7600 tons of Ocean Seawear were launched successfully


  • Olga Kuzmina
    Olga Kuzmina5 órája

    Фи,а где разбивание бутылки о борт?))

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith8 órája

    🙌🏽😎🥰🙌🏽 you guys are awesome 🤗

  • Conner Culhane
    Conner Culhane15 órája

    Would have probably done it from the other side so the hoses for the torch didn’t get tangled in the cable like that. Could have been bad

  • Святослав Wood
    Святослав Wood19 órája

    Косяк и как теперь отрезать

  • Kumar rajaram
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    All The Best ❤️ Have A safe Voyage 👍✌️🎉🎊🎊🎉

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    Bhag gaya

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    Idea Structure

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  • Igor Vel
    Igor Vel2 napja

    А где демагоги перед микрофонами, парад?.. Никакого величия!

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    Ready to west philippines sea

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    O my god😱🙀🤯

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  • Mugilx1 G1
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    The frst thing that got into my mind was the pirates of carribean scene

  • Connor Adams
    Connor Adams4 napja

    Just built the boat in the water goddam

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  • Damien Clarke
    Damien Clarke5 napja

    jesssie don’t do it, we forgot to install the brakes.

  • Alaska Jack
    Alaska Jack5 napja

    Is this all titanic footage from back in the day when they launched it?

  • Ed
    Ed6 napja

    Now that piece of rope is going to remain hanging there for ever.

  • Artemias Rivers
    Artemias Rivers7 napja

    Leave me alone !

  • Ethan Hale
    Ethan Hale7 napja

    I like calling to start the fireworks and then they just walk away to the next ship

  • Robert Lawson
    Robert Lawson7 napja

    why not cut standing on the right side?

  • Cured Ham
    Cured Ham7 napja

    can someone explain what i just watched?

  • J B 5050
    J B 50507 napja

    Mean while tom and jerry are still on the ship paintin the steps like tom we movin jerry yup pretty sure aw fuck hang oonnn ttooommm

  • Dayle Taylor
    Dayle Taylor8 napja

    Why are firecrackers 🧨 going off at the end?!?

  • Torben Sticker
    Torben Sticker9 napja

    Arbeitssicherheit auf wish bestellt

  • Brandon Harrold
    Brandon Harrold10 napja

    So do you think they send somebody out with a SCUBA tank or a boat to remove the rest of the cables from the front of the ship or you think they just leave them on there

  • One Voice
    One Voice11 napja

    Yep, another project done by China. Why we get a high score on call of duty.

  • Jonathan Gonzales
    Jonathan Gonzales11 napja

    Ghost ship anyone?

  • fernandez mansilla
    fernandez mansilla11 napja

    Y se marchó y a su barco lo llamó libertad

  • Utubeskreename
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    Wait!!!! I forgot to weld that big hole in the bottom!!!!

  • Kalpana Davi
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    Chkdo garibia

  • Munawwar Hussain
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    Now whose going to get that steel rope off the ship

  • Priyanka Bharti
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  • 안Sang
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    Looks big. But you don't see real big on. 76,000 Ton over.

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    쇠줄달고 바다에 퐁당 !

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    Ese mano se mandó una carrera de rufián

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    RAM RAM G muna PM

  • Daniel Kifer
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    "Ope. Forgot the drain plug."

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  • Jimmy McGuire
    Jimmy McGuire17 napja

    Inconsiderate arse holes

  • Iubire Romaneasca
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    The man running was most amazing 😂

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    Looks like China safety

  • Avazbek Maseitov
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    Chine or Korea?

  • Ting chan
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    Check out those people whos on the ship🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • NiceRage2009
    NiceRage200919 napja

    Cool video, but the launches where the ships go barreling in sideways are much more fun to watch. They always look like their going to tip over

  • Bruna Cotellessa
    Bruna Cotellessa19 napja

    Che Figo io trappoco ci vado in crociera é super tooooooooooop

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    Muy buenos excelentes 😀😃😇

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    Job vacancy..



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    I didn't break champagne on it so it's doomed

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    Счастливого плавания!

  • Hilberto Cucul
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    and the guy running along side the ship was never seen again ...

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    String still attached..

  • My grandpa
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    76,000 pounds of ocean sea water I’d hope The sea waters from the ocean

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    Safety 3rd

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    Hey wait I forgot something

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    C'est trop nul

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    И "ШаМпАнСкОе" не понадобилось 🥴

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    Whoops, only meant to weld a crack. Lol

  • Domenico Cirqueira Costa
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    "I still not finished! Hold the ship!!"

  • Jerry Banks
    Jerry Banks23 napja

    In reallity he cut the wrong part of the launch cable cause now with that still on the bow they have to send a diver to get it off. Prolly why dude was running behind the ship but it was nothing he could do but say Dam !!!🙄😤😟

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    I would have used a bottle of champagne, but that’s me. I’m different. 🍾🤔

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    हर जगह गाड़ी चला ले पूरे हिंदुस्तान में अब दिल कर रहा है पानी में जहाज चलाने कोई कोई नौकरी देगा पानी के जहाज की

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    It's a go!!!!!!

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    Very good ✨👊😎

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    Круто,а бутылку об борт разбить

  • Hector Lazcano
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    There is no safety actions items on this ship birth

  • zeezah_rose
    zeezah_rose26 napja

    How about the cameraman

  • junito Rivera
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    Imagine if that thing decided to go side way, who will stop it.

  • Plain Grace
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    Cool...so very cool

  • Dean Wood
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    Ok who lit the fireworks.... you ruined the video 🤣

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    Just keep it away from the suez

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  • Fun Times
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    And 5 mins into maiden voyage the propellor gets some wire wrapped around it!!

  • Chris McClellan
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  • A S
    A S28 napja

    A lot more sophisticated than how china does it. They use tree logs as rollers and weegers pushing

  • john smith
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    Firecrackers DUDE got his moment. 😂

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    Pelepasan kapal yang sangat luar biasa

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    7600 tonnes, that is dam heavy

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    Let me guess, China?

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    The demon core

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    I wish I cut live in one of those

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    Ya valió madres 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Richie Hoyt
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    Running man: "Hey, hang on! Lemme have a Choc-Ice and a '99'! Yo! Choc-Ice and a '99'!" "You know what?! Take your soddin' ice-cream and stick it up your f%&king @rse!!"

  • Elnore Taguiam
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    Just another illegal Chinese boat