YUNGBLUD & Avril Lavigne - I'm With You (Live from The Yungblud Show)

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  • A.M.

    Avril is like a fine wine.

  • TexClown
    TexClown13 órája

    Thats a Clone Avril.

  • Lalnunzira Chhangte
    Lalnunzira ChhangteNapja

    Avril doesn't age

  • Sammy Stone
    Sammy StoneNapja

    nice of you guys to include rod stewart on backing guitar

  • Ricky Rivera
    Ricky RiveraNapja


  • Mila MR
    Mila MRNapja

    This is SO PERFECT.

  • Igor Tavares Beijatto
    Igor Tavares BeijattoNapja


  • Amelia Vega Altube
    Amelia Vega Altube2 napja


  • Kurt Garcia
    Kurt Garcia2 napja

    She rarely sung this song in this register. They fucking killed it here. Awesome.

  • Danieeeification
    Danieeeification3 napja

    This is so nostalgic 😢 so happy a new artist is doing this with a classic rock artist which probably inspired him and many others today ❤️

  • Ak.a Netizen
    Ak.a Netizen5 napja


  • Morganna Winterfrost
    Morganna Winterfrost5 napja


  • Rafa Rosa
    Rafa Rosa7 napja

    OMG, her vocals... perfection does exist

  • Darlene Tolentino
    Darlene Tolentino8 napja

    U are amazing ur voice is like an angel.

  • MattS3NTM
    MattS3NTM10 napja

    Girl knows how to control her red lines so perfectly

  • Emily Tangi
    Emily Tangi10 napja

    I swear Avril could literally pull of any country song if she wanted to.

  • Sophie Grace

    Sophie Grace


    She used to sing at country fairs, Falling Into History is one she always sang!

  • blimeyhermione07
    blimeyhermione0710 napja

    Middle school angst feels right here! Not sure who the dude is, but he’s good, too! Still holds up 19 years later ❤️

  • Ralph
    Ralph11 napja

    Now my own voice is gone, can't reach the high tones :-D ... amazing!

  • Alex
    Alex11 napja


  • lady Everglott
    lady Everglott12 napja

    beautiful ❤️

  • Felipe
    Felipe12 napja

    Avril has one of the best voices of our generation.A super talented girl that rocked the whole world and wrote a bunch of timeless songs. Love her.

  • RockyHorror
    RockyHorror13 napja

    The collab we all needed, old skl vs new ❤️

  • Emje Rose
    Emje Rose13 napja


  • Mila MR
    Mila MR15 napja

    Damn, this is amazing

  • Crystal H
    Crystal H16 napja

    Holy Shit they sound amazing togeather

  • ines
    ines17 napja

    i love you

  • Bucket Mouth Inc
    Bucket Mouth Inc17 napja

    My god Aviril is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth! She is cute. Been crushing on her since highschool.

  • grace sutherland
    grace sutherland17 napja

    This is beautiful....I think most people who loved her...this song had a special place in there life's... ❤️

  • Danial Muhamad
    Danial Muhamad17 napja

    Im crying

  • beatrice marafini
    beatrice marafini17 napja

    She’s fucking incredible her voice is fucking amazing

  • Dom_bean ♥︎
    Dom_bean ♥︎18 napja

    Heaven 🖤

  • Geo Moon
    Geo Moon18 napja

    just wow. 🔥😍

  • gankorn
    gankorn18 napja

    Made my day!

  • Matteo Petrizzi
    Matteo Petrizzi18 napja


  • M M
    M M18 napja

    Avril is nailing it, that's all i got

  • nayara santos
    nayara santos19 napja

    Te amo Avril ❤️

  • Chanda Mcneal
    Chanda Mcneal19 napja

    So happy 😊

  • SpamCaller
    SpamCaller19 napja

    He sure has that pre-teen whiney voice. You'll out grow him like a pair of used shoes....

  • Tokyo yow
    Tokyo yow20 napja


  • sabbath absent
    sabbath absent21 napja

    yungblud leave my gf is singing

  • Jaz_Lace
    Jaz_Lace21 napja

    This nostalgia is making me emotional

  • Marco Hahn
    Marco Hahn21 napja

    wow very nice

  • Lady Voldemort von Winterfell
    Lady Voldemort von Winterfell21 napja

    This is beautiful

  • rei
    rei21 napja

    playing this for the nth time. GOOSEBUMPS MAN!

  • Nile
    Nile22 napja

    как же они прекрасны и песня

  • nika10030
    nika1003022 napja


  • Marija Bozinovic
    Marija Bozinovic22 napja

    I am from Serbia, and i really love you! 😊❣️

  • Lisa Furche
    Lisa Furche23 napja

    Unglaublich schön 😍

  • Tanya Peacelove
    Tanya Peacelove24 napja

    She´s the pop/punk QUEEN, I´ve been listening to her since ever and always get chills on those high notes. GR8 she´s back, just love her!!

  • Meeran Qureshi

    Meeran Qureshi

    12 napja

    Check out her 2019 album Head Above Water before her Pop Punk album comes out soon later this year.

  • Symphonia doll
    Symphonia doll24 napja

    Put this and the Champagne Supernova cover on Spotify please

  • 秦正欣
    秦正欣24 napja

    YUNGBLUD is fucking talented. He got that punk energy. Hopefully, we can be blessed with more of his music in the future.

  • Lyzabeth Karaim
    Lyzabeth Karaim24 napja

    This is the 90s expression that helps dissolve the emotional distress for me. Thanks #Avril Lavigne and #yungblud

  • Jake Bell
    Jake Bell25 napja

    Avril just out here reminding me that she's still my high school crush 20 years later.

  • Chris A
    Chris A25 napja

    Wowww amazing and she sounds the same! This ends the doppelgänger conspiracy

  • Amber Grizzell
    Amber Grizzell25 napja

    God damn avrils ur gorgouse as ever nd youngblud ur handsome as ever too!

  • christina rix
    christina rix25 napja

    Best thing ever!!

  • DreamgirlBlue
    DreamgirlBlue25 napja

    Damn she still got it ❤ 90s kid here born in 92 and Avril will always be in my heart narrating my childhood with Let Go and Under my Skin and yes even Best Damn Thing 🙌🏻 Love you mon cheri!

  • Meeran Qureshi

    Meeran Qureshi

    12 napja

    She has already released her 2019 album Head Above Water which you can check on her HUbase channel and Spotify account which it is available in full. New Pop Punk single drops soon with a Pop Punk album in the Summer of 2021. She's working with Blink182 drummer and bassist Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus respectively as well as Machine Gun Kelly,ModSun,Marshmello and producer John Feldmann. She had Lyme Disease and nearly died. Please check all her albums out. All her albums are below: Let Go (2002) Under My Skin (2004) The Best Damn Thing (2007) Goodbye Lullaby (2011) Avril Lavigne (2013) Head Above Water (2019)

  • Fatty Smoke
    Fatty Smoke25 napja

    She often references home in her music.. I wonder if she knows that's what her voice is for a lot of people.

  • Kung Fu Master
    Kung Fu Master25 napja

    Who's that guy?

  • Ismael Venancio
    Ismael Venancio25 napja

    Yungblud and Avril Lavigne its rock acústic Douglas nilberti

  • Serafín Galardi
    Serafín Galardi26 napja

    Te amo

  • Mahesh Govindarajan
    Mahesh Govindarajan26 napja

    This song.. this SONG!! Aah, the memories 😭😭😭

  • Christopher Chuauhang
    Christopher Chuauhang27 napja

    same energy

  • Erik Antonio Pratama
    Erik Antonio Pratama27 napja

    I really miss my childhood now, lot of memories

  • Ayesha Uzzaman
    Ayesha Uzzaman27 napja

    Beautiful!! Avril lavigne has always been an inspiration ! always admired her as a person and what an amazing artist she is! ❤️

  • Chuck
    Chuck27 napja

    Hey Avril we loves you!

  • Vinicius Rossi
    Vinicius Rossi27 napja

    Que mulher!

    EDIT BR27 napja


  • After midnight racing Chris
    After midnight racing Chris28 napja

    Gaaaaaaa crushing so hard on both Avril Iv love you sins like 8th grade then you went big and Iv always tryed to fallow close and yung blood oh my yum lolzzzz;)

  • After midnight racing Chris
    After midnight racing Chris28 napja

    Gaaaaaaa crushing so hard on both Avril Iv love you sins like 8th grade then you went big and Iv always tryed to fallow close and yung blood oh my yum lolzzzz;)

  • Chris King
    Chris King28 napja

    The dude can't sing because he mumbles. Open your damn mouth. Honestly.

  • Fakeheist
    Fakeheist28 napja


  • Michael Jenard Ligan
    Michael Jenard Ligan29 napja

    Perfect contrast of light and dark voices ✨❤️

  • Michael Jenard Ligan
    Michael Jenard Ligan29 napja

    Avril: Pure Nostalgia 😭❤️🎶✨

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor29 napja


  • Didtok Nan
    Didtok NanHónapja

    I don't know YUNGBLUD but that was amazing !

  • Savannah Edwards
    Savannah EdwardsHónapja

    Love how two punk rock legends came together to recreate this legendary song

  • Shandy Eigenmann
    Shandy EigenmannHónapja

    She still looks in her early 20s, and damn those vocals!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayaba Kazuto
    Kayaba KazutoHónapja

    Avril Lavigne is a vampire

  • Eli Skooglund
    Eli SkooglundHónapja

    Who is the guy in the back on guitar?

  • Eli Skooglund

    Eli Skooglund


    Anyone know??

  • Stephanie Vegas
    Stephanie VegasHónapja

    I love you Avril since I was 4 years old😍🙌🙌🙌💖💖💖💖

  • Sheila♡

    avril will always loock amazing

  • Alundrahs

    He’s destroying any chance of having a good performance. Just play guitar and stop “singing”. Ugh

  • xTensex

    This isn’t live

  • Carina N.
    Carina N.Hónapja

    I'm in love w her

  • sanpakorn sittiho
    sanpakorn sittihoHónapja

    ohhhhhhh Miss you Avril Lavigne

  • Floor Lutz
    Floor LutzHónapja

    Please put this on Spotify

  • ReviewWingsDSP

    Still our princess.

  • Miss Molly May
    Miss Molly MayHónapja

    Took me right back to my childhood! Amazing vocals!

  • TMusique

    3:38 ALL OF US after that performance

  • Atenea bitchboss
    Atenea bitchbossHónapja

    Falta un dúo Avril Lavigne y Hayley William de Paramore ❤️👌👌👌

  • Stormforce999

    Wow Avril looks and sounds amazing

  • Chamkhi Yasmine
    Chamkhi YasmineHónapja

    Hell yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • t2

    Ngl this was quite emotional. I remember when she used to sing this live but in a lower key for quite a while, and then she was sick and went on a long hiatus. It's so amazing but mostly emotional hearing her sing this in the ORIGINAL key. She sounds INCREDIBLE!!! Just like the original. Brings back such nostalgic memories. So happy for Avril. Her and Yungblud sound beautiful here!!!! 🥺🥰

  • Javi Pena
    Javi PenaHónapja

    Wow. This brought back so many memories. I would love to see an entire session of this. Great collab.

  • Twiggy Cooper
    Twiggy CooperHónapja

    So much talent! Sounds like theres no autotune.Ive just now got into this type of music.Friends had a bad impact on what i listened to but whatever this kind of music is its so good?

  • Kaitlyn B
    Kaitlyn BHónapja

    I remember when her first album came out ! Such a different original vibe from the rest of her albums but that’s Hollywood 🤷‍♀️💕

  • Kaitlyn B
    Kaitlyn BHónapja

    Avril would be so proud 😂

  • in water
    in waterHónapja

    i hate how the majority of top comments are about her appearance. yes avril is a beautiful woman, but i'd like to think her voice is more important than how she looks, especially considering how hard and how long she's worked on her gifts. i know y'all mean it as a compliment but i still hope for the day when we stop valuing women for their looks first.

  • David Kariu
    David KariuHónapja

    John Lennon in te background for good measure.