Testing TikTok Art Hacks and - THEY'RE GOOD??

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  • Nikola Vranic
    Nikola VranicNapja

    In my country we always use hairspray for setting 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Zoey's Lala
    Zoey's Lala2 napja

    It has to be AQUA NET.

  • Zoey's Lala
    Zoey's Lala2 napja


  • BH Txlcs
    BH Txlcs4 napja

    Am I the only one who was taken by the wind when he did not know what a BLENDING STUMP is!

  • Tori Pierpont
    Tori Pierpont4 napja

    We used to do the first one in highschool all the time!!

  • Izzy Gordon
    Izzy Gordon4 napja

    Throwing the foil away rather than just washing the palette is more wasteful so I won't be doing that

  • Izzy Gordon
    Izzy Gordon4 napja

    The first one is something we were shown in primary school lol

  • hope tacular
    hope tacular6 napja

    Literally no one: Jazza:"let's do a juet"

  • Winston Ku

    Winston Ku

    6 napja

    This is unrelated but I think Jazza draws on the right side cuz the border doesn't keep hitting his hand all the time

  • That one random kid Hehe
    That one random kid Hehe6 napja

    Thank you jazza you showed me so much stuff about art 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Stephanie Davidson
    Stephanie Davidson7 napja

    My art teacher in said she always used spic and span floor cleaner to clean her brushes if they had paint in them. 😆

  • Rikkusen
    Rikkusen8 napja

    Oh so this is the video you find out about blending stubs hahaha…

  • luv sweet suga
    luv sweet suga8 napja

    Is carbon paper not a thing in Australia or the US?

  • that kokichi ouma kinnie
    that kokichi ouma kinnie9 napja

    I recommend not to put hairspray on your art bc in a few years it gets rly stained (I don’t speak much English but I hope you understand what I want to say)

  • The_Wanna.bee’s
    The_Wanna.bee’s9 napja

    What he uses KineMaster for phone edits- makes me feel better lol-

  • lozza9401
    lozza940110 napja

    Why did I think I was still on tiktok and tried to double tap to like 🙄

  • hinazille
    hinazille10 napja

    I bet you !you don't know what a blending stump is!!!!!!!!!😳😳😳

  • Alex Altenburger
    Alex Altenburger11 napja

    10:32 why is that kind of cute tho lol also at 11:04 that's actually really cool

  • Akeem
    Akeem11 napja

    I get a shit ton of deliveries, so I use my cardboard for my pallet

  • cynthiasandra
    cynthiasandra13 napja

    als je alleen rechts schetst in je schetsboek kun je hem aan het eind omdraaien om de andere kant ook alleen aan de rechterkant te vullen ..gratis tip geen hack :)

  • hot chocolate
    hot chocolate13 napja

    imagine if no did his art challenge

  • Nicole Sayers
    Nicole Sayers13 napja

    Tbh I didn’t know what a blending stump was until I was eight

  • Someone_who_draws
    Someone_who_draws14 napja

    0:54 Wait--- You never heard of this techic before ?!

  • Walter Lee
    Walter Lee14 napja


  • Jeepers Creepers
    Jeepers Creepers15 napja

    Jew-et = Duet

  • CalicoNinja
    CalicoNinja15 napja

    Not my dumbass double tapping to like the Jazza Art challenge TikTok 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ishika mehtani
    ishika mehtani16 napja

    No one: No one: Jazza: getting excited after finding out what duet is called

  • Dom Cristante
    Dom Cristante16 napja

    for the love of god how did he not know what a blending stump is. he works in the art world 😱

  • Diekje
    Diekje16 napja

    I learnt to use hairspray in high school for charcoal drawings and it works fine for me

  • E Stettler
    E Stettler17 napja

    I hate tiktok lingo...they all sound so uneducated lol

    TINFOIL ARMY18 napja


  • Zoie Born
    Zoie Born19 napja

    I don’t understand why shading the back of the sketch makes it transfer the front better, I’m so perplexed

  • Ayperosia
    Ayperosia19 napja

    Cheap as anything, bog standard hairspray worked just fine on charcoal, pastel and pencil work for me back in college :)

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Tanna Easterling
    Tanna Easterling20 napja

    I don't tic tock how can I view your dice creatures

  • geurimja
    geurimja21 napja

    There is a woman on youtube, April Numamoto, that does paintings of flowers with one stroke like in this video. I recommend checken her out.

  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat21 napja

    4:54 Actually, that’s terrible. I didn’t know about this, so I unknowingly already tried it. I wanted a lighter red, and had to use neon white and red with acrylic, and it went down just a lighter red, then dried light pink.

  • Chairity Millard
    Chairity Millard22 napja

    Complete Shock when he was like blending stump???? Lol that's one of the first things my art teacher in high school showed out class😂😂😂, oh wait and middle school

  • Oliver Prendergast
    Oliver Prendergast22 napja

    Hairspray works in a pinch

  • Shy Bunny
    Shy Bunny23 napja

    We used Aquanet hairspray in the can to seal. Seemed to work well.

  • L̸i̸t̸t̸l̸e̸ m̸u̸f̸f̸i̸n̸
    L̸i̸t̸t̸l̸e̸ m̸u̸f̸f̸i̸n̸24 napja

    Or is ist you acsent

  • L̸i̸t̸t̸l̸e̸ m̸u̸f̸f̸i̸n̸
    L̸i̸t̸t̸l̸e̸ m̸u̸f̸f̸i̸n̸24 napja

    Um sorry Bit ist duet Not djuet 😂

  • Art of FE✍️
    Art of FE✍️24 napja

    But now there is TubeTok

  • lisqie
    lisqie25 napja

    hairspray works for me lol

  • IceQueen
    IceQueen25 napja

    7:11 do not do this hack!!! Markers are very bad for your skin if you draw on your skin with marker.

  • SecondBreakfast
    SecondBreakfast25 napja

    Tik Tok is a lot more complex than I realized.

  • Zipp _Z
    Zipp _Z25 napja

    How in god name did an experienced artist not know about the beauty that are blending stumps

  • Ice Owl
    Ice Owl27 napja

    pov: your on pc

  • Larko
    Larko27 napja

    If Gordan Ramsay was an artist:

  • Lucid1hour YT
    Lucid1hour YT27 napja

    I'm going to mess around with a blending stump Jazza:2021 ☻

  • Bianca Castafiore
    Bianca Castafiore28 napja

    why don't you turn your book upside down and back to front?

  • fiona mckay
    fiona mckay28 napja

    I've never had a problem with my watercolour tubes drying out but I bought a set from the charity shop that mostly dry. I cut open the tubes, scraped up the paint, and mixed with water. They worked just fine after that :)

  • AestheticWxlfe
    AestheticWxlfe29 napja

    Jazza: That's not an art hack that's an ✨Instruction✨ Me: 👍🏻👁️👄👁️☕🤏🏻 *💥mind blown

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas29 napja

    The defeated india transmurally bolt because thunderstorm routinely snore forenenst a mammoth numeric. valuable, damp latex

  • Cloudy Bay
    Cloudy Bay29 napja

    I’ve done that hand hack before

  • Cloudy Bay
    Cloudy Bay29 napja


  • Nikolina Milicevic
    Nikolina Milicevic29 napja

    Blending stump = Tortilion

  • Alex Marasovich
    Alex MarasovichHónapja

    Hairspray is a cheap alternative for fixative. It does work but you need more layers Also dont use it on things that are meant to last or sell

  • Aybman

    Not me watching a jazza video and a skillshare add with jazza in it pops up!!!!!

  • CobraDove

    I will not be following anyone on TikTok

  • Albert Avilla
    Albert AvillaHónapja

    It is certain brands

  • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
    Just an Otaku and a Single MomHónapja

    Bad way to begin. HUbase is far better than Tik Tok can ever hope to be.

  • Alia Gonzalez
    Alia GonzalezHónapja

    My favorite art hack I’ve seen on tik tok is that if your WATERCOLOR paint is dried out, use WATER TO MAKE IT WET AGAIN 🤯🤣

  • Fan. no.1
    Fan. no.1Hónapja

    This guy have been drawing for so many years and don't know what a blending stump is? I can't even imagine drawing without one

  • LivLoveLaughArt U
    LivLoveLaughArt UHónapja

    You dont know what a blending stump is!?! I have been using them since I was 12!

  • Immortal Revenant
    Immortal RevenantHónapja

    U mainly use hair spray to seal pastel colours xD it actually works and i use it whenever i do use pastels

  • Ben Whybrow
    Ben WhybrowHónapja

    My school taught me how to use the transfer technique when I was like 9-10 years old. I've always remembered it and always used it.

  • Deepa Rajeev
    Deepa RajeevHónapja

    You dont know what a blending stump is ?????

  • Miaikon Teras
    Miaikon TerasHónapja

    Fun fact: I used the first Art Hack to transfer my sketch from white paper to black paper. Just use chalk instead of a pencil.

  • OLiNProductions

    WHAT, ALL THESE THINGS I HAVE KNOWN FOREVER, I Have only done art for a year, how does he not know what a blending stump/tortillion is????

  • Mariam Hossam
    Mariam HossamHónapja

    This is so wholesome, most “reacting to tiktoks” videos I’ve seen on youtube just end up being the youtubers saying how everything didn’t work or making jokes on how bad it is, so thanks Jazza

  • Claire Harkey
    Claire HarkeyHónapja

    the way i thought everyone in the world used a blending stump in junior high drawing class

  • Rebecca Ryan
    Rebecca RyanHónapja

    Okay, the hairspray one seriously does work, you just have to be a little bit more generous with the coat. As someone who largely couldn’t afford fixative throughout high school hairspray is not only cheaper but just as effective.

  • Leona Haight
    Leona HaightHónapja

    Your reaction reminds me of my grandpa listening to Siri jokes love your vids

  • Wyvrenne MacDaniels
    Wyvrenne MacDanielsHónapja

    i have an art hack. if you work in acrylics and your paint dries use baby wipes. it takes time and gentle rubbing but it will loosen the paint.

  • Wyvrenne MacDaniels
    Wyvrenne MacDanielsHónapja

    high alcohol in hair spray means it won't work. you need really sticky hairspray and alcohol free. also spray heavy and let dry for a looooong time. it may also take 2 coats. it's not really a "hack" it's more broke and broken artstudent in the US. aqua net is commonly used but i hate it.

  • ssmajic

    He has no idea what a Blending stup was XD

  • Olduglyentwife

    If I want to draw on the left side of a sketchbook, I have to flip it around so the rings are on the other side.

  • Luna Stafford
    Luna StaffordHónapja

    We use hairspray to fix at school

  • Mel Rain
    Mel RainHónapja

    Not to be exaggerated but , ahem I can't believe JAZZA HAS A TIK TOK thts lit tbh , following immediately

  • mashed patata
    mashed patataHónapja

    “Testing” 3/4 of the video : *watching*

  • B. DIYs
    B. DIYsHónapja

    Jazza : I'm professional artist Also jazza : what's a blending stump

  • Aniruddha Mahmood
    Aniruddha MahmoodHónapja

    He has been drawing for years and he doesnt know what a blending stump is

  • Noirou Nette
    Noirou NetteHónapja

    I'm an art student and we all use hair spray to fix our drawings, it's cheaper and easier to find. But yeah the quality really depends on the brand of the hair spray !

  • Spanna

    Hairspray has always worked for me so idk why it didn't work lol

  • Sokka

    8:20 happy Jazza

  • Kenna_King

    Absolutely have a problem with dried out paint tubes (because I don’t paint often) and that helps!

  • Jagoda K.
    Jagoda K.Hónapja

    I have a lot of dried out paint tubes, I will give this hack a try!

  • Thee Stumbler
    Thee StumblerHónapja

    I understand that if you don’t have graphite paper the first hack is good, but just get graphite paper.

  • Tk Toons
    Tk ToonsHónapja

    you didn't know what a blending stump was!

  • Tsepo Tsekoa
    Tsepo TsekoaHónapja

    10:42 it is the grundal

  • Joyjellyface

    I’ve found that the hairspray works well, but you should use a few coats.

  • Familia machado
    Familia machadoHónapja

    What app he uses to edits his tiktoks?

  • Monique Samsen
    Monique SamsenHónapja

    I could not believe a lot of these hacks weren’t general knowledge 😳 I learned them first at year arttherapist schooling and had very good use of them 👍👍 hairspray saved me whole lot of money also 😄

  • Abagail Thid
    Abagail ThidHónapja

    I have watched the "No Gap When Drawing Teeth Anymore" TikTok hack.

  • Abhishek singh
    Abhishek singhHónapja

    post a video on chain chain chain #Arthack

  • emankciN

    Dude im surprised that jazza doesnt know what blending stump is. I thought he's just too good to use one.

  • Alli-Claire D.
    Alli-Claire D.Hónapja

    I can’t believe you’ve never used a blending stump!! They’re so so handy and make shading soooo much easier . They’re my sketchbooks best friend😂

  • KataSensei

    7:47 this woman watches 5 minutes craft LMAO

  • Charlie Braam
    Charlie BraamHónapja

    Lowkey some of us just put the pencils in our mouths

  • Charlie Braam
    Charlie BraamHónapja

    I mean I think I've done the same layer thing