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People in this vid:
@Noah Beck
@Blake Gray
@Vardan Antonyan

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Camera man
@Christian Guiton

Kyle Carper

Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • Finnegan Harris
    Finnegan Harris23 órája

    i think these tiktokers come no the show not watching a single episdoe

  • Poo Poo
    Poo PooNapja

    i literally smacked my phone screen 6:23

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol
    I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol6 napja

    Vardan lmao

  • seur
    seur8 napja

    actually such a chill dude lol

  • Sherikqua Azikquael
    Sherikqua Azikquael9 napja

    6:42 Vardon just stares at Blake

    TCG BILLY11 napja

    I replay this for a laugh everytime lmao

  • TAI
    TAI12 napja

    best thing on yt right now

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne14 napja

    Mat the rat king 😂😂😂

  • Michal Koch
    Michal Koch14 napja

    Why tf does Jonah have a cape on 😂😂😂

  • Emely
    Emely14 napja

    Hi j iiiiiii I’m

  • Nicole Nicole
    Nicole Nicole14 napja

    ok for those of u who know real astrology jeff has a capricorn mercury with a tight conjunction to saturn and honestly it makes so much fuckin sense omg

  • Carter Presnell
    Carter Presnell14 napja

    Anyone else consider the pranks on jonah might not be scripted?

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese14 napja

    This feels like the Eric Andre show but less over produced

  • Desi Ko.
    Desi Ko.16 napja

    6:20 I thought this thing was on the screen was really on my phone.. I almost fell off the bed😭

  • RudeBoy Jude
    RudeBoy Jude19 napja

    Yup. Definitely gay.

  • Tatum Jarrell
    Tatum Jarrell21 napja

    Blake was described as “Charli’s sister’s boyfriends friend”

  • Above G
    Above G22 napja

    6:25 that scared the living hell out of meee

  • SuperMacro64
    SuperMacro6422 napja

    06:22 Better get that spider out of your monitor guys.

  • Tomas Mantero
    Tomas Mantero23 napja

    I hate jonah

  • Moises Bautista
    Moises Bautista24 napja

    bro vardan you to be so smaller then johna and now look at him 3:53 xD

  • Dimitris 3pa
    Dimitris 3pa26 napja

    8:54 If Bryce has a big forehead,I have a SIXhead!

  • skyler hu
    skyler hu27 napja

    The damaged act dolly collect because design developmentally muddle underneath a rich argument. far-flung, dull hydrofoil

  • Locky Bradford
    Locky BradfordHónapja

    It looked exactly the same tf

  • Junior _
    Junior _Hónapja

    This dude a simp 😂

  • JosiJudy

    I thought it was a real spider

  • Samantha Carrier
    Samantha CarrierHónapja

    there' s a spider on the camera at 6:24 on Noah's face lol

  • Dominic Cortez
    Dominic CortezHónapja

    wait wait wait is this white eric andre with clippers???

  • Dominic Cortez
    Dominic CortezHónapja

    wait wait wait is this white eric andre with clippers???

  • nancy


  • Millions High
    Millions HighHónapja

    I fucking die every time I watch this, we have the same humor and omg 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Rimpila
    Eric RimpilaHónapja

    To think that he almost died shortly before this

  • T3A

    Wen did vardon get taller than Jona

  • T3A

    I used to think this show sucked and everyone seemed to hate their hair cuts and the quiet humor was weird to me. Now I love it.. I love wondering what’s gunna happen next and I like how the humor comes naturally and it’s not forced. 3.2 million subs. Go Jeff. I never thought this HUbase structure would work. It’s even better when the guest probably had t seen the how 😂 I love wen Jeff ignores them or cuts them off like he doesn’t care what they say LOL

  • kieran brentnall
    kieran brentnallHónapja

    Now I’m starting to rewatch his videos I can see that his is hurting

  • Big_Celery _Boi
    Big_Celery _BoiHónapja

    I like there’s a bug in the scree

  • Swedish Fish
    Swedish FishHónapja


  • Elle Xvii
    Elle XviiHónapja

    I am the Kyle character

  • Youtoobly L
    Youtoobly LHónapja

    the fake spider got me

  • TheAtchoo10

    If i grow out my hair can u cut it like yours

  • Yasmine Farah
    Yasmine FarahHónapja

    stop this was literally so funny when he started asking him political questions i died

  • pink pegasus
    pink pegasusHónapja


  • Siiigh Diana
    Siiigh DianaHónapja

    “With my perfect 2020 vision” poor Jeff. He really was just trying to play it off :(

  • Tnelly12

    ‘I got some stuff outta my trunk’ -said no man everrrrrr

  • Manuele Paulo
    Manuele PauloHónapja

    Of course someone named Kyle has a spider

  • iLuvOnedirection

    8:28 omg haha 😆 that was the best one

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise LostHónapja

    I mean... They all bland But damn the blonde dude literally got no personality to the point it's dislikable Also he is so unecessarily angry and rude, it's as if he feels threatened by everything because he can't back it up lol

  • Saurav Uchil
    Saurav UchilHónapja

    Jonah freaking out Jeff: so how’s the haircut

  • Qaliflower

    Omfg that fake spider on the screen killed me

  • Km flips
    Km flipsHónapja

    Charlie damelios sisters boyfriend 😂

  • joseph chavez
    joseph chavezHónapja

    Noah is def 💅🏼

  • Lol Cats
    Lol CatsHónapja

    not gonna lie that spider on my screen at 6:22 had me shook.

  • Emma P

    Emma P


    I was looking for this comment. I got so scared

  • Kiwicrush

    LMFAO Jeff this is so funny

  • Rawan Moussa
    Rawan MoussaHónapja

    how is David more popular than Jefff?

  • Sebenele Dlamini

    Sebenele Dlamini


    That's what's I'm asking myself too

  • Em Pac
    Em PacHónapja

    I love the constant weird pictures of Todd

  • Danny Farrow
    Danny FarrowHónapja

    Dude the guy holding the naked rat is my soulmate. These ratites are my favorite and it’s so hot he doesn’t think it’s gross

  • Noe Moneytoya
    Noe MoneytoyaHónapja

    Jeff is sooo fineeeee

  • Lexy’s Life
    Lexy’s LifeHónapja


  • Reagan Lincoln
    Reagan LincolnHónapja

    Charlie D’Milo’s sister’s boyfriend’s friend 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😍🥰

  • Rachel B
    Rachel BHónapja

    not him bringing up the fact that Dixie was just on the show and dating someone else lmao

  • Karen Windill
    Karen WindillHónapja

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  • Jackson Murphy
    Jackson MurphyHónapja

    Why did I get a global warming ad lmaooo

  • Joncarlo Villasenor
    Joncarlo VillasenorHónapja

    Can you do a bald fade

  • carpthekid

    Lol that beck kid is a tool

  • Kevin Fuentes
    Kevin FuentesHónapja

    The climate change section is the best

  • gianna barkan
    gianna barkanHónapja

    please i love how uncomfortable they got during the climate change description

  • Elyse Shires
    Elyse ShiresHónapja

    Ok why the fuck am I just founding out Jeff hahahahahah

  • Trevor Young
    Trevor YoungHónapja

    Yo I fell asleep watching this and woke up at 6:24 wasn’t pleasant at all

  • Josh

    Charlis oldest sisters boyfriend lmao

  • asap baliana
    asap balianaHónapja

    “you go to in and out and never come out” IM DYINGGGG

  • Bronson Mackenzie
    Bronson MackenzieHónapja

    I hate the tik tok kids but this guy seems chill as

  • Isaira :0
    Isaira :0Hónapja

    that spider on the screen looked to real😭

  • noam bienenstock
    noam bienenstock2 hónapja

    This is so funny

  • Madhur Chhabra
    Madhur Chhabra2 hónapja

    I wish we get to see an episode with Jeff and Pete Davidson. The Staten island bois

  • W7N



    That would be fucking awesome, maybe Jeff even gets a part in the king of states island 2 😂

  • serein serenity

    serein serenity


    @Libra Princess3 Yes! Both has dry humour although Pete can't keep his composure from not laughing lol. Both are funny asf. I hope they can be friends and Pete be featured on his channel!

  • Libra Princess3

    Libra Princess3


    Omg, yes! That episode would be hilarious. Their sense of humor seems the same in my opinion.

  • Paul Monje
    Paul Monje2 hónapja

    Rip Jeff’s barber shop on impaulsive he said he took the shop down and ended the series for now😪

  • Jovani
    Jovani2 hónapja


  • Anthony Bjo
    Anthony Bjo2 hónapja

    5:30 You clearly see that Jeff is taller than Matt here

  • Robert Grantham
    Robert Grantham2 hónapja

    Matt king is in a really good place nowadays

  • High Noon
    High Noon2 hónapja

    no one talking bout the piss on the chair

  • M McKinnon
    M McKinnon2 hónapja

    noah’s laugh so cute i cantttt

  • Conquistador Crabton
    Conquistador Crabton2 hónapja

    Wow. Kyle was high.

  • Aidan M
    Aidan M2 hónapja

    Yo Jeff me and my 15 year old friends need some alc what's your #?

  • Michelle McMullen
    Michelle McMullen2 hónapja

    Jeff I’m a big fan of you now. And I only heard of you because of what I won’t discuss. You are the real real. Love it. Real talent

  • A B
    A B2 hónapja

    Is the haircut actually nice afterwards?

  • Cameron Whitten
    Cameron Whitten2 hónapja

    i really like jeff but does he try not to be funny on his show

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay2 hónapja

    “Get hit with a gust of wind his whole career is over” LMAOODNJD

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay2 hónapja

    The bug crawling on the screen scared me

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay2 hónapja

    All that to ask her to be his gf lmao wowie

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay2 hónapja

    “I feel like I’m watching the notebook” 😂

    NARZA2 hónapja

    noah looks whack next to jeff *don’t get me wrong Noah is good lookin too

  • Greyson Burnett
    Greyson Burnett2 hónapja

    That fuckin spider got me

  • Joki
    Joki2 hónapja

    Oh god i slapped my phone too hard because of the bug on the lens

  • Tyl3rAZ
    Tyl3rAZ3 hónapja

    I knew that fake spider on the screen was fake but still tried to kill it because I didn’t wanna risk being wrong

  • Valerie Wallace
    Valerie Wallace3 hónapja

    Noah looks so uncomfortable

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis3 hónapja

    "Just wing me" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Margy
    James Margy3 hónapja

    You know that kid that gets the cool kid to laugh at his jokes for 1 day? That was Vardan.

  • A. Foolsworth
    A. Foolsworth3 hónapja

    Var the Don

  • alliyahrose1D felipe
    alliyahrose1D felipe3 hónapja

    Me: falling inlove to jeff talking about taking actions about climate change

  • alliyahrose1D felipe
    alliyahrose1D felipe3 hónapja

    Awh that's why vardan got kicked out on the other vlog

  • David Kohan
    David Kohan3 hónapja

    6:22 anyone notice the spider crawling on the screen? no? just me? kk

  • stevio's channel
    stevio's channel3 hónapja

    Jonah just wants to be on camera for views to be a comedian and joke around