OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

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  • Sangita Samanta
    Sangita Samanta12 perccel


  • Splendeur Kongolo
    Splendeur Kongolo18 perccel

    I love that is so creative and it works thanks

  • هيثم الزغير
    هيثم الزغير24 perccel


  • Surya maha
    Surya maha33 perccel

    Super sister and Anna

  • Vivi Doložalová ; p
    Vivi Doložalová ; p35 perccel


  • 霏霏
    霏霏35 perccel


  • Melisa Brreto
    Melisa Brreto45 perccel

    That’s me I know how to undo knots

  • Samanta Samayira
    Samanta Samayira53 perccel


  • Fernando Runza
    Fernando RunzaÓrája


  • اسماعيل النعيج
    اسماعيل النعيجÓrája


  • Alan Goloman
    Alan GolomanÓrája

    Pametno djete

  • Nguyet Thanh
    Nguyet ThanhÓrája

    Em còn nhỏ mà giỏi quá đi 😊

  • Jdhg Hzhzr
    Jdhg Hzhzr2 órája

    Gospydyeychpdye hfpjcueydojcudtwph pjdy the same you a call from the same and I am a new job listing join

  • Rinku Takhi
    Rinku Takhi2 órája

    My mother would have killed me...

  • Fabio Bertolino
    Fabio Bertolino2 órája


  • Zulfiya Samigova
    Zulfiya Samigova2 órája

    You must be mad at her

  • L Diehl
    L Diehl2 órája

    Why is the mom so ok with the kid chopping off her hair

  • Nabih Rachida
    Nabih Rachida2 órája


  • Nabih Rachida
    Nabih Rachida2 órája


  • Selma Pereira silva
    Selma Pereira silva3 órája


  • Aidel John Artango
    Aidel John Artango3 órája


  • Arthur Guimarães
    Arthur Guimarães3 órája

    Por que ela não deu uns tapa na guria

  • girish pawar
    girish pawar3 órája


  • lol
    lol3 órája

    the comment at down: "oH mAh gAwD mY kId cUt mAw hAiR" me: GURL ARE U BLIND

  • Abhijit Saha
    Abhijit Saha3 órája


  • Zeyıtın B
    Zeyıtın B3 órája

    Anne benimle ilgilen biraz sosyal Media daha sonra bakarsan güzel Mesaj Anlayana......🇹🇷🇹🇷👍👍👍👍

  • Faza Hakim
    Faza Hakim4 órája


  • Nycolas Santos
    Nycolas Santos4 órája

    Ef Atividade da Ana vitiria 😈😡😠😬

  • Mariam Barbar
    Mariam Barbar4 órája

    Hi I realized how you used God's name in vain I. The caption, please don't do that it's a big sin and sining isn't going to lead you to any good but if you are saying gosh then that's all good 😉

  • Marissa Roberts
    Marissa Roberts4 órája

    Good news: she needed a haircut bad news: you're not supposed to do that

  • Là danseuse Algérienne
    Là danseuse Algérienne4 órája

    Super astuce

  • sloom hom
    sloom hom4 órája


  • Soilah fjsjtoplmv,sy
    Soilah fjsjtoplmv,sy4 órája


  • Hannah’s Diary
    Hannah’s Diary4 órája

    first of all why would u let a kid hold scissors

  • Mohammad Jan
    Mohammad Jan5 órája


  • Stephanie Shreve
    Stephanie Shreve5 órája

    Literally I would ground my daughter if she did that

  • Ryley Lovett
    Ryley Lovett5 órája

    I would have gotten a bitten not a toy

  • ميلا الحربي
    ميلا الحربي5 órája

    Buwrlwr is not a problem with the rest in peace and quiet time for me know if you want to go to the first time in a while and security and the rest in peace and quiet time for me know if you want to the rest in peace and quiet

  • Gabinda Basak
    Gabinda Basak5 órája


  • Salam Naasan Naasan
    Salam Naasan Naasan5 órája


  • Rawan Nachat
    Rawan Nachat5 órája

    Me gusta la de los cables porque me encanta

  • Madana30
    Madana305 órája

    How to open cable joystick 😁😁😁👍🎉💯👩‍💻⚡🐾🐾🔌🔌

  • Marc Tabanao
    Marc Tabanao5 órája

    When some one cut my hair i act like this Me:Hey can i barrow that thing Stanger danger:Sure here you go Me:throws the thing thats for cutting my hair

  • Ирина Балюк
    Ирина Балюк6 órája

    Как она так легко отреагировала на то что ей пол пряди отрезали?

  • Ирина Балюк
    Ирина Балюк6 órája

    Я одна русская?

  • Agnieszka Jokisz
    Agnieszka Jokisz6 órája


  • Любовь Комягина
    Любовь Комягина6 órája

    Я одна тут русская? Если так крутой видос!

  • Stella Udeogu
    Stella Udeogu7 órája

    I would be furious if that was my hair that was cut by my child

  • مصطفى عبدالقادر
    مصطفى عبدالقادر7 órája


  • مصطفى عبدالقادر
    مصطفى عبدالقادر7 órája


  • little m-a-n-g-o-s
    little m-a-n-g-o-s7 órája

    What mum doesn't get mad if her kid cuts her hair and what kid is like "I wAnNa cUt mUmMy'S hAiR hEhEhEhE" like bruh

  • Art1cZhyCl4rrYT
    Art1cZhyCl4rrYT7 órája

    Nice art girl keep going!

  • smoke dragon
    smoke dragon8 órája


  • Saina Muju
    Saina Muju8 órája


  • Saina Muju
    Saina Muju8 órája


  • yuupon miipon
    yuupon miipon8 órája


  • Anaya Asif
    Anaya Asif8 órája

    Teaching the kid more to cut hair so that she cuya it even more,and not taking the scissor,and not her scolding her,but smiling instead

  • Heena Parveen
    Heena Parveen8 órája


  • Raksha Koonjul
    Raksha Koonjul8 órája


  • Sagi Aa
    Sagi Aa9 órája

    Wow god kid.

  • Lhazin and sonam
    Lhazin and sonam9 órája

    🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming!

  • Jerry ann Plaza
    Jerry ann Plaza9 órája


  • Jamuna Devi
    Jamuna Devi9 órája

    My mom has curly hair. and my mom bought a wig for my dance at school and after I saw the wig I took sissers and cut a little piece of her hair and gave it to her and said "lOoK WiG" and my mom didn't do anything abt it bc it wasn't a big piece of hair but it's still funny 😁😂😭🖐🏻

  • Paulinanasley
    Paulinanasley9 órája

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE SEXTEEN.UNO 4 IN 1 HUbase: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. HUbase: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

  • Mangaliso Renene
    Mangaliso Renene9 órája


  • L'S SHOWS Official
    L'S SHOWS Official10 órája

    Why you guys keep narrating what the kid's did and her mother and father did?

  • lex
    lex10 órája

    wtf i would've punch my kid in the face if she ruins my hair

  • mamun aja
    mamun aja10 órája


  • A totally normal froggy
    A totally normal froggy10 órája

    Kid:cuts off my hair Me:hippy hoppy time to commit child disappearing It's a joke Or is it

  • Jalisa Webster
    Jalisa Webster10 órája


  • روان وريان
    روان وريان11 órája


  • روان وريان

    روان وريان

    11 órája


  • Francisco Cruz Villareal
    Francisco Cruz Villareal11 órája


  • Elizabeth A. Viesca
    Elizabeth A. Viesca11 órája

    how about her hair

  • 臻臻俠
    臻臻俠12 órája


  • A totally normal froggy

    A totally normal froggy

    10 órája


  • I don’t have think
    I don’t have think12 órája

    She cut of my hair idc whos child she is ima cuy her hair HEHE plus bonus she habe my hair so her mom will think she cut her own hair (this is a joke do not do it irl)

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey12 órája

    Kid: *Cuts Off Mom's Hair* Mom: *Let's Go Make Her A Toy ;D* *CHILE IF SHE DID THAT TO ME I WOULD ########## HER ######### STUPID ####*

  • katy :3
    katy :312 órája

    😦😦 como la de

  • Shambhu Kumar
    Shambhu Kumar12 órája


  • Riya channel
    Riya channel12 órája

    Nice 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Minty🍃
    Minty🍃13 órája

    And that fixes your hair how exactly 😐🍃

  • Sangeeta Kumari
    Sangeeta Kumari13 órája

    nice 🙂👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️😊😊

  • ঊৣʀ҉əåđý To playঊৣ
    ঊৣʀ҉əåđý To playঊৣ13 órája

    *Daughter:Causually cuts mom's hair* *Mom:smiles as daughter runs away* Kid: *cuts my hair* Me: *Freaks out and gets trauma*

  • Lupita Lugo
    Lupita Lugo13 órája

    Para que orendo

  • Felicia Watson
    Felicia Watson14 órája

    You to y to get the bathroom and he's messed with me to tell him that you guys have any

  • I Mxrshmxllow I
    I Mxrshmxllow I14 órája

    If I ever cut my mums hair.... Bai guys you can never find my corpse anywhere 😂

  • Jay Mattson
    Jay Mattson14 órája

    If that were my kid she'd be dead Edit:Its a joke

  • Yadira Acevedo Quintana
    Yadira Acevedo Quintana14 órája


  • Yadira Acevedo Quintana
    Yadira Acevedo Quintana14 órája


  • Hilda Francely Martinez mejia
    Hilda Francely Martinez mejia14 órája


  • Stacy Barrow
    Stacy Barrow14 órája

    Why would you put his videos they’re awesome

  • razaan ghazzaoui
    razaan ghazzaoui15 órája

    Smart very smart

  • Adailson vieira
    Adailson vieira15 órája

    Legalmente assim como❓

  • gacha ,roblox
    gacha ,roblox15 órája


  • ara
    ara15 órája

    anak anj