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  • UnicornAlex Gamer
    UnicornAlex Gamer5 perccel

    I read the comments and see odd ones out Something else yt And jaiden animations All in a row

  • JoeTheManiac
    JoeTheManiac56 perccel


  • Gecko army
    Gecko armyÓrája

    The first ad I get was his skill share Haha

  • Sumerliza Revilleza
    Sumerliza RevillezaÓrája

    This is "REAL GLOW UP"

  • OFFTheB00F
    OFFTheB00F3 órája

    This is my 4 year anniversary to this channel

  • Omega Lul
    Omega Lul3 órája

    "They're not black lines though." me: *visible confused squinting intensifies*

  • ThynesToons
    ThynesToons3 órája

    My animation has significantly improved. I started off animating on paper!

  • Brandon Bishop
    Brandon Bishop4 órája

    Compilation with north of the border.

  • DryPool
    DryPool6 órája

    Hello Jazza. I have a problem, I have a canvas and three graffiti spray cans at home ... red, green and white. But since I'm still a beginner in spraying graffiti and only have the three cans, I wanted to ask if you can help me with a video where you can make a cool painting out of these 3 colors. That I can maybe use as inspiration.

  • Nico Mcgough
    Nico Mcgough8 órája

    Just subscribed today. I've enjoyed your content. I started with you doing Bob Ross paintings. I really would enjoy you doing more Bob Ross type of paintings, with your own perspective.

  • S4mmy's Ch4nnel
    S4mmy's Ch4nnel8 órája

    I was expecting haminations

  • Mongolian Youtuber Bumaa
    Mongolian Youtuber Bumaa12 órája

    Монгол хүн байна уу ?

  • SpacerTheNerd
    SpacerTheNerd12 órája

    I actually wanna get into story time animations of sorts and just animation in general which I kinda have started... but story time would be fun... however I need to work up the confidence to speak out loud to myself 😂

  • DonKx
    DonKx12 órája

    Videos bro, i need them!

  • Scott ATW
    Scott ATW13 órája

    Hi, I know you made this video six days ago and stuff so I hope you read this comment, but iv been drawing with an art program, idk I you've used it but I was wondering if you could review Leonardo.

  • Thats a Latte Foxy
    Thats a Latte Foxy13 órája

    I got a skill share Jazza ad SEPARATE from the video on a Jazza video..

  • Pineapplesugr
    Pineapplesugr14 órája

    I clicked on the video and got an Ad with you on it and I was like “is this,, is this the video?”

  • Carolyn Tobiasson
    Carolyn Tobiasson15 órája

    GUYS GUYS. I just got that one skillshare add with Jazza in it I got so exited when I saw him!!!

  • Chris K
    Chris K15 órája

    Anyone else see all the Anime characters at 9:57

  • Aarhg
    Aarhg16 órája

    I'd love to see this type of video with Newgrounds animators, then and now.

  • Uriah Victor Bello
    Uriah Victor Bello19 órája

    What did you do to that alcohol markers that you bought?🤔

  • Seifenboot
    Seifenboot20 órája

    u can try this Mental Image Projection on Rice for a cool video! mehdi did well ;)) i want u see do more artistic drawings them him!!

  • Sketchy Bandit
    Sketchy BanditNapja

    I love animations, people put so much time into them

  • Koung Haeng
    Koung HaengNapja

    I like all animator...👍

  • The comedic bros
    The comedic brosNapja

    Love the videos

  • Nethra Brook
    Nethra BrookNapja

    Jaiden and odd1sout I know them😊😊😊😊😃

  • Shrivaathsan Fragz
    Shrivaathsan FragzNapja

    Nice work by all of them 👏👍👌

  • Alexander Yuri Aunor
    Alexander Yuri AunorNapja

    Jazza pls draw every cool thing then Animate it into something scary 3:)

  • SpongeyPants Channel
    SpongeyPants ChannelNapja

    Do a part 2 with Chipflake

  • Link Odyssey
    Link OdysseyNapja

    Where is young Don

  • Kevin

    Somehow by some coincidence, I saw your squarespace ad on this vid

  • Mabvuto Comics TV
    Mabvuto Comics TVNapja

    Check out @tooncee too

  • Casual Artist
    Casual ArtistNapja

    when you get a jazza ad on a jazza video

  • marialiyubman

    This is what you’ve become...

  • Baloch Durrazai
    Baloch DurrazaiNapja

    I draw sketch of jazza please watch and commnt me how drawing picture is matching or no

  • Erick Allison
    Erick AllisonNapja


  • Viv-Chan

    I got an ad for skillshare with Jazza in it before I started the video. How OP. 😩

  • BobDaBuuilder

    how dare u forget timtom

  • David Cheung
    David CheungNapja

    Can you reveiw Sad Ist?

  • FrazilFrost

    Hey Jazza, I wanted to give you a suggestion. Egg Tempera can be used as a paint and I love your videos of trying new things so I thought it would be fun ☺️

  • AJ and James Football and Stuff!
    AJ and James Football and Stuff!Napja


  • Carrie Gould
    Carrie GouldNapja

    Jazza, you currently have permission and a duty to judge and critique Ethan Beckers art.

  • desi denise
    desi denise2 napja

    I just watched a jazza ad before a jazza video??

    BEAST BOMBER2 napja

    Please make a discord community!

  • khahlanyetso masheane
    khahlanyetso masheane2 napja

    he didn't do young Don man.

  • Harrison Allen
    Harrison Allen2 napja

    Right before your video I got a skill share ad with you in it

  • Roland Katsuragi
    Roland Katsuragi2 napja

    4:02 Good old squash and stretch

  • Ember_Wolfgirl
    Ember_Wolfgirl2 napja

    Oh man, just wait till Jazza discovers SAD-ist

  • fannie klee
    fannie klee2 napja

    I would love it, if you could review Sad-ist Animation!

  • kendwin
    kendwin2 napja

    i got an ad for jazza on skillshare on a jazza

  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing2 napja

    I've watched my first video and man......... we've all come so far!! I think having that drive to want to improve no matter what you make, and now being fortunate enough to have such a dependable team behind me... I'm so grateful for this community

  • Banna boy

    Banna boy


    Yeah, just started watching u and you rlly have improved in video quality from ur first video and ur newer one. Also, im surprised im second haha...

  • Nashad


    2 napja


  • Johannes Rugsveen
    Johannes Rugsveen2 napja

    Jazza can you do more bob ross videos

  • Dohyden2
    Dohyden22 napja

    thanks for the inspiration Jazza i'm hopping onto twitch after this video to do some streaming

  • Dohyden2
    Dohyden22 napja

    Jaiden also has contracted animators helping her with videos now too.

  • Wyntryx
    Wyntryx2 napja

    i got jazza's skillshare ad as pre-roll

  • Sun Porpoise
    Sun Porpoise2 napja

    I love watching animator’s evolution of videos, bc I’m trying that too, and they are all bad, but I know it may still be possible if I work hard at it😊

  • CuteCheetah2M
    CuteCheetah2M2 napja

    Can you try out the “Amazing pen” I found it in my recommendation list for HUbase and I thought it would cool for you to try out.

  • Halle Huddleston
    Halle Huddleston2 napja

    Why didn’t you do let me explain studios

  • LockHeart 1220
    LockHeart 12202 napja

    You know what'll be cool? If jazza attempted to make a fursuit head, mascot head, something like that... I made my share few of them and oh.. They're not as easy to make as they look, so I'm curious to see if jazza, the king of art, can take on such a challenge 😈

  • NoRisz
    NoRisz2 napja

    You should checked sultan sketches and emirichu sometimes

  • Nova Marie Simms
    Nova Marie Simms2 napja

    I'm glad you added swoozie ive been following him since his early days

  • William Slater
    William Slater2 napja

    Jazza i Was just wondering What kind of drawing tablets do you use.

  • Bvin Creates
    Bvin Creates2 napja

    Why isn't toncee here? Her quality is like disney gravity falls quality! And she just does it for story time

  • Aklimas
    Aklimas2 napja

    I got a skill share Jazza ad and thought it was the actual vid

  • Kahlan Fleming

    Kahlan Fleming

    2 napja


  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve3 napja

    Time to watch everyone's first video including jazza!

  • fireguy ninja
    fireguy ninja3 napja

    Ok boomer

  • Oshn
    Oshn3 napja

    Jazz check out NUT SHELL ANIMATION.......he is goooood and creative

  • Cheesed
    Cheesed3 napja

    Jazza: Encourages people to become animators Animator count: 📈📈📈

  • Zero Deus Xcalien
    Zero Deus Xcalien3 napja


  • KittyTemp09
    KittyTemp093 napja

    Jazz, you interrupted yourself again- (Jazza ad)

  • Gio 234
    Gio 2343 napja

    do you know him? Michael Anders

  • asdorman
    asdorman3 napja

    Jaiden got a whole team

  • Kieran Forrester
    Kieran Forrester3 napja

    Love it when an Aussie is killing it in a certain subject. Your a legend mate. Wish I had your skill in this area. Loved drawing growing up but never had the help from family so had to get a trade. Just getting back into it and far out... when you love drawing its amazing how much that learning isn't a chore... its a fun pleasure. Thanks for the video legend.

  • Apple1765
    Apple17653 napja

    I got your skillshare ad while watching your video

  • Graceful_Skies
    Graceful_Skies3 napja

    The ad I got for this video was a skillshare add that had jazza in it. I was confused because I couldn’t tell if it was an add or the video.

  • Elise Perez
    Elise Perez3 napja

    I don’t think James’ character changed that much he just got to a mediocre marshmallow to a astonishing marshmallow

  • Stephen Sotelo
    Stephen Sotelo3 napja

    Who thinks Jazza should try food coloring watercolor painting

  • Shawna Schwartzbauer
    Shawna Schwartzbauer3 napja

    How detailed can you sculpt with playdough?!

  • Dancer Supreme
    Dancer Supreme3 napja

    Annnd I got an add for his Skillshare classes. Lol.

  • HAH Animation
    HAH Animation3 napja

    Wish me luck... I want to become Animator too... But I want to become a maker of Fight Animation 💖... Wish me luck all Senior Animator Sensei 😂...

  • Silver
    Silver3 napja

    why was Katzun not in this ?

  • Gabe Martensen
    Gabe Martensen3 napja

    Do u know the big lez show

  • William Gringhuis
    William Gringhuis3 napja

    don't know if you've tried it but draw with paper instead of the pen/pencil/etc meaning keep the drawing instrument stationary and... move the stationery.. 😎

  • That one random kid Hehe
    That one random kid Hehe3 napja

    Jazza if your willing to spend 10,000 on a pen you should it is really cool if so look it up😊😊

  • Daniel Ortiz
    Daniel Ortiz3 napja

    Jazza someone on fb named pixel heroes is using one of your images as their logo jusr recolored, and i am not sure if you know that already

  • Owllet •v• le birb
    Owllet •v• le birb3 napja

    I got a Jazza skill share add... nice

  • Junior Budd
    Junior Budd3 napja

    Am I the only one who got Jazza’s Skillshare ad right before the video started?!👀❤️

  • Petmom100 YT
    Petmom100 YT4 napja


  • Aptitude
    Aptitude4 napja

    If you do this again please look at Alan Becker

  • Jonathan Hull
    Jonathan Hull4 napja

    Wow Jazza’s skillshare ad in Jazza’s vid.

  • Lettuce N crew
    Lettuce N crew4 napja

    Why did I get a jazza skillshare ad

  • James Blenkinsopp
    James Blenkinsopp4 napja

    It's slightly different because most of these channels, if not all, have full animation teams now so they could afford to do a lot more whereas the originals would just be them so they wouldn't even attempt to be as detailed and lively as they are now

  • AJ cartoon
    AJ cartoon4 napja

    Improving is coming after starting, don't be afraid if your content wasn't 100% high quality, you should just start and you'll improve one day :)

  • King SealYT
    King SealYT4 napja

    The first ad I got was for your course

  • Draconia Drawing

    Draconia Drawing

    4 napja


  • RosieRue
    RosieRue4 napja

    I had a jazzy skill share add when I was watching this vid!

  • Jay Cotten
    Jay Cotten4 napja

    Read the flight sign 🤣 9:52

  • Richie Sills
    Richie Sills4 napja

    So normally I skip ads but then Jazza comes on a Skillshare ad in the middle of a Jazza video and I just had to watch it because it was so perfect!

  • Brett Bowers
    Brett Bowers4 napja

    Iv'e got the bell on I'm not seeing your videos, i just realised i hadn't heard from you in ages so decided to search myself to find out you released a video 2 days ago that i really would have love to have been notified about.