Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards


Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  • Graycee Scott
    Graycee Scott40 perccel

    Halsey there too!

  • E RON
    E RONÓrája

    I hate that I love her so much. Does that even make sense?

  • Juliana Posada Arango
    Juliana Posada Arango2 órája

    cuando Taylor nació: el doctor: felicitaciones! es la industria musical!

  • Ridhi Jat
    Ridhi Jat3 órája

    hoped this goes forever 🥺💕

  • Ridhi Jat
    Ridhi Jat3 órája

    dislikes are from arianotrs 😌

  • Thuwanon Thepsittha
    Thuwanon Thepsittha3 órája

    🤩 🤩🤩

  • Bettencourt Creation
    Bettencourt Creation3 órája

    Taylor ft Halsey and Camilla .. Damn it's perfect combination .. Love it 😍😍😙😙

  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyard3 órája


  • Destine Faye Francisco
    Destine Faye Francisco4 órája

    Always my fave ❤️

  • Estaba.
    Estaba.4 órája

    Guys here are the songs she performs: 1. The Man 2. Love story 3. I knew you were trouble 4. Blank space 5. Shake it off 6. Lover

  • Maitreyee Ganesh
    Maitreyee Ganesh5 órája

    the way selena went emotional

  • Kick-Ass
    Kick-Ass5 órája

    11 minutes is too long to prove How Amazing She is💅💖💖😭✨

  • Clodagh Conlon
    Clodagh Conlon6 órája

    Lizzo is such a vibe 😂

  • Maria Jose Velez
    Maria Jose Velez8 órája

    I just love her

  • Rick De Dick
    Rick De Dick9 órája

    I mean there’s no soul

  • Rick De Dick
    Rick De Dick9 órája

    Imagine having no true soul what so ever and just an average voice

  • Shraddha Vijayaraghavan
    Shraddha Vijayaraghavan10 órája

    The sight of Selena, Billie, Phineas and many other stars jamming to her songs makes me soooooo happy

  • Mark's Delicious Adventures
    Mark's Delicious Adventures11 órája

    Never been a TS fan, but damn, that was fantastic.

  • Therese Lustestica
    Therese Lustestica12 órája

    i love how this has been posted for nearly a year and a half and this comment sections is still ALIVE shows how impactful Taylor is to many

  • Fashion Guru 32
    Fashion Guru 3212 órája

    re-recording order Fearless Red 1989

  • stephano natiogaric
    stephano natiogaric13 órája

    3:35 What's name her song??

  • Rocio.Suárez
    Rocio.Suárez14 órája

    Is anyone else in love with the Lover female dancer's dress? Just me? Ok

  • Gabrielle de Lima
    Gabrielle de Lima14 órája

    Taylor is the best!! I don’t have words to this woman

  • Sofia Devina
    Sofia Devina14 órája

    Karen Salazar pamuspusan

  • Beyza Atalar
    Beyza Atalar16 órája

    İ am obsessed this show🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩

  • Duke Aiwohi
    Duke Aiwohi18 órája

    Me supposed to be writing an essay hit got distracted after asking Alexa to play Taylor Swift music

  • Duke Aiwohi
    Duke Aiwohi18 órája

    The 28k dislikes are from the people wanted this video to be longer.

  • Dilara Saka
    Dilara Saka20 órája

    2:16 song name??

  • Taki Dust

    Taki Dust

    17 órája

    @Dilara Saka no problem ❤️

  • Dilara Saka

    Dilara Saka

    19 órája

    @Taki Dust thank you

  • Taki Dust

    Taki Dust

    19 órája

    I knew you were trouble -Taylor Swift

  • Piya Furious
    Piya Furious20 órája

    She's a Queen 💓💓💓

  • varshini sri
    varshini sri20 órája

    How came to see this video randomly 🔥❤️❤️

  • Linus Wolf
    Linus Wolf20 órája

    01:54 … that’s all

  • Manuel Oviedo
    Manuel Oviedo20 órája

    She literally made a concert

  • Shreya Tadas
    Shreya Tadas21 órája

    See that ballet dancer how effortlessly they both r doing dance like it's nothing 😌😌

  • Nathan Thacher

    Nathan Thacher

    15 órája

    literally, they're so talented

  • Janelle Digennaro
    Janelle Digennaro22 órája

    best part Selena her mom n dad singing along

  • Sarah
    Sarah22 órája


  • Faithe Stone
    Faithe Stone23 órája

    Watching this 1313131313131313 times

  • didi
    didi23 órája

    i watch this at least once a week

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian RodriguezNapja

    The only diva from the 2000’s to the present

  • G Datta
    G DattaNapja

    Comparing HER with anyone is just soo foolish. You'll end up making fun of your own fav

  • G Datta
    G DattaNapja

    Take notes, study the performance this is how legends performs.

  • Emma Ghysels
    Emma GhyselsNapja

    she's a legend she's an icon and *she is* the moment now come on now

  • Christopher

    RED tv is next wbk

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan LeeNapja

    Seeing Kesha there omg, I love their friendship

  • Arya Sarkar
    Arya SarkarNapja

    *"And now, she's officially the first female Global Icon . . . we stan a QUEEN"*

  • Abood music
    Abood musicNapja

    امينه حاف از باد از فك

  • out of the woods - graveyard
    out of the woods - graveyardNapja


  • Tejashvi Singh
    Tejashvi SinghNapja

    Life is too short to pretend you don’t like Taylor Swift

  • black black
    black blackNapja

    I really really love this🥰♥️😘😘😘

  • Sci-C- 362 Sinku Raut
    Sci-C- 362 Sinku RautNapja

    Love u taylor💜✨

  • Ketana Armstrong
    Ketana ArmstrongNapja

    Fearless is next to 1989 on the piano. Does that mean thats next??

  • luvely

    the fact that u come here again , again and again

  • Alaa Tarek
    Alaa TarekNapja

    5:13 who is this lady? 😍😍😍

  • Itsdaee

    She got bangers🐐

  • arlibarra


  • Sukhi Muzicall
    Sukhi MuzicallNapja


  • Anushka Achlerkar
    Anushka AchlerkarNapja

    This is not the last time and not the first time either that i am watching still not over this performance

  • aezra moral
    aezra moralNapja

    too bad we didn't get a performance like this at the Brits from her today...

  • Yours Truly Dominic
    Yours Truly DominicNapja

    imagine getting to dance with taylor on stage...🥲

  • Rebecca Araya
    Rebecca ArayaNapja

    Omgggg love this 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarah Eskandari
    Sarah EskandariNapja

    still sobbing

  • Diana Par
    Diana ParNapja

    I freaking love Taylor Swift

  • Leo Matriccino
    Leo MatriccinoNapja

    9:51 she's singing lover, but the piano says 1989?

  • kat joy
    kat joyNapja

    i’ve been to two of her concerts and next time i’m gonna scream “i love you” when it’s quiet.. PLS ANSWER TAYLOR

  • kat joy
    kat joyNapja

    i’m literally obsessed with her help

  • lia ruby
    lia rubyNapja


  • Faizha Alih
    Faizha AlihNapja

    Billie still supporting taylor ❤️💯

  • iamjj123

    Why people hates her?

  • Delena4ever #TVD
    Delena4ever #TVDNapja

    Billie jamming to Taylor>>

  • i love avocados
    i love avocadosNapja

    Finneas singing along is my religion

  • 1 D
    1 DNapja

    8:27 this little kiss 🥺

  • Joelie Vossen
    Joelie VossenNapja

    people who hate taylor for no reason bother me. LITERALLY WHAT IS THE REASON THIS WOMAN IS A LEGEND. those haters probably know and sing all the lyrics to some of her songs that they didn’t even know were by her. whatever haters are losers. their sitting over there trying to come up with reasons to hate her while she’s coming up with songs in her sleep. go off queen tay

  • Mélodie Girard
    Mélodie GirardNapja

    At this point I can't go a week without watching this video.

  • Artak Kostanyan
    Artak KostanyanNapja

    Finneas singing “Blank Space” keeps me coming back to here👀👋

  • Ezriella Ellen
    Ezriella EllenNapja

    Did anyone not see Billie Camila and Halsey

  • Sky Harrell
    Sky HarrellNapja

    Me: Comes back to this video every time I need motivation.

  • Megs :*
    Megs :*Napja

    6:10. That is all.

  • Alix Harris
    Alix HarrisNapja

    Just imagine Lorde somewhere in nz vibing to this saying “GO BESTIEEE!”

  • Barbie Roberts
    Barbie Roberts2 napja

    The *ICONIC* Taylor Swift

  • Jade Sumile
    Jade Sumile2 napja

    Omg . Tayloy is the best🤭💕💕

  • Bradley
    Bradley2 napja

    6:42 i love Camila's voice singing this song

  • Ananya Singhal
    Ananya Singhal2 napja

    Why was there no song from reputation?

  • Island Rebel Makeup
    Island Rebel Makeup2 napja

    I knew you were trouble walked so reputation could run.

  • my valerie
    my valerie2 napja

    This show is always my favorite ❤

  • Marianne Arendt
    Marianne Arendt2 napja

    Eine gute Show modern mit so spektakulärer Kulisse.

  • manaswini S
    manaswini S2 napja

    why is noone talking about that mic flip halsey did !!😍😍😍😍

  • Prince AlThani
    Prince AlThani2 napja

    its so scary how close people were ...

  • Itscrisisft
    Itscrisisft2 napja

    Este video me da mil años de vida

  • lila goldin
    lila goldin2 napja

    comfort video

  • アリ
    アリ2 napja


  • Sid
    Sid2 napja

    Im still not over this iconic performance

  • Ishika Shrimali 47
    Ishika Shrimali 472 napja

    This version of lover is sooo strong