it's summer '13, you're on a roadtrip vibing and life's good


the year is 2013, summer has just begun, you're on a roadtrip vibing, the radio is playing all the new songs, the sun is going down and you are starting to slowly fall asleep, everything is fine...


  • Isabely Alves
    Isabely Alves29 napja

    U wanna know what?? Yes, I miss the good days, but nothing will stop me from making new good days! As long I have air on my chest I will live every single day as the last, if I get sad or something I will not give up, and hear me out: YOU TOO, so get up and start dance bestie!!

  • diana


    45 perccel

    @Francisco Dias PLSS

  • Rana Kandil

    Rana Kandil

    14 órája


  • Hello world

    Hello world

    17 órája

    wat if u literally cant have a good day- ever again..?

  • Tanis Moore

    Tanis Moore

    23 órája

    Kinda wish we are besties ngl

  • Emilija Trusaite

    Emilija Trusaite


    you dont know how much i needed that thank you:))

  • tooru oikawa!
    tooru oikawa!12 perccel

    at least u can say that "we'll go down in history"

  • diana
    diana48 perccel

    when i say i would do anything to go back to this year, i mean it

  • Guadalupe
    Guadalupe48 perccel

    i need u in spotify!!!!!!

  • Ticci Work
    Ticci Work3 órája

    2021 yks çalışırken

  • Vasco Santos
    Vasco Santos4 órája

    Actually, '13 was simultaneously the best and the worst time of my life...I truly fell in love for the first time, felt accomplished and happy. I can still feel the warmth of the colors that painted that summer, the smell and the atmosphere. It was still a time where technology was nowhere near as alienating as nowadays and it was easier to deny it. Then, at the end of that year I had to deal with the toughest breakup, I blamed myself and was completely high on pills 24/7, I have no idea how I made it past '13 given the things I had done. As for the music...these were the songs that served as an involuntary soundtrack when I was on a date, having a meal,, even though they aren't really my cup of tea and I was only listening to 80's and 90's music myself, they are nonetheless forever connected with that time and place in my life.

  • Ewa Witowska
    Ewa Witowska6 órája

    Polska jak się nazywa 1 piosenka

  • Jarmes
    Jarmes7 órája

    Do you ever just look back and think that life was so much better back then and that you took your best days for granted util they were silently ripped from you by the cold hands of time

  • J0RG
    J0RG8 órája

    pov: Vuelves a 2013, aun no sufres de ansiedad y/o depresión. miras MTV muy cerca de la tele, tu madre prepara la comida mientras te apresura a hacer tu tarea.

  • Cheizi
    Cheizi11 órája

    My serotonin is currently at max

  • Korey Suzuchi
    Korey Suzuchi13 órája

    I dont want to grow up

  • 4stro
    4stro14 órája

    I just wish I could wake up and be back in 2013

  • Candy Johnson
    Candy Johnson14 órája

    Hi I'mcandy Johnson

  • Hello world
    Hello world17 órája

    but life isnt good

  • JustaGamer
    JustaGamer18 órája

    it feels like i am back in 2014

  • Harry Danks
    Harry Danks18 órája

    bro summer as a kid literally in a song

  • Deidra Sledge
    Deidra Sledge20 órája

    this would be the best playlist ever if only it didn't have one direction-best song ever

  • { ̊Freaky ̊Kermit ̊Frog ̊} XD
    { ̊Freaky ̊Kermit ̊Frog ̊} XD20 órája

    Remember old good days when depression wasn’t a part of our lives! I miss these days and this song playlist of 2013 made my day better and I listen to this song now in 74 days in a row every night before sleep :) everyone should do it! 💞✨Vibes ✨💞

  • Nadja 190
    Nadja 19021 órája

    I love to listen this when I am studying or doing hw

  • J C
    J C21 órája

    I went on a road trip that summer to W.D.C and my mom was driving with my aunt in the passenger side taking videos of me and my uncle in the back singing at the top of are lugs

  • balazs
    balazs22 órája

    i misd these times so much bro.. :/

  • Hannah Churchill
    Hannah Churchill23 órája

    The music in 2020-2021 sucks now, why can't they just go back to making music like this, that everyone knows and loves. We used to vibe at 3:00 in the morning to this music, Now it seems as if every singer in existence has lost their talent...

  • Hannah Churchill
    Hannah Churchill23 órája

    The past needs to come back, Is it just me or does this bring you back to the happy times, when the whole world wasn't miserable...

  • Sugar Sweet

    Sugar Sweet

    11 órája

    If feels like back then just had a magical spark to it ya I feel like these days the spark is lost and just not there anymore...I wanna go back so bad..

  • Maria Luiza Borges Boaventura
    Maria Luiza Borges Boaventura23 órája

    POV:Vc e sua familia viajando de carro,alguem/vc decide colocar sua playlist e vc começa a canta sua familia cantando junto e rindo todos se divertindo... nos eramos inocentes.....

  • Adalyn Farrell
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  • Maja Ziębacz
    Maja ZiębaczNapja

    It was 8 years ago and what? We just want to feel like this again.

  • Jessica IsCool
    Jessica IsCoolNapja

    " I wish we could know that we're in the good old days while we're in them"

  • ErxcFnbr 0
    ErxcFnbr 0Napja

    you just remember the old days without corona, where you could still do everything and listen to exactly this music

  • Grantas ಠ_ಠ
    Grantas ಠ_ಠNapja

    Yes... It's 3am and I am listening to this.

  • Gissella Ramirez
    Gissella RamirezNapja

    even though I'm just in my room closing my eyes it's like I could feel the breeze it feels like a dream!

  • Natasia Amyotte
    Natasia AmyotteNapja

    You’d be lying if you said you never pretended to be asleep just so your parents would carry you into the house. You thought you were so sneaky and smart but now when you think about it, they probably always knew you were faking. That knowing glance matched with a grin they would give. And sometimes they would tickle you and you would start laughing uncontrollably. You’d be a little upset that you were given away, but that anger would wash away in a moment.

  • April Lee
    April LeeNapja

    POV: You are 8 years old, coming home from a family party, and you almost fall asleep listening to these songs.

  • Napja

    I was 3.5 at this time that makes me 😭

  • Allyballygator :D
    Allyballygator :DNapja

    My very emotionally wrecked brain scrolled through these comments and immediately started crying.

  • Hanna Renee
    Hanna ReneeNapja

    i got in a car wreck and rip tide was the song playing so everyone i hear i think about it. but like not in a scary way even tho it’s was like a 5 car wreck 😩

  • bai

    When music still had sense.

  • JustaGamer


    18 órája

    Yeah, today its mostly just about sex, drugs, and party. back then it was more about life, feelings and love.

  • loui

    anyone notice the car sounds in the background?????????

  • Martha Ovando
    Martha OvandoNapja

    *Soy la única que se imagina algo mientras escucha esto?*

  • Remil Legarde
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  • JoePlaysGames

    this just reminds me of coming home seeing listening to these and being so hyped seeing skydoesminecraft posting a new video. They were the times man.

  • Olivia Beaudoin
    Olivia BeaudoinNapja

    I feel like counting stars explains past me vs me now

  • Karlos Markos
    Karlos MarkosNapja

    Me tearing while listening to this 😤

  • Águeda Benítez Cuevas
    Águeda Benítez Cuevas2 napja

    0:00 Riptide - Vance Joy

  • Anna Del Fabbro
    Anna Del Fabbro2 napja

    when I hear avicii💔

  • Max Brunnhofer
    Max Brunnhofer2 napja

    You are 7 years old and sitting in the backseat, you are half asleep and you just listening to the songs

  • cameron Hacker
    cameron Hacker2 napja

    RUDE made cry from all the amazing memories 😭

  • Cyber Lynn
    Cyber Lynn2 napja

    I miss the good old days when you could have sleepovers and go to beach or a public pool✋😪

  • Artist of the Decade stan Damla
    Artist of the Decade stan Damla2 napja

    I was 10 years old at these times. These video reminds me of the guy in my class. He really meant it when he was saying "i love you" he was not like the other guys in my life. First of all everything was innocent cuz we were children. He was the one who was picking up flowers for me. I wish I loved him at the right time. But present time is not the right time. I wish I didn't break his heart 💔 I'm devastated, I hope he still remembers me

  • homemade cappuccino

    homemade cappuccino

    2 napja

    ohh 💔

  • †weird _ weeb†
    †weird _ weeb†2 napja

    The memory I have right now... Im sitting in the back of the car with my mom, my dad and my older sister. Its early in the morning and we are on our way to make meories. My sister watches out of the window, reasting her chin in her hand. My mom talking to my dad about the day and what we will do once we get there. My dad listening to my mom and sometimes pulling a stupid joke. And then there is me, sitting and vibing to the music, thinking that one day I will finally grow up and do all the cool stuff I never could. Now Im scared, afraid of the world out there. Remembering every time at my birthday that my childhood is getting further snd further away and aduldhood coming closer and closer. Without a warning you get hit with the hard truth. You see everything in a new light that you nevergot to see. In a flash everything is over.. that shit hurts, yeah. But im my own person. I shouldnt listen to the goverment and the standarts in the world says. I can still be everything I have dreamed of as a kid. Living the dream I always imagined. I can be the kid I once was again and no one can stop me, because this is my life that only I can change. Only I can save myself from a horrible future. I can be special!

  • Payten q
    Payten q2 napja

    State testing this week which means i have about 14 school days untill SUMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Caspian Solstice
    Caspian Solstice2 napja

    When I was 10, I really didn't realize that this is actually some good stuff. I now look back on this stuff with fondness and respect that there was fun and love put into these songs

  • Celxna
    Celxna2 napja

    i love this playlist it makes so happy and by all songs vibing

  • Lacey Keetso
    Lacey Keetso2 napja

    these songs vibe, and i really miss the old days, i wish i was still a little girl well... have a good day baiiiiiii.

  • Nina Dąbrowska
    Nina Dąbrowska2 napja

    i need the titels of those songs

  • Heidi T.
    Heidi T.2 napja

    this isn't music. yikes, sounds like a cat in heat

  • LuLu Playz Gaming

    LuLu Playz Gaming

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  • Tide Pod Trio
    Tide Pod Trio2 napja

    “It’s hard to know your in the good old days, until you’ve actually left them”

  • HoiSam988
    HoiSam9882 napja

    its so weird for me to see the driver seat on the right side lmao

  • Kimber Villesca
    Kimber Villesca2 napja

    This brings back so many memories, and thanks for making this playlist i will listen to this one forever.

  • Olcay Ercin
    Olcay Ercin2 napja

    I was 5 in 2013 and i still remember them. Btw i really miss the good old days

  • rug fan
    rug fan3 napja

    What is the first song I like it

  • da PINIK
    da PINIK3 napja

    Ahh yes when life was good

  • Sabrina Nurea
    Sabrina Nurea3 napja

    i honestly miss this and i’d do anything to go back and enjoy it one more time.

  • JoZé
    JoZé3 napja

    I´m in a bad day, a just found this video and save my night! This give me a peaceful vibe and nostalgia

  • SunsetPlayz
    SunsetPlayz3 napja

    me?- I-i'm not crying.... I swear I'm not not me (.....I remeber the good old days when I was a little innocent child....)

  • Rogue Productions
    Rogue Productions3 napja

    I can picture it, I’m on my iPod playing Minecraft pocket edition, were on our way to a vacation for the weekend. My grandpa is still here, and me and my cousin are in the prime of our childhoods...

  • Dj jaws
    Dj jaws3 napja

    pov your 5 siting in the back seat its 9pm and your waiting to get to the hotel

  • Veronica Marie
    Veronica Marie3 napja

    whoever made this will marry me

  • Matthew Pape
    Matthew Pape3 napja

    I used to think I was the only person who missed 2013, now apparently there’s 18 million

  • Naz Battal
    Naz Battal3 napja

    Koyduğun ilk şarkı beni çok duygulandırdı sebebini bilmiyorum çok hoş ve huzurlu hissetirdi şarkını sözlerini anlamasam bile, artık senin kanalından çıkmayacağım gibi duruyor :)

  • tatatata
    tatatata3 napja

    This is how I wanted my teenage years to be as a young kid, not how they are now with viruses, hate crimes, and politics getting worse each week :/

  • Calvin Clayton
    Calvin Clayton3 napja

    My dogs fav songs

  • opqhie
    opqhie3 napja


  • Danny Khan
    Danny Khan3 napja

    This needed Example and Calvin Harris

  • Miriam Guerrero
    Miriam Guerrero3 napja

    Music is a time machine

  • Ariadna Moga
    Ariadna Moga4 napja

    Si ves esto quiero que sepas que eres hermosx :) ❤️

  • Mayaa
    Mayaa4 napja

    But it has a holiday vibe😍🥺

  • Inspector Columbo
    Inspector Columbo4 napja

    "I don´t want to be full aged I just want back the good old times without obligations and pain"... This song gives me back all the good memories and vibes. Thanks for uploading

  • vixi
    vixi4 napja

    everything went downhill fast from this point

  • DéboraRebello
    DéboraRebello4 napja

    Pompeii Bastille bateu muito forte aqui meu Deus

  • Schleich Denisa 123
    Schleich Denisa 1234 napja


  • Screwed Pig
    Screwed Pig4 napja

    Riptide hits different

  • Dillx pixcklez
    Dillx pixcklez4 napja

    I was 3 in 2013 and I sat in a carseat next to my siblings and we were on the highway coming from a cookout and it was midnight. After this music we would play some R&B and my siblings would fall asleep snoring. And it was just me and my dad awake. While my mom was slowly drifting to sleep, and so was I.

  • Darina Marteva
    Darina Marteva4 napja

    those were the songs we would always listen to in the car on long road trips, gosh, i miss the old days

  • foxyplayz_12
    foxyplayz_124 napja

    These songs take me back to when things didn't matter and life was fun and easy without having to worry about social distancing and crap

  • YES
    YES4 napja

    Ayo I want to make the first week of August throwback week whos with me!

  • Camila Dique
    Camila Dique4 napja

    OMG I LOVE THIS (thats not my account)

  • Nicole. Trippier
    Nicole. Trippier4 napja

    thank you you helped me study

  • Ben Flemming
    Ben Flemming4 napja

    I heared these Songs 5 ore more years not in the radio ore on spotify... But i know all Songs and sing like for 5 years. Thanks for this video

  • •Reyes Senpai•
    •Reyes Senpai•4 napja

    I'm actually on a road trip rn. (If you see this message on May 9 2021 then I'm on a road trip

  • Pau0Pau
    Pau0Pau4 napja

    „Where up on Night to get lucky“

  • Evelyn C.
    Evelyn C.4 napja

    Time stamps the best I could 💙 00:00 riptide - Vance joy 03:18 rude - magic! 07:03 royals- lorde 10:11 counting stars - onerepublic 14:27 wake me up - avicii 18:29 burn - ellie goulding 22:18 safe and sound - capital cities 25:27 story of my life - one direction 29:29 pompeii - bastille 33:00 best song ever - one direction 36:11 rather be - clean bandit 40:11 get lucky - draft punk

  • Julia mikaelson

    Julia mikaelson

    2 napja

    I love you 😘😍🙏

  • Jamie Potter
    Jamie Potter4 napja

    I loved the vid from the first song

  • Basar Celik
    Basar Celik4 napja

    POV: You are 6 years old at this road trip and the vibe was amazing

  • Kingcurbax der mensch
    Kingcurbax der mensch4 napja

    Am i the only one who was crying cuz he wants the old times back?

  • Julia Quennell
    Julia Quennell4 napja

    Anyone here in 2021? If so, you have immaculate taste in music💛

  • Bife Acebolado
    Bife Acebolado4 napja

    "you're on a roadtrip vibing, the radio is playing all the new songs, the sun is going down and you are starting to slowly fall asleep, everything is fine..." everything is fine besides the fact that you're gonna fall asleep while driving in a roadtrip xD

  • Julia Wilson
    Julia Wilson4 napja

    **all songs that were actually on my playlist in 2013**

  • Queeny XO
    Queeny XO4 napja

    I remember these songs, while driving around, either from my grnadmas, aunts, or uncles house. It was night, the moon was up high, and since we lived in the country you could see all the stars. Or, the sun was setting, maybe it was nice and rainy out. I'd eventually fall asleep, a bit uncomfortable because of the seat belt, but I'd be happy. My biggest problem would be washing the dishes and not wanting to eat beans. Not school, not my own mental health, ect. It was just happy and peaceful. My mom would carry me up to my bed and I'd get comfortable

  • Sad.
    Sad.4 napja

    I'm gonna have a good summer now tysm for this song. :)

  • urte dambrauskaite
    urte dambrauskaite4 napja

    Please, coronaa just gooo awaaayy😭😭😭😭😭

  • urte dambrauskaite

    urte dambrauskaite

    4 napja

    @M. K. Ich auch🤞🥺

  • M. K.

    M. K.

    4 napja

    Ich hoffe es sehr...