Scorpion & Sub Zero Become Best Friends Scene 4K ULTRA HD - MORTAL KOMBAT

Scorpion & Sub Zero Become Best Friends Scene 4K ULTRA HD - MORTAL KOMBAT

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  • DraztikTunez

    :sigh: I really hated when they brought the whole cyborg theme into shit . In my opinion it was better with just a supernatural/asian mythos theme , I mean I can see the special forces/military using them but the ninjas? I dunno

  • Parag Kakaad
    Parag Kakaad4 napja

    Why sub zero is looking like Keanu revees

  • Ra'Mel McPhattergaming
    Ra'Mel McPhattergaming4 napja

    I always want to see frost I mkx



  • Deft_96x
    Deft_96x6 napja

    10:18 is no one talking how his kunai is flouting lmao

  • Anscenic
    Anscenic7 napja

    6:22 best death ever. My man got the honor for get death by scorpion and Sub-Zero at same time.

  • SMGamers
    SMGamers9 napja

    That scorpion fight with them robots look like an anime scene

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters10 napja

    I was waiting for Sub Zero to cycle in w/ some frozen treats.

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man10 napja

    We need a MK Deadly Alliance 2 Sub zero and scorpion as the final bosses 😂

    MOUTAA CHANNEL12 napja

    I love their alliance together 16:5 ♥️♥️🥀

  • Dev Yash
    Dev Yash12 napja

    I guess now we can call it *MKIceAndFire* ❄🔥

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad13 napja

    They should be the next Deadly Alliance

  • Йордан Николов
    Йордан Николов13 napja

    For first time playin mortal kombat i start from 11 and dont know much about the story..

  • Richard the Chiken
    Richard the Chiken15 napja

    Why does sub zero in mk10 look like micheal from gta5

  • Drako
    Drako15 napja

    10:58. Holy shit! That was the coolest fucking thing Scorpion had ever done!!!

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks18 napja

    18:26 how did you get this? I only could fight sub zero, no poopy sorcerers

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks18 napja

    10:17 -flying whatever

  • Bubble Man
    Bubble Man21 napja

    *Let me tell you bout my best friend!*

  • Lunchbox Limigon
    Lunchbox Limigon23 napja

    It still sucks seeing this scene 2:14

  • Jazlynn FIGUEROA
    Jazlynn FIGUEROA26 napja

    You know what I kinit like like

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi28 napja

    In original timeline they never became best friends...

  • Enzoo Games
    Enzoo GamesHónapja

    scorpion: (kill a random robot) scorpion: for harumi and S A T O S H I scorpion: (kill frost guy) scorpion: for harumi and S A T O S H I scorpion: (kill amogus omg!!!!11!!!1) scorpion: for harumi and S A T O S H I

  • HuzicaYT

    Why they have scorpion always winning just give sub zero the win, I liked 2021 movie cause they showed how strong sub is

  • İsmayil Quliyev&Tuncay Quliyev
    İsmayil Quliyev&Tuncay QuliyevHónapja

    Sub zero x Scorpion Brothers

  • The creator of own characters
    The creator of own charactersHónapja

    Syrax shooting flames at scorpion scorpion:mmmm yes nice temperature +putting on sunglasses+

  • Julie Goyen
    Julie GoyenHónapja

    The decisive result wailly peck because respect realistically spill below a teeny-tiny airmail. dispensable, insidious slip

  • Rocky sullivan 69
    Rocky sullivan 69Hónapja

    i though it was bi han but it was kuai liang!!!!!!

  • Potato With gun
    Potato With gunHónapja

    Dang, always wanted sektor and Cyrax as a playable character.

  • ☠️жнец☠️

    The REAL deadly alliance

  • Crazy Hunt
    Crazy HuntHónapja

    can you make why frost hates scorpion?

  • Bieassia Law
    Bieassia LawHónapja

    The all talk shit before their asses get dropped...

  • John

    Why were the linkuei responsible for killing the families? I thought Quan chi did it

  • Fire

    i always thought those two are brothers

  • Adolf Dripler
    Adolf DriplerHónapja

    I prefer Scorpions look in Mk10

  • Andre

    They should really stop calling him sub zero although he wanted it like that

  • Feather Sky
    Feather SkyHónapja

    4:33 Hanzo sounds like he's about to cry.

  • Santiago 5to 2da Franco
    Santiago 5to 2da FrancoHónapja

    Scorpion is more brother to Kuai Liang than Bi-Han himself.

  • scorpion hanzo hasashi
    scorpion hanzo hasashiHónapja

    10:18 floating kunai/spear

  • km6543

    3:46 "Help me, Sektor! You're my only hope!"

  • _-Jester-_

    11:52 we going to ignore the other cyrax being built


    10:17 nice bug

  • Ricky Henriquez
    Ricky HenriquezHónapja

    And Hanzo hassi

  • Ricky Henriquez
    Ricky HenriquezHónapja

    I love Kual Liang

  • Eat Trash Die Fast
    Eat Trash Die FastHónapja

    “I gave you a home, I was your mentor, yet after all this you ally with Sektor?” HE SPITTIN

  • Angel Saucedo
    Angel SaucedoHónapja

    15:38 if you ever feel stupid remember sektor tried to burn scorpion

  • SilverMink YT
    SilverMink YTHónapja

    Honestly the meeting between the two is cinematic history

  • Joseph

    Sektor tried to burn a fire master, and when it did nothing, he kept going....

  • Goro Majima
    Goro MajimaHónapja

    "Kronika sees my true potential-" *Gets socked in the face*

  • Cannon

    You only get once in a lifetime buddy, once in a life time- Little rascels

  • Skorrah

    "kronika sees my true potential" *gets uppercutted by sub-zero*

  • Master Chief 117
    Master Chief 117Hónapja

    Scorpion, to Cyrax: “We’ll explain later.” Cyrax: “Dies”

  • The Darkness Within
    The Darkness WithinHónapja

    Cyrax is one of my favorite characters I hope he gets returned to his human form in next game

  • kheiva's blogS
    kheiva's blogSHónapja

    Subzero be pullin out his uno friendship card🤣🤣

  • BlackShy Guy
    BlackShy Guy2 hónapja

    this is mk4 sub zero ending all over again lol

  • Ocean’s Bane.
    Ocean’s Bane.2 hónapja

    At 5:45 you noticed it was a stealth operation and both of the guys were having a casual conversation on the cliff. 🤦🏻

  • OJDash
    OJDash2 hónapja

    Love when Sub-zero pushes the telescope for Scorpion

  • James Phung
    James Phung2 hónapja

    Storymode: Sektor tried to burn Hanzo Kombat: Sektor Burns Him

  • Hollow Comment
    Hollow Comment2 hónapja

    The fact that scorpion is now better then ever now that he's his younger self


    Hanzo is Kuai Liang's brother NOT Bi-han

  • Samuraibray
    Samuraibray2 hónapja

    Did anyone else notice the glitch when scorpion beats the shit out of frost

  • Ennerd 2060
    Ennerd 20602 hónapja

    What was that final cut scene I have never seen that before in mortal kombat 11?

  • rml pgi
    rml pgi2 hónapja

    10:17 the power of telekenisis acuired

    KANEKI KEN2 hónapja

    Sektor:forgets scorpion is fire Scorpion:what is he thinking???

  • jacob bailey
    jacob bailey2 hónapja

    name a better duo i'll wait

  • 木-PJ
    木-PJ2 hónapja

    I like how even Scorpion Hanson is willing to fight with Sub-Zero

  • Allen Richiez
    Allen Richiez2 hónapja

    Subzeros lines I swear are thr coldest things I’ve heard in mortal kombat history

  • wiw
    wiw2 hónapja

    9:03 Sub zero: "I gave you a home, i was your mentor. Yet after all this, you allied with sektor?" Me: nice poem

  • Adam Mungarro
    Adam Mungarro2 hónapja

    “Did we just become best friends ?!? “ “Wanna go do karate in the garage?! “

  • Adison Waikhom
    Adison Waikhom2 hónapja

    My most favourite mk is mkx

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto2 hónapja

    I liked when scorpion said get over here

  • Divyanshu Kashyap VII Lily Roll No 8
    Divyanshu Kashyap VII Lily Roll No 82 hónapja

    meanwhile scorpon and sub zero goes frost be like wtf I am frozen

  • Handika Pangalila
    Handika Pangalila2 hónapja

    The Real Deadly Alliance

  • Øp BøŢ
    Øp BøŢ2 hónapja

    10:16 do u see something wrong

  • Ichiriuosツ
    Ichiriuosツ2 hónapja

    I don't like the faces they have put on Scorpion and sub-zero.

  • l. barto
    l. barto2 hónapja

    This is from mortal Kombat 10 or 11?

  • Heyjose
    Heyjose2 hónapja

    6:09 Cute moment that Kuai Liang helping Hanzo see in the right direction ☺️

  • hush 🔪
    hush 🔪2 hónapja


  • Darkness Light
    Darkness Light2 hónapja

    What always bothered me about the cyberization of the Lin Kuei is the process. Their bodies are chopped to pieces. Even their brain is sawed up at 8:01. What part of the person are they puttin inside the robots?

  • Vincent Manibusan
    Vincent Manibusan2 hónapja

    if they allowed you to play sektor or cyrax maybe I wouldve played this

  • Spongiekid
    Spongiekid2 hónapja

    Is this the Mortal kombat Mobile version?

  • Greenn
    Greenn2 hónapja

    I think Sub Zero is more handsome than Scorpion ( I love all ) :))

  • D T
    D T2 hónapja

    Do you think it was ice tea 🍵

  • Buli0n
    Buli0n2 hónapja

    I’m so sorry for Cyrax ... 🥺

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze2 hónapja

    Bro subzero and hanzo are just build different with the words and actions damn they sure are true best friends more of brothers

  • Glade Air-freshener
    Glade Air-freshener2 hónapja

    Sub Zero made matcha let’s go

  • Ricardo Yzaguirre
    Ricardo Yzaguirre2 hónapja

    And that’s how Dempsey and Takeo came back from the dead without the Dark Aether bullshit

  • Pacocha Leo
    Pacocha Leo2 hónapja

    The innocent karen distally admit because chief successfully knock amid a misty eel. highfalutin, bored thursday

  • Tab unga
    Tab unga2 hónapja

    So every timeliness I see people cover Scorpion NEVER killed Bi-han as sub zero. Didn't he die and scorpion met kuai lang and realized it wasn't Bi-han and swore to watch over him. Why did he say he killed Bi- Han? Did he do it while he was sub zero or noob saibot?

  • Tab unga

    Tab unga

    2 hónapja

    *met kuai Lang at a mortal kombat tournament

  • BrodyP20
    BrodyP202 hónapja

    ayo second scene hanzo looks like dwayne the rock johnson

  • Shadow
    Shadow2 hónapja


  • Jefferson Ato
    Jefferson Ato2 hónapja

    Bi-han still dead awsome

  • Alex Negron
    Alex Negron2 hónapja

    Is this mk 11 ?

  • Yansing Cindy
    Yansing Cindy2 hónapja

    Scorpion killing the cyber Lin Kuai has gotta be the most badass scene

  • `Digo
    `Digo2 hónapja

    You thought it was scorpion. BUT IT WAS I DIO

  • Omega1867
    Omega18672 hónapja

    @15:41 Sektor trying to burn Scorpion. Stupid. Love how casual Hanzo is being about it too.

  • JohnnyBoy RSA
    JohnnyBoy RSA2 hónapja

    I have always loved Mortal Kombat voice actors

  • Schracid
    Schracid2 hónapja

    Tea party with Scorpion and Sub-Zero? Count me in!

  • Roberto André
    Roberto André2 hónapja

    Remenmber mortal kombat movie 2021, well to marvelous that this happened. xd

  • Robbi Kurniawan
    Robbi Kurniawan2 hónapja

    So I need to connect my ps 4 first to my wi-fi isn't it?

  • Tony Spike
    Tony Spike2 hónapja

    You Win ....Freindship