ART on TIKTOK?! - This was NOT what I expected...

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  • JustAnArtDoof
    JustAnArtDoof2 napja

    Gareth in this video tho.

  • Dark_Samurai
    Dark_Samurai8 napja

    7:43 If you think what think then you are a man of culture

  • Dark_Samurai
    Dark_Samurai8 napja

    6:31 thats how normal people turn into insane in tiktok

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox10 napja

    Guys we need to call the ambulance He’s becoming hip with the kids yo fam

  • Maren Walz
    Maren Walz13 napja

    do we need a jazza's fyp video?

  • C Deaton
    C Deaton14 napja

    2021, I’m 28 and I still don’t care at all about TikTok

  • Nate Goldberg
    Nate Goldberg14 napja

    I know realize how creepy you are... and I love it

  • Blake Bathke
    Blake Bathke26 napja


  • Ayla Rolvers
    Ayla RolversHónapja

    Jazza in the begin of the vid : 😕🤨 Jazza is the end: 🤡😈🥳🤩🤩😆🤡🎃👹😈🙀

  • Danni rae Taylor123
    Danni rae Taylor123Hónapja

    Um did anyone else get any glitches

  • BananaCan

    I think at the end he goes insane

  • YoBoiKhy

    Jazza is a old bag lol

  • Twilight

    1:04 this is why i love jazza

  • Tita Manila
    Tita ManilaHónapja

    Jazza literally had the BEST introduction on TikTok

  • Humayra Aritry
    Humayra Aritry2 hónapja

    This is the number of times he said Tiktok ↓

  • iGotta Grevolver
    iGotta Grevolver2 hónapja

    The only art that gets popular is someone drawing an eye

  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat2 hónapja

    Jazza missed the part where Jazza face’s nose actually drawn for a second.

  • Torian Cromar
    Torian Cromar2 hónapja

    Man demon child gets out of bed can’t tell if he’s upside down in his clothes* Jazza- this is confusing and infuriating already 😂

  • Torian Cromar

    Torian Cromar

    2 hónapja

    First video I saw when I downloaded the app was someone in a mine looking for jeans 😂

  • Kingsley Onu
    Kingsley Onu3 hónapja

    This was a very funny video 😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry3 hónapja

    Why you on that doggone tic tac app?

  • Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
    Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist3 hónapja

    3:37 it's a reference to "rappers delight"

  • Let’s Do Some Random Stuff Today
    Let’s Do Some Random Stuff Today3 hónapja

    What’s TikTok⁉️

  • Elizabeth Wise
    Elizabeth Wise3 hónapja


  • Emily Cristina
    Emily Cristina3 hónapja

    noxio but nsiste

  • Kezia Valantina
    Kezia Valantina3 hónapja

    Can download popjam it's just art

  • Gabriel Doughty
    Gabriel Doughty3 hónapja

    There once was a ship that came to sea The name of the ship was The Billy Of Tea. Our bow dipped down Oh, blow my bully boys blow

  • Unstopagirl
    Unstopagirl3 hónapja

    When I realize Jazza got TikTok before me: 🤦‍♀️

  • Manan Tyagi
    Manan Tyagi3 hónapja

    When musically came two of my friends starrted talkingn about that then after listening to them I thought I should also dowload musically but I was too late because musically was now tiktok I kept looking for musically then My mom started watching tiktok yet my mom or me wasn't able to know where did musically went but in covid when tiktok/musically was banned I saw a vedio in which the title was tiktok/musically banned in India then I got to know that musically was tiktok

  • mythplatypuspwned
    mythplatypuspwned3 hónapja

    "6.9 minutes" haha, I see what you did there.

  • retsng
    retsng3 hónapja

    🎶i nEed A mIraCle🎶 AHHH F***K

  • Lady Drew
    Lady Drew4 hónapja

    I was watching this in class, and all the guys along with the teacher turned to me because I laughed so hard and in the end we all forgot calculus and watched this as I screen shared. 10 / 10 , TikTok Jazzacolypse saved us from maths.

  • Eric Teske
    Eric Teske4 hónapja

    Jazza when is the NFT drop??

  • DJ Pickle Jake
    DJ Pickle Jake4 hónapja


  • Laura
    Laura4 hónapja

    & now he has 183.7k followers on TikTok 😂

  • Laura
    Laura4 hónapja

    16:12 😂👴🏻

  • turkey cat
    turkey cat4 hónapja

    U ain't the only one who is late to the trend jazza

  • Artstruck Manju
    Artstruck Manju4 hónapja

    The first video 😂😂😂and his reaction 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Crafting Table
    Crafting Table4 hónapja

    Amount of times jazz’s said tiktok...

  • REO
    REO4 hónapja

    Alternative title: Jazza being boomer for 19 minutes

  • Pokepurple Plays
    Pokepurple Plays4 hónapja

    I trusted you but you have joined the dark side!!

  • Pokepurple Plays
    Pokepurple Plays4 hónapja


  • AWildMaryAppeared
    AWildMaryAppeared4 hónapja


  • Asmat khan
    Asmat khan4 hónapja

    11:26 hmmm 🤔

  • Caitlin Davies
    Caitlin Davies4 hónapja

    Someone come collect ur dad

  • patrick
    patrick4 hónapja

    _Doggystyle_ "Yes"

  • lord k
    lord k4 hónapja

    tik tok

  • xyellowcoffeex
    xyellowcoffeex4 hónapja

    wrote with swipe keyboard :D

  • Kelly Lincoln
    Kelly Lincoln5 hónapja

    This is hilarious, and I am now following you on TikTok

  • Gabby Sketch
    Gabby Sketch5 hónapja

    Therapist: Don't worry, double-head Jazza isn't real, he can't hurt you Double-head Jazza:

  • Lacuna_matata _92
    Lacuna_matata _925 hónapja

    1 year later and he’s at 147.8k with ten videos 👊 killing it I’m at 20k and don’t post anymore atm 😂

  • johnny's land
    johnny's land5 hónapja

    I havent used tiktok before

    GOOD MORNIN!5 hónapja

    "Where's the remote WHERE'S THE F****G REMOTE!?"

  • Ro Noble
    Ro Noble5 hónapja

    Your age is showing Jazza.

  • Mariotim
    Mariotim5 hónapja

    Jazza:what’s TIK TOK Me:what’s yt shorts

  • Tris Gibbons
    Tris Gibbons5 hónapja

    As a man in his late twenties - I relate to this so much. I’ve laughed more at this video than any of your other content. And I hate myself for it.

  • Guy With A Face
    Guy With A Face5 hónapja

    You're not the only one questioning Tiktok

  • Gorg
    Gorg5 hónapja

    Lol I love how I got an ad about headspace right after jazza started cussing alot 😂

  • Fr00gie
    Fr00gie5 hónapja

    I died...!😂🤣😁

  • Liana Garcia
    Liana Garcia5 hónapja

    Viewers: - Fast towering to the part where Jazza actually uses TikTok correctly...

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez5 hónapja

    I haven’t laughed so haaaaard lmfao I freaking love you Jazza

  • DarkDay 006
    DarkDay 0065 hónapja

    Ye I don’t use Tic Tok either generally sooooo

  • Angela Almeida - Artista Plástica
    Angela Almeida - Artista Plástica5 hónapja

    TikTok = 👹👾💀👻

  • Angela Almeida - Artista Plástica
    Angela Almeida - Artista Plástica5 hónapja


  • Thomas Duncan-Gilmour
    Thomas Duncan-Gilmour5 hónapja

    ive lost all respect for you Jazza

  • MrDinoTroll
    MrDinoTroll5 hónapja

    I can take it

  • vladanka kotev
    vladanka kotev5 hónapja


  • Rosie_exe
    Rosie_exe5 hónapja

    What’s TicTok?

  • Ninja DV
    Ninja DV5 hónapja

    I’m surprised this video isn’t a meme.

  • Kaitlyn Wall
    Kaitlyn Wall5 hónapja

    I didn't know how badly I needed to watch Jazza discover tik tok until I watched Jazza discover tik tok

  • George Agorakis
    George Agorakis6 hónapja

    I think he is having a stroke

  • dgmetcalfe88
    dgmetcalfe886 hónapja

    Make TIktok an actual person

  • Joshieboii 420
    Joshieboii 4206 hónapja

    Didnt now this was a timthetatman intro

  • Nada
    Nada6 hónapja

    *TIKTOK PEOPLE. TIKTOK. tiktok!*

  • Megumi
    Megumi6 hónapja and Tiktok are both China-based apps. In China it's not Tiktok but DOUYIN. DOUYIN simply means shaking sound, like the clock's ticking sound. So maybe that's the reason why they used TIKTOK outside of China to make it more catchy.

  • Ved567
    Ved5676 hónapja


  • Jagdish Chandra
    Jagdish Chandra6 hónapja

    The absent macaroni effectively accept because sign notablely twist round a oval vise. beneficial, tearful chicory

  • Musashi Dipanusantara
    Musashi Dipanusantara6 hónapja

    I cringed trough the whole video

  • Vany U
    Vany U6 hónapja

    it's okay I'm not on it either

  • Tracy Leigh
    Tracy Leigh6 hónapja

    I think you have gone to the dark place Jazza. 😂😂

  • Bar Fishman
    Bar Fishman6 hónapja

    I HATE TIK TOK, but you became my fav tik toker or however it's called

  • Humans Are Consumable Too
    Humans Are Consumable Too6 hónapja

    This video finally convinced me to kill myself, see you in hell lol

  • L penci productions
    L penci productions6 hónapja

    ... Oh no this is the corruption of Jazza induced by the internet

  • my moms account
    my moms account6 hónapja

    I am think ik NG when his kids are like 20 or something like that and finding his channel🤣🤣🤣

  • Avigat Gupta
    Avigat Gupta6 hónapja

    5:37 Why is no one talking about the fact that Jazza wrote "list" instead of "liar"? I know it's autocorrect but still 😂

  • Bread
    Bread6 hónapja

    I’m terrified and intrigued

  • Gabriella Hoette
    Gabriella Hoette6 hónapja

    NAILED IT!!!! NAILLLLLED ITTT!!!! -Jazza 2019

  • Gabriella Hoette
    Gabriella Hoette6 hónapja

    he was so angry in this vid XD. I love you jazza.

  • Raaga Sivakumar
    Raaga Sivakumar6 hónapja

    i laughed my ass off the entire time.

  • nyan nyan
    nyan nyan6 hónapja

    2:48 This is the exact expression, I imagine an old-school dad taking a photo would look like. WHAT'S THIS DOOHICKEY OVER HERE?

  • B.M
    B.M6 hónapja

    Who doesn't have tiktok comment here! I wanna know since I don't have tiktok

  • Emma Gabriella
    Emma Gabriella6 hónapja

    He should react to anime tik tok

  • Erica Burr
    Erica Burr6 hónapja

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying lol

  • simone dennis
    simone dennis6 hónapja

    He is now gone maxium addiction and craziness plus extreme madness

  • MK2 Emi
    MK2 Emi6 hónapja

    Im doing art to can you pleas check it Out its : kakasi44

  • Tcozzz
    Tcozzz6 hónapja


  • Fidget_With_Us
    Fidget_With_Us6 hónapja


  • Sampe
    Sampe7 hónapja

    noxio but nsiste

  • skribbble
    skribbble7 hónapja

    I want to find these tic toks and look at the comments to see how the reacted to Jazz a commenting on their video...

  • loogi
    loogi7 hónapja

    Why am I watching this!?!?!?

  • BroMation
    BroMation7 hónapja

    Tik tok is kind of weird I guess you fit there