ART with my Finger Vs. a Blending Stump - WHICH WINS?

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  • John-Henri Dell
    John-Henri DellÓrája

    Jazza: Beautifully blended balls Every male in a 5 mile radius: N A N I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Ashton Wright
    Ashton WrightÓrája

    stumpy finger gang !!!

  • king
    king3 órája

    have you ever heard of an erasor??

  • Amadou Sarr
    Amadou Sarr5 órája

    If it helps I have been drawing for 8 years and I didnt know about BLENDING (yes blending not even a tool for it just it in a whole) for like 3 years of it. PAIN

  • Caleb Malm
    Caleb Malm9 órája

    "Lets start from the start" the more you know

  • Caleb Malm
    Caleb Malm9 órája

    So what your implying is, i should surgically attach some of my nerves to my blending stump, i like your style.

  • Colin Callahan
    Colin Callahan12 órája

    at 1:56 he was making a sphere and he was like sphe because his mIc cut out

  • michael macb
    michael macb14 órája

    Hey jazz. I see your videos and ur videos are helping me out .but it look like u stop drawing new stuff. I wish u go back to drawing

  • Uslashdeleted
    Uslashdeleted16 órája

    I bought blending Stumps before I bought any real penciles. 😂

  • Khay Clay
    Khay Clay17 órája

    It is ok i did not know what a blending stump is either

  • D0gg0 1970
    D0gg0 197020 órája

    I just got an add for skillshare that had jazza In it while I'm watching jazza

  • Justin Boonzaier
    Justin Boonzaier23 órája

    I only know what blending stump is now because of this video

  • Taylor 14
    Taylor 1423 órája

    Lol I didnt find out about them until like 3 years ago

  • Bryan grizzell
    Bryan grizzellNapja

    Heu jazza now that u know about the stump,WHAT ABOUT THE KNEADED ERASER??????!!

  • Swifty Gaming
    Swifty GamingNapja

    If never heard of a blending stump either

  • Lyndsy Carson
    Lyndsy CarsonNapja

    so we called them blending tools and we peeled the paper off as we went

  • Vidyut Dhanendaran
    Vidyut DhanendaranNapja

    You aren't alone, I've been drawing for a while now, but I haven't heard of blending stumps.

  • CordsGames
    CordsGames2 napja

    *That sure is a lot of Blending Stumps, Jazza.*

  • TJ Engelstad
    TJ Engelstad2 napja

    For me I think wooden blending stumps are better than paper ones.

  • Brook
    Brook2 napja

    I cant blend with my finger because the texture of my finger on paper annoys me sooo much

  • Michelle Hall
    Michelle Hall2 napja

    Your personality is so wonderful!

  • Princess Potato
    Princess Potato2 napja

    Jazz, I don't blame you... I also don't know what a blending stump was...

  • H.I
    H.I2 napja

    I don’t know what a blending stump is either though 😂🤣

  • Robi Ortega
    Robi Ortega3 napja

    The coments were so funny 😂 the

  • shiz
    shiz3 napja

    Yoooo that finger blendimg technique is sick!

  • christian nunag
    christian nunag3 napja

    I actually used my just my fingers to shade 😂

  • so...that happened
    so...that happened3 napja

    I have always found blending stumps don’t give me good control over what and how much I can blend. I use the tissue wrapped around the finger technique.

  • Hero Of The Otaku
    Hero Of The Otaku3 napja

    Blending with your finger introduces oils into your art that over time will deteriorate your piece of art which is why you want to never touch it to blend or at least that’s how the existence of blending stump was justified to me

  • Angelo Pappas
    Angelo Pappas3 napja

    I never knew

  • avernion
    avernion3 napja

    I can always see in my art when I have watched Jazza content. He inspires like no other.

  • nepali nimesh
    nepali nimesh3 napja

    I think its gonna be blending stump

  • JuliasTheEpic
    JuliasTheEpic3 napja

    Lol jazza didn’t know what a blending stump is Have been using a blending stumps since i was 8 yrs old lol

  • Dilip Kumar Gayen
    Dilip Kumar Gayen4 napja

    You can use a ear bud instead of a blending stump it is actually pretty good

  • TwT
    TwT4 napja

    Lol I never knew what a blending stump was until now. #MYSTUMPYFINGERSARESUPERIOR

  • nugget soda
    nugget soda4 napja

    I was absolutely shocked when jazz’s didn’t know what a sand paper sharpener was

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed4 napja

    Cotton buds work just as well. Maybe even better

  • Redmont 1
    Redmont 14 napja

    5:17 that's some lovely facial hair you got there!

  • grimer17
    grimer174 napja

    I barely draw, but when I did I blended with my finger in a tissue. Seems like a middle ground here.

  • Rebecca Hoare
    Rebecca Hoare4 napja

    Happy birthday :)

  • Atticus Dodd
    Atticus Dodd4 napja

    I don't know, I have always preferred my finger over a blending stump because I hated the sound the stick made on the paper. It is just so itchy and I hate it.

  • gavin fanner
    gavin fanner4 napja

    its not the tool that makes a man its the man

  • NaxLevelNat
    NaxLevelNat4 napja

    I dare you to give Diamond Painting a go, it could quickly get out of hand, and I'm here for it.

  • falconicole
    falconicole4 napja

    I got an ad for Jazza's skillshare course before this and thought it was the actual video and got really confused with the Skip Ad button

  • cricket ct
    cricket ct5 napja

    Where can i buy your hair

  • Meme I like
    Meme I like5 napja

    Honestly this is the first time I have known about blending stump too

  • Quiano Arriola
    Quiano Arriola5 napja

    I seen a jazz skill share as on this video what’s the chance

  • Jadlind gaming
    Jadlind gaming5 napja

    I had one but never used it now i use iy

  • birds4evah c:
    birds4evah c:5 napja

    I learned about the existence of blending stumps...I think..last year? They looked useful. I was too lazy to buy any and even if I had one, I would probably forget to use it. To this day I use my finger to blend...

  • DittDott
    DittDott6 napja

    I also use those sandpaper sharpeners to sharpen my thick leaded mechanical pencil.

  • Ralphy McDalphy
    Ralphy McDalphy6 napja

    Jazza: how do you clean a blending stump? Me: visual struggles

  • Qween oof durp Ladbasri
    Qween oof durp Ladbasri6 napja

    Don't worry I never knew what a blending stump was until this day

  • Minecraftman078
    Minecraftman0786 napja

    Jazza even draws stickmen better than me 😔

  • tsira kura
    tsira kura6 napja

    ive known about blending stumps since third grade art class. I still much prefer my finger because of how it spreads the graphite. i do use them at some times though depending on the piece

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 napja

    I thought you were using a paper towel. So I was today years old when I learned what a blending stump is. Lol and I'm 35

  • Kolton Mcpeak
    Kolton Mcpeak6 napja

    Have you herd of a pencil before 😅😂🤣

  • Angel Pucket
    Angel Pucket6 napja

    Happy birthday jazza and i saw you on add on skill share

  • Ellie Beck
    Ellie Beck6 napja

    I did not know that was even a thing. So your not alone. :)

  • ZER0
    ZER06 napja

    Love your videos. You obviously have a real love for art.

  • Eziz
    Eziz6 napja

    I just use paper towels and ear stivks or whatever its elite

  • Archeon Nichole Mallari
    Archeon Nichole Mallari7 napja

    Haven't used blending stumps yet, But here is some blend ratings Finger 99/10 Earbuds 100/10 Tissue 50/100 Mah opinion :

  • Archeon Nichole Mallari

    Archeon Nichole Mallari

    7 napja

    And even i haven't had a blending stump yet Imma rate it 1000/10

  • Purnima Gautam
    Purnima Gautam7 napja

    i have never seen any videos of this man, but i feel so happy knowing he agreed stumps are better than fingers 😂😂 his sense of humour is grea and now i am subscribed to this channel.

  • Dana Simundic
    Dana Simundic7 napja

    Hi Jazza. I am an artist the same age as you. I too have learned about blending stumps today and honestly I felt every moment of you going through this video. Painfully so. I have been a finger smudging purist but now... I'm not sure who I am anymore. However, if you DO want to up your finger smudging game, might I suggest adding tissues. Sandpaper + pencils can also create the smoothest blend.

    VICKY SARKS7 napja

    Why not use a small white cloth for blending. 😅

  • deathlouis888
    deathlouis8887 napja

    I too am a proud finger smudger :')

  • علی رحمتی
    علی رحمتی8 napja

    Happy birthday

  • Rida Syed
    Rida Syed8 napja

    I nerver use blending stamp but instead i used finger tips, cotton bud or tissue paper for blending

  • Corneelius TheReptileQueen
    Corneelius TheReptileQueen8 napja

    Good job on being honest with us on your opinion and truly keeping open mind in the beginning and through out the video

  • Taniachi Fractal
    Taniachi Fractal8 napja

    I've been using toilet paper for blending stumps my whole life, I think those are inconvinient

  • YellowFire Boi
    YellowFire Boi8 napja

    I thought they were erasers and said "Why are they so terrible!". I know why now 🤣

  • Gold The Crusader
    Gold The Crusader8 napja

    9:48 When Jazz’s excepted reality

  • Jithesh Ramdas
    Jithesh Ramdas9 napja

    Happy belated birthday Jazza!

  • giga galven
    giga galven9 napja

    Yeah the finger blending is really good on a dirty sword

  • Naruto FF
    Naruto FF9 napja

    Others : ooo he is blending with finger Me : first time

  • Art Amateur
    Art Amateur9 napja

    I have ten, they're called my fingers, I've used them since forever

  • Brittany Foo
    Brittany Foo10 napja

    It’s okay Jazza, I didn’t know what a blending stump was and I use my stumpy fingers instead

  • Abdullah Ejaz
    Abdullah Ejaz10 napja

    I didn't either.

  • Prasanna Dissanayake
    Prasanna Dissanayake10 napja

    happy birthday

  • Kady Flores
    Kady Flores10 napja

    I didn’t find out what a blending stump was until I took drawing in college at the age of 22. So I understand where Jazza is coming from 😂

  • temour foster
    temour foster10 napja

    Happy birthday jazza

  • Jehna Martinez
    Jehna Martinez10 napja

    "it's my birthday as well so I don't want to be completely wrong" OMG I love JAZZA too much. I'm in tears over that.

  • Jacob Reid f
    Jacob Reid f11 napja

    tbh i never heard of a blending stump

  • priyadarshini unnikrishnan
    priyadarshini unnikrishnan11 napja

    Hey jazza look what

  • priyadarshini unnikrishnan
    priyadarshini unnikrishnan11 napja

    To be honest I didn't know what a blending stump was

  • M & Artroom
    M & Artroom11 napja

    My friend actually did lick her finger…..

  • lou222lou
    lou222lou11 napja


  • April Keller
    April Keller11 napja

    Have you heard of a pencil

  • - Lunarmoon -
    - Lunarmoon -11 napja

    6:30 She’s a fine woman

  • I'm not famous no
    I'm not famous no11 napja

    I got a trick use water to blend use your finger and use a little bit of water and rub. Btw use a normal pencil

  • Hell's Proprietor
    Hell's Proprietor11 napja

    after you use them, you sand themdown

  • BrokeMf
    BrokeMf12 napja

    Lol pencil sketches is like mostly all i do and i was really surprised you hadn't used a blending stump. Its insane

  • Retha Fourie
    Retha Fourie12 napja

    I draw A2 size charcoal sketches and use my hands and fingers to blend 7/10 times....but the stumps are very handy for details!*....happy birthday tho

  • ersu
    ersu12 napja

    well what about a dip stick? I've never seen you use one of those either?

  • Homosexual Tofu
    Homosexual Tofu12 napja

    Tips on Blending Stumps!! 1) Use at an angle like you would a pencil and dont press down so hard 2) When the stump has so much grafite and can't be "used", use sanding paper to get rid of the grafite. Do not sharpen them!!! It will ruin the stump!!! 3) You still need to shade with a pencil when using the stump; it will look a lot better. It's not a miracle worker!

  • yeetzSgaming 123
    yeetzSgaming 12312 napja

    What's a blending stump

  • ꧁Starry_YT꧂
    ꧁Starry_YT꧂12 napja

    I also didn’t know what is a blending stump and used my fingers as well. Now that I saw the great Jazza use this, I’m getting it

  • Silver Line21
    Silver Line2112 napja

    You shouldn’t use your finger to blend pencil art because the oil from your finger can rub the lead/graphite into the physical paper and will make it harder to erase any mistakes rather than if you had used a blending stump. Alternatively, you could get a generic tissue, wrap it around the back end of a writing utensil and you have a homemade blending stump and that works just fine. You also get lead/graphite all over your hands and it can mess up your art when you’re holding the paper.

  • AR photography
    AR photography12 napja

    beautiful blended balls.XD

  • August Bigler
    August Bigler12 napja

    It’s ok he didn’t know what a blending stump is he had diy one ☝🏼😂

  • Jordann Smith
    Jordann Smith12 napja

    How do you draw lips? I can never draw them properly.

  • Hollyleaf81_Ultra_Child
    Hollyleaf81_Ultra_Child12 napja

    When you get a skill share ad with Jazza in the ad on Jazza's channel