Doom Eternal OST - The Only Thing they Fear is You (Mick Gordon)

Doom Eternal OST : The Only Thing they Fear is You (Mick Gordon)

All rights goes to creator of the music : Mick Gordon
Edited and Enhanced By Me
Quality is a Little Better than original Version available in the game

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

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    Rip and Tear Montage i made here u definitely want to see this ,it has some special stuff Also warning its GORY :

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    You mean glory?

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    @Mr-gamer 🙄

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    Warning its gory no shit Sherlock

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    The Audio quality on this current video is shit AF

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    When they lost the lamb source

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    All the 5.4 dislikes are from demons

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    Tubbo: -Thinking about goverment... Technoblade:

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    Rico from just cause seeing red objects

  • SoWocky

    show this song to my christian grandma, she loves it🥰

  • Christopher Romero
    Christopher RomeroÓrája

    When your nightmare turns into a lucid dream

  • Ardheshwar Singh
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    When you ask homeless guy for money


    oh god my nut's a-bustin'

  • Roronoa Monke
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    So this is how it feel like walking to the bedroom instead of running when turned the light off

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    downloading doom eternal with utorrent

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    When the Asian kid joins your team 1:17

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    36,666,167 views That's the bad number, right? Triple 6?

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    If one day a smash reveal started and this started playing then I would just say “welp, everybody else that’s in this trailer is screwed”

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    1:17 "what's ligma"

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    this song makes me wanna slam my door after having an arguement with my parents

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    If you’ve ever watch Wreck-It Ralph of the Aractnatron demon I forgot the name of it the cyber bug in Wreck-It Ralph looks sort of similar

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    To prove te strong of flex tape i shoot a giant hole in mars

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    Brock Lesnars AI in 2k20 be like

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    Anyother game: You play as the character DOOM: The character plays as you

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    The 5.4 k people that disliked this song were headbanging so hard that the missed the like button and hit the dislike button instead.

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    dislikes are from the people who got beaten up with this music


    doomguy: man earth has been corrupt by demon i should go kill em all and safe my ppl DEMON: YOU cant DEFEAT me doomguy: i can

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    Nobody literally no one Someone bumps krillin Goku:

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    This morning my friend told me that he doesn't like Doom soundtracks. He died 2 hours later 🖤 Btw, you guys know any good lawyers? Im goning to court tomorrow

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    Shrek is a good lawyer

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    the most cute music what i ever hear :3 (no) e why ice is nice e

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    my mind when I lose one bullet from my nerf gun as I’m an perfectionist

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    When your mom calls you in your full name:

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    The most christian thing I have ever heard.

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    Exactly! All the idiots saying it’s blasphemous are wrong

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    its been a year since ive been listen to this

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    i feel the urge to comment everytime i find this song i was listening to a jojo song then this played outta nowhere i guess youtube knows what i like

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    Me going to the display toilets at ikea

    MR. MYSTERY9 órája

    Mick Gordon: is the lawn mower and chain saw a instrument? Bethesda: no! Doom guy: it is in my codex.

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    dead cells 5bc 1:34

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    Lets see how many ppls come here everyday

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    People who dislikes this are definitely little kids who still listen to Mary had a little lamb

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    "I am getting bullied" Parents: just tell your teacher sweetie Grandparents:

    SUBWAY10 órája

    When you take LSD on Halloween:

  • T.o.K
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    Doom logic shoot it until it dies, if that doesn't work shoot it with more gun.

  • Pieyxl
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    Ah Yes…I’m Here For Fusion Boys

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    listened to this with 200 dollar bose earbuds on max volume… my ears will never be the same, ABSOLUTE BANGER

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    why has more people than the entire population of Australia viewed this lmao

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    Adding this to my "griefer pulls up in rdr2/ Gta5" Playlist

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    "And I'm the monster that crawled outta the hell you dug"

  • Thomas Ritrovato
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    When this song comes on, the devil realized he fucked up

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    This song makes me want to put a scratched disc in the DVD player.

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    The impartial barber acutely trot because cobweb rahilly wait save a nine lace. instinctive, dependent pyjama

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    3:49 legendary

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    Para lo que probablemente muchos vinieron 2:13

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    This is the song I listen to while taking a shit

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    Como cuando el callado del salón saca un arma y empieza a sonar esta canción

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    England when they see an unclaimed island:

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    Disney stories: friendly and nice The original German version:

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    Me walking to the cashier instead of self checkout

  • Violent Surprise
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    Doom guy can slam a revolving door

  • E.Fic.
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    Demon: Exists Doomguy:

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    Man doom slayer really is the boss of the game..that's why music plays 24/7

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    When you take 10 adrenaline to rush Area 51

  • Theuzinho ackerman ツ
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    "Mitstakes makes you stronger" Twitter creator and tik tok creator:

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    Imagine if we had this in WWII. That would last five minutes, five seconds

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    "Mistakes make you Stronger" Parents of Dream Stans:

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    I listen to this to get my mind right for Muay Thai

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    Thai boxing is cool

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    Me in cod world at war when they give you the flamethrower

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    “Mistakes makes you stronger” Chris Chan’s parents:

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    I was gonna make a star wars joke till I saw what you said

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    I will remember this when I die

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    remember kids: violence isn't the answer violence is a question. *and the answer is yes*

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    *Halo 3: ODST any other part:* stealth based survival shooter. *Halo 3: ODST on NMPD HQ:*

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    Nice joke

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    Ueh dhdjdbsujdvdjdndhfbezdjbrkd

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    You good bro? Here take some medicine to help you 💊

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    Tom je můj sport

  • Vojtěch Dědičík
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    Prdel prdel prdel prdel🍑👈

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    Child, such a child

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    2:13 Best part

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    When you say to Grandma I'm full 1:17

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    I'm currently making Mac & Cheese and I feel so bad ass.

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    Soulja Boy!

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    Да, моргенштерн круче😎👍😍🤣😎😎😎😎😍😍😁😉😁😉😭😭😉

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    Hunters:There No dreamm George:Ohhh dreammm Dream:*Pull out axe* Also Dream: 1:34

  • dashiell bake
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    I played this song at a funeral and my grandma started blasting

  • Matt North
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    this song makes me want to rediscover drop D

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    This makes me feel that I can fight 3 soilders whit a nailclipper.

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    36 Million views, wow... Memes aside, this game is a MASTERPIECE. The best FPS i've played in my life. When the Marauder shows up, shit gets real

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    'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' Antivax kids if the reach age 12:

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    Me walking out of the preschool

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    This is the only rock i like, and will be forever.

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    When a nightmare turns into a lucid dream

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    This makes me wanna drink the forbidden sink Gatorade

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    This makes me want to beat the ender dragon without armour and with bare fists

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    this makes me want to say “kpop is bad” to a kpop stan

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    YEAH BOI!!!!

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    You: I only called sales because the support team was busy. Sales:

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    When you suffer from sleep paralysis, but learn how to move in your dream:

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    Me as a kid when I find a stick that looks like a sword