Trying TikTok Art Challenges!

i hope you enjoyed this video and by the time it's uploaded, walmart hasn't bought tiktok lmao
I just realized I posed in the exact same way as my last video in the thumbnail oops

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・゚: ✧・゚ FAQ! ・゚✧:・゚
How old are you? 14!
What do you use to edit? Davinci Resolve (it's free too!)
What camera do you use? Just my phone, haha.
What microphone do you use? Also, my phone, rip.
Do you have an email for business inquiries? Check my about page! ;)


  • Raelyn🎨
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    So do you seriously only have an iPod bc I watching the video and saw that and realized it was only 10 months ago

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    @Jeloafy oh ok😂😂 anyway your really good at art

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    i used to only use my ipod to film and then my computer to edit. but now i’ve upgraded to a phone haha

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    Been debating on doing some art challenges and this video really helped me with some ideas. So I had to sub lol

  • Ruby Porter
    Ruby Porter3 hónapja

    that fold challenge was nightmare fuel! also your art is so beautiful

  • Nox
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    the Cinderella you modernized looks like a Disney version of Zelda in botw lmao

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    btw i like your art

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    I loved this video!!

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    I think youtube messed up on your subscriber count.. i think it was meant to be 8 million..

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  • -誰か- Nope Nobody OwO?!
    -誰か- Nope Nobody OwO?!11 hónapja

    ✨💙I live under a rock so I didn't even know that the outfit I wear on a daily was even trendy 555 oh well. I wore it throughout the summer but I don't get hot easily so my mom just thought I was "immune".If it's not too creepy, may I ask how old you are? Your art is getting better and better btw!

  • -誰か- Nope Nobody OwO?!

    -誰か- Nope Nobody OwO?!

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    @Jeloafy 《^▪^》

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    You were just ahead of the trends lmao. I’m 14! Also, thank you!

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