OIL P̶A̶I̶N̶T̶ STICKS?! - These are REALLY Satisfying...

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  • Aiman Azlan
    Aiman Azlan15 órája

    I enjoy seeing you having fun experimenting with art. Keep it up!

  • Galex
    Galex20 órája

    Does anyone else think that when he’s drawing and censors out the drawing to not spoil anything it looks like he’s drawing something either horrifically offensive or gorey? Or is my brain just messed up?

  • Kookie Kracie
    Kookie Kracie22 órája

    Bruh I just got a jazza ad in a jazza video

  • Grace Matthies
    Grace MatthiesNapja

    Maybe with the oil sticks you need some kind of blending tool so you arent pushing around the paint when trying to make gradients

  • Giokku
    Giokku2 napja

    To could try and replicate famous paintings (like Impression, Sunrise) with your own twists. That would be fun.

  • Joy Panchal
    Joy Panchal3 napja

    It known as oil pastels

  • Mora Jackson
    Mora Jackson3 napja

    The Shiva Paint Sticks (oil sticks) are used in fiber arts a lot (see hubase.info/zone/02u6xYubequlgYI/vide.html)

  • Anis Syahidah Rostam
    Anis Syahidah Rostam7 napja

    It looks like oil pastels ngl

    ARIESOCEAN11 napja

    I think you try a red brick with oil sticks

  • Tea-geographea
    Tea-geographea11 napja

    Orange & blue. FORTNITE SHOP

  • Halo DP
    Halo DP12 napja

    Jazz says he can't do abstract but in the first part of the video when he was playing around he made a great abstract piece

  • Georgia Davies
    Georgia Davies13 napja

    I love oil painting on stretched out calico fabric! they work great together

  • Ryūko_ ntc
    Ryūko_ ntc14 napja

    Been awhile since I’ve watched Jazza. This man does not age

  • Alice&Chains
    Alice&Chains14 napja

    Excellent video mate!!! Really enjoyed the experiential adventure

  • Alisha N
    Alisha N14 napja

    Honest tooth the stick one acshely looks better and more intense emotionally

  • Kate B
    Kate B16 napja

    Oh my...where are their noses???? I’m just shocked looking at these...I’m not going to comment anymore ...just a question though : did the painter have any formal art training ?

  • hi there
    hi there17 napja

    woww hes painting with lipstick edit: fancy oil pastels

  • Ale Alias
    Ale Alias18 napja

    Frankly, Just decent result, texture rough and not definite, definetely not comparable to oil paint

  • KaijuComics
    KaijuComics19 napja

    Are they just giant pastels?

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Shawna Gaytan
    Shawna Gaytan20 napja

    Oooh or use acrylic paint first, let dry, use paint sticks! Eeeek you have given me a reason purchase more art supplies! Damn you!

  • Shawna Gaytan
    Shawna Gaytan20 napja

    I would use the tube paint first, let dry, and use the sticks on top with sketchy lines.

  • Anna Franklin
    Anna Franklin20 napja

    Apparently its very good for more pop arty looks like jim moir

  • Michael C
    Michael C20 napja

    Jazza says F*ckin @ 13:19

  • Kanga Mentalist
    Kanga Mentalist20 napja

    I think it would be very interesting to see the oil sticks used on wood :)

  • Olivia
    Olivia20 napja

    So... grown up crayons?

  • Malathier
    Malathier21 napja

    I really like the oil stick character. Looks great!

  • Norcal Bowhunter
    Norcal Bowhunter21 napja

    You had way to much liquid white on the first canvas. When you went over it with the stick you shouldn't pull that much up. Like if you watch other people who teach Bob Ross style painting they'll tell you to wipe the canvas with a paper tail to take the extra paint off. You was a super, super light layer.

  • Chrees Jubilee
    Chrees Jubilee23 napja

    What type of person/character would watercolor be?

  • official262
    official26223 napja

    Did anyone see "Elvis" before he put hair on the portrait?

  • Daddy PlayedMe69
    Daddy PlayedMe6924 napja

    first painting looks like elvis

  • someonesane
    someonesane24 napja

    Jazza, you might want to reconsider holding your brushes in your mouth. Oil paints are fairly dangerous if ingested; you could poison yourself. In college, we weren't even allowed to wash our brushes in the normal sink, because the heavy metals in the paints would eventually settle in the pipes, causing issues. Really enjoying your videos and experimentations though.

  • StereoChimps
    StereoChimps25 napja

    Oil stick looks much better

  • Vaisnavi Sivarasa
    Vaisnavi Sivarasa27 napja

    What’s the difference between oil sticks and oil pastels?

  • liam7511 liam7511
    liam7511 liam751127 napja

    was the youtube add for your skillshare at the start of the vid on purpose

  • wooo~!!

    Like oil pastels???

  • Harleen Kaur
    Harleen KaurHónapja

    I thought he was using oil pastel for half of the video 😂😂

  • Mike N Ike
    Mike N IkeHónapja

    Mrs. Jazza just walked in and validated us all XD

  • RottenCandy Studios
    RottenCandy StudiosHónapja

    Those look so fun to use!!

  • Adéla Melenová
    Adéla MelenováHónapja

    Based on the hair I thought you were painting Bob Ross at first... After saying we need a Bob Ross break :)

  • Anika's Awesome World!
    Anika's Awesome World!Hónapja

    I came across this in my recommended and immediately looked at the thumbnail without reading the title. I thought that was lipstick.

  • Sharp Talons
    Sharp TalonsHónapja

    The oil stick painting looked like a court room sketch lol, hobo in a suit... classic GUILTY!!

  • krana

    Why did you put white in the darks??!!

  • A Harry Potter Fan

    A Harry Potter Fan


    Don’t you go dark to light with oil

  • Tiff Campbell
    Tiff CampbellHónapja

    Looks like Robin Williams!!!

  • Tiff Campbell

    Tiff Campbell


    The second painting. Lol

  • Abigail M.
    Abigail M.Hónapja

    Okay but why do they both look like Bob Ross??? 😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie Jenner
    Sophie JennerHónapja

    Is there anything you can't do?!? Seriously jealous of your talent 😂 you drive me to keep trying

  • Katie Eccleston Bokor
    Katie Eccleston BokorHónapja

    The oil sticks look such fun to use! And the oil stick portrait came out much better than the oil paint portrait I think. Thanks for showing us these mediums Jazza 👍

  • Emily Bass
    Emily BassHónapja

    Oil pastels are the WORST

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan JonesHónapja

    I had to paint/draw with these for my advanced high school drawing class, they are a lot of fun and really easy to set up but they are difficult to make small lines that are dark enough, overall though I LOVE using these

  • Prateek Srivastava
    Prateek SrivastavaHónapja

    "We need a Bob Ross break" "So we apply liquid white..."


    Crayon pro max

  • Neacail

    I've used oil sticks since learning oil painting back in highschool, we didn't use them exclusive to each other, they work best together, and with BRUSHES! They're great for an already worked on painting (that's dried) that you need to lay down some primary paint and then move it around with a brush. Great experiment! do more snooty oil painting please

  • winterprism

    Am I the only one who sees Robin Williams in the oil stick painting??

  • Vicious

    I want more of these painting vids. This was so cool!

  • Mari Smith
    Mari SmithHónapja

    Two worthy adittions to the museum of bad art lol

  • Teresa Higgs
    Teresa HiggsHónapja

    Maybe work with oil sticks on board. I LOVE boards for painting , collage , most of my art.Youncan scratch onto the paint on a board, and build texture. The board will be better for not giving when you use oil sticks .

  • Liam Bowen
    Liam BowenHónapja

    Jazza just do what you enjoy m8

  • ms jayhem
    ms jayhemHónapja

    Loved it!

  • Karlo Musa
    Karlo MusaHónapja

    Arent these just large oil pastels

  • Johanna Th
    Johanna ThHónapja

    Its just a Van Gogh mixed with Johnny Depp 😂😂

  • Christine M
    Christine MHónapja

    The oil stick portrait looks like a modern day rendition of the white washed paintings of Jesus

  • Sally Skellington
    Sally SkellingtonHónapja

    Van Gogh hipster hobo? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Meredith Jenkins
    Meredith JenkinsHónapja

    Oil paint is: . top of the heap . Refined . Well known . Renowned . Tested through time . Acclaimed through the masters 6:43 why did I do this

  • The What is Normal show
    The What is Normal showHónapja

    $10 I want it

  • Hanif Muhammad
    Hanif MuhammadHónapja

    cool painting, i like it both

  • Kaela McCorkle
    Kaela McCorkleHónapja

    I love this!! These turned out so cool!

  • elihinata1

    Jazza: I've never used this before, I have no idea how it works Also Jazza: Makes not only 1, but 2 great art pieces

  • PatyNY

    Use lipsticks for painting please!

  • Marco novelo
    Marco noveloHónapja

    Please do an oil portrait of Shad from Shadiversity as a Medieval lord/king

  • A Dzaferbeg
    A DzaferbegHónapja

    Every time I get absolutely amazed with your talent, wow! Great work!!

  • KrimsonWing

    He drew Tectone

  • Braydan Soares
    Braydan SoaresHónapja

    Most people use oil sticks for tagging

  • harrysarso

    not sure is arrogance and afro go together

  • LordCommander Bram
    LordCommander BramHónapja

    Oh, the canvas gets loose, does it? It slackens, does it? That's what the keys are there for Jazza, you know, those wooden pieces you probably throw away with every new canvas?

  • h

    They just look like those smooth oil pastels. This is a cool substitute, considering oil paint takes months to dry.

  • clell asher
    clell asherHónapja

    Your 'Blending Stubs' would have been good to try there with your oil sticks. great job! Do more!! You can start with a fairly heavy wash, perhaps umber, make a sketch by wiping the paint away, you can add highlights & shadows either with a brush or knife... Play with it! I love that you're not afraid to work 'big'. You'll get the result you're after quicker that way. Keep creating!!

  • Jen Pitre
    Jen PitreHónapja

    I'm curious what the difference between oil sticks and oil pastels are?

  • foslerfer

    Are they the same as oil pastels or something else?

  • Sirkka Nghikongwa
    Sirkka NghikongwaHónapja

    When you use oil paint sticks for art at school

  • GreatWhite Sufi
    GreatWhite SufiHónapja

    Wait a minute, this background music sounds like something I heard from Daft Punk I can't remember the name dammit

  • TicToc RobotSnot
    TicToc RobotSnotHónapja

    Oil painting resembles Zombie Elvis

  • Amanda Petersen
    Amanda PetersenHónapja

    This was a really cool video. I really like the style you ended up with with the oil sticks.

  • Rhada Stanfield
    Rhada StanfieldHónapja

    they are just jumbo oil pastels....

  • Anja Pinkau
    Anja PinkauHónapja

    I love the oil sticks painting!

  • Zoë Gildemeester
    Zoë GildemeesterHónapja

    I think the oil sticks are just a matter of taste. not if they are better or not.

  • BrighterThanYours

    I’m definitely gonna say the sticks need you to have a little of an oil, some multi sized sponges and a lighter 🔥 on hand for an optimal experience. You’re awesome.

  • The Creative Pencil
    The Creative PencilHónapja

    Wow I think you never knew about oil pastel crayons

  • Sora Nekohime Ch.
    Sora Nekohime Ch.Hónapja

    What about digital art tutorials? It's van jazza lol

  • Dianna W
    Dianna WHónapja

    It looked fun. I think I like the guy you did with the sticks best

  • JulianaBub

    Oil-based media are definitely my favorites. I adore oil paint and oil pastels, and I've been dying to try oil sticks.

  • Jas Plays
    Jas PlaysHónapja

    oil pastels

  • Relyks09

    We used these in elementary school. Teacher called them oil pastels. Or those are different things idk.

  • Relyks09



    I should probably watch the whole video before I comment lol.

  • Jordy JPEG
    Jordy JPEGHónapja


  • Katie Fair
    Katie FairHónapja

    Purples & pinks are not easy to mix. Best to try a dedicated pigment like quinacridone. But this is great I've never tried oil sticks. Great art & great review!

  • Delenter

    I like it, both characters are interesting and tells a lot to their characters. I like the backgrounds too, they are nice a colorful but also give different feelings for both characters.

  • Tyler Skinner
    Tyler SkinnerHónapja

    The Noble guys looks like Elvis Presley with a Bob Ross afro.

  • Shadow Pen
    Shadow PenHónapja

    Oh God you made nazeem with afro. ( Do you get to the Cloud District very often. Oh course not, what am I thinking)

  • S Hulan
    S HulanHónapja

    really a fun watch these last two videos! Maybe a cool dragon

  • Queensocks

    Please more sketchy oil paintings! Oils are so difficult, so I need to try your sketch method so I dont put so much pressure on myself to make things perfect

  • Olivia Franklin
    Olivia Franklin2 hónapja

    These are my new favorite Jazza artworks