IS THIS the BEST PEN? - Ink Pen Battle!

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  • Jazza
    Jazza10 hónapja

    I screwed up and got the brand of the winning pen wrong. It's Tombow, not Pentel. Sorry! That's the life of a HUbaser for ya - spend days on the content, and screw up within a few seconds by leaving in a swear and getting the critical facts wrong. But would you have it any other way? ;)

  • The Stour Valley Synthesizer Club

    The Stour Valley Synthesizer Club


    I was about to comment requesting a link to the Pentel calligraphy pen because I couldn't find it!

  • GamingAnimators



    Must. Ruin. The. 69!!!!!!!!!

  • kenta akiyama

    kenta akiyama

    3 hónapja

    Ya u did

  • sub 2 captainsauce

    sub 2 captainsauce

    4 hónapja

    I can see how the Sharpie would be good for a pro artist but it's terrible for new artists because the lines that it makes a really big

  • Emmeline Eades

    Emmeline Eades

    5 hónapja

    The pens Called zebra Sarasa

  • Crazybro
    Crazybro6 órája

    wheres the fire pens love the the vids keep it up 😊

  • AtomiC BS
    AtomiC BSNapja

    Bruh listen to the poop intro with your eyes closed

  • Rushman200
    Rushman2002 napja

    I'm not much of an artist, but when it comes to writing, my utmost preferred pen is the Uni-ball Vision Elite

  • Susie Night
    Susie Night3 napja

    Love u jazza but 15:14 if u want to see someone who knows how to use a glass pen for drawing- is ur gal :>

  • Me Again
    Me Again5 napja

    A lot of work

  • The Yarny Caterpillar
    The Yarny Caterpillar5 napja

    So basically the thumbnail here is a clickbait? Did any of you guys saw the picture of the thumbnail???

  • Harold Johns
    Harold Johns10 napja

    the diglits looked like grave stones

  • firewolfxxx
    firewolfxxx16 napja

    you are literally my most favorite youtuber i have become a better artist when watching your videos!!! XD

  • Ethan Crail
    Ethan Crail17 napja

    Draw a good drawing with a bad marker

  • Torch mystic Bligh
    Torch mystic Bligh17 napja

    What is the app called to get the ideas

  • Sebastian Moncada
    Sebastian Moncada19 napja

    I personally prefer using a tombow brush pen hard firmness

  • Miriam Green
    Miriam Green19 napja

    Storm was prob meant to be the character from X Men no? Too late now. :D

  • Miranda Austin
    Miranda Austin20 napja

    You forgot the platinum desk pen & carbon ink 😈

  • ♥ Cloudii_Sybil ♥
    ♥ Cloudii_Sybil ♥21 napja

    Back in April I was watching this at school and when it got to 7:12 everyone at my lunch table thought I shat myself >:

  • Daniel Weisbord
    Daniel Weisbord21 napja

    Just so u know, of all the amazing and ridiculous videos this is by far my favorite one👍✏✒🖋🖊🖍🖌

  • James Ritchie
    James Ritchie22 napja

    5.6M subscribers? And 50k likes for this complete, well, choose the worst word imaginable. Wow, the world really is filled with low Iq useless. . .okay, that same word.

  • Codplayz
    Codplayz25 napja


  • Seangamer tv
    Seangamer tv25 napja

    What app did he use for art prompts

  • Sara Andersen
    Sara Andersen26 napja

    What it’s the name of the app he’s using?

  • -NHsans-
    -NHsans-27 napja

    obama sucks you are not even american dood..

  • Polly Doggy
    Polly DoggyHónapja

    Uninpen liners are my fav

  • Kaushalya Kadam
    Kaushalya KadamHónapja

    Which pen win

  • alfietta

    Hmm, probably a stupid question, but will ask it here in hope someone can help out: When I ink my pictures after I drew them with pencil, my pens get stuck and stop flowing. I don't understand how Jazza doesn't have this issue. Is it the graphite causing it on my end, or the wrong pens (although I have some of the presented here), or the choice of paper (Sakura notebook)?

  • Lorraine Rodriguez
    Lorraine RodriguezHónapja

    4:45 nagito-

  • ガヴリール

    Jazza Missed out The Gpen(/Maru/Turnip)

  • milk_

    I keep getting skill share ads for jazza

  • azul slinim e rashito
    azul slinim e rashitoHónapja

    you have plobem friend yes you have plobem

  • Ahmet Öztürk
    Ahmet ÖztürkHónapja

    One year later but the pens that you called Pentel Calligraphy Pens (Hard / Soft) are branded tombow Fudenosuke Hard and Soft. Just in case u know :)

  • Screamsong

    I have a dog named buddy

  • Jella Sridhar
    Jella SridharHónapja

    U forgot Faber castle inking pen

  • Elias Harris
    Elias HarrisHónapja

    You should try Hethrone pens . They're relatively cheap on Amazon and very high quality. They are calligraphy markers, but I really like them.

  • MindeesWorld

    Can you review the markers from Kogan currently 262 pens for $65.99, these are alcohol based

  • Godnotlike

    Man your not even close to all of my pens my grandma has lol

  • YaYa 雅玲
    YaYa 雅玲Hónapja

    what is the app that jazza is using???

  • John Lavvas
    John LavvasHónapja

    The xenophobic maple regularly desert because string obviously launch around a wonderful taurus. spiky, loose teaching

  • Dying Soul
    Dying SoulHónapja

    Irony is that I got a skillshare add for jazzs course

  • Anneka Brimhall
    Anneka BrimhallHónapja

    So you found the best pen, I really want to buy one but I can’t find them anywhere!😡

  • Klaus Korja
    Klaus KorjaHónapja

    How the ... are you this good at drawing

  • Whirlwin1213

    That "Boring fountain pen" that Jazza has is called a G-Pen. Manga artists use them for inking pages.

  • Perspective Drawing
    Perspective DrawingHónapja

    good work

  • Doodlefest

    Me who uses ball point pens for traditional art: I N T E R E S T I NG

  • Govna
    Govna2 hónapja

    15:41 the ball kinda... nevermind

  • Lilli and friends Lilli and friends
    Lilli and friends Lilli and friends2 hónapja

    Hi lilli potter, can you design a tattoo for me from the 18th you can find my name on Facebook

  • Punk Rocky
    Punk Rocky2 hónapja

    satisfying poo

  • AAR Arts
    AAR Arts 2 hónapja

    I just love microns

  • Caleb Persad
    Caleb Persad2 hónapja

    What about the pentel pocket brush pen

  • Braden Ferguson
    Braden Ferguson2 hónapja

    the satisfaction of him writing the numbers is so good

  • Anuraag Kompella
    Anuraag Kompella2 hónapja

    I'm an artline cd dvdr marker coz that's my bday 😂

  • marinette slitherin
    marinette slitherin2 hónapja

    Is it weird that this video is sponsored by skillshare and I got an ad from you on skillshare before starting this video? edit: sry this is late

  • •〰Deli_Bread〰•
    •〰Deli_Bread〰•2 hónapja

    17 and 18.. Are the ones I have. (Which were in the same packaging the way I got them.) 17, which he said stood up. But, he said that the tip was- idk. Was given a 9 for all three. 18, Preforms the same as 17, but the description was little. A nice for all three. (Thank god- 👁👄👁)

  • Gameboy2007
    Gameboy20072 hónapja

    Lesgoooo. My guy got the Artline brand.

  • Akatemate #stopanimaltesting
    Akatemate #stopanimaltesting2 hónapja

    The zebra pen was written in chinese

  • AmeliaBadelia
    AmeliaBadelia2 hónapja

    Do you ever just feel so good when you write that perfect letter/number?

  • Bence Varga
    Bence Varga3 hónapja

    I love Jazza, honestly do, but giving 6, 7, and 8 out of 10 for almost every pen just drive me NUTS!

  • Snack Dack
    Snack Dack3 hónapja

    Is no one gonna point out he draws a poop without edivence that he got rid of the paper to drop the all the supplies on that paper with the poop by basically calling the tools and pens and pencils poop is no one gonna point data out

  • Pi Ink
    Pi Ink3 hónapja

    “What more do you want from me, a skill share course? ok."

  • Bakob
    Bakob3 hónapja

    11:53 part of me expected doom guy

  • Pj Kriaras
    Pj Kriaras3 hónapja

    11:51 Jazza: The prompt is rip so I drew zombies. Me: Rip... AND TEAR. WHY NOT THE DOOM GUY HOW DID U NOT THINK OF THAT! *dies in Doom*

  • H Nashy
    H Nashy3 hónapja

    Close your eyes for 0:23 - 0:41 😂😂

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck3 hónapja

    I love how his first thought upon hearing hope was obama, I approve

  • Κατερίνα Φυλοσιδου
    Κατερίνα Φυλοσιδου3 hónapja

    ZHC !!!!!

  • zam zam
    zam zam3 hónapja

    Im not sure but it seems that the "Pentel" Pen at 10:30 is really a Tombow Fudenosuke ? If its not i would love to know the exact name of that Pentel Product cause i would like to check it out, cant find it.

  • Mori _Verda
    Mori _Verda3 hónapja

    10:45 This boy is so cute!.❤😁

  • Abyss66
    Abyss663 hónapja

    When he said hope I thought he would draw naegi lmao

  • Camping Wild
    Camping Wild3 hónapja

    Pls post your how to draw videos on HUbase because I’m poor

  • TheArtsyBookWorm
    TheArtsyBookWorm3 hónapja

    How did I miss this video

  • Julia Brun
    Julia Brun3 hónapja

    Jazza: I will judge every pen in the world! Me: O that's going to be a really long video ( 2-3 hours Me looks that's only 20 minutes O ok I'm ok, but you don't have every pen in the world 😁😁😁😁

  • Lexi_is_rez
    Lexi_is_rez3 hónapja

    when i saw him drawing Obama first thing that came to mind was, Obama Obama Obama yo mama 😂

  • Rinkimiru
    Rinkimiru3 hónapja

    The feeling when you buy microns and he doesnt feature them :I

  • ˚๑ Boba_Cute ♡
    ˚๑ Boba_Cute ♡3 hónapja

    What do you use to rough sketch

  • Jax Huppe
    Jax Huppe3 hónapja

    i am 7

  • Vaughnigami
    Vaughnigami3 hónapja

    2:13 This is one of my favourite Jazza moments of all time😆


    I love how he named the quill "Fancy-Ass Quill"

  • Wang Chen
    Wang Chen3 hónapja

    I know how to read chinses

  • Toast Angel™
    Toast Angel™3 hónapja

    I just really love all of the effects every pen makes

  • Wrin Wren
    Wrin Wren3 hónapja

    The way he draws an 8 is so satisfying

  • durereee
    durereee3 hónapja

    I would strongly recommend you experiment more with the Pilot Parallels... They can be great for illustration, just depends on how you hold it and how you apply the pressure.

  • Hero 1321
    Hero 13213 hónapja

    References for study: (move along) 8:55 13:16

  • MarkVlogs
    MarkVlogs4 hónapja

    The thing is that this is not the most exact comparison because theres also the ink drying out, watery other stuff so stuff that get a 5 or something could get a 7 idk.

  • Kronix
    Kronix4 hónapja

    I thinks it is kanji

  • f5Kaptain
    f5Kaptain4 hónapja

    So, are the color sketch chisel tips soft, or hard (dumb question, I know)

  • Nava Bald
    Nava Bald4 hónapja

    Look how hes using the plain simple sharpie to write everything and to draw he uses legendary pens

  • Sebastiaan Roest
    Sebastiaan Roest4 hónapja

    The pen kind I use for writing everyday are cheap fountain pens called "office essentials metal fountain pen" Small things: you SHOULDN'T press down on these pens, if you press down then there will be a mess and your pen will wear out really fast (like going through one in 3 weeks) (this goes for all "crowned" pens). The ink I use is also really cheap ink but it isn't awful or watery but it stains real badly (don't leave the pen with it's cap off in case you knock it off of your desk onto your jeans). If you press down on your pens like a lot, don't buy a fountain pen, if you don't check the up direction don't buy a fountain pen and most importantly if you are clumsy DONT BUY A F***ING FOUNTAIN PEN. Btw if your not careful while changing cartridges you WILL make a mess...!!!...

  • Johanna Kujacznski
    Johanna Kujacznski4 hónapja

    He should go back and color his favorite ones!

  • reythemaster5
    reythemaster54 hónapja

    Sad that he didint do rocket raccoon for rocket

  • Savvas 92
    Savvas 924 hónapja

    I love pigma micron

  • BluePause pops
    BluePause pops4 hónapja

    check out the fisher space pen

  • Dylan Loosemore
    Dylan Loosemore4 hónapja

    13:34 Gamers we all must unite

  • Shania Sookhai
    Shania Sookhai4 hónapja

    Me thinking about how much Jazza drew, spoke and thought in this video.... ...then thinking about my inability to complete a single piece in a month, far less inktober.... He's so amazing!!!😭😭😭😭 I love your work!

  • пушистый тост
    пушистый тост4 hónapja

    You forgot the sharpie gel pens, my favorite pens so far... also the only pens ive used besides office pens...

  • OtakuSeikatsuTamashi
    OtakuSeikatsuTamashi4 hónapja

    I can't help but laugh when Jazza is giving a thorough and honestly positive review, while looking at a dead-eyed Magikarp.

  • Fatt PlayZ
    Fatt PlayZ4 hónapja

    I cant stopp watching this video!

  • Laura
    Laura4 hónapja

    Prompt: Armour Draws: Bikini

  • Chazzington
    Chazzington4 hónapja

    I made if a moose was a peach whilst making this

  • Fay's Corner
    Fay's Corner4 hónapja

    I would be curious to see how you would rate the ohuhu new fineliners. I really like them personnally .

  • Toffe_ Humor
    Toffe_ Humor4 hónapja

    I want to know what is your pencil you have in this vid?

  • Parker Darker
    Parker Darker4 hónapja

    you got rip, and im sad you didnt do doom guy

  • Bey Friend
    Bey Friend4 hónapja

    Zebra disposable brush pen

  • Deangelo Spencer
    Deangelo Spencer4 hónapja

    For trap he should have drawn Felix from Re:Zero