THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie
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  • lll. Friedrich
    lll. Friedrich17 perccel

    Lütfen Marvel başarısı yakalayak şen şakrak bir universe'miz olsun deyip bunu da diğerleri gibi bok etmeyin

  • Shiraz Shrestha
    Shiraz Shrestha26 perccel

    What is yondu doing there

  • Sindi Xhengo
    Sindi Xhengo30 perccel

    What about joker ??!!

  • Merlin

    I can’t wait to see my husband Peter Capaldi!!!!!

  • Ajitanshu
    Ajitanshu2 órája

    Good to see Viktor Krum back as King Shark!

  • oru Njan
    oru Njan4 órája

    Sometimes I think she is the female version of Jack sparrow

  • Kate V
    Kate V5 órája

    I’m only gonna watch this for Pete Davidson 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Eric Santana
    Eric Santana6 órája

    Future event Amanda Waller will die at the hands of either the parademons or Darkseids omega beams her days are numbered.

  • Lil Grim Lil Grim
    Lil Grim Lil Grim6 órája

    What about joker

  • Kage_ Dragon!
    Kage_ Dragon!7 órája

    Lets again tell. What in the world

  • Simp City
    Simp City7 órája

    Screw everyone else. PETER. CAPALDI

  • Eli Pulido
    Eli Pulido7 órája

    I like how they added not so popular dc villains in the movie like polka-dot man and calendar man

  • DCgameGuy85 1

    DCgameGuy85 1

    5 órája

    You kidding??? Polkadot man is one of the original and best Batman villians. Hardly not well known. You casuals know nothing


    King shark So cute

  • George Bonanza
    George Bonanza10 órája

    I dig Margot’s Harley but I can’t believe they’re making this SHIT instead of Man of Steel 2 or any other JL member movie. I’d much rather see a Deathstroke movie than this

  • Arielle Smith
    Arielle Smith11 órája


  • Xnine.
    Xnine.12 órája

    Because of all the movies starro will appear in suicide squad.

  • chuggggggy
    chuggggggy13 órája

    James Gunn huh so this is gonna be Guardians of the Planet

  • Theonewhodrums
    Theonewhodrums13 órája

    How they not gonna put the joker in this movie?

  • Crispy ChokoPuffs
    Crispy ChokoPuffs13 órája

    The joker should return and appear more

  • Nedward Nobqop
    Nedward Nobqop14 órája

    burly shark fellow

  • Get_ ClapzYT
    Get_ ClapzYT15 órája

    Pete Davinson to

  • Get_ ClapzYT
    Get_ ClapzYT15 órája

    John CENA is in the movie

  • Spookie Pookie
    Spookie Pookie17 órája

    Perhaps the only DC movie i'd watch. That shark is hilarious!

  • Big Willy Billy
    Big Willy Billy17 órája

    There is a new member of The Suicide Squad....... AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

  • Sulaiman Abdullateef
    Sulaiman Abdullateef18 órája

    So Harley Quinn gets to wear a dress this time. Improvement

  • lucious black
    lucious black18 órája

    Let's see what Jame Gunn can do to make this an actual hit.

  • Danny Buenaventura
    Danny Buenaventura19 órája

    Is that John Cena?

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval19 órája

    No will Smith and no crocodile guy what happened

  • J ???
    J ???19 órája

    Oh no! Another one ! The first one was crap!

  • Diyar Gündüz
    Diyar Gündüz20 órája

    joker olmicakmı

  • Kat White
    Kat White20 órája

    I love this but the first is better than the trailer

  • Shreya Srivastava
    Shreya Srivastava21 órája


  • cecil
    cecil23 órája

    Tim Gunn and the Suicide Squad redemption arc, i am here for iiiiiiit♥️👌🏻

  • Shanvi singh
    Shanvi singh23 órája

    Her hair looked like red and black

  • The Weeknd
    The WeekndNapja

    Starfish emoji needed

  • knight Hawk
    knight HawkNapja


  • BlueSyrupGC

    I don’t think anyone can direct a stupid, ridiculously and wonderful movie like James Wan. Only him can do such thing.

  • Ayang Ayang
    Ayang AyangNapja

    Wow😭😭😭serss 😍😍😍

  • Ruqayya

    I'm a Marvel fan... but I just wanna see Pete Davidson

  • I Unfinity I
    I Unfinity INapja

    Finally another dose of Harley Quinn. I've been fiending.

  • Ryan Sleep
    Ryan SleepNapja

    I wonder how long WW and HQ can hold up the sole crushing weight of dc's constant mind blowing failures

  • Ryan Sleep

    Ryan Sleep

    10 órája

    Was refering to the first ww and h q specifically

  • Calvin Huang

    Calvin Huang

    14 órája

    WW1984 and BoP have been the least successful movies in DCEU by a significant margin.

  • Juliette kimowan
    Juliette kimowanNapja

    I’m wondering, why weren’t the characters from the first suicide squad in here? Or what happened to. Them lol

  • Chazz’s Channel
    Chazz’s ChannelNapja

    I can’t wait to not see this

  • Tom Danks
    Tom DanksNapja

    I have a feeling this gonna be the movie that finally makes me like john cena

  • Sean McGowan
    Sean McGowanNapja

    There is literally a 0% chance the word 'Smooching' is in this movie. Though I'm sure what she actually says will start with an S

  • Redvines69

    At first I thought they just replaced Will Smith and hoped we wouldn't notice, then realized it was a DIFFERENT character who wears a helmet?

  • Gregory Thomas
    Gregory ThomasNapja


  • Fets Dor
    Fets DorNapja

    Not even worth to torrent this crap.

  • Nick Lulgjuraj
    Nick LulgjurajNapja

    I need to see captin boomerang in this

  • Zero

    King Shark: Num Num

  • LBGTQ darkwolf
    LBGTQ darkwolfNapja

    This is amazinggg cant WAITTT-

  • Kayla Murphy
    Kayla MurphyNapja

    so many of the lesser villains have made it into a MOVIE

  • youdontmesswithzorro

    sad future... for arts, especially cinematography.

  • Bi*ch im a Boss
    Bi*ch im a BossNapja

    şerefsiz joker bizi bıraktı ya hala ona yanıyorum.

  • Mohd Asif
    Mohd AsifNapja

    Wtf where's deadshot

  • Mohd Asif

    Mohd Asif

    9 órája

    @Unknown 000 oh ok. I got that.

  • Unknown 000

    Unknown 000

    19 órája

    @Mohd Asif I don’t know I said I’m hoping there will be a scene of joker in this movie

  • Mohd Asif

    Mohd Asif

    22 órája

    @Unknown 000 which joker scene. That Justice league reference?

  • Unknown 000

    Unknown 000


    @Mohd Asif joker Is also not in this movie which I am really sad about, there could possibly be one scene of joker tho which I’m Hoping for

  • Mohd Asif

    Mohd Asif


    @Unknown 000 hope so. After that wife incident he had things in very rough way

  • light saberAddiCt
    light saberAddiCtNapja

    "Its like Angels are splooging all over us!"...God I love Harley!

  • ajay yamba

    ajay yamba

    4 órája

    Puddin everyone loves Harley

  • Zeynep Aslı Özdal
    Zeynep Aslı Özdal2 napja

    İm so EXCİTED!!

  • CreepyCrafter
    CreepyCrafter2 napja


  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG2 napja


  • alivia ofeldt
    alivia ofeldt2 napja

    the fact that pete is in this makes me so happy

  • Tyler's videos and games
    Tyler's videos and games2 napja

    This is going to be a horrible and good movie I can already tell

  • xX Mei Xx
    xX Mei Xx2 napja

    OMG what tf I think Movie Makers wanna make us happy of this covid bc I just see Venom 2

  • Aayush Arora
    Aayush Arora2 napja

    Only one word ! Why?????????

  • Nee 1013
    Nee 10132 napja

    you mean no joker......

  • Unknown 000

    Unknown 000


    There might be one scene I hope so anyway

  • fayiz alvi
    fayiz alvi2 napja

    didnt like the shark

  • charlotte jamer
    charlotte jamer2 napja


  • Maiya Mercedes
    Maiya Mercedes2 napja

    I don't like movies or tv besides Sailor Moon but i will see this!

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen2 napja

    I can't believe Will Smith is not in this movie. That's just a mistake. I'm so disappointed!!!!!

  • Sammy Griffith
    Sammy Griffith2 napja


  • Rumey Tiya
    Rumey Tiya2 napja

    Where's joker

  • Felix Paz
    Felix Paz2 napja

    Had me at John Cena

  • abel halkett
    abel halkett2 napja

    nom nom?

  • ECJB
    ECJB2 napja

    1:40 LOL

  • ZimXL
    ZimXL2 napja

    2:47 does anyone know who is on the very right hand side. next to I assume its polka dot man?

  • Fook Utube
    Fook Utube2 napja

    King Shark and Groot should be friends

  • Happy Gaming1632
    Happy Gaming16322 napja

    Why would they replaced them?😢 I want to see will Smith too

  • fxxr
    fxxr2 napja

    if i watch this it will only be for harley quiin tbh

  • magicmulder
    magicmulder2 napja

    Suicide Squad => The Suicide Squad => The Suicide Squadmen => S. Squad: Back To Life => Han Quinn: A Suicide Squad Story

  • Monkeick Uchiha
    Monkeick Uchiha2 napja

    No entiendo los comentarios😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jiji88
    Jiji882 napja

    Kinda miss Will Smith as Deadshot I think he did fantastic as him

  • Nedgy Alexis
    Nedgy Alexis2 napja

    That man is still aliVe i’m a member of that he had coronavirus so he took the vaccine

  • GGabri
    GGabri2 napja

    Menudo trozo de ñordo va a ser hahahahaha, un p*to chiste peor que la 1... Si pensais lo contrario buff, comparado con la nueva de Justice League Zack Snyder y la del Joker cagatee lorito

  • Raghavendra Kowtal Kowtal
    Raghavendra Kowtal Kowtal2 napja

    Alright where's Will Smith

  • BONG
    BONG2 napja

    This could be good... I believe in it.

  • Touti Cupcakes
    Touti Cupcakes2 napja

    let's be honest here. Harley is the main reason we've bothered to be here

  • Simon Andriessen
    Simon Andriessen2 napja

    The line: "Who knows why mad men do what they do?" from Peacemaker of all people perfectly encapsulates why I want to go see this movie in theaters.

  • el denis
    el denis2 napja

    1:52 te convertiste en lo que juraste destruir mi mascari- digo,mi cochiloco

  • Kasey M
    Kasey M2 napja

    I'm excited to see it!!

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo2 napja

    We went from Man of Steel to this... I hate WB

  • Audge Dixon
    Audge Dixon2 napja

    "This coming from a guy who wears a toilet seat on his head." The shade.

  • Theunwantedwings
    Theunwantedwings2 napja

    Wait where's Deadshot?

  • noobgamer7 7
    noobgamer7 73 napja

    1:30 The polka-dot dude: “I hope so.” Me: “Hey it’s the polka-dot dude from the LEGO Batman Movie”

  • Louie Spears
    Louie Spears3 napja

    this movie looks so stupid im sorry

  • Elin Tellgren
    Elin Tellgren3 napja

    Joel Kinnaman ❤️❤️❤️

  • RC 21
    RC 213 napja

    Seeing Harley Quinn without Joker is so bad

  • Kayle Andrew P Floriano
    Kayle Andrew P Floriano3 napja

    Wheres deadshot??

  • Lucas Georg
    Lucas Georg3 napja

    is THIS what they prefer to a sequel to Zack Snyder's Justice League?? yeah lol I'm not watching this

  • Mask0FF Editz
    Mask0FF Editz3 napja

    Is Harley gonna wear that dress through the whole movie? If so then I will be so mad

  • DCgameGuy85 1

    DCgameGuy85 1

    5 órája

    Watch the full trailer and behind the scenes. She's clearly in two different outfits

  • Valdas V
    Valdas V3 napja

    no Will Smith? 😔