the SIMPSONS CARTOON STUDIO:... Does it hold up after 25 years?

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  • chadnetr

    Me: ROB!!! The people in the bank:

  • True Bias
    True Bias13 órája

    I love the nostalgia of all this, especially the waiting on the slow computer to load. It would've been beautiful if you had someone holler off-camera like your parents or siblings telling you to get off the dialup internet so they could make a call.

  • shlomo berman
    shlomo berman23 órája

    Jazza! We're crazy about you:) ur truly awesome 🙃😎

  • Macy Ayre
    Macy Ayre 23 órája

    “What did people do before GoOgLe” “NOTHING”

  • POWER REMIX Official
    POWER REMIX OfficialNapja

    oh that looks fun ahaha :D

  • KingOfDadJoke
    KingOfDadJoke2 napja


  • 2 napja


  • Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo3 napja

    Yo this is awesome! Is there a modern version!?!!

  • Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo3 napja

    Is this jazza?

  • karling 88
    karling 883 napja

    How do you not remember it was the 90s

  • Krowe
    Krowe4 napja

    I love that desktop, 90s tech looked so cool

  • Timothy J
    Timothy J5 napja

    How did you screen cap windows 95?

  • GhostoftheSky
    GhostoftheSky5 napja

    “90’s kid…? But the 90’s wasn’t 25 years ago… Wait I’m 25. Wait Oh”

  • Maddie G
    Maddie G5 napja

    Jazza: Homer Simpson has vertigo: Me: oh, my grandmother has vertigo! Wait.. 👁 👄👁

  • James W
    James W5 napja

    Jazza has become the arty version on jontron

  • James Wiseman
    James Wiseman5 napja

    @0:18 They used Yahoo.

  • Charlotte Dove
    Charlotte Dove5 napja

    Me: wants to know something. Also me: ROB!!!!!!! Someone: answers Me: *realises I’m home alone.*

  • Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    2 napja

    @Charlotte Dove oH Ma GaWd

  • Charlotte Dove

    Charlotte Dove

    3 napja

    @Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Totally not 💀

  • Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    3 napja

    Lol. ARe YoU ALiVe?!?!!!!?!

  • Emily Berry
    Emily Berry6 napja

    Before Google I remember there was Ask Jeeves 😂

  • Dreamergal9
    Dreamergal96 napja


  • Kyungsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    3 napja

    Lucky, that's one ad I'd actually watch

  • Daniel Wertz
    Daniel Wertz6 napja

    I actually had one of those monitors smoke on me back in the day. it was a filthy habit that lead to its eventual demise.

  • Sarah Renae Clark
    Sarah Renae Clark7 napja

    Woah. Weird vague childhood memories flooding back. I don’t remember having this. But then I do… when? How? I’m so confused😳. But I definitely used this as a kid. Every extra second I watch is an extra flood of nostalgia. I remember using the UFO so many times! I wonder if I still have this on a floppy somewhere? It was probably around the time I thought that 6GB was an insanely big hard drive that we could never possibly fill. Thank you for allowing me to re-live a lost childhood memory! 😂😂

  • Lady Genesis
    Lady Genesis7 napja


  • Jonah Lopez
    Jonah Lopez7 napja

    nice puppet and painting (easter eaggs lol)

  • Siobion
    Siobion7 napja

    Lol jazz has a boy meets world poster

  • Sketchtoanimate
    Sketchtoanimate7 napja

    Hilarious video!!!! This brought back so much nostalgia!! Animating during that time was even crazier for me, especially looking back at what we had to work with. Love this channel. Let’s talk Animation sometime! Travis Blaise signing out!! Cheers!

  • Barret's Music
    Barret's Music8 napja

    Dude never played this game. Love Simpson’s and I’m 32. Disappointed in myself lol.

  • Jaclyn Boroczky
    Jaclyn Boroczky8 napja

    you need to try blender

  • Joy Whitt
    Joy Whitt8 napja

    So cringie

  • Fimaca Productions
    Fimaca Productions8 napja

    5.56M SUBS!

  • Rodney Thompson
    Rodney Thompson8 napja

    Maybe check out Spider-Man cartoon maker or X-men cartoon maker

  • Hisui Ryu
    Hisui Ryu8 napja

    I mean, the Simpson should sponsor you for this 25th anniversary

  • Andrew Brueford
    Andrew Brueford8 napja

    In the 90's we used encyclopaedias like Encarta Multimedia CD's, we used Books for our research in the libraries or did surveys out on the streets asking random people.

  • louis george
    louis george8 napja

    Is this randomly in anyones youtube recommended in 2021? So weird to see jazza's videos from that long ago - didn't even know he made them back then

  • NicCrimson
    NicCrimson8 napja

    I love how he's hitting the monitor as if it's the computer.

  • Mork Lees#1
    Mork Lees#18 napja

    6:50 did anyone else see the jazza avatar just appear out of nowhere💀

  • Rebbe Bergquist
    Rebbe Bergquist8 napja

    This reminds me of Disney art studio I played that alot as a kid 😄

  • Kevin Meadows
    Kevin Meadows8 napja

    You have to try Spider-Man Cartoon Maker and The Adventures of Batman & Robin Cartoon Maker

  • Cole Family
    Cole Family9 napja

    Gotta love how they just toss a $3500 work of art on the shelf in the background... 😋 Seriously though, I've never been so proud of someone I've never met. Go Jazza!

  • Mark Cullimore
    Mark Cullimore9 napja

    I get the impression that Jazza gets so distracted by playing with the Simpson's Cartoon Studio, he forgets that he's recording a video.

  • Annie
    Annie9 napja

    I can't wait for more old-school videos like this!

  • Bafon86
    Bafon869 napja

    Atleast it's not Windows 3.1...

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean
    SamiTheAnxiousBean9 napja

    I love the studio in this video! Like the room you're in is just nostalgia

  • Verolution
    Verolution9 napja

    JAZZA JAZZA JAZZA JAZZA YOU NEED TO GET LEGO LOCO ON THAT PC!!!! Might not be... art... but... it's creative. It's a game were you can build your own lego town, add houses and trains and stuff. And crash the trains and get cows to go into the trains and travel across town, and stuff. You get random people coming out of the houses eventually and it's absolutely wild! It does work on modern windows but you might need to google a couple of things to get it going. Whole bunch of tricks and tips to try out too - maybe your team can tell you what to place where and you guess what will happen.

  • Sean Kanoog
    Sean Kanoog9 napja

    You haven’t aged a day since the 90s

  • William Lebsch
    William Lebsch9 napja

    Dawson's Creek was lame and Backstreet Boys were stupid.

  • Tambre Burton
    Tambre Burton9 napja

    I got a Jazza ad while watching this

  • David Porter
    David Porter9 napja

    Jazza, did we have optical mice in the 90s?

  • Misting Wolf
    Misting Wolf9 napja

    This is so 90s. XD Man, I missed out on so much because my mom is a technophobe.

  • Darth Hylian
    Darth Hylian10 napja

    I loved spider man cartoon maker. I was obsessed as a kid

  • Sammy Bandi
    Sammy Bandi10 napja

    jazza behind the guitar tho

  • Randy Keefer
    Randy Keefer10 napja

    I think you need another 32mb of RAM. That should solve it.

  • Lou DeLuca
    Lou DeLuca10 napja

    13:18 Is that the GoodTimesWithScar 'super fast build mode' music?

  • Brett Prior
    Brett Prior10 napja

    Me thinks yoots needs a better retro computer.

  • Ddddavyy Playyzz
    Ddddavyy Playyzz10 napja

    Backstreet boys!? Oh god no not the backstreet boys! They just stopped playing at the reunion tour!

  • P.O. Dumas
    P.O. Dumas11 napja

    Wirh the music of abroad in japan xD

  • Kelereng bundar
    Kelereng bundar11 napja

    Remake simpson please..

  • Betty Kolaiti
    Betty Kolaiti11 napja

    I didn't actually play that game I was born in 2002 🤣

  • UBT pixielox
    UBT pixielox11 napja

    Oh the memories of angrily slapping the mouse on the desk as if it would do anything whatsoever... Nowadays, it’s just angrily poking a touch pad/screen, again, as if the increased pressure will change anything.

  • Amanda Witherspoon
    Amanda Witherspoon11 napja

    @Gavin Dickson he looks perfect without one

  • Shakila Wickramarathne
    Shakila Wickramarathne11 napja

    This software is older than me but still works better than me 😂😂

  • Gururaj Koni
    Gururaj Koni11 napja

    How do you screen capture ?

  • Kris Marcotte
    Kris Marcotte11 napja

    Omg, I had a similar program, but with spiderman.... and i had completely forgotten about it until now

  • Queen B
    Queen B11 napja

    Ahhhh! Sneaky Jazza guitarist at 6:53! 😅

  • Tori Stevens
    Tori Stevens11 napja

    90s Jazza is the greatest Jazza :D

  • Ashley Weaver
    Ashley Weaver11 napja

    I feel this episode so much. I swear I spent half my childhood hoping that if I slammed the mouse down the computer work faster

  • Matthew Peacock
    Matthew Peacock11 napja

    There was another animation program similar to this that was spider man themed, I remember it being awesome. But it was also 25 years ago... Lol

  • Jurgita Grybaite
    Jurgita Grybaite11 napja

    Let's just appreciate that jazza the puppet is behind the guitar

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia Evans11 napja

    This just gave me a throwback to Disney Magic Artist Studio - Pretty much the reason I'm a graphic designer now haha!! Please do a video on this one if you remeber it, so good - you could animate on there as well

  • RageFlayer
    RageFlayer12 napja

    is that a lazer mouse? .. you faker :( Track-ball mouse is the real deal

  • Honey_ Bee
    Honey_ Bee12 napja

    Not the beastie boys in the beginning😭🤚

  • Jessica Ruiz
    Jessica Ruiz12 napja

    This program is 7 days older then

  • Andy Sheriff
    Andy Sheriff12 napja

    Jazza, if you could recreate the 'Steamed Hams' scene on this, you will go down in history as the greatest artist ever!

  • Elogeir
    Elogeir12 napja

    Video idea : Try to make a tatto drawing.

  • Invox
    Invox12 napja

    A laser mouse? That's not 90's.

    TENSHI12 napja

    Let's visit again at 50th anniversary

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas12 napja

    The damaged oatmeal technologically manage because shrimp transmurally explode within a mighty cloakroom. trite, pleasant july

  • isyldy09
    isyldy0912 napja

    I wonder if they could get the Spiderman cartoon maker to work.

  • Cat
    Cat12 napja

    Did noone notice the Jazza doll by the Guitar :'D ? heheh just...staring at us.. into our souls... 'ello there

  • Denise R
    Denise R12 napja

    Do Sims next!!

  • Blake Aka. AAO
    Blake Aka. AAO12 napja

    What ever happened to "bounced-Back-aged-in"

  • Phoenix Assembles
    Phoenix Assembles12 napja

    Tell me why Ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way

  • AbnormallyNormal //
    AbnormallyNormal //12 napja

    The Jazza puppet hiding behind the guitar is staring through my soul and it makes me very uncomfortable

  • Jennifer Dawn
    Jennifer Dawn12 napja

    Honestly thought you (jazza) were more than 5 years older than me. I thought you were a teenager in the 90s not a kid.

  • Reese Buholtz
    Reese Buholtz12 napja

    13:32 and on all I can think about is Scar’s building music lol

  • PaperMill Games
    PaperMill Games12 napja

    The 90s 😍

  • Zane Mikk
    Zane Mikk12 napja

    I hate how he was smacking the monitor while it's the pc that's the issue

  • Zane Mikk
    Zane Mikk12 napja


  • Christina Andrade
    Christina Andrade12 napja

    Can you please try and carve sculptures out of fruit.? I think it would be a great video 🤩

  • Cati Da Duck
    Cati Da Duck12 napja


  • Pink Box
    Pink Box12 napja

    Radical! 😝

  • Fer Cárdenas
    Fer Cárdenas12 napja

    more old gameees too please😭

  • Planet Big Cat
    Planet Big Cat12 napja

    11:54 *Neow* 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Emilio Emanuel Aldeza
    Emilio Emanuel Aldeza12 napja

    Hey uh jazza i found this app that's called teddy igarashi and this was the inpiration for monster mash and it was made in 1999

  • Taoreta
    Taoreta12 napja

    How did he record the screen tho?

  • Cyndi Rae
    Cyndi Rae12 napja

    Before google it was ask jeeves

  • NeonPenguin09
    NeonPenguin0912 napja

    Flanders should have chased Principal Skinner out of heaven and then he would go to hell

  • Libby E.
    Libby E.12 napja

    Naahh I played Disney's Magic Artist Studio

  • Jordan Torres
    Jordan Torres12 napja

    The part that made the intro really 90's ish is the fact of how cringy it was. It was beautiful.

  • KingScribble
    KingScribble12 napja

    7:56 coffin dance was now created

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez13 napja

    I had something like this back in the day. The one I had used 3d models, there where only 2 characters (A yellow latina with a big head and a derp looking Chief Wiggum) with only 2 sets of clothing (Casual and cop).