redrawing EVERY SINGLE PAGE in my FIRST SKETCHBOOK?! (More than 10 Years Later!)

Over the last few weeks, I made it my goal to sit down and redraw every single page in my very first sketchbook. Maybe part of me thought it would be a challenge (which it was) maybe part of my thought it'd be fun (which most of it was) and maybe part of me just wanted to see what it would look like now? (which I did) Whatever the reasons, I did it, and now I'm sharing it with you.

It's been over ten years since I first started keeping sketchbooks and its been such a fun whirlwind of a journey. Graduating from loose-leaf paper and lined spiral-bound notebooks to a real sketchbook was both a goal and life-changing milestone for me. My art style has changed a lot and my technique is much more efficient. This whole project made me extremely introspective and I seriously am so thankful that I stuck with it. Art isn't something you make, but rather a journey that you choose to take every day. I hope you continue to walk that path and let it bring you joy.

The Pilot Character I redrew before:

Yes, this video took forever to make and I started it in March. XP

Pencil ❤
Liquitex Basics Paints:
Ohuhu Sketchbook:
Original Sketchbook is not sold anymore.
Copic Sketch Markers:
Ohuhu Brushmarkers:
Ohuhu Pastel:
Ohuhu Fineliners:
Col-Erase Pencils:

illo Sketchbook 8x8:
Copic Sketch Markers:
Ohuhu Brushmarkers:
Ohuhu Pastel:
Ohuhu Fineliners:
White Posca Pen:
Col-Erase Pencils:

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