big game BUG with MR P gadget


mr p gadget spawns porters with 93k hp. That's 93,800 health. IT'S BROKEN! IS IT A GLITCH? No, glitches are error in code. IS IT A BUG? Yes, it's unintended side effects of the new gadget that was not foreseen in Boss Fight.
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  • Iam Dot957
    Iam Dot957Hónapja

    28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 are when OJ successfully cheeses 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06 are when OJ gets reverse uno’d

  • Jashn Patel

    Jashn Patel


    i replied him before oj reacted

  • Jashn Patel

    Jashn Patel


    @SS Kim why the heck will i be

  • SS Kim

    SS Kim


    @Jashn Patel You are just jealous

  • Snow_ Strike

    Snow_ Strike

    5 napja

    @Sourpower :/ no he was the big boss?

  • Schokria Mahboobi

    Schokria Mahboobi


    @Orange Juice - Live Mohet

  • Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
    Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xXNapja

    Look how happy OJ is after his first Big Boss

  • Rajini Srinivas
    Rajini Srinivas2 napja

    send a friend request to anime4life

  • Nick Duong
    Nick Duong4 napja

    Everyone: skips to the time IamDot957 put / Me: skips to the time when OJ gets uno reversed: aaaaaaahhhhh perfection.

  • duccs are cool PhoY yos
    duccs are cool PhoY yos8 napja

    dude bigchungusgamer and anime4life are op

  • Derya Türe
    Derya Türe8 napja

    holy shoot

  • C Ganesan
    C Ganesan10 napja

    Oj is the stupid😵😵😵

  • C Ganesan
    C Ganesan10 napja

    Ok stupid

  • C Ganesan
    C Ganesan10 napja

    Stupid ok I am know this already

  • Ninja Brawl Stars
    Ninja Brawl Stars10 napja

    Should we star power to get so much hp for porters pls replay

  • Ninja Brawl Stars
    Ninja Brawl Stars10 napja

    But it never work for me?

  • Fabian Huerta
    Fabian Huerta14 napja

    Guys the supercel figures out that in the big boss mr p gadget is broken so they fix it nooooooo more 🧀 😢

  • Mihir Gokharu
    Mihir Gokharu16 napja

    Everyone be notified because two days later i will be doing this in the game itself so be careful. Dont play big game or you will lose. I am f2p players ONLY

  • kanan Nailwal
    kanan Nailwal17 napja

    OJ getting so hype as big boss that my speakers tell me to stop this.

  • Elijah Butler
    Elijah Butler20 napja

    I wat that new event again

  • Lennon Pais
    Lennon PaisHónapja

    you should defend and attack

  • TurtleTwins YT
    TurtleTwins YTHónapja

    Oj smart others copying you lol

  • Kian Chen
    Kian ChenHónapja

    Supersel needs to fix this now

  • Mustafa

    i live that mr ps turret with 100k 😠

  • Furry

    You are the cheese king

  • Avery Turner
    Avery TurnerHónapja

    Why when people stream they have to wait for the actually stream?

  • Luke Gaming
    Luke GamingHónapja

    28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 are when OJ successfully cheeses 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06 are when OJ gets reverse uno’d

  • Luke Gaming
    Luke GamingHónapja

    we cant hear the music your lisening too o_o

  • Maša Zupančič
    Maša ZupančičHónapja

    @David Ben da ja sam sa Balkana

    REBEL YTHónapja

    OJ sucks

  • A Gamer Kind Of
    A Gamer Kind OfHónapja

    I tried to be the Big Boss and it took me 22 games


    I was trying to do this with the super but it didnt work so I’m so confused

  • ElementalNoodle

    is this like, one of ojs first solo cheeses?

  • Andrea Nadales
    Andrea NadalesHónapja

    Oj unlocking super saiyan after he big boss

  • Kouvelis Kouvelis
    Kouvelis KouvelisHónapja

    oj is the best game breaker in brawl stars

  • Resxme

    When you defeat the 3 porters but you still hear the boss music!

  • Aidy Goat
    Aidy GoatHónapja

    Kill 24 enemies with mr p Oj: NOT A PROBLEM!

  • Marc-Aurel Ecker
    Marc-Aurel EckerHónapja

    6:51 shelly 1 hp

  • Shatterax

    This is literally attack on penguins

  • Z D
    Z DHónapja


  • Z D
    Z DHónapja

    hi OJ you my fun

  • Vincent Valentino
    Vincent ValentinoHónapja

    I beat a Mr p boss and Porter using teamwork I distract 3 porters at far range at spawn while 4 teammates will attack the boss and when they die they help me kill the porters but they'll only help for 3 seconds

  • Jeffrey Wong
    Jeffrey WongHónapja


  • Davie Chan
    Davie ChanHónapja


  • EpiqEdwin

    Honestly its broken Today I played big boss and the boss wad mr and when he used all 3 gadgets and saw that had 92 thousand health problems was like NANI?!!??!!?!?!?!!?!? It was impossible to kill the penguins And instead of shooting mr p my teamates were shooting the little penguins , sooo yea we lost:(

  • Lab2point0

    I am the big boss This is everytime what he says when he is the boss

  • Brayden Ing
    Brayden IngHónapja

    samw here I didnt get big boss with Mr p after like 20 games

  • Assassin Gamer YT
    Assassin Gamer YTHónapja

    OJ : Finally I have cheesed the Big Game

  • Miroslava Prodanova
    Miroslava ProdanovaHónapja


  • GabryG23& Stef2317Giammi
    GabryG23& Stef2317GiammiHónapja

    I just found mr p agents with so much life so i came here I hate mister p

  • Sports Jackpot
    Sports JackpotHónapja

    And we thought Sandy and her star power and gadget was good in boss

  • Siew Fung Wong
    Siew Fung WongHónapja

    48:00 is the second time

  • Avery Turner
    Avery TurnerHónapja

    28:25, 48:14, 1:03:48, 1:08:42, 1:11:18, 1:20:13, 1:23:37, 1:42:16 is when cheese comes into real life. 😎. 1:33:44, 27:43, 25:46, 23:58, 22:12, 19:43, 19:00, 17:32, 15:42, 11:08 5:56, 37:35, 1:01:22, 1:27:30, 1:29:47, 1:32:06, 8:27 stands for reversed uno card. ❌.

  • Avery Turner
    Avery TurnerHónapja

    I heard mr p say m m m ei e a but he says m m a m ei e a

  • Avery Turner
    Avery TurnerHónapja

    This made me want to be mr p luckily I have him but don’t have his gadget :(

  • Jrqolx



    Sad I have both gadgets

  • astro Shadow
    astro ShadowHónapja


  • astro Shadow
    astro ShadowHónapja


  • astro Shadow
    astro ShadowHónapja


  • Ally Daquipil
    Ally DaquipilHónapja

    Unexpected iconic duo: OJ and anime4life

  • Sonali Dutt
    Sonali DuttHónapja

    Last time when Big game came out... I was boss for all the games I played... I am not lying, even I was amazed myself... I played around 12 matches and I was the Boss in all of them... and this time I've played 25 matches so far and I was the boss in only one (T_T)

  • Abdurrahmen Hmaidi
    Abdurrahmen HmaidiHónapja

    OJ you said you‘ll have a stream in 12 hours I think it should be right now

  • easy lego for beginners
    easy lego for beginnersHónapja

    I have a great cheese 🧀 map for you ok it's name is 🧀🧀cheese 🧀🧀

  • lidyawati santosa
    lidyawati santosaHónapja

    Oj theres a map today in gem grab called chese

    ANTI HXR YTHónapja


  • Blitzboy The animater
    Blitzboy The animaterHónapja

    Mr.p ‘s new name in big game Warning: 13-18 Mr. Pussy

  • Chan Jia Yi
    Chan Jia YiHónapja

    1:13:14 poco 4 heatlh wat

  • Chan Jia Yi
    Chan Jia YiHónapja

    I told my friends about this bug

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence WilliamsHónapja

    I'm so mad at this glitch, it's such a cheat

  • Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir Lenin


    Cough cough jessie turret cough cough nita's bear.

  • S D
    S DHónapja

    See my profile picture is a pin of oj

  • Cactus bricks
    Cactus bricksHónapja

    I rage quit when I saw they had 100,000 health instead of 10k

  • Dog Gaming
    Dog GamingHónapja

    After came out like 10 minutes later I found out

  • Dog Gaming
    Dog GamingHónapja

    I found about this when big game came out

  • Magnifico Senpai
    Magnifico SenpaiHónapja

    I miss this video 💙

  • Jacob McComsey
    Jacob McComseyHónapja

    I was wondering when someone was gonna make a video on this lol.

  • Boxuan Liu
    Boxuan LiuHónapja

    u cannnnnnn win if the mr p doesnt have gadget. maybe i guess .

  • Game Chazer
    Game ChazerHónapja

    I also did the bug it is broken!!


    when i play nani as a boss: 3 emz, 1 max, 1 bea (4 make me slow down and one make them fast);-;

  • Avery Turner

    Avery Turner


    max to thE MAX

  • Galactic BS
    Galactic BSHónapja

    I was in his second to last game

  • Razzy

    It’s too good

  • derrick khoo Jing yu
    derrick khoo Jing yuHónapja

    OJ 💟anime4life

  • HeishiX

    But if you’re on a normal sleep schedule I’ll miss streams

  • derrick khoo Jing yu
    derrick khoo Jing yuHónapja

    I realised that nani second gadget would be good against boss

  • Game Changer
    Game ChangerHónapja


  • LilMexican 1207
    LilMexican 1207Hónapja

    Anime4life is everyone's new honorary favorite Cheese friend

  • Jack Chase
    Jack ChaseHónapja

    I got big boss three times in a row with this gadget

  • Kenneth Okao
    Kenneth OkaoHónapja

    Oh my god mr p gadget to broken in big game

  • MrBeast Burger
    MrBeast BurgerHónapja

    30:36 Kylo Ren.....

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago SantosHónapja

    The new map Cheese is very good to cheese ahahahahahhahahahahhaha

  • Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk
    Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk Márk MárkHónapja

    I got big boss 4 times in a row today😎😎

  • LimeBun

    *5 minutes later* Supercell: b u g f i x e s

  • dan Vo
    dan VoHónapja

    Aaàâáåæāăãąä Bb Ccçćč ďđDd eEèėéęêěëĕēə Ff

  • Shyma Al-hassany
    Shyma Al-hassanyHónapja

    What are you trying to do

  • dan Vo
    dan VoHónapja


  • Lord XM
    Lord XMHónapja

    I made a video on this too. huh.

  • KeeN Gamer
    KeeN GamerHónapja

    I been boss for 3 times arow and i have the secondo gaget of mister p and io destroyed everyone

  • Mia Tayeb
    Mia TayebHónapja

    I JUST tried Same like you Orange juise :3

  • Alexander (Samuel) Hazan
    Alexander (Samuel) HazanHónapja

    1st boss time: 28:28 2nd boss time: 48:00 3rd boss time: 1:03:50 4th boss time: 1:08:43 5th boss time: 1:11:20 6th boss time: 1:20:14 7th boss time: 1:23:39 8th boss time: 1:42:15 Hope this helped!





  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry HuangHónapja

    Wow Rey did a vid

  • rice_muk

    Normal people: that’s not fair Pat and oj: that’s illegal

    POOJA PATELHónapja

    1:10:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Literally savage rico Poor oj




    Has such thing ever happened with you? Ever?

  • Gamer Ali
    Gamer AliHónapja

    OJ: Look at this tick dealing no damage to the jessie OJ 10 seconds later: It's me that's not dealing damage to the jessie

  • Joey Dafishy
    Joey DafishyHónapja

    Friend request anime4life

  • ANKIT gaming
    ANKIT gamingHónapja

    U can lose as mr p when u are power 6 or lower and If undo not even have it like me and I didn't get a brawler in a month I have one mythic and two epics left to get not have suge and I have 16500 trophies sad

  • Mightybrain

    timestamps for bigboss 28:28 first time 48:14 second time

  • Miku - Brawl Stars
    Miku - Brawl StarsHónapja

    I saw this in game lmao