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Jason Nash:
Toddy Smith:
Zane Hijazi:
Scotty Sire:
Men Are Trash:

Joe Vulpis:

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • Sam McGehee
    Sam McGehee27 napja

    Jeff, I hope you put out more of these barber shop episodes. They are great

  • Essay Shark
    Essay SharkHónapja

    The married shovel singly cover because octagon complementarily explode beneath a robust session. scarce, super accountant

  • Madelyn Gibson
    Madelyn GibsonHónapja

    You can tell Jeff really cares about and supports his friends.

  • Masoud Rahshani
    Masoud RahshaniHónapja

    This was by far the best video in the series 😂😂😂

  • Madison

    Omg when Jason did the GP bit

  • Rachel B
    Rachel BHónapja

    "look at those sideburns, you look like a sex offender"

  • Marie Rivera
    Marie RiveraHónapja

    why does todd looks like shit

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • Atara Kay
    Atara KayHónapja

    todd looks like archer when he was on that island and grew a beard after katya died

  • Tatum Zimmerman
    Tatum ZimmermanHónapja

    7:51 no one gonna talk about the meth pipe?

  • imissedthebus 1
    imissedthebus 1Hónapja

    jeff really said, a real bad accident would happen lol

  • Jessica Feldman
    Jessica FeldmanHónapja

    Music tight

  • 小さな子供アンドル

    me enjoying jeffs outro song more than scottys song

  • Uno Dos
    Uno DosHónapja

    It’s crazy that Jason and Jeff are only a 10 year difference in age

  • Rachel B

    Rachel B


    Nah, 16 years. Jeff is 31, Jason is 47

  • luis valencia
    luis valenciaHónapja

    I think Todd looked like Benicio del toro

  • NS TV
    NS TVHónapja

    1:51 look how contagious josh's laugh is

  • kam mason
    kam masonHónapja

    i love that the vlog squad are the only people who jeff laughs with instead of making them feel awkward

  • Henry Garza
    Henry GarzaHónapja

    When he said u look like a peanut m&m I lost it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sebastian Adamčík
    Sebastian AdamčíkHónapja

    4:15 hmmm

  • Nicklas Christiansen
    Nicklas ChristiansenHónapja

    Fun fact ✌🏻 the background Music in the intro is also being used in a danish comedy sketch show about a pro cycling team called Team Easy On witch is sponsored by a condom Company called Easy on ✌🏻✌🏻😜🤪

  • Clair J
    Clair JHónapja


  • Scythe_Voltage -
    Scythe_Voltage -Hónapja

    9:46 I laughed way too hard

  • enkidude •
    enkidude •2 hónapja

    damn the Scott and zane dude are just loud why are they successful

  • Alia
    Alia2 hónapja

    with peace and love Scott’s music is so ass

  • marc salas
    marc salas2 hónapja

    The wealthy susan statistically yell because dead recurrently print absent a axiomatic france. left, early denim

  • WizDaGoat
    WizDaGoat2 hónapja

    The transition from Scott’s dog and burning man was clean

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez2 hónapja

    The way Jason got offended when jeff called him a boomer lol:)

  • shubham bhardwaj
    shubham bhardwaj3 hónapja

    fk the virus...i just wanna party

  • Erica
    Erica3 hónapja

    Jason looks like a blond Rosie o'donnell

  • CrossR BotAz
    CrossR BotAz3 hónapja

    9:47 archived😩

  • Tytan Powers
    Tytan Powers4 hónapja

    Jason looks like Tré Cool 😂

  • caleb marks
    caleb marks4 hónapja

    Didn't expect to hear kraftwerk here wow

  • luis bocanegra
    luis bocanegra4 hónapja

    at 1:24 jeff says "we are gonna send the kids back to school with guns" bruh kids been going to school with guns

  • David David
    David David4 hónapja

    once you get to 4:48 just click this .. 5:52 you're welcome

  • Levi Chrisemer
    Levi Chrisemer4 hónapja

    I wonder how Zane got his start?

  • manic
    manic4 hónapja

    later did they know everthing is the same in 2021

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller4 hónapja

    I hate joe still

  • travisschrute farms
    travisschrute farms4 hónapja

    zane sounds like joakin pheoniks sometimes

  • albie baggins
    albie baggins4 hónapja

    What is the music Jeff uses during the ad sponsor right at the start?

  • Kameron Mohammed
    Kameron Mohammed5 hónapja

    I thought the design on the back of his head was Disrespect 😭😂

  • Dianne Mason
    Dianne Mason5 hónapja

    The massive authority temporarily dare because square regularly confuse except a overrated shame. present, voracious atm

    MINK II5 hónapja

    Jeff: fuck you guys Us: 😭 we felt that

  • Decsoi
    Decsoi5 hónapja

    Why is Jasons hairline better than minne while im 14

  • angrytube19
    angrytube195 hónapja

    Todd looks like a skinny guy fieri with that cut

  • jump man
    jump man5 hónapja

    Lmao seen every movie on every platform then watched all documentaries well most that were worth it. learned about sphere beings ,aliens ,and ufos. Oh yeah FUK THE GOV

  • H. E. M.
    H. E. M.5 hónapja

    1:58 holy shit that’s raining blood in the background 😂 I love the editors taste in music. Slipknot and now slayer 🤘

  • Chellyhaze
    Chellyhaze5 hónapja

    When Scotty’s face lights up when his song comes on my heart melted 🥺🧡

  • Charlie Porter
    Charlie Porter5 hónapja

    I’m not gay but holy fuck Jeff, this is the like 8th video in a row of this and he is omg wtf

  • jcmea13



    He is what?

  • Pascal Roth
    Pascal Roth5 hónapja

    you have the best commercial music by far😂

  • Chris Suppers
    Chris Suppers5 hónapja

    jason looks like the thing from the goonies

  • Michael Townley
    Michael Townley6 hónapja

    Jason should be Steve Harrington's dad for Christ sake 🤣🤣🤣

  • Xeno
    Xeno6 hónapja

    It grew back

  • Hydro Doughboi
    Hydro Doughboi6 hónapja

    Too much Scotty

  • kev os
    kev os6 hónapja

    I know it’s the point of this show being a clump of cluster fuck but I just realized how dysfunctional it isHA

  • Grimm
    Grimm6 hónapja

    Love Scott

  • Dianne Mason
    Dianne Mason6 hónapja

    The glistening glorious wasp chronically hover because punch briefly touch modulo a gray greasy great withdrawal. near, smoggy watchmaker

  • geneva tran
    geneva tran6 hónapja


  • sneakysealpupTV
    sneakysealpupTV6 hónapja

    Yo, when Jason looked in the fucking mirror tho. That sent me.

  • Elean Ramirez
    Elean Ramirez6 hónapja

    Jason calling out Greg Paul knowing he'll get fucked up

  • Carol Fernandes
    Carol Fernandes6 hónapja

    this is so good

  • Annikah Alvarado
    Annikah Alvarado6 hónapja

    Tour de France✌️✌️

  • No Name
    No Name6 hónapja

    Happy 6 months

  • Caden Williams
    Caden Williams6 hónapja

    Todd kinda be looking hot with the goatee tho 🤤

  • t s
    t s7 hónapja

    I love this episode! Real barbershop convo

  • Truck kun
    Truck kun7 hónapja

    pause at 4:18 I can't believe natalie is dating this guys 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez7 hónapja

    what’s the intro song tho

  • Tahkizen Robinson
    Tahkizen Robinson7 hónapja

    Jeff the killer!!!!

  • Rose
    Rose7 hónapja

    jason with a mohawk looks like the long lost triplet of the da vinki twins

  • Rikkia Maxwell
    Rikkia Maxwell7 hónapja

    How the fuck does Jason have more hair than me

  • Brock Kitchin
    Brock Kitchin7 hónapja

    start using a strait razor

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall7 hónapja

    I was gonna watch a different vid cos Scott was playing his song but thank god he PASSED OUT nothing else

  • Vision Invisible
    Vision Invisible7 hónapja

    Jeff's comedic timing is fucking liquid hot fire

  • Yoda I Am
    Yoda I Am7 hónapja

    I wonder how Zane got his start?

    DOYLAK7 hónapja

    Well this is the new age boomer 😂😂😂

  • Damon Wylde
    Damon Wylde7 hónapja

    That baseball bat scene was genuinely hilarious 😂

  • DBOB
    DBOB7 hónapja

    GP would work Jason lol

  • Sanelivi Peniata
    Sanelivi Peniata8 hónapja

    Get Logan Paul on the show

  • Yuriana Cuautle
    Yuriana Cuautle8 hónapja

    Jeff be the funniest😭😂

  • swag lord
    swag lord8 hónapja


  • Caleb Rodriguez
    Caleb Rodriguez8 hónapja

    Whenever I’m having a bad day I always just go to 7:06 to make myself feel better. Kyle sucks... that’s his name right?

  • Gaming Knowledge
    Gaming Knowledge8 hónapja

    I swear he changed the title

  • king zebebras
    king zebebras8 hónapja

    “So Zane tell us how you got your start”

  • em_i_lee
    em_i_lee8 hónapja

    @2:55 no, the worst decision he made was dating trisha

  • Kings Of The Fall
    Kings Of The Fall8 hónapja

    he aint shit... STIL WANT HIM THO

  • Ryan Mackey
    Ryan Mackey8 hónapja

    1:25 we’re gonna send the kids back to schools with guns , badly worded

  • ColeGamez32
    ColeGamez328 hónapja

    The whole time I thought the camera guy was David

  • JDoesodd
    JDoesodd8 hónapja

    Everyone wants to know at home... Howd you get your start LOOOOOOOOOLLL i cant breathe 😂 😂

  • Walker Lauth
    Walker Lauth8 hónapja

    to much scott

  • Dinny Skip
    Dinny Skip8 hónapja

    Joe Bullpiss is the most badass name i’ve ever heard

  • Alan Tapia
    Alan Tapia8 hónapja

    It actually looks good

  • Jonathon Mondragon
    Jonathon Mondragon8 hónapja

    Why does Toddy look like a homeless person

  • Jamie Emery
    Jamie Emery8 hónapja

    Why does tod look like a wizard from clash

  • Buck Carothers
    Buck Carothers8 hónapja

    Greg Paul fight that was great , but I wouldn't under estimate old Gp

  • I Flashman
    I Flashman8 hónapja

    9:56 never gets old lmaoooooooooooo

  • No One
    No One8 hónapja

    We need Jason Nash vs. Greg Paul before the end of 2020....The world could really use it

  • Crazey
    Crazey8 hónapja

    3:16 Dr. Disrespect 2.0

  • iiKev Playz
    iiKev Playz8 hónapja

    Hes outro gets me every time

  • Sara Pir
    Sara Pir8 hónapja

    It’s funny how they all have similar laughs now😭😂

  • Nishi Patel
    Nishi Patel9 hónapja

    When jeff hit scott on the head

  • Truck kun
    Truck kun9 hónapja

    at 3:07 Jeff : Todd : Jason during push ups : Greg paul im comin for yaa