The ONE-LINE SPIRAL Art Challenge - I figured it out!

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  • atomics_webb
    atomics_webb16 órája

    I’m not even kidding you I just got an ad on your video for Skillshare about your class on Skillshare

  • Dolphin Dasher
    Dolphin DasherNapja

    HA! I got an ad for jazza’s skillshare class right before this video lol

  • Dasilnye Mae
    Dasilnye Mae2 napja

    Every time I hit a jazz a video it shows jazzas Skillshare ad

  • Frog God
    Frog God5 napja

    Is this a coincidence? I am doing something called School of Rock (Not the musical) and in it I have a best of the 80's show, and it has you spin me right round as one of the songs-

  • Galactic Troop
    Galactic Troop7 napja

    This guy really loves drawing venom...

  • {Count Duckula}
    {Count Duckula}8 napja

    Hey great video; I didn't know this style existed and it really looks difficult to do. I am impressed with all your artwork.

  • Popicsle
    Popicsle8 napja

    I literally got a skill-share ad with Jazza in the ad while watching a jazza video

  • Snorri Ö.K.
    Snorri Ö.K.11 napja

    Do a thousand and compare the first with the last and see why you can't complain about quality when you have only done two. That would make it easier for you to not make a 15 minute video about you self obsessing over nothing.

  • Maciej Lekki
    Maciej Lekki14 napja

    oh no i am reading uzamaki right now

  • K S
    K S15 napja

    Saw a ticks on five minutes ago with a girl doing this with a picture of her dad after he passed away and thought to myself how do you do that and then here comes Jazza to answer my question

  • Alicia dove Bridenbaugh
    Alicia dove Bridenbaugh15 napja

    A mapping tool would work right you know the time one uses to make circles on maps um what ok google says it’s called a compass so I’ll put that usually it has a pencil on it but what if it was bigger then a pen could be put on the end right and you won’t need to use the spinning table as much that can make you dizzy.

  • Alicia dove Bridenbaugh
    Alicia dove Bridenbaugh15 napja

    How bout draw the spiral first then draw the picture in it that way the drawing is done.

  • Austin Vermeeren
    Austin Vermeeren16 napja

    Why dose his head look bigger at 2:06

  • NOOR Atrah
    NOOR Atrah16 napja

    11:25 that’s a cool gam

  • Louis 1
    Louis 117 napja

    You get my like just for the song😝🤟

  • GBK Cousins
    GBK Cousins18 napja

    Reminds me of line art

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant.get plant

  • Sean Darling
    Sean Darling20 napja

    We gonna need you to release the venom rendition of you spin me right round as a single

  • Meow Yoongi
    Meow Yoongi21 napja

    Oooh this is interesting!!

  • Bejan Bharucha
    Bejan Bharucha22 napja


  • Joe Bolling
    Joe Bolling24 napja

    Third commandment much?

  • The World Of Panda
    The World Of Panda25 napja

    The venom cover is too good

  • idk _
    idk _26 napja

    *Uzumaki entered the chat*

  • Lincoln Afonso
    Lincoln Afonso27 napja

    Watching this after reading Junji Ito's Uzumaki was not a great idea-

  • Pagan Athiest
    Pagan AthiestHónapja

    ngl i read the one line part and it gave me ptsd from back in like 3rd grade where i was in constant fear of getting yelled at for picking my pencil up off the paper when i was doing cursive. might seem extreme but this is the same woman who would yell at me just for asking my friend a question about the assignment we were currently doing. probably a load of other things too because just thinking about her is making me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

  • Mearamack

    The skull is my favorite.

  • Yukito Moriyama
    Yukito MoriyamaHónapja

    When you get an ad right before the venom rendition of you spin me right round, but it plays the original song as background music 😂

  • pixiepqueen

    looks hard... you did well

  • coffee cup
    coffee cupHónapja

    I'm so dizzy!

  • XxThe-A-GirlXx

    Why not Venom by Enimem-

  • LilBruno

    love the song remix lol

  • Na ya
    Na yaHónapja

    Junji Ito is shaking

  • Bijoy Ali
    Bijoy AliHónapja

    Uzumaki has got Jazza....

  • Corneelius TheReptileQueen
    Corneelius TheReptileQueenHónapja

    4:49 “here’s the salt! BITC-“ you’re welcome🤣😂

  • VDM Draws
    VDM DrawsHónapja

    meat spin

  • Caitlin Lach
    Caitlin LachHónapja

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows that Ctrl+Z is undo

  • Worded Jewel
    Worded JewelHónapja

    it took me so long to see the skull and not some bizarre dimension's bart simpson

  • Quinn

    I have never heard a song more perfect

  • Maxredot

    *Junji Ito wants to know your location*

  • Camron Thackeray
    Camron ThackerayHónapja

    you need a crossbar over the turn table that you can rest your hand on, and use the lazy susan so you can manually control the speed

  • Caleb Kempson
    Caleb KempsonHónapja

    So when is Venom going to release an Album? I'd buy that.

  • neonwolfii


  • Joe Hoffmann
    Joe HoffmannHónapja

    Jazza just inadvertently making the skullcandy logo...

  • Macbyss Lector: McEvergreen Enhancement
    Macbyss Lector: McEvergreen EnhancementHónapja

    wot is that creepy spin me right round

  • Anastas1786

    1:20 That Audrey Hepburn portrait looks like it was done with a normal pen, and adding weight (in the artistic sense) was done by jiggling the pen, seismograph-style, varying the frequencies and intensities of the waves depending on the needed thickness, rather than adding pressure (in the physical sense).

  • Chéfi Din
    Chéfi DinHónapja

    you can draw first, and make white lines after, the effect still same.

  • May Flemming
    May FlemmingHónapja

    yup you did make me feel dizzy hahah i had to stop the video for a few seconds

  • Fredrik Jensvoll
    Fredrik JensvollHónapja

    the song was what actually made me nauseous

  • phantasmagoria

    0:55 when he has the same pen as you :0

  • Alexander Cavenas
    Alexander CavenasHónapja

    The song sounded more like the joker to me be sides the web jokes

  • Joyita Sen
    Joyita SenHónapja

    Jazza : says he'll make us listen to You Spin Me Right Round HUbase : gives me a Simply Piano ad where an old man is playing we will rock you

  • Gayathri Senthilvel
    Gayathri SenthilvelHónapja

    I am getting dizzy...

  • Paul Deeming
    Paul DeemingHónapja

    You are so funny and cute! :)

  • Ive

    I would never be able to do this. My brain wouldn’t understand this.

  • Pues soy Elsy
    Pues soy ElsyHónapja

    Vemon's scream made all vision blurry before the attack!

  • buggys0nly

    who else just realized that jazza sung the venom song 👀

  • Jacob Serbousek
    Jacob SerbousekHónapja

    The spider man right round song, so good. You where right it was perfect.

  • LongtimeTahoe YT
    LongtimeTahoe YTHónapja

    Yep, that could not have been delivered in a more perfect way. Vastly entertaining

  • Xelex

    Warning. Do not watch in a car lol

  • Alma Alana de Tablan
    Alma Alana de TablanHónapja

    I would love to give this a try!

  • Christian Luczejko
    Christian LuczejkoHónapja

    This is the first time that I’ve seen Jazza take on some type of new art medium and 100% ace it in a single video. that’s not an insult. He is so amazing when it comes to new forms of creativity. I’m excited to see him improve in spiral art.

  • Christian Luczejko
    Christian LuczejkoHónapja

    "OH he used a compass, I should of used a compass" Says the man who previously watched this art done with a compass.

  • Nearhi

    Astute Graphics has a plugin that will do this for you in Illustrator. I made a hand and cut it out on vinyl... weeding that was a trip.

  • Cool Legend
    Cool LegendHónapja

    Jazza is getting too talented

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie JohnsonHónapja

    I think a pen with a smaller tip would make this easier, since you would have more control. Also, you could try to make an outline of the spiral first with a thin line, and then go back in to add thicker areas and create the actual image. That way, you could focus on getting a nice, clean looking spiral, and then separately add in the shading afterwards. I think that could make it a lot easier and more precise.

  • Multi Shipper
    Multi ShipperHónapja

    Junji ito enterd the chat

  • Su

    I lost all sorts of focus when Venom started to sing and I genuinely wondered where you had found that until I realized it was you. That... That was something. Also yeah I kinda got dizzy after watching the table turning for a while but it made me laugh so it's okay lmao. The whole video was really entertaining to watch, I like how you challenge yourself every time and honestly I feel like you got the trick pretty quickly and it was really cool !

  • Jonathan Mallett *JT*
    Jonathan Mallett *JT*Hónapja

    "heres the salt B****"

  • kyle Screaton
    kyle ScreatonHónapja

    Am I the only one who thinks jazza has an endless stock of paper/card please tell me I’m not the only one it’s gonna be a lifetime supply of paper considering the amount of drawings he does. If you see this jazza your my idol

  • Taylor 3D
    Taylor 3DHónapja

    Loved the effort of the song 😅. Great job!

  • Horizon

    I actually got hypnotized!!

  • brody 12
    brody 12Hónapja

    "I had to end on a chord and that's the one I picked" where can I buy I think I need a new ring tone

  • brody 12
    brody 12Hónapja

    A song and art challenge in one?? wow we are lucky viewers

  • Aurielle Conrad
    Aurielle ConradHónapja

    #Pass_The_Salt 😂😂😂

  • Aurielle Conrad

    Aurielle Conrad


    Mom: Pass the salt Jazza: Here's ya bloody salt! Me (imagines im his sibling): Imma be the kid in the corner dying laughing 😂😂😂

  • khazz33

    That Venom cover song was hilarious

  • Magicorn :)
    Magicorn :)Hónapja

    I tried that and mine turned out to be a big patch of blob... - Yeah, it wasnt very easy... 😅

  • Dina Shenhav
    Dina ShenhavHónapja

    I am speaking with my precious X. who can not draw as well as me while watching the building progress of this masterpiece

  • Lily Vuong
    Lily VuongHónapja

    Junji Ito wants your location.

  • ShadowWing Tronix
    ShadowWing TronixHónapja

    It seems like all the examples by other artists used pencils while you used pens. I wonder if that makes any kind of difference, though the results weren't that bad. It's just the ink seems to show the spiral itself as much as the thing being drawn while the other videos you showed emphasize the art over the spiral. Of course I'm hardly an expert. I make a silly weekly talking head webcomic without these advanced techniques.

  • ethanolodj_the_best

    U spin me right round like a record baby right round round round

  • Sandy Beaches
    Sandy Beaches2 hónapja

    Oh my god, a compass!

  • Ashe Ifrit Designs
    Ashe Ifrit Designs2 hónapja

    "I want to do something more comic book-y" Me: "It's venom. It's always venom." Not a bad thing, but jazza and venom go together like Jazza and dragons. XD

  • MommyOfZoeAndLiam
    MommyOfZoeAndLiam2 hónapja

    What if you used the turntable and a very fine pen to draw the spiral by gently pulling straight outward and then go back and thicken only the parts you want as much or as little as you want?

  • willku9000
    willku90002 hónapja

    This is amazing... however sorry i gotta be a pedantic Geek here but... if it’s venom singing His own take on you spin me round... shouldn’t it it be more like “Watch out Here We come. You spin us right round spiderman, right round like a Web”.... I’m so sorry Venom is one of my favorite Antiheroes and superheroes in General (as a villan I think he’s meh) and part of it is the whole “We are Venom” thing where he consists of 2 bings, the Venom Simbiote and Eddie Brock Together (also something kinda awesome about something that Scary looking Being the good guy), hearing venom say “I” or “Me” just Feels wrong and is really more of a Carnage thing. Everything else, the Video, the artwork, even elements of the song and the impression are Amazing... but venom saying I or Me just makes me Cringe XD

  • Eli Demayo
    Eli Demayo2 hónapja

    Now try doing this with the rainbow pen

  • Armandt van den Berg
    Armandt van den Berg2 hónapja

    Somebody get Pete Burns a lozenge

  • K
    K2 hónapja

    Anyone else getting dizzy as hell looking at the turntable thing? Edit: that rendition makes me wildly uncomfortable in the love song to spiderman aspect? Like ahhhhhh

  • harvestmoon4ever2
    harvestmoon4ever22 hónapja

    I love venom!

  • Go in game Tame illusion
    Go in game Tame illusion2 hónapja

    Cool job👍, I also draw, in 3d if interesting ☝

  • Heather Anne
    Heather Anne2 hónapja

    So, which is harder? Drawing in a spiral or draw like a printer?

  • Adriana Kuncewicz
    Adriana Kuncewicz2 hónapja

    Hey Jazza! I have an idea for one of your videos. What about sculpting with hybrid gel (aka polygel)?! It's made for building nails but I thought it might be fun to make some figures with - you just need a tube of hybrid gel, some alcohol, a brush and an LED lamp

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin2 hónapja

    We need an entire album by Venom now.

  • JustASadPotato
    JustASadPotato2 hónapja

    2:05 looks like tiny arms

  • Wali Salemi
    Wali Salemi2 hónapja

    Jazza is so talented he can sing, play guitar, paint, draw, animate, do spiral art, what else can the man do

  • Kuli Patel
    Kuli Patel2 hónapja

    ur the limit of modesty

  • Ryno !
    Ryno !2 hónapja

    You could probably use a pottery wheel instead of a turntable so you could control the speed.

  • Beaira
    Beaira2 hónapja

    The answer is yes the spinning made me dizzy

  • Connor’s Creations
    Connor’s Creations2 hónapja

    Don’t aSALT them

  • haleyy
    haleyy2 hónapja

    this town is infected with spirals....

  • Noob No man
    Noob No man2 hónapja

    Personally I thought it was fucking great when venom sang right round. I think it should be a gold.