Alien VS Predator... this time for real! Today we'll be determining this mystery once and for all with a KILL RACE! Whoever gets more points WINS! We hope you enjoy!
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  • James Hooper
    James HooperNapja

    shot me out

  • Jerri Porter
    Jerri Porter4 napja


  • JJ Camp
    JJ Camp5 napja

    I think we can all agree Jordan is just better

  • Flor María Torres Díaz
    Flor María Torres Díaz6 napja


  • IDninja
    IDninja7 napja

    There is no thermal effect with the invisibility cloak.he wouldn’t see you

  • Kaloqn Chemshirov
    Kaloqn Chemshirov7 napja

    Let's go alien you are pro ,bye bye predator

  • Ulas Ekin
    Ulas Ekin9 napja

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  • Aiden Cokelet
    Aiden Cokelet10 napja

    Best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eazy
    Eazy10 napja

    Truly one of the most unrealistic fights ever but I will take it

  • Tristan Contreras
    Tristan Contreras11 napja

    F alien

  • ToxyStillPlayz :]
    ToxyStillPlayz :]11 napja

    Just like the movies alien wins

  • BagelhotnessYT
    BagelhotnessYT11 napja

    I honestly expected Jordan to win is a universal law that the predator loses either in a film or games it’s always gonna happen

  • Jenna Shaham
    Jenna Shaham12 napja

    I like

  • Holly Brown
    Holly Brown12 napja

    They don't know how alien vs predator goes

  • Marcus Balinton
    Marcus Balinton13 napja


  • Jonas Strömberg
    Jonas Strömberg13 napja

    J hghjmn

  • Tarkan Korkor
    Tarkan Korkor13 napja

    predator is the best

  • Bris
    Bris13 napja


  • Cathy Mcgrath
    Cathy Mcgrath14 napja

    you guys have the best videos

  • Jody longboat
    Jody longboat14 napja

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  • Nana Rashied
    Nana Rashied14 napja

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  • James Hooper
    James Hooper15 napja

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  • cade sirianni
    cade sirianni16 napja

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  • Adam Taab
    Adam Taab16 napja

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  • Jose Alegria
    Jose Alegria17 napja

    62 thouh

  • Caiden Craig
    Caiden Craig17 napja

    'so today' never gets old.

  • Easton Greco
    Easton Greco18 napja


  • Black Panda
    Black Panda18 napja

    " Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆♥ "

  • Tsuseb Mlking
    Tsuseb Mlking20 napja

    You guys are a pro in fortnite

  • MouseΨ
    MouseΨ21 napja


  • MouseΨ
    MouseΨ21 napja


  • MouseΨ
    MouseΨ21 napja


  • David0908 Mccafferty
    David0908 Mccafferty21 napja

    Am playing fortnite right now

  • Mm Oo
    Mm Oo21 napja


  • Diane Fallan
    Diane Fallan22 napja

    what is the name of the music when predator and alien are facing off

  • Tor Georg Von Der Ohe
    Tor Georg Von Der Ohe22 napja

    Jordan:"aliens are green almost everytime" Me: "Have you ever seen a alien?" (pls like it so jrdan can see it!)

  • Adam Beluch
    Adam Beluch22 napja

    Predator pro elien hacker

  • natalia sadkowska
    natalia sadkowska23 napja

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  • natalia sadkowska
    natalia sadkowska23 napja


  • FIFA 20
    FIFA 2024 napja

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  • Kayla Sheets
    Kayla Sheets24 napja

    JESSE y do u look like your 14 or 18

  • Sam Sehein
    Sam Sehein24 napja

    The president in the alien skin is in real life

  • amanda fludger
    amanda fludger24 napja


  • Deep Kelz
    Deep Kelz24 napja

    Alien vs Kiwiz

  • Kim Wallace
    Kim Wallace24 napja

    Can you friend me

  • Ahmad ashraf
    Ahmad ashraf24 napja

    what is an ai?

  • Benny Taylor
    Benny Taylor26 napja


  • Mr Ron big try
    Mr Ron big try26 napja

    Hi wun v wun me

  • Satori Halldorson
    Satori Halldorson26 napja

    Did he not notice taht the grenades were grey

  • Vassilios Stasinopoulos
    Vassilios Stasinopoulos26 napja

    Eleni is Dog food

  • RPN FN
    RPN FN26 napja

    Do blue superhero skin vs red superhero skin

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  • Keith Ellis
    Keith Ellis28 napja

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  • Depux Ray
    Depux Ray28 napja

    yes just like the movie

  • DRIFTY evoli
    DRIFTY evoli28 napja

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  • Opeyemi Olarewaju
    Opeyemi Olarewaju29 napja


  • Echo vr
    Echo vr29 napja


  • Luv.
    Luv.29 napja

    Subscribe to Luv.

  • Luv.


    29 napja

    Also x2Twins I love u guys

  • Talkative Dumb
    Talkative Dumb29 napja

    Fun fact: ""legends are watching this lying on the bed""🔥🔥…........

  • Rvora


    27 napja

    I am

  • Cherie Hiland

    Cherie Hiland

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    The GhostHónapja

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  • Pro Gamer
    Pro GamerHónapja

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  • Txx Space
    Txx SpaceHónapja

    Great vid its relax its chill Thx bro

  • XDSHANOO9635


  • Elliotte Burns
    Elliotte BurnsHónapja

    so they are tied

  • Ishan S
    Ishan SHónapja

    He shouldn’t have won

  • USSF Enterprise
    USSF EnterpriseHónapja

    AVP Movie

  • Karen Miranda
    Karen MirandaHónapja

    The thermal sniper doesn’t work with the mythic the predator

  • Emir Fırat Çirci
    Emir Fırat ÇirciHónapja


  • Emir Fırat Çirci
    Emir Fırat ÇirciHónapja


  • Kyubi _studios
    Kyubi _studiosHónapja

    That's unfair manfo sniper is much better than the predator mythic also they're gods with snipers

    JOHNNY WANGHónapja

    even if Jesse won the 1 v 1 he would still lose by 7 points

  • Adrian Uliszewski
    Adrian UliszewskiHónapja

    I'm at fortnite pretty good

  • The Kid Scientist
    The Kid ScientistHónapja

    “I am not doing a 1v1 again *ALIEN VS PREDETOR

  • Nazzarena Mason
    Nazzarena MasonHónapja

    Alien haven’t 23+ kills and predator 17+ (you are fake about your kill)


    jordan was lit

  • Sultan Alkaabi
    Sultan AlkaabiHónapja

    “Beanie Alien Head 😂”

  • Elsie Hooper
    Elsie HooperHónapja

    you know that defulat girl with cammo pants that me

  • Kingox -_-
    Kingox -_-Hónapja

    It's kinda unfair jesse challenges always harder😂

  • Mariya Rahmani
    Mariya RahmaniHónapja

    Jeannette est très bien elle a pas de problème

  • Ari Ingram
    Ari IngramHónapja

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  • The fun Peeps
    The fun PeepsHónapja

    Grenades are not green rarity

  • Stephen Edwards
    Stephen EdwardsHónapja

    grenades ar grey not green

  • مؤنس محمود عبدالله محمد البادي
    مؤنس محمود عبدالله محمد الباديHónapja

    سلام عليكم

  • Zuzana Beránková
    Zuzana BeránkováHónapja

    nooooooo predator no win

  • Facundo Javier BUSTAMANTE LOAYZA
    Facundo Javier BUSTAMANTE LOAYZAHónapja


  • Tyreq Palmer
    Tyreq PalmerHónapja

    that was sick my guy

  • li baoqiang
    li baoqiangHónapja

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  • Tomas quiroga
    Tomas quirogaHónapja

    Yes win alien

  • mohamed ilyacinā
    mohamed ilyacināHónapja

    Y do I always want the person with the lowest points win?


    2:20 i got someone on the billboard

  • Rockduck

    Hello guys😊! Nice video's ⭐👑!

  • beni

    So Jessie I heard you spell for a burger trap haha

  • PristineRelic54

    Jorden killed me

  • animals lover 69
    animals lover 69Hónapja

    Can you do Kratos vs Master cheif

  • Praveen Akaash
    Praveen AkaashHónapja

    Aliens are mostly green. What is this man, has racism spread to aliens too

  • Kurtis Walsh
    Kurtis WalshHónapja

    "0:31" I just got from here *** I am playing on my Mobile now

  • Maria Suciu
    Maria SuciuHónapja

    the predator is an alien