Can I paint with my Tears? *EMOTIONAL*

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  • Buda Mladenovic
    Buda Mladenovic21 órája

    This is litle crepy

  • (STUDENT)Sophia Jarrett
    (STUDENT)Sophia JarrettNapja

    Ok but when he said its the daddy ones

  • Jacob Barker
    Jacob BarkerNapja

    cats in the cradle would have been a good idea

  • annette fournier
    annette fournierNapja

    It's just salt water. Normal saline. Actually makes the wc more vibrant. Add a little salt to your wc rinse water. Looks great.

  • Yousef The pro
    Yousef The proNapja

    Made me tear 😞

  • SkkibleYT

    This legit made me cry

  • Pigloo Dodo
    Pigloo DodoNapja

    Do you know want to know a sure-fire way to cry? Get COVID tested.

  • Daantje
    Daantje2 napja

    i wach now to thas day ahuh

  • Archeon Nichole Mallari
    Archeon Nichole Mallari2 napja

    What are activities that make you cry : Top 1 : L I F E

  • IceGaze Art
    IceGaze Art2 napja

    The way I make my self cry easily, is weird ISH ways, but they work for me, 1. I act / preform in my mind like, I move my mouth and face around, and act like I’m in a sad and dramatic scene, I tried it while writing this and got 3 tears out of me! 2. I sing a song I connect with and love, like, memory from cats, I will sing that and act with it, and I start crying 3. I can think of the slightest sad things and easily get those tears to come, Yeah if I ever need to fake cry, or do,,,, this I would do it easily

  • sarah ali
    sarah ali2 napja

    Whenever i open kmy mouth i yawn every 4 seconds soo whenever i yawn tears come out of my eyes that a fast and easy way

  • Anime Truong
    Anime Truong2 napja

    im not crying but i have a heart...

  • Delilah TheGreat
    Delilah TheGreat2 napja

    If you try this again a good way i can get myself to cry is to sit in a slightly dark room and hug a teddy bear or something and sing happy b-day to me and think that you will be alone forever

  • shahar /
    shahar /2 napja

    idk if i should laugh or cry

  • Caitlin Lach
    Caitlin Lach4 napja

    I didn't cry the entire video... Not for the songs Not for the sad videos But dang man Your tearcolor daddy art got me

  • The Stop Motion Star
    The Stop Motion Star4 napja

    Daddy stuff sounds so wrong

  • New Channel
    New Channel4 napja


  • Celia Estrella-Chavez
    Celia Estrella-Chavez5 napja

    🤨🤚 wait what

  • Idaly Bazoria-Castillo
    Idaly Bazoria-Castillo5 napja

    The dad one got me tearing up

    PLDTWIFI B2CE35 napja

    .....but isn't the tear just gonna evaporate •-•

  • Commander Beta
    Commander Beta6 napja

    4:15 listen to him and close youre eyes

  • Elii
    Elii6 napja

    are fcking kidding me?? jazza can sing too??????? is there something he can not do?

  • ¿DemiWasFound?
    ¿DemiWasFound?6 napja


  • eggy yoshi
    eggy yoshi7 napja

    I love your voice

  • lol24
    lol247 napja

    If you do it again then watch the dear emil video

  • sumona haque medha
    sumona haque medha7 napja

    Omg what a idea...

  • Ms GREEN419
    Ms GREEN4197 napja

    Go watch the Putting The Dog To Sleep PMV on Cheetwo and Vexus

  • Niall Wade
    Niall Wade9 napja

    I have no soul or creativity that's why I watch you

  • MrMcDark
    MrMcDark9 napja

    anyone else think that his artwork was the saddest thing? I was sobbing with that music

  • Demmy
    Demmy9 napja

    I don’t think I have no heart because I don’t cry

  • Nathan Morin
    Nathan Morin10 napja

    Sad by Bo Burnham

  • Ella Hoch
    Ella Hoch11 napja

    Bro just watch clouds ✋🙄

  • Kaynimation !
    Kaynimation !11 napja

    My man just snorted onions

  • flappy zombieee
    flappy zombieee12 napja

    Why did I cry when he spilt milk

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen12 napja

    "I'm gonna use my tears to make a watercolor painting of you."

  • hot chocolate
    hot chocolate14 napja

    bruh u might go blind is u ok ?!

  • Sodujo
    Sodujo14 napja

    Watch violet evergarden

  • BoxZ Roblox
    BoxZ Roblox14 napja

    You should try Dhar man he gets me sometimes

  • Leon Ilic
    Leon Ilic15 napja

    If he ever tries to remake this video he should definitely listen to "It's been a year daddy" gets me every time

  • Draw - Gon
    Draw - Gon15 napja

    Things that artists do are crazy The drawing made feel good for some reason

  • Strawberry.BubbleGum
    Strawberry.BubbleGum16 napja

    well wheres the album?

  • SYE2D
    SYE2D17 napja

    How To Get Tears : Get A Chilli Sauce And Drop A Blip!!! In Your Eyes...

  • Honey Sunday-Birch
    Honey Sunday-Birch17 napja

    Please people crying is unnecessarily funny

  • Katarzyna Dolegowski
    Katarzyna Dolegowski18 napja

    Ew that's gross Jazzy

  • VanillaLies
    VanillaLies18 napja

    jazza: starts crying bc he is stressed also him: *grabs little cup and puts it to his eye*

  • Aidan Scott-Lees
    Aidan Scott-Lees19 napja

    your F***ed

  • Aidan Scott-Lees
    Aidan Scott-Lees19 napja


  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant.get plant

  • Art of FE✍️
    Art of FE✍️20 napja

    6:02 being an cancer ♋ is so cool. Im sobbing right now

  • NA-03WK
    NA-03WK20 napja


  • NA-03WK
    NA-03WK20 napja

    Jazz good singing

  • CosiVanTooti
    CosiVanTooti22 napja

    is that him singing??

  • CosiVanTooti
    CosiVanTooti22 napja

    did seeing his tears make anyone else tear up?

  • Tired salt
    Tired salt23 napja

    Just cut and sniff an onion next time haha

  • Tired salt

    Tired salt

    23 napja

    Nvm lol

  • Grace Campbell
    Grace Campbell24 napja

    OK, I have a storytime. I was at school, and me and this other girl (I'll call her Emily) and we had to make a poster on saving water. We decided to draw a poster about a cat plumbing because a pipe was leaking. I cannot lie to you, but we were just laughing our literal HEADS OFF, and tears were just streaming down my cheeks. I went through three tissues. No joke.

  • HelloItsUmar
    HelloItsUmar24 napja

    Don’t torture urself again

  • Lilly Barber
    Lilly Barber26 napja

    can we all just appreciate that this man sings along to Les Miserables in his car? because *same*

  • Rhys P
    Rhys P26 napja

    8:49 i cried when i watched it

  • Ashlie Crombie
    Ashlie Crombie26 napja

    Psh. Just watch the movie The Shack. Had me bawling and I NEVER cry.

  • Sal Fisher
    Sal Fisher27 napja

    5:10 yeeeeey :’ )

  • Rafia Shahbaz
    Rafia Shahbaz28 napja

    I'm such a big fan but I didn't feel emotional but I got emotional when her said I had to heart although I liked 100 or his vids

  • Victoria Smith Collins
    Victoria Smith Collins28 napja

    It this suppost to be an art chanell

  • Victoria Smith Collins
    Victoria Smith Collins28 napja

    Wa wat

  • Samantha Dyer
    Samantha Dyer28 napja

    Not nightmare fuel at all

  • Georgia Liu
    Georgia Liu28 napja

    YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED DHAR MANN VIDEOS( some of them are pretty sad)

  • Tina Grantham
    Tina Grantham29 napja

    "What makes you cry?" Life

  • Cloudy Bay
    Cloudy Bay29 napja

    Omg supermarket flowers gets me every time

  • minka0705
    minka070529 napja

    I'm just... sitting here, laughing, while watching him trying to cry. Never knew I was so heartless 😅

  • Alex2000

    I only see Pepsi man in the painting, my brain is corroded

  • Katharina Debela
    Katharina DebelaHónapja

    I would say:go watch the destiel canon😂😂😂😂

  • Bear Star
    Bear StarHónapja

    Wish I was on Twitter! Would have totally recommended listening to Let them be Little while watching old home videos of MJ and Baby Bee!

  • ayala adar
    ayala adarHónapja

    this made me cry

  • Simeon Demetriou
    Simeon DemetriouHónapja

    Apparently I have no heart now.

  • Dream’s Clone
    Dream’s CloneHónapja

    This literally turned into a try not to cry video

  • Kalee Kerekes
    Kalee KerekesHónapja

    Looking at this piece actually made me cry because it reminded me of when I still had a dad and looking at this reminds me that I don't have anyone there for me.

  • Iqra Ali
    Iqra AliHónapja

    If u want to cry u could watch Bollywood movies but add sad before u search like u could search LAUNG LACHI this movie made me cry to death I’m sorry I’m late but try it in the future

  • Rainbow Ricalton
    Rainbow RicaltonHónapja

    Mom: What are you watching!?! Me: A guy trying to make himself cry to use his tears to paint. Mom: Yup okay then 👌

  • Vovk Strilka
    Vovk StrilkaHónapja


  • Kailyn Lo
    Kailyn LoHónapja

    7:10 imagine waking up to that 😂

  • Mohd Saqif
    Mohd SaqifHónapja

    I dont understand how people can express their sadness by crying. I wish i can do that Sike!!!! I love the way i am so should you

  • Jetli Feurt
    Jetli FeurtHónapja

    4:40 he has a daughter bit after that he isnt having any more

  • Logan Huber
    Logan HuberHónapja

    The part where jazza was painting was the part that made me cry.

  • Guðbjörn Bjartur Rakelarson
    Guðbjörn Bjartur RakelarsonHónapja

    Are you okay ???

  • Möchtegern_Autorin Julia_#DA ϟ
    Möchtegern_Autorin Julia_#DA ϟHónapja

    I was laughing the hole video, until you drew the hearts and the sad music started playing. 🥺😢 ... and then an ad ruined it 😂

  • kylie

    I know it’s too late but watching “if anything happens I love you” will make you cry. It’s a 12 minute movie on netflix

  • coffee cup
    coffee cupHónapja

    The hole time I've been crying cause everything is making me cry 😭

  • Brian hurst
    Brian hurstHónapja

    I eat raw onions for breckfast

  • Kaunoe Kazoo
    Kaunoe KazooHónapja

    1:20 Felt that

  • El

    You see. When I want to cry I simply watch BananaFish videos lmao

  • Jeab Wong
    Jeab WongHónapja

    I am not emotional dies that mean im cold hearted?

  • Paisley M
    Paisley MHónapja

    Your a good singer :)

  • Irene Su
    Irene SuHónapja

    Every time he fetches the tears from his eyes my eyes hurt.

  • Swastik Neol
    Swastik NeolHónapja

    yess you can your tears and sweat are just saline water from inside your body

  • Megan William
    Megan WilliamHónapja

    Saying that i have no heart was a little bit harsh,🙂

  • I.A.C.T.

    sad twerking

  • Black Swan
    Black SwanHónapja

    umm btw if you need tears I'm right here.

  • Jack Floyd
    Jack FloydHónapja

    Your a good singer I will give you that. Your awesome Jaz!!!!

  • Jack Floyd
    Jack FloydHónapja

    No more kids!!! HahHa {O , O} /)_) " "

  • hollypuff

    Him: "Can I p-" *yes*

  • filine spies
    filine spiesHónapja

    i cryed so mutch during this i cud make that pece of art like 1,000 times.. my flooris soaked