-O 👌⚡🔥

  • i am Dylan

    i am Dylan

    11 perccel

    si es sierto LOKI POR SIEMPRE

  • MauiTheRapper
    MauiTheRapper6 napja

    Is there a universe where Loki becomes ruler of space? Lol. Because I feel like this would be his theme as he yells at the universe "KNEEL!!!"

  • HerobrineXGamin
    HerobrineXGamin6 napja

    So the Undying Fidelity was true then

  • Nirav S
    Nirav S6 napja


  • The Fab Aj
    The Fab Aj6 napja

    " I just want you to be okay! "

  • The Fab Aj
    The Fab Aj6 napja

    0:27 does bg singers say loki?? I can't unhear it now!!

  • boyster gaming
    boyster gaming6 napja

    On of the best bgm

  • Aiden Dodge
    Aiden Dodge6 napja

    2:39 unstoppable rampage

  • pyex
    pyex6 napja


  • Ak
    Ak6 napja

    Glorious soundtrack...❤️❤️❤️

  • shxhq
    shxhq6 napja

    You said family ?

  • Arnav Ayush
    Arnav Ayush6 napja

    This song is mysterious

  • Beast girl FF
    Beast girl FF6 napja

    Goooosebumps 😇😇

  • Saurabh Karpe
    Saurabh Karpe6 napja

    Marvel is great no one can replace this.

  • R-Man
    R-Man6 napja

    I wonder why this music is in the start of dom toretto theme when he says family is everything

  • Best memes Around
    Best memes Around6 napja

    “They called me… a conquerer.” Chills. Show kicked ass.

  • Scott Stephenson
    Scott Stephenson6 napja

    The only show with better music is the leftovers

  • Smash The Pie
    Smash The Pie6 napja

    this slapped so hard at the finale of loki cant wait for season 2

  • Qais
    Qais6 napja


  • Iman Ahmad
    Iman Ahmad6 napja

    Sometimes when listening I feel like miss minutes is just gonna pop up out of nowhere

  • ha fu
    ha fu6 napja

    Your teammates are actually good and you're on a win streak The tva :allow us to introduce ourselves

  • MD Shamsuddoha
    MD Shamsuddoha6 napja

    This is low key sick.

  • KC - 07NM 782488 The Woodlands SS

    KC - 07NM 782488 The Woodlands SS

    6 napja


  • BraydonsEpicGames
    BraydonsEpicGames6 napja

    You have to admit, the last episode was the coolest thing you’ve watched in years

  • Fungusz _
    Fungusz _7 napja

    When loki becomes the one to finally kill thanos

  • The Art Doctor
    The Art Doctor7 napja

    To bad the quality of the theme music doesn't match the writing

  • X ToRtiK
    X ToRtiK7 napja

    sorry im stupid.. im hearing everything what u making and still dont sub...i will change it or my variant will do.

  • Manuel Rivero
    Manuel Rivero7 napja

    Loki can play as a joker role

  • Synthx
    Synthx7 napja

    All my variants agree this is awesome

  • Sketch OP
    Sketch OP7 napja

    DISNEY + : Skip Intro Me : My Glorious Purpose Is to listen the theme of The person who too has a glorious purpose. Disney +: What ? Me :NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luis stefan dewitt
    Luis stefan dewitt7 napja


  • varqid
    varqid7 napja

    This should be played during loki's entrance in movies

  • Mitch Lucker15
    Mitch Lucker157 napja


  • Empty_handed
    Empty_handed7 napja

    this song just gives me that one vibe that's dark, mysterious and epic!

  • Yoda
    Yoda7 napja

    i litteraly could sleep and lisen to this or even play games with this it whud be epic sauce

  • PvPNinjaVods
    PvPNinjaVods7 napja

    And bold me was thinking the epic days of marvel was over, the sensation endgame gave you, ya know? Well, absolutely fucking not!

  • Nuggut and Bob Gaming
    Nuggut and Bob Gaming7 napja

    Season 1 was so good.

  • Nuggut and Bob Gaming
    Nuggut and Bob Gaming7 napja

    I love this

  • Jose Carlos Ochoa Castro
    Jose Carlos Ochoa Castro7 napja