Customizing Giant THRIFT SHOP Paintings!

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  • cathrynl77
    cathrynl7749 másodpercig

    First and last ones are really great! Kraaken was my fave, until I saw the dragon- it's a tie! All four characters would be my choice for sure. I'd like Godzilla to have a little green tone definition while still being in a dream state. The stranger things painting needs more. I would put something in the water

  • Cat Nip
    Cat Nip9 órája


  • Anna Horáková - Rani Yuna
    Anna Horáková - Rani Yuna13 órája

    This is how people who think, that they have more talent, they can damage work those, who were teaching us with their work, how to do it correct...🥺

  • Kat Palmer
    Kat Palmer13 órája

    I love the first one with the kraken and the last one with the dragon the most, great job!!

  • Adrienne Winter
    Adrienne Winter19 órája

    Love this episode, thanks

  • Frame Art Scape
    Frame Art Scape21 órája

    Awesome !

  • Crystal Torres
    Crystal Torres22 órája

    Loved this video!

  • LuckyStar

    The last one is fantastic

  • Jackie Haus
    Jackie HausNapja

    Love the Dragon painting the best....♡

  • Linda Vanwey
    Linda VanweyNapja

    Thank god for the last one. Wasn’t sure you could actually paint. Cool ideas tho.

  • H Max
    H MaxNapja

    Can't say I really like that. You have a painting that's signed by the artist and in my opinion you are ridiculing the artist and belittling their effort. you are both mocking and ridiculing the artist. Take a painting that is not signed some generic mass produced art that's has no signature. If that was my painting I would be very upset at you for doing that.

  • bueller48

    Needs more Death Star.

  • Nanny's House Vintage
    Nanny's House VintageNapja

    I could absolutely not love this more.

  • Silver Shot
    Silver Shot2 napja

    I would buy the kraken or the dragon

  • Wykkyd
    Wykkyd2 napja

    You’re welcome! The dragon kicks ass!

  • An G
    An G2 napja

    The last one was delicious to watch

  • SniffingDogArt Official
    SniffingDogArt Official2 napja

    Absolutely love the dragon at the end with the adventurer, really, really cool. Not so sure about the depiction of the Mind Flayer, hahah, or the lightning, but the red wash worked really well. The second print was awesome as well; looked so cool.

  • Neojaw 21
    Neojaw 212 napja

    Dang it... you got me, liked and subscribed

  • lmundi
    lmundi2 napja

    Good idea, I do need a painting behind my sofa. I did it hit like and subscribed for ALL 'don't wanna miss a thing'!

  • lmundi
    lmundi2 napja

    Love it! I am currently rerepainting over a canvas I got at a thrift store. An ugly flower, turned to landscape of fancy lady sitting on a bench turned into a painting of the Brooklyn Bridge, then added the Blue Man Group to the bridge. It was a day time view but hmm a night time is more romantic. Hey a girl has a right to change her mind.

  • Ametama
    Ametama2 napja

    You’re such an awful artist the only thing you’re talented at is tricking millions of people into thinking you’re a good one

  • Christian Serna
    Christian Serna2 napja



    I can see you did the very minimum of effort here.

  • avernion
    avernion2 napja

    I would get the kraken and the dragon. 👊🏻

  • Valerie Oberle
    Valerie Oberle3 napja

    Totally awesome creativity! I have some ugly paintings I can really go crazy with! Thanks for sharing!

  • Casey Robinson
    Casey Robinson3 napja

    OMG I love everything about this 😍 Monsters in paintings. I want one

  • Dori Wilson
    Dori Wilson3 napja

    Why on earth would you destroy someone's original art?

  • artigo tale
    artigo tale3 napja

    This is so cool

  • Edina Hodos
    Edina Hodos3 napja

    I have been watching your videos for a very long time. This was my favorite by far. Its great to see what you can create when you are in the zone!

  • David Ceballos
    David Ceballos4 napja

    this is awesome, i like you..

  • Sue Gore
    Sue Gore4 napja

    I hope you do more of these, that is wonderful

  • Lee Buddle
    Lee Buddle4 napja

    I’d love that kraken hanging on me wall like

  • licustoms
    licustoms4 napja

    I thought you were going to have Godzilla as the creator of the wind for the sailboats and the heat generated off his efforts that pump out the little floaty clouds. Cool ideas still! ❤️

  • Tammy Jaecks
    Tammy Jaecks4 napja

    I LOVED them ALL❤❤❤

  • Ranstone
    Ranstone4 napja

    Jazza's brother: "wHAt aBoUt DRAGONS!??!" Jazza: "Say no more!".

  • Consume Honey
    Consume Honey4 napja

    Ha, ha, I actually liked that word you used.. modernify. Well I've been wanting to do something like this with one of my mom's old paintings but I've been too scared. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  • Le Dusko
    Le Dusko5 napja

    I really like the fact he’s using the same paint style from the original paint. It add genius to the « parody »

  • Shauna Ham
    Shauna Ham5 napja

    The definition of saving the best for last lol

  • camostar
    camostar5 napja

    you should ask the original artist (if aviable) to redo your nice ideas to the scene but lousy paint job

  • Chris Mclean
    Chris Mclean5 napja

    Do you sell these after you are done? Do you have a gallery? :)

  • diane pease
    diane pease5 napja

    I like the dragon picture well , so cool nicely done

  • ranisha richards
    ranisha richards6 napja

    This is going to be Millions of dollars in the future just because Jazza put Tentacles on it I don't know how to feel about the original Artists🙁🙁🙁

  • Nik Draven McFarland
    Nik Draven McFarland6 napja

    I feel like this is inappropriate

  • Davis Family
    Davis Family6 napja

    Love the last painting!

  • Decorall
    Decorall6 napja

    I like the Dragon too. what imagination and that was fast also. Hi and Thanks from here.

  • Dennis Manning
    Dennis Manning6 napja


  • ocelaeno
    ocelaeno6 napja

    Coolest concept ever. I hope this becomes a thing multiple artists do now.

  • Travis Mahoney
    Travis Mahoney7 napja

    thats amazing such a good idea.

  • Cameron Mitchell
    Cameron Mitchell7 napja

    Come on!!! You could of done better on the lightening one... I liked how you made it redder but geez ugly lightening... Otherwise what you're doing is so cool!!!

  • Catherine Malcolm
    Catherine Malcolm7 napja

    Love the boats one, but the last is the one I would buy, it's awesome, I see the dragon hiding behind the tree x

  • Lia Power
    Lia Power7 napja

    This is hilarious. I gotta pee!!!

  • Lia Power
    Lia Power7 napja

    I'm fully committed LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅

  • SB
    SB7 napja

    You can't sell these though, can you? It's copyright infringement?

  • Stephen Frost
    Stephen Frost7 napja

    Now we should get some Jazza originals to change up and see what we can do with them.

    ILOVEPANDA7 napja

    Wow, i love them.

  • John Thorgard
    John Thorgard8 napja

    "Op Shop" you Aussie shill.

  • Paula Byrd
    Paula Byrd8 napja

    I actually like the kraken idea. It's cool. I'm not a dragon lover but that is awesome. It fits!

  • C. Mason
    C. Mason8 napja

    My first time watching and probably last but Even though this is not for me I think it's great that your making something old new again. I appreciate your artistry and it really felt like you were loving what you were doing. So thank you for sharing your time & talents with me. Happy Creating!👍🙂💜 c. mason

  • LifeIsZealous
    LifeIsZealous8 napja

    As a fellow Aussie, I couldn't help but cringe every time he said thrift shop, because we call them op shops 😂😂

  • OG Community
    OG Community8 napja

    little did he know the painting he used was

  • piperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers
    piperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers8 napja

    No my creative juices are brewing....gonna head out to the goodwill store...

  • Tori C
    Tori C8 napja

    That last painting legit made me subscribe. I would buy that in a heartbeat. Wow!!! color me impressed.

  • sheryljeanne
    sheryljeanne9 napja

    Loved the sea monster you added to the boat 🖼 painting I wasn't going to subscribe, but you had me at the Kraken

  • TheEnchantedGyspy
    TheEnchantedGyspy9 napja

    Ok that last painting I really didn’t think could be saved no matter what you did, but whoa! That is by far my favorite!!!

  • Mark The Cruel
    Mark The Cruel9 napja

    I'm liking the golden dragon painting but Geralt carries two swords not a shield.

  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith9 napja

    Excellent work, upcycled crappy old pictures making them one off originals. I mean, none of these are actually good paintings to start with, all look mass produced or paint by numbers

  • Faun Heartist
    Faun Heartist9 napja

    First & Last! FY! Doesn't it get any better than that! LMAO

  • jass mouse
    jass mouse9 napja

    Creative yes but you just destroyed someone’s hard work, print or their original works. Regardless of them being well known or just some average joe. Man I’d haunt the person who edited my paintings, this makes me cringe because of the disrespect. The hours, money and emotions that go into a painting is crazy even if it’s just created out of a “hmm I feel like painting” there are still emotions and purpose put into every stroke and colour choice. Not a fan anymore dude.

  • Mike Frazee Writes
    Mike Frazee Writes9 napja

    This is great until you unknowingly destroy a lost Van Gogh painting, or one of those boring Antique Roadshow painting, of grass, valued at 30,000 USD.

  • Cherryheart Lover
    Cherryheart Lover9 napja

    I really really really want to do this o.o

  • A.J. Walker
    A.J. Walker9 napja

    Yeah Bro, you're dope. Super creative.

  • Roro Rose
    Roro Rose9 napja

    i like the Godzilla one ☺️

  • Phoenix gaming
    Phoenix gaming10 napja

    The dragon and the hero is my favorite

  • Inspired Dawn
    Inspired Dawn10 napja


  • Ashtraygal
    Ashtraygal10 napja

    all the Baumgartner gang in here being like "This isn't reversible" while nodding disapprovingly

  • Colin Kulick-Soper

    Colin Kulick-Soper

    4 napja

    he didn't even put down an isolation layer, the horror

  • Echristle
    Echristle10 napja

    Could be better

  • clockwork orange
    clockwork orange10 napja

    That Godzilla looks kinda like a poop stain on the painting though lol

  • Lilah Rauh
    Lilah Rauh11 napja

    He should have put demadogs in the mind flayer painting.

  • nAdira ali girls WOrLD
    nAdira ali girls WOrLD11 napja


  • Tat2Tank
    Tat2Tank11 napja

    Lol just hit like right b4

  • queenSummerKeli
    queenSummerKeli11 napja

    I like this..I am going to do it with my little girl.

  • rdwoolf
    rdwoolf11 napja

    If I were at an art showing I’d DEFINITELY purchase the kraken painting!

  • Stephanie Sibits
    Stephanie Sibits11 napja

    what are u doing with the paintings after u alter them. donating back to thrift store

  • ZER0
    ZER011 napja

    I liked the first and last one.

  • prawyalt
    prawyalt11 napja

    I need this godzilla painting.

  • brooke anderson
    brooke anderson11 napja

    Love your dragon 🐉 good job Fun concept

  • Court Reinland
    Court Reinland12 napja

    that godzila is terrible and godzilla is to big and im a godzilla fan!

  • Akif Aiman
    Akif Aiman12 napja

    its not vandalize if its yours

  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt12 napja

    Last year I lost one of my best friends to cancer. She loved dragons so much. She even published her own books with dragons as main players in the story. Her favorite was red dragons. I got very choked up watching the end of this video. Thank you for your beautiful art Jazza.

  • Sansi Daan
    Sansi Daan12 napja

    Great ideas to practise how to paint and getting very imaginative mate. Finally how do you upcycle Vinnies and Salvos stuff. Yay 👍 Now ...what to do with them afterwards???

  • Kinoko
    Kinoko12 napja

    I want that mind flayer one on my wall, it looks so funny and menacing at the same time

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad12 napja

    you destroyed that 1st painting

  • Anne Geeraerts
    Anne Geeraerts12 napja

    The kraken looked better without the gray outline. Less is more.

  • Suzanne Parrish
    Suzanne Parrish12 napja

    Excellent I loved the Kracken and the Dragon paintings. You did an amazing job.

  • Devin Fischetti
    Devin Fischetti12 napja

    When you go to hit like and subscribe but you already did.

  • robin2012ism
    robin2012ism12 napja

    "Tentacles" by Jazza

  • robin2012ism
    robin2012ism12 napja

    Yes! Brilliant.

  • Jan Len
    Jan Len12 napja

    I love the dragon! Such a great idea, Jazza 😁

  • MasterFurious_123
    MasterFurious_12312 napja

    godzilla is not a kaiju

  • Nicole Brunson
    Nicole Brunson13 napja

    Don’t know how I got here but WOW!!! the last one killed!!!!