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People in this vid:

Oliver Tree:

Jason Nash:

Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • Chimmy
    Chimmy5 napja


  • Felipe Renan
    Felipe Renan13 napja

    00:00 song name?

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G14 napja

    Watching this after “The Real Reason the Show Ended” hits different when Jonah says that it’s his place and show now...

  • Issak’s  Nidoran

    Issak’s Nidoran

    13 napja

    It fucking sucks I still don’t know if it’s real or not

  • Kung fu Benny
    Kung fu Benny14 napja

    I can’t watch this after knowing Jeff’s foot was fractured during this 💀

  • Jayjayyyo
    Jayjayyyo15 napja

    I don't like Oliver Tree. Jonah, I forgive you.

  • Watermelon lol
    Watermelon lol19 napja

    Jona u are awesome bro like funny at dw bro we fucks with u

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B21 napja

    🤣 idk what the fuck to think! 🤣

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B21 napja

    Ok Batman 🦇😂

  • Ethan Kleiner
    Ethan Kleiner22 napja

    usually i understand that the guests are in on the joke, but Oliver Tree just comes off as annoying and unfunny to me

  • Samantha 24
    Samantha 2424 napja

    Oliver tree was annoying as hell in this video

  • HandyCatt
    HandyCatt25 napja

    Jeffs hoodie sus

  • Mr Ross
    Mr Ross26 napja

    Meh Oliver isn’t funny

  • Ellie horan
    Ellie horan27 napja

    honestly this show would be nothing without jonah he's the best ily nick

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy TailHónapja

    Fat fat

  • coonor martinson
    coonor martinsonHónapja

    i am confused about how he lawsuted david or someone idk know amymore i havnt been keeping up lately


    jeff im happy for u dude statenisland !!!!!! i use to come to the shop back in the day i do videos on ig we kno the same ppl hope everything going good brotha

  • Emily Chidester
    Emily ChidesterHónapja

    i love 1993

  • Bethany Alaniz
    Bethany AlanizHónapja

    I love Oliver’s trees music but not how he acts like ya somethings he says pisses me off but what he said to Jonah was so heart warming for me to hear.

  • Elwees


    8 napja

    It’s sarcasm🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Amber Hashmi
    Amber HashmiHónapja

    1:57 when Jonah doesn’t get the Batman reference 😶

  • Brayan Cardenas
    Brayan CardenasHónapja


  • Donis GamingPortal
    Donis GamingPortalHónapja

    Man rewatching this now after his documentary started and wow man is Jeff tough. That's scooter must have hurt so bad.

  • Melanie Lennon
    Melanie LennonHónapja

    8:05 Jeff saying “no no no” when Oliver backs up again :,( Still can’t believe he continued the show after that. Must’ve hurt like hell

  • TheReal President2016
    TheReal President2016Hónapja

    Dang Jeff.. thats whats up. 3:57

  • TrippleCee_ 626
    TrippleCee_ 626Hónapja

    This guy Oliver annoys me . Lol

  • Tobiah Garcia
    Tobiah GarciaHónapja

    I’m gonna miss Jeff’s barbershop

  • Chase Rogers
    Chase RogersHónapja

    Have you ever seen Ethan from H3H3 and Oliver Tree in the same room before... I haven’t

  • Treemarie



    lol check the h3 podcast

  • Cobber

    Jeff is Batman

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • Big daddy Bapo
    Big daddy BapoHónapja

    Literally makes an inside joke with jason at 4:00

  • Act Nasty
    Act NastyHónapja

    “God damn thats a real injury” 😭

  • frenzyy

    Absolutely inspiring that Jeff stayed so strong while going through this traumatic experience. Glad he is doing better now and I hope you stay safe and healthy Jeff, your stronger then most people

  • audlofo

    Wyatt actually looks just like jason

  • Austin Quadro
    Austin QuadroHónapja

    Damn Jonah ur funny as shit lmao, hope this shit doesn't actually bother you. all love my dude

  • Jovian

    Rewatch when Jeff gets hit by the mobility scooter 🛵 and just focus on Jeff’s face the rest of the episode. You can sense how much pain he’s trying to hide through out the whole vid 😭 damn that must’ve sucked

  • Paul Muro
    Paul MuroHónapja

    Oliver tree is the most annoying person I've ever seen.

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    It’s a persona lol, he’s not like that irl. But I see where you’re coming from if you don’t actually know someone.

  • Gianbear

    I didn't watch many of his videos, and I thought his wounds were faked for a joke...Sadly I was wrong =( Coming back to this now is insane.

  • Gianbear



    @lilcarcrash 21 Thank you. It was a double surprise for me. Unfortunate for Jeff.

  • lilcarcrash 21

    lilcarcrash 21


    The people who followed him on insta knew his injuries were real we just didn't know how it happened.

  • LittleRainGames

    Never get rid of Jonah.

  • Tainted Folly
    Tainted FollyHónapja

    3:56 When Jeff says the vlog squad is over and then points to his eye...damn

  • xSavior_Of_ALLx



    I was gonna make this comment I was reading the comments like nobody noticed this?

  • Luke Brown
    Luke BrownHónapja

    What happened to Jeff's face?

  • steve fernando

    steve fernando


    @Saitama • 13 years ago watch Jeff’s new documentary in his channel

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    @steve fernando David ducked him?

  • steve fernando

    steve fernando


    David happened

  • LostSoul999

    Your dr's did an amazing job bro

  • sky

    7:54 what u came for Also that looks like it would hurt a lot even if u weren't already injured 😬


    After the documentary this ep hits different

  • Even Ø
    Even ØHónapja

    4:40 this part is giving me mad Eric Andre Show vibes😭

  • FarmerLarBear22

    Oliver Stump.

  • Tobiah Garcia
    Tobiah GarciaHónapja

    im gonna miss jeffs barber shop

  • Alex Frampton
    Alex FramptonHónapja

    I love how Jason understands jeffs Humor

  • umarsgoated

    Who’s here after the documentary? Oliver tree messed up for that man

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    @Osvaldo Lopez yeah but people will still throw hate on him regardless cause they’re crazy for hate

  • Osvaldo Lopez

    Osvaldo Lopez


    He didn’t know

  • Roxie Reynolds
    Roxie ReynoldsHónapja

    Whether Jeff was injured or not, what kind of insensitive prick just runs into someone with a motorized METAL vehicle at full speed and slams them in between a wall and their vehicle? I remember watching this the time this came out and thinking this. I know this show is full of sarcasm and Jeff probably gave Oliver the go to go all out, but it seems kind of clear that he pushed those boundaries too far (like someone else we know, rhymes with Shmavid). Something tells me Jeff was actually really annoyed and irritated, esp when Oliver started smoking around Jason and his kids.

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    hello? Roxie Reynolds. You sure act like a douche. What’s wrong with having my own personal opinion?

  • john dough

    john dough


    He’s playing a character. If the 80’s ski fit is on Fuckery will ensue. Comparing him to david dobrik isn’t fair and it makes no sense. Oliver doesn’t manipulate anyone and I bet money he didn’t know jeff had a fractured foot. Jeff invited him on the show asking him to be chaotic.

  • Roxie Reynolds

    Roxie Reynolds


    @Saitama • 13 years ago Hello? Oliver, is that you? BC you sure are retaliating with a shit ton of comments on this video that excuse an ahole move. Just say you’re a 14 yr old kid and move on.

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    You should stop watching Jeff. This is what his audience likes if you don’t like it leave. You might not be okay with it but others might.

  • Javier Saldana
    Javier SaldanaHónapja

    I’m here because of the documentary

  • Vobaoge Queenston
    Vobaoge QueenstonHónapja

    Dude is anyone else suspicious when Jeff mentioned a "lawsuit" at the start ???

  • judith :P
    judith :PHónapja

    the way jeff’s fractured foot got ran over but he had to act like he wasn’t in excruciating pain... i feel so bad for him omg. i fr hope he’s okay, he’s had to hide this for so long :/

  • D D

    D D


    @Anthony R Gutierrez was he seriously made to sign an nda?

  • Anthony R Gutierrez

    Anthony R Gutierrez


    @D D legal reasons, and bc he was going to make videos about it anyway

  • D D

    D D


    why did he have to hide it?

  • Michael Plummer
    Michael PlummerHónapja

    oliver tree is too turnt up

  • Bredyn

    Who’s here after the documentary?!?!

  • Uglybaby Villarreal
    Uglybaby VillarrealHónapja

    I never knew who Oliver tree was but now I’m glad I didn’t poor Jeff

  • Big Boy

    Big Boy

    6 napja


  • Saleh Cheema
    Saleh CheemaHónapja

    8:00 the pain I just felt

  • Saleh Cheema
    Saleh CheemaHónapja

    Who’s here after Oliver ran into jeffs broken leg

  • ollie mate
    ollie mateHónapja

    Wayett looks like shaggy

  • M

    7:58 :( unlucky

  • amber nichole
    amber nicholeHónapja

    the scream when he hit his foot💔

  • Lily Lokaria
    Lily LokariaHónapja

    People do too much, you could tell he was in pain after that dude ran into him 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Lily Lokaria

    Lily Lokaria

    3 napja

    @LittleVista it’s that some people need to understand boundaries anyway. Friends don’t need to be getting you even slightly close to being harmed. I’m sure that would’ve hurt even without the injury he already had, but if Oliver had respected his space that wouldn’t have happened

  • LittleVista


    8 napja

    oliver tree didnt know if jeff had an actual injury

  • Tab Ah
    Tab AhHónapja

    Who is here to after the new documentary video?

  • Nunnaya Bidnit
    Nunnaya BidnitHónapja

    Anyone else here after his documentary?

  • Byron Records

    Byron Records


    His leg was literally broken lol

  • Faruko Zee
    Faruko ZeeHónapja

    "goddamn that's a real injury" - 😢😢

  • Mery Mei

    Mery Mei


    Felt that

  • Wei Sean Khor
    Wei Sean KhorHónapja

    who's here from ep 3 of Jeff's documentary and replaying @7:58

  • Shaolin Paul
    Shaolin PaulHónapja

    Watching this after the reveal of the tragic incident, makes me cry

  • Ahmed Hossam

    Ahmed Hossam



  • Larissaistrash

    Watching this after Jeff’s new video. Poor thing got his foot ran over and acted like it was all ok :(

  • MalGames 2010

    MalGames 2010


    @Maddie watch the newer videos you eejit

  • sarah lauren

    sarah lauren


    @Maddie where did he say it was a joke in his recent vlog about the lawsuit

  • Maddie



    @sarah lauren where what?

  • sarah lauren

    sarah lauren


    @Maddie where?

  • Maddie



    @Baby Bonbon Yeah that's a fair point. I just think a lot of the hardships he's suffered have been brought on by his own poor decisions and boundary-setting.

  • jennyisabel_

    That guys gonna feel like shit for not knowing about Jeff’s accident when running him over

  • dawson Hughes
    dawson HughesHónapja

    who’s here after the doc

  • Jesus Christ Jr
    Jesus Christ JrHónapja

    “The lawsuit is going ahead accordingly, money coming my way”


    Jeff is a savage for continuing the interview/haircut after nearly getting killed a 2nd time

  • skye

    7:57 JESUS that must've been so painful

  • JassyFizzle



    @Saitama • 13 years ago Doesn’t matter, you don’t run into people with motorized metal piece at full speed, it’s highly disrespectful and Jeff could of gave him the green light to be wreck less but towards the set and materialistic things not a physical person.

  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    @Kawaii Pateu he didn’t know, “stupid.”

  • Kawaii Pateu

    Kawaii Pateu


    he's so stupid, like i hate oliver he thinks he s so funny

  • Mohammad Raiyan
    Mohammad RaiyanHónapja

    after seeing after the accident ep 3 this is just heartbreaking to watch. love you man and i hope you recover completely, soon.

  • Albert Vierra
    Albert VierraHónapja

    whos here from the Accident Video?

  • Phantom Flock
    Phantom FlockHónapja

    Who’s here from the doc

  • Julie

    here after realizing his foot was crushed

  • Aaron's Future Kid

    Aaron's Future Kid


    Feel so bad. His foot was fractured and then ran over by a tree on a scooter... Dang

  • Emily Smith
    Emily SmithHónapja

    Who's rewatching this after learning he ran over Jeff's fractured foot

  • Nick【フロート】


    10 napja

    Running into someone at 4 miles per hour in a shopping scooter isn't going to hurt, he wouldn't have done it if he knew he was injured

  • Niko


    14 napja

    @Kawaii Pateu it was pretty funny cuz running over someones foot which isn't fractured wouldn't really hurt or something

  • TrippleCee_ 626

    TrippleCee_ 626



  • Saitama • 13 years ago

    Saitama • 13 years ago


    @Kawaii Pateu dude i see you everywhere commenting GTFO if you don’t like it. It’s SUBJECTIVE! You might not like it but other might. WHATS DO YOU NOT GET?

  • Elizabeth Ontiveros

    Elizabeth Ontiveros


    Ikkkk i was kinda fuming lol

  • Guadalupe Lopez
    Guadalupe LopezHónapja

    its looks like oliver tree found out what big macs are

  • Julia Nancy
    Julia NancyHónapja

    I love Oliver lmao “IM THE LITTLE MAN”

  • Em Pac
    Em PacHónapja

    I love that Jason is saying no to toking and Jeff blows the smoke into his face with the hairdryer for a split second

  • Joey Salem
    Joey SalemHónapja

    Tell me its not the same person

  • Logiic



    it is

  • Kariana Hamilton
    Kariana HamiltonHónapja

    Imagine not being able to smoke with Oliver tree because your dad‘s there... fuck that

  • M C
    M CHónapja

    Here after the accident was revealed ☠️

  • Dan Devine
    Dan DevineHónapja

    This has a very on cinema vibe

  • Ismahan A
    Ismahan AHónapja

    What’s crazy is I started watching this after seeing the fiasco where David tried to kill him on TikTok so I snooped on HUbase and found the 2 EPs...but his regular programming is actually SOO funny wtf😭😭😭😭

  • cece rojas
    cece rojasHónapja

    this is Jason's kids??? they've gotten so big

  • no

    wtf is jason's son on. why doesn't he have a reaction lmfao

  • Jackson Tucker
    Jackson TuckerHónapja

    Can’t stop laughing 😂

  • S

    So the cost of being friends with David is every time you film with him you may end up dead while he’s laughing behind the camera?!!!

  • Katapila J
    Katapila JHónapja

    I don't care what you say Oliver tree is the most entertaining a-mazing artist ever

  • Kyllianne Truckenbrod
    Kyllianne TruckenbrodHónapja

    I only have one question why is his spay bottle water piss yellow?

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus SalazarHónapja

    Bro Wyatt looks like the most boring kid to be around

  • K

    Never meet your heroes

  • Jeffrey Ulik
    Jeffrey UlikHónapja

    Oliver tree is not at all Funny

  • Michael Meehan
    Michael MeehanHónapja

    Oliver tree fucki g hilarious

  • Marco Mondragon
    Marco Mondragon2 hónapja

    I just realized that you told us what actually happened to your eye and we all thought you were being sarcastic, but after seeing your recent trailer for the doc, I am stunned 😳 haha good stuff big bro

  • Tan Öktenay
    Tan Öktenay2 hónapja

    5:17 watching this after the trailer.. Look at jeff after he heard “skydiving”

  • The DeviousPyro
    The DeviousPyro2 hónapja


  • DanTheMan
    DanTheMan2 hónapja

    Oliver is too edgy for them😭😭

  • Zeidy Blandon
    Zeidy Blandon2 hónapja

    On the other hand it was a skydiving accident all along

  • Zeidy Blandon
    Zeidy Blandon2 hónapja

    I feel sorry for Wyatt