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  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric SanchezNapja

    Bunning's Warehouse : where low prices are just the beginning!!!

  • Kevin Stanton
    Kevin StantonNapja

    The masters in the renaissance used similar techniques as well

  • Coffee Games
    Coffee GamesNapja

    Tracing is good at reinforcing good techniques, that’s it.

  • dragonz
    dragonz2 napja

    4:49 Anyone else see what his phone was playing in the background?

  • Scott Shaffer
    Scott Shaffer2 napja

    Super helpful when your final product is too thick to trace.

  • Adelheid Marlowe
    Adelheid Marlowe3 napja

    This is very cool. I wonder what can be done to undo what appears to be a mirroring of the image? ...hmmm....

  • Ervin Huff
    Ervin Huff3 napja

    When a jazza ad pops up and you don't realize that it's an ad you just think it's part of the video

  • yeeties mic neateis
    yeeties mic neateis4 napja

    bro jeremy a real one

  • Ding dong Crafts
    Ding dong Crafts4 napja

    sell these

  • Hamadpro 12
    Hamadpro 124 napja


  • Art Ochoa
    Art Ochoa5 napja

    There was a toy called digidraw. Similar to this

  • Lunchkilla
    Lunchkilla5 napja

    Yooooo jazza got a skillshare class??

  • Za ntibody
    Za ntibody5 napja

    I remember a mid 2000s infomercial that sold this I just can't remember the name of it

  • Richie Korn
    Richie Korn5 napja

    You should try osmo and then download the app called masterpiece I have it and it works really good

  • Thunder Playz
    Thunder Playz5 napja

    Notice it wasn’t jazza making the reflection

    EEE 12 DHARRUN SINGH .M6 napja

    Optics for art!

  • Gaurav Hatkar
    Gaurav Hatkar6 napja

    Another use I see is with animators using it Well now all animators use computers but still

  • Krowe
    Krowe7 napja

    I got Jazza's skillshare ad before the video, anyone else?

  • Jay Lancaster
    Jay Lancaster7 napja

    Mow the grass or bushes and try 2 make the jazza avatar 🌳🌱

  • Kashmira Tamang
    Kashmira Tamang8 napja

    You want a best copying tool. just use a color printer

  • Dan H
    Dan H8 napja

    Soapy water helps immensely with applying the mirror film.

  • Elizabeth Forster
    Elizabeth Forster8 napja

    Could be good for calligraphy practice...

  • Mark The Cruel
    Mark The Cruel9 napja

    Incorporate a fesnel lens to blow the image up

  • Mark The Cruel
    Mark The Cruel9 napja

    Finding shortcuts, Google "opaque projector". Vids still entertaining to watch though.

  • danei
    danei9 napja

    Jazza has a kinda cool step-dad vibe if you know what I mean-

  • Roy Miles
    Roy Miles9 napja

    I agree great better Design I was thinking it would be pretty convenient if you had a turn switch return knob to adjust the mirror thingy up or down for different angles if you’re further away or closer up and you could probably put a bigger mirror on their

  • LadyCaprinet
    LadyCaprinet9 napja

    This video got me wondering Jazza. Have you ever tried making your own sketch journal or a mixed media journal? They're pretty cool once you get the hang of it. And it's also super satisfying to have your own person sketchbook that you made from cover to cover.

  • AirCrash Encoded
    AirCrash Encoded12 napja

    Just got your new merch its awesome!!!!

  • D.J. Stewart
    D.J. Stewart12 napja

    This was a toy in the early 2000s. I knew kids who had them

  • d good
    d good13 napja

    I hope you like Invincible, it's such an effed and awesome show

  • Pete Ivan Rosal
    Pete Ivan Rosal13 napja

    Cool!!! First time in your channel...

  • stilteoveral
    stilteoveral13 napja

    Please Please Go check out the documentary called Tim's Vermeer.. he insinuates that the paintings of vermeer are done the way your little thingamajiggy works... only he has the resources to replicate all the resources from scratch like back in the days.. grinds his own lenses... makes his own pigments... please check it out... Tim's Vermeer (2013)

  • Gricelda Alcaraz
    Gricelda Alcaraz13 napja

    Omg this would probably work for decorating my sugar cookies 🤗

  • Emily Mia
    Emily Mia14 napja

    Thanks a lot Jazza, When you put Arnold's face over yours I was drinking a soda and laughed so my entire surrounding area in my living room is covered in soda now! Haha

  • Lysol MyFace
    Lysol MyFace14 napja

    I’m so confused. I swear he’s used one of these before but that’s so crazy. I guess my art youtubers are overlapping in my brain because I know some others have used it

  • Lord Xtheth
    Lord Xtheth14 napja

    Booo... I missed it :(

  • RoseThePhoenix
    RoseThePhoenix14 napja

    I'd like this for rock art. Being able to draw on paper and then project that image on a rock would make things a lot easier when I want a precise shape.

  • Lex McKinnell
    Lex McKinnell14 napja

    Furry at -12.06 ?????

  • 3RachastroKnot
    3RachastroKnot15 napja

    No but this, rather than using it for tracing, could be used as a guide for painting! Like you can use it to have your drawing always on top of the paint so that you can apply the dark tones where they need to be without covering the lines and then add the middle tones on top and then the highlights and the whole time you can still see your original drawing so that the end result is what you had in mind!! Also for watercolours, it's impossible to erase your lines under watercolour, but with this... it's not a problem anymore!!

  • Joe Love
    Joe Love15 napja

    When I was a kid I'd copy and such from previous works, however it enhanced my ability to use certain shapes, techniques and styles from a young age. Aswell as getting original ideas on paper through the learned skill of works from better artists.

  • Chris Miralles
    Chris Miralles15 napja

    Interesting video awesome,it's lots of fun and practically helpful. You use it to practice your drawing skills and try without the gadget after a week

  • wassup 32
    wassup 3215 napja

    It is a better phone stand than a tracing tool

  • Carron Greene
    Carron Greene15 napja

    When I was a kid, I went to a therapy place for my dyslexia and they used a tracing thing like that as part of the therapy...

  • brian mosleyb
    brian mosleyb15 napja

    The magic tracer!!!!! That's what it was called I beleive!!!!

  • brian mosleyb
    brian mosleyb15 napja

    Practical use scenario.....when I was 10 I had a plastic binder that when you opened it....it had exactly what you built in this video jazza! I wish I remembered what it was called! But it's made exactly for copying a picture from one piece of a4 to another!!!! I had a blast tracing things from magazines and cereal boxes with it!!!

  • TheValveBoy
    TheValveBoy15 napja

    You should sell the big version of the tracer you made

  • Aleksandra K
    Aleksandra K15 napja

    Omg I legit got one from Lidl not long ago!!

  • savage boy
    savage boy15 napja

    I just got a skillshare ad for Jazza

  • Farida Youssef
    Farida Youssef16 napja

    Can you try the DVE app on iPhone/iPad i have been getting it recommended a lot, (it’s a tracing app)

  • Patrick Reeves
    Patrick Reeves16 napja

    So, the angle of the dangle...

  • NoT Od
    NoT Od16 napja

    just do it digitally lol

  • yung sh4d0w
    yung sh4d0w16 napja

    tracing art is a great way to learn how to draw things you dont know how to draw

  • NateArt
    NateArt16 napja

    Jazza: "Even tracing is good for you to an extent because you're getting used to the motions of drawing and how other people draw." Also Jazza: "There's no practical application to tracing, you don't learn anything." Me: 👁️👄👁️🎨🖌️

  • PL FG
    PL FG16 napja

    I can see this being useful to teach line weight with your inking, but without screwing up the original sketch.

  • Dave Danchuk
    Dave Danchuk16 napja

    Would be great for doing a stop motion type drawing, where you just change the next image slightly, then place the new one in and trace that slightly differently

  • Vedrit Mathias
    Vedrit Mathias16 napja

    I feel like this could be a decent alternative to a lightbox for hand-drawn animations

  • Gamerdragon
    Gamerdragon16 napja

    So no ones gonna mention what Jazza got on his phone in the background at 4:49 or.... Ok

  • Lamia
    Lamia16 napja

    Handwriting practice! Especially calligraphy.

  • Michaelangelo Liriano
    Michaelangelo Liriano17 napja

    I would say the practical use is transfering the image onto something. Maybe you can't print on wall and you want the picture to be as close as possible to the original. So you reflect the image onto the wall (or unconventional media) so you can trace it. Then BOOM! Your art is now hand drawn into the wall, car, ceiling, etc.

  • 300pzl
    300pzl17 napja

    Jesus loves you

  • Celestial Phoenix9000
    Celestial Phoenix900017 napja

    I love how Jazza takes his white van to the store like "don't mind me kids there's no candy in here just art supplies"😂

  • RyynerWicked
    RyynerWicked17 napja

    You mean like crayola did 20 years ago when they made this exact type of thing but more compact for 5 year olds

  • Igor Corona
    Igor Corona17 napja

    If u're gonna print the drawing, why don't you make a decal? 1) print the subject u wanna trace over 2) fill the back side of the paper with graphite 3) put the back side with graphite in contact with a blank sheet of paper 4) just trace the actual image with a mechanical pencil, and it will appear in the blank paper U're welcome

  • PoliteAnimatorGuy
    PoliteAnimatorGuy17 napja

    Invincible: comes out Epic memers: this is good.

  • st3v3nk3
    st3v3nk317 napja


  • Freefalling
    Freefalling17 napja

    Awesome job guys! 👏🏽😆♠️

  • Zerothree
    Zerothree17 napja

    Non digital users be like

  • Juai Péreh
    Juai Péreh17 napja

    If you think about it, this could be a very useful technique for traditional animation, maybe you could try that next

  • Luis Leal

    Luis Leal

    17 napja


  • kaose draws
    kaose draws17 napja

    Did....did these fuckers just make a lightbox?

  • Aryan Shrivastava
    Aryan Shrivastava18 napja

    U could use it as an alternate lightbox for traditional animation

  • Ashley Kraemer
    Ashley Kraemer18 napja

    I've used tracing boards for tattoos, mainly to recreate cover up versions so the new design overlaps problem areas in crappy tattoos

  • Liz Swanson
    Liz Swanson18 napja

    I would argue that tracing and copying does help you learn and get better at art. I don’t think it’s necessarily ethical to then sell that art as original, but it does help you learn how lines and shapes are put together to form an image. Or if you just want to work on shading or coloring, it gives you the freedom to work on an image of your choosing rather than being limited by coloring sheets or books. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Anna Ponticos
    Anna Ponticos18 napja

    Who wants jazza to try glass painting? I just feel like the at would be really cool

  • Graveyard Shift
    Graveyard Shift18 napja

    Nobody tell Butch Heartman!

  • Oliver Browne
    Oliver Browne18 napja

    I need one I love tracing

  • Kaitlin McCall
    Kaitlin McCall18 napja

    Traced g is a good way for beginners to get a good composition and proportion without drawing a grid (which a lot of new artists have a problem doing)

  • aditya sadhyan
    aditya sadhyan18 napja

    Only thing that pops up for me, hardware store and no mask?

    GGEISENSON18 napja

    Can I have a shoutout? I will buy some original art :p

  • caleb Mcdowell
    caleb Mcdowell18 napja

    one thing that this is usefull for is copying specific desings people want onto sugar cookies for someone who normally makes simpler designs. and they can be simpler to make than Jazza showed aswell. all you really need is a piece of glass or acrilic ,like from an old picture frame, some wire hangar and hotglue. for a small one like he showed originally anyway.

  • WhatMaxLikes
    WhatMaxLikes19 napja

    Next time you want to stick foil on a surface use water with washing-up liquid. Wet the surface and stick the foil on it. Then brush out the water and let it dry. No bubbles! :)

  • 《Sniped. gaming.yt》
    《Sniped. gaming.yt》19 napja


  • Ch_Vivek Pansari_10
    Ch_Vivek Pansari_1019 napja

    I hv another easy tracing idea which I think every body knows...print the drawing u wanna make keep it below the drawing sheet...and lightly tape them together..now place the papers over glass supported by a two small pillars and lastly flash a strong led light below the glass surface...you will get a projected image over the drawing sheet which is pretty Acura 🔥👍

  • kitten10333
    kitten1033319 napja

    If you want to use a phone to trace anything I recommend paper copy the app it's free and it's ingenious design stops the image from moving on your phone so you literally take a screenshot of anything adjust the brightness and lock it into place Put a piece of paper over your phone and trace i don't think it can get any better than that

  • Sandoitchi
    Sandoitchi19 napja

    tbh i clicked on this vid cuz i thought you draw Dabi

  • Stephanie Tannehill
    Stephanie Tannehill19 napja

    If you are an artist does that mean you like certain pieces of art but not others?

  • Yaksh Patel
    Yaksh Patel19 napja

    I am on deviantart -Yaksh2005

  • C0pY_Str1k
    C0pY_Str1k19 napja

    Where would one purchase one of your fine contraptions, my good sir that I stumbled upon because HUbase algorithms?

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar19 napja

    Jazza is finally back

  • ridhi agarwal
    ridhi agarwal19 napja

    please bring the live stream character design back!!this time on utube!!!

  • Josh Hogge Arts
    Josh Hogge Arts19 napja

    That mirror stuff is called window tint 😂

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire19 napja

    There’s app

  • MissSherlock
    MissSherlock19 napja

    Do you plan on selling more boxes soon+

  • TheArtWorkshop
    TheArtWorkshop19 napja

    Vermeer used a mirror to reflect light for drawing back in the 17th century. It was kind of similar, but without an iPhone (obviously). A movie called "Tim's Vermeer" a few years back talked about it. Pretty interesting stuff!

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant . Get plant

  • Dominic Siañez
    Dominic Siañez20 napja

    Hey just an idea, you could Customize a whole deck of cards?

  • Draw 5 Minutes
    Draw 5 Minutes20 napja


  • NachoAverageCarrot
    NachoAverageCarrot20 napja

    What if jazza is actually mister maker in disguise

  • Katy Phelan
    Katy Phelan20 napja

    Tracing paper or something and what is the name of the product.????

  • Tiger Wolf
    Tiger Wolf20 napja

    If only I weren't broke.

  • Juice
    Juice20 napja

    I could see this being used in some way for animation