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  • Macy Ayre
    Macy Ayre 6 órája

    “Hahah she sounds drunk” Jazzy being the only one who would have come up with that.

  • Jossiefxd
    Jossiefxd16 órája

    sees du recorder icon

  • Hawaii Mike
    Hawaii MikeNapja

    bruh it unsubbed me wtf no wonder i havent seen your stuff

  • Ragaya

    So much dad energy hwhwbwbs

  • Eric Faries
    Eric FariesNapja

    Your yelling voice during the duet skull bit sounded like DBZ Abridged Vegeta XD Channeling your inner Nick i see lol

  • Journey Rose
    Journey Rose2 napja

    i have never got a skillshare ad on you or skillshare at all but I JUST Got a skillshare ad starring you as i clicked on this video-

  • MrN3mobg _yt
    MrN3mobg _yt4 napja

    That’s just art

  • Cindi Miles
    Cindi Miles5 napja

    I love the message of the first challenge

  • Salty zowe
    Salty zowe7 napja

    is nobody going to realize he searched zhc

  • Aarya Jain
    Aarya Jain7 napja

    You have to have pretty straight teeth like if there not after u have braces ur lower jaw can go above ur upper jaw thibg

  • Moderate Josh
    Moderate Josh10 napja

    I got an ad for Jazza’s skillshare class before this video, and I’m not disappointed

  • Red Knight Gaming
    Red Knight Gaming11 napja

    7:25 Why Does That Look Like The Smiling Titan Form Attack On Titans

  • Ghost
    Ghost12 napja

    This is the most dad energy I have witnessed from Jazza in a long time

  • Dayton Chang
    Dayton Chang14 napja

    when Jazza asked what FYP means my cousin asked why I was watching a boomer i wanted to smack him

  • Jerry echevarria 911
    Jerry echevarria 91115 napja

    That monster look at jazza. Jazz:hi drawing and girl monster : will you marry me

  • AM
    AM18 napja

    No one gonna talk about how his monster looks like a titan

  • Fearless Legend
    Fearless Legend19 napja

    The monster your made at the end is like a Mr.beast monster

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • NT Noodles
    NT Noodles20 napja

    who else clicked on the video because they though the thumbnail was a titan

  • Norcal Bowhunter
    Norcal Bowhunter20 napja

    Tiktok has changed a ton in the last year.

  • Last_0_Place
    Last_0_Place21 napja

    Bruh That looks likes smiling titan.

  • mysticmikky
    mysticmikky23 napja

    jazza on tiktok is strangely wholesome 😂

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas28 napja

    The smooth millimeter phenotypically love because orchid wailly whip modulo a roomy check. nonstop, bumpy robin

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas29 napja

    The smoggy help classically fix because string evidently dust an a hanging cultivator. glamorous, dysfunctional daffodil

  • Eltro

    8:05 puberty hit lisa simpson like a truck huh

  • mlea Victor
    mlea VictorHónapja

    The dice creature he created at the end is a cousin of Bibble’s from Fairytopia

  • Adriana


  • Bluerabbit

    3:01 So aggressive XD

  • Bluerabbit

    The day off of work video was great 😂

  • RoyaltE

    I’m 21 and you just taught me what “fyp” means 😂 Thankyou very much ❤️

  • Rebbeca Abernathy
    Rebbeca AbernathyHónapja

    I am going to hunt for this when I get home from work!

  • Phantom Animation
    Phantom AnimationHónapja

    Tiktok is ban here come on reels

  • Eskenden

    00:05 mainly know you from tiktok thats something I never thought you would say as I been subscribed before tik tok every existed

  • Kit King
    Kit KingHónapja

    Why don't you start a art challenge voice over using your random character app, so many people would love use it

  • Chocolate Reign
    Chocolate ReignHónapja

    I'm late to the party 🥳 but im going to give this challenge a go.

  • Taine Byrne
    Taine ByrneHónapja

    Do u have any good recommendation's of good colouring pens and felts that are cheapish cause everything cost double in New Zealand.

  • Viktorija Vila
    Viktorija VilaHónapja

    I always wonder how old is he and when je asks what fyp means i got my answer 😂

  • Sophie Jenner
    Sophie JennerHónapja

    Can someone tell me jazza art challenge I don't have tiktok and it sounded fun

  • Holly Wright
    Holly WrightHónapja

    10:16 Mr.beast character😂

  • Simona Merkininkaitė
    Simona MerkininkaitėHónapja

    Jazza on Tiktok is like my mom on Facebook and it's the loveliest, most wholesome thing ever

  • Think Ink
    Think InkHónapja

    Damn it jazza you have to pop up woth an art challenge when I have work. Not that work is gonna stop me, i'm gonna do it right now

  • -Sälli.

    Woa I think I subscribed to him before he even got 1 Million-😳

  • Tsuyomiko :3
    Tsuyomiko :3Hónapja

    That Monster looks lowkey highkey like Ymir

  • Kris Marcotte
    Kris MarcotteHónapja

    Go to Tik Tok, find the challenge, open youtube, listen to the rules, go back to tik tok make the challenge :')

  • Ragnar Gamer
    Ragnar GamerHónapja

    1:39 it was draw with lela

  • Amarri Starr
    Amarri StarrHónapja

    Jazza: “I know you mainly know me from tiktok” Me: YOU HAVE A TIKTOK?!!!???? I remember when it was draw with jazza

  • Mei

    7:20 why does that remind me of the Titans from AoT

  • Kayleigh Deshotel
    Kayleigh DeshotelHónapja

    i told them in slow motion they sound drunk but they didn't believe me

  • DreadsNDogs

    Well.. about the biting part.. you can bite down on something.. if ya move yer whole head downward as ya put yer top teephers onto something, they go down... so... yeah...

  • dish

    i know jazza from this series he did on abc 3

  • Sazatan

    your monster is a titan 😂

  • iM a fAT AliEn FrOm zUoSTouN
    iM a fAT AliEn FrOm zUoSTouNHónapja

    No one: Literally no one: Jazza: im a tiktoker now motherf***ers Me: speechless Also me: WE ARE A FAMILY FRIENDLY CHANNEL 🤣😂

  • MellowTheBird


  • Codename:Bread

    me watching the first one in the part where she says clear skin im like holy crap were turning see thru???

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays saysHónapja

    XOMBIE vibes....

  • Tiggy

    Now I have to go find you on Tiktok :) Tiggy xo

  • Smriti Rekha
    Smriti RekhaHónapja

    10:19 it looks like Mr. beast baby dragon.

  • Lincoln Raymond Walroth
    Lincoln Raymond WalrothHónapja


  • A M
    A MHónapja

    You're more popular on tiktok than youTube?? ? Tf

  • Shawn Austin
    Shawn AustinHónapja

    Mr. beast as a monster 10:20

  • lili9om

    that monster girl he drew looks like ymir from aot lol

  • Catherine Brougham
    Catherine BroughamHónapja

    Yes, more of these!!

  • CloudyKen710

    Me just now realizing jazza has tiktok

  • Rinkimiru

    fricking titan there......jazza be drawin' a titan

  • Gaming with Aleks
    Gaming with AleksHónapja

    The angel monster looks like a Mr. beast angel monster

  • Moneybrainz99

    Jazza is the only boomer that is actually cool

  • Edylaine Norriese
    Edylaine NorrieseHónapja

    I always enjoy watching your videos, you always amaze me. I laugh, learnt, and feel inspired everytime I see you, not being clown but being an artist who loves his passion.

  • Useless_dogg 7
    Useless_dogg 72 hónapja

    I’ve been a fan since draw with jazz a i didn’t know you had tik tok

  • JayImHere
    JayImHere2 hónapja

    The thing that makes Jazza special for me is that he has that oldman feel but at the same time he's a cool dude

  • Girish Desale
    Girish Desale2 hónapja

    Cool boys

  • quixotic 333
    quixotic 3332 hónapja

    7:26 OURSELVES

  • Jap Kaur
    Jap Kaur2 hónapja

    Lol I'm going to try this challenge brb to try your challenge although it will be BADDDDDD lol

  • Rose Shine
    Rose Shine2 hónapja

    when u drawer the Radom monster thing were it has 5 i's, it has the mr. beast them color

  • snake waves
    snake waves2 hónapja

    jazzas monster is a TITAN!!! attack on titan

  • Jelissa Torrence
    Jelissa Torrence2 hónapja

    Fyi, fyp=for you page

  • l Jayden l
    l Jayden l2 hónapja

    Who else has been here since drawing with jazza?

  • Johannes Pro
    Johannes Pro2 hónapja

    I want to ask this, how did he learn to get so good at drawing, hmm ? .

  • Rachel Fleming
    Rachel Fleming2 hónapja

    I like 👍 your monsters ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✏️

  • Mihini Geekiynage
    Mihini Geekiynage2 hónapja

    I know you as from my favourite tv show when I was younger 🥺

  • Anson :]
    Anson :]2 hónapja

    (aggressively) LoVe YoUrSeLf

  • that anime boi fan!
    that anime boi fan!2 hónapja

    #fyp= for you page

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy2 hónapja

    7:41 bella poarch

  • Haider Usman
    Haider Usman2 hónapja

    10:20 zhc creature

  • Maku Riaru
    Maku Riaru2 hónapja


  • Lovely Fangs
    Lovely Fangs2 hónapja

    i did the monster thing turned out very well

  • Skan
    Skan2 hónapja

    I do this

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio2 hónapja

    7:08 yo, if I did that it'd be so plain. XD Green skin, green eyes, black hair, third eye. lol

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio2 hónapja

    5:19 "I can not bite down" *Me who leads with my upper teeth when I am biting* "Child's play"

  • grandmafrosty
    grandmafrosty2 hónapja

    Oh my gosh, someone else who's favorite color is yellow ^_^ (golden yellow is amazing, though i like closer to sunflower yellow)

  • 傲慢さはあなたに早い墓を稼ぐでしょう
    傲慢さはあなたに早い墓を稼ぐでしょう2 hónapja

    7:59 founding titan who? someone call eren

  • Fayiza Sabeek
    Fayiza Sabeek2 hónapja

    That energy Awesomee

  • BluRobins
    BluRobins2 hónapja

    I couldn't find anyone that had written the prompts out so here they are! 1. 1-3 Evil 4-6 Good 2. Number of limbs 3. Number of eyes 4. Skin color: 1-Red 2-Blue 3-Green 4-Yellow 5-Purple 6-Pink 5. Hair color: 1-Red 2-Blue 3-Green 4-Yellow 5-Purple 6-Pink

  • AleeJoy Galaxy
    AleeJoy Galaxy2 hónapja

    11:10 Jazza: See if you can keep up with it. Me: watches a lot videos at double speed, including this one. Also me: I'm keeping up with double speed + talking fast. o-o am I crazy for watching videos at double speed and being able to understand it?

  • Darkk•Softiiie
    Darkk•Softiiie2 hónapja

    This video made me cackle 💀

  • _YBC_
    _YBC_2 hónapja

    9:32 Mike wasaowski?

  • Eryk W
    Eryk W2 hónapja

    Jazza's swearings are so fun to listen, you cant describe how funny it is, and he swears with Joy and fun

  • Yodog_LOL
    Yodog_LOL2 hónapja

    Jazza: OH F**K Me: Laughing and dropping my tablet in the toilet while taking a tump

  • red all over
    red all over2 hónapja

    I’ve been watching you since 2017

  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein2 hónapja

    4:59 cuphead is that you?

  • sai ruthvik murugeshan
    sai ruthvik murugeshan2 hónapja

    the monster looks like mr beast logo