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HOW I BROKE MY FACE | Ep 2 | Don't Try This At Home


  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff WittekHónapja

    Thanks for the support everyone It means a lot. We’re uploading a bunch of deleted scenes and extras on the Patreon now. There’s a bunch of stuff that was funny but didn’t fit in the doc so we’ll be posting it exclusively there. If you’re interested join the posse click here-

  • Lapis


    12 napja

    Pure respect

  • Laidback Jit

    Laidback Jit

    12 napja

    I mean u saw how she almost fell u asked for it

  • David Lubrano JR

    David Lubrano JR

    22 napja

    No prob

  • FaZe Brandon

    FaZe Brandon

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  • Welshy



    Glad you’re okay Jeff holy fuck

  • natalia
    natalia10 órája

    This video gave me literal anxiety. My chest hurts from watching Jeff get into that awful accident. I was in a car crash a few months ago and I just got the same feeling as that day and omfg, I’m nervous to watch episode three and have a heart attack.

  • Dwiki N
    Dwiki N2 napja

    This is too far i can't believe he did that to you

  • I have an opinion Deal with it
    I have an opinion Deal with it2 napja

    The part about not caring with a near death experience is true my house was on fire two hours ago. Now I don’t give a damn about Charlie damelio or my fav you tubers. I came here to say he was 100% right

  • LoneWolf 95
    LoneWolf 953 napja

    They’ll have crazy story to tell their grandchildren.. this is crazy life experience not a lot of people will get.. they lived life

  • toni walmsley
    toni walmsley3 napja

    why do i need id to watch this video this is trash

  • christian gadia
    christian gadia3 napja

    i still love david dobrick i dont know why ? dont blame me !.

  • Seth Newburgh
    Seth Newburgh3 napja

    i dont even feel bad for you man, you guys were being stupid as fuck for money. this kinda content needs to sorta stop...

  • A.J. Gallegos
    A.J. Gallegos4 napja

    He sent you guys to do it, without him doing it?

  • choisans croptop
    choisans croptop5 napja

    honestly just like seeing this is emotionally painful. i cant imagine what jeff must have felt during all this. the physical pain, but on top of that the emotional pain of knowing your friend did this to you for a "cool video" and then didn’t contact you for a month..

  • Skylar Meyer
    Skylar Meyer5 napja

    I feel terrible for you 🥺😭

  • Gem ii
    Gem ii6 napja

    Nathalie Ungrateful 💀

  • Eren Pastel
    Eren Pastel6 napja

    The fact that David asked one of the girls if he was going to fast or to slow and not at all caring is Tyler was going to fast is just- wow. Plus. David knew how to slow down the machine for the girl, why did he abruptly stop the machine when Tyler was on making him have that injury? That is not at all an accident, he knew what was going to happen and didn’t decide to slow down like he did for that one girl.

  • sanjeet singh markam
    sanjeet singh markam7 napja

    My biggest flex : I know from the beginning DAVID DOBRIK Is Selfish Maniac Who Gona Kill Some One One day

  • Loppol629
    Loppol6299 napja

    “I know you’re nervous, but you look good in purple”

  • S M
    S M10 napja


  • Michael Mehserdjian
    Michael Mehserdjian11 napja

    Emergency Contact: “Jonah, he’s a trustworthy person.” Did not age well

  • Bethan Tucker
    Bethan Tucker12 napja

    I’m starting to really fucking hate David

  • Tommie
    Tommie13 napja

    David what goes around comes around... The Malocchio is a real.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson14 napja

    Fuck vlog squad David all that shit u the real deal bro!!!

  • Denise Lussier
    Denise Lussier14 napja

    Best wishes

  • royalblues
    royalblues14 napja

    So this idea is flop right

  • Jessica Merouane
    Jessica Merouane14 napja

    omg bro the editing i got chills

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz14 napja

    Crash Dummies 😂

  • David Betancourt
    David Betancourt18 napja

    Should of sued him

  • tech n9ne
    tech n9ne19 napja

    David's friends are real clout chasers

  • steph
    steph19 napja

    I feel like this also highlights how dangerous it is to have such unregulated work environments like HUbasers do. There's no health and safety guidelines combined with pressure from audiences, peer pressure and over time a desensitisation to how dangerous these things are. Horrible mixture for things to escalate so badly.

  • Shucks
    Shucks20 napja

    So it was Jeff's idea to do that idiotic stunt? Idk you can't fully blame David if Jeff volunteered to get on that thing.. I mean they're both idiots but if that is the case, Jeff is also responsible.

  • Jeremiah Suddreth
    Jeremiah Suddreth20 napja

    Easiest way to avoid this? “Nah I’m chillin. Looks too dangerous”. He chose not to say that. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Natural selection.

  • Christopher Terzakos

    Christopher Terzakos

    15 napja

    I mean , your not right.

  • Jeremiah Suddreth
    Jeremiah Suddreth20 napja

    So if I choose to do cocaine then get addicted, do I blame the dealer who sold me it? No. I blame myself. I get David can be a dumbass and pretty callous sometimes but has everyone forgotten how to think logically? Make dumb decisions you get dumb results. Obviously Godspeed in Jeff’s recovery but putting SOLE blame on David is just stupid.

  • Ashley Bht
    Ashley Bht20 napja

    i found the family who blackmailed jeff after driving him to the hospital! their instagram accounts r @kpopee (Kelsey Pope), @diamondwindowcleaners (Jeff Pope), and @sunshine_winnie44 (Wendy Pope)

  • Barracuda
    Barracuda21 napja

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes. What an idiot

  • Fly217
    Fly21722 napja

    David should be charged with criminal negligence!!!!!!! The complete lack of compassion in him is scary!!!

  • Geo Fett
    Geo Fett22 napja

    David is a narcissist...

  • Jason Halfacre
    Jason Halfacre22 napja

    Sorry brother! Hope get well soon.

  • LameZayn
    LameZayn23 napja

    David dobrik is so disgusting i unsubscribe to him after this

  • ʑơཞơ


    22 napja


  • NYSportsFan1129
    NYSportsFan112923 napja

    All things aside, Jeff is actually a really talented storyteller. This Doc is great.

  • mason matthews
    mason matthews23 napja


  • S1nner
    S1nner24 napja

    "Your name is Dylan's friend. When people think of you, they really think of me." - Dylan Dobrik

  • Kilian
    Kilian24 napja

    Watching this just makes me wanna jump out of a plane

  • Shelby S
    Shelby S24 napja

    Natalie jumped out of a plane 26 times to be able to have a break from David for week..

  • Ari K.

    Ari K.

    2 napja

    I still don’t know why she sleep with him literally while dating another man

  • PaymoneyChubby


    17 napja

    @RoseMountains the point of the original comment was to show the lengths that Natalie went to in order to get away from David. Insinuating that David is a horrible person to be around. I sure as hell wouldn’t jump out of a plane ONCE to have a week break from someone

  • RoseMountains


    24 napja

    Ik it should be for a month. Oh wait never she should just quit

  • Melanie Anne
    Melanie Anne25 napja

    Holy Shit! I held my breath that whole end of the video.

  • LaylaTheCreator Yessir
    LaylaTheCreator Yessir25 napja

    That was crazy! Imagine telling people that’s how you broke your face! Jeff is awesome

  • Julia D
    Julia D25 napja

    They all willingly jumped out of the plane and are only famous and have any money because of David

  • rOb uK
    rOb uK25 napja

    I'm old enough yet it wants my personal details no thanks. Age restriction turned off also and they have my birth of date.

  • Alanna McPherson
    Alanna McPherson25 napja

    The amount of fucking ads on youtube lately is beyond

  • sam
    sam26 napja

    David dobrik you're stupid why do you have to send one of your friends

  • AndrewSun15
    AndrewSun1526 napja

    This kind of makes you hate David

  • D. Andres
    D. Andres26 napja

    David gives me Bojack Horseman vibes

  • Marley Marz
    Marley Marz26 napja

    Woah woah wait a minute, where did the jumping out of planes thing come from?

  • Hades
    Hades26 napja

    When you guys realize that they could have said no🤡

  • imdaniellight
    imdaniellight26 napja

    This storytelling is amazing

  • Janeth Penafiel
    Janeth Penafiel26 napja

    Of course they kept the cameras rolling while Jeff is in the verge of dying!!!

  • Jeremy Nansteel
    Jeremy Nansteel26 napja


  • Beryl Awuor
    Beryl Awuor26 napja

    Now to find weird people I can make money off of their lives

  • Test Play
    Test Play27 napja

    Man I swear this David is an egotistic sicko

  • Ras Kalév Valiante Elamb
    Ras Kalév Valiante Elamb27 napja

    Bored rich people.

  • Ras Kalév Valiante Elamb
    Ras Kalév Valiante Elamb27 napja

    That’s what chaos leads to when one has no meaning in life.

  • Invinsiblina Lastly
    Invinsiblina Lastly27 napja

    And I do not agree with all that David does, so if he can change those flaws, it would be awesome. He would be a better person. I do not think he is really an evil person and neither is Jeff, but right now they are kinda stupid because they are young, and remember this, they are doing all this for views. I am thinking they are doing all this to impress a stupid audience as well, that likes all this, get it now? This is awful but true

  • Invinsiblina Lastly
    Invinsiblina Lastly27 napja

    Even Tho you can blame David all you want, but Jeff was was not forced to do it maybe, so, is it wrong that David might have coordinated this ? Yes! Well, in this case each one is to blame for something. Not all the blame should be on one single person. So yes it is best that all take accountability for their own actions, and yes they should start thinking with a clear head as to what decisions they will make for now on, so that they will stop blaming people for their misfortunes when they stop getting themselves into dangerous adventures. Yes, and Jeff is also at fault TOO. If I would have done such a stupid thing like this, I would not only blame David, I would also blame my stupidity to accept such idiotic adventure

  • Invinsiblina Lastly

    Invinsiblina Lastly

    25 napja

    @Kelly , Yeah, It turns out David actually was driving that vehicle

  • Kelly


    25 napja

    He was driving it ?

  • My comment is invalid but
    My comment is invalid but27 napja

    Jeff did choose to do it

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol27 napja

    Hate how people are like oH mY gOd dAviDs sO mEaN bruh almost every vloger made their friends do something

  • Kelly


    25 napja

    Even carly and Erin said David is so hard to say no to he acts like an innocent little kid so you have to say yes to him

  • Rainman Slim
    Rainman Slim27 napja

    Remember folks, always take physics into account when doing shit like this. They didn't account for his momentum.

  • Bree Jeffcoat
    Bree Jeffcoat27 napja

    “I kinda wanna come do it, I just don’t know if that’s the right idea.” tells you everything you need to know about David. how are you going to ask your friends to risk their lives and do it but you’re too scared?

  • lana lana
    lana lana27 napja

    *That stupid david wanna be in the jail to never forget what he's done*

  • FaZe Brandon
    FaZe Brandon27 napja

    It's a bit weird but ok

  • Danny
    Danny28 napja

    Who would have thought when HUbase came out there would eventually be a guy who made so much money just from uploading stupid videos that he could pay for his friends to go skydiving 25 times each just so he could upload another stupid video.

  • gizem eerçel
    gizem eerçel28 napja


  • awhhbie
    awhhbie28 napja

    *David would kill his friend for views on youtube- no joke.*

  • Sølary
    Sølary28 napja

    "Psychopaths tend to be more manipulative, can be seen by others as more charming, and lead a semblance of a more normal life. Sociopaths tend to be more erratic, rage-prone, and unable to lead as much of a normal life" Say what you want about Dobrik but he's a psychopath in my eyes.

  • Ben:)
    Ben:)28 napja

    I’ve had to wait a while to watch this one - finaly old enough to verify my age now

  • i
    i29 napja

    can someone plz plz tell me what effect/camera was used to shoot the clip at 8:38

  • MrPan
    MrPan29 napja

    bruh, grand theft wittek would be sick af

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez29 napja

    David is a POS

  • missrissa37
    missrissa3729 napja


  • Patrick Green
    Patrick Green29 napja


  • Angel BBVA
    Angel BBVA29 napja

    If only Natalie’s shoot would have not opened :/ would have thrown a huge party 🎊 😂

  • Shadow Sir
    Shadow SirHónapja

    Funny to see everybody in the comments being negative think they know everything...

  • graciela c
    graciela cHónapja

    10:17 David was the 3rd one to help his friend Jeff that is sad he doesn't care about you bro

  • doña_ pepita
    doña_ pepitaHónapja

    David doesn't even try the stunts that is for his content, he just puts his friends out there

  • Thaman Vlogs
    Thaman VlogsHónapja

    This is sooo well made

  • Colt McCoy
    Colt McCoyHónapja

    did you know that jumping out of a plane is less risky than driving a car?

  • AlejandraFarms

    Honestly it’s David’s fault. He’s an adult and should know better to do these super dangerous challenges. Look what happened. I’ve never been a fan of David cause of his extremely dangerous “challenges”

  • Kodex

    When everyone is so butthurt at David when the guy that was literally involved isn’t. People need to grow up. David never forced him to jump so stop making it seem like he did

  • Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty


    Excuse me? The accident that David caused had nothing to do with sky diving. So your comment is perplexing.

  • Bryce Winch
    Bryce WinchHónapja


  • yikezzz

    I don’t like Davids reaction to finding out Jeff needs another surgery ... “Fuck me” is something u say when u stub ur toe ... not when u find out ur friends injury is getting worse

  • No offence, but
    No offence, butHónapja

    I can’t believe people still watch David. The girl was right, he always takes things to far. So far that he almost killed someone.

  • Daniel Mohr
    Daniel MohrHónapja

    David still had a responsibility to make sure that nobody gets hurt no matter what, you operate the machine you agree to that role

  • nonya biz
    nonya bizHónapja

    I got in a brutal motorcycle accident luckily I wore a helmet but it was a 3/4 and the first thing that went was the face shield luckily i wore safety glasses underneath because my left eye ball dragged on the payment for about 30 yards. The safety glasses dug into my face lacerating my eye brow off and had it stitched back together. After that got in a severe car accident where glass was thrown into my eye at 65 mph. Than a big storm hit my house knocked over a tree onto my house and I had to cut the tree up with a chain saw. One of the branches hit me in my left eye like a major league baseball bat at full power swing. No helmet but just safety glasses that saved my eye but I took a large amount of abuse. I survived though with no help no support not jack! Choose your friends wisely and stay safe but crap still happens man gotta keep goin.

  • Neena

    All for a video .................

  • Call Me Force-X
    Call Me Force-XHónapja

    Fooking idiots. He's not a heavy machine operator so why?!!

  • Wrld Che
    Wrld CheHónapja

    Im glitvhed bye

  • lachrome

    3:48 this is a dope moment between natalie and jeff. just them being human.

  • Celia King
    Celia KingHónapja

    It’s crazy how Corinna literally said he takes things too far and then he does it again right after... shame

  • Lauren Leon
    Lauren LeonHónapja

    I hope Jeff never puts his hands in the need of someone to narcissistical again this beyond unfriendly you tube commit thus black market type content say it for tht type shit. Im so sad for Jeff he's an genuine good kid but hes a follower. With a lot of un earned dough in his pocket . I hope he has an speedy recovery.

  • Eden Rogers
    Eden RogersHónapja

    Never liked David and now I hate him Nice

  • Chailyn Rose
    Chailyn RoseHónapja

    Of course had to be the hottest one of the group

  • Annie Oops
    Annie OopsHónapja

    You'll never see David doing any of this shit because he values his own life..I get Jeff trying to be all nobel not blaming David but David did this shit..he runs the show. Manson never murdered anyone..and I am not comparing David to manson..obviously that is crazy but I'm saying influence is a thing and David had tons of fans and has tons of money.

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew AllenHónapja

    jeff called it himself, he said this would make a good documentary

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew AllenHónapja

    jeff you the true goat!!