Legendary Penalty Kick Moments


  • Молли Бессер
    Молли Бессер2 órája

    Foot of god...it wss unforgettable

  • 7ÀKĪM P3S✓
    7ÀKĪM P3S✓3 órája

    salah penalty is the best🤩🇩🇿🇪🇬

  • Hidan Kirito
    Hidan Kirito5 órája

    5:32 Trust me, till now Ghanaians still absolutely do not trust Asamoah Gyan playing penalties for the national team.

    BOT GAMING5 órája

    0:22. Reporter said how is missed listen 👂 carefully guys 😊

  • Maposa Dynasty
    Maposa Dynasty6 órája

    woww i like ur vidz man

  • Iwan Bottos
    Iwan Bottos6 órája

    7.44 If ever a keeper left his goal line too soon , it was Jerry Dudek . On his first two steps about 5 cm , after 4 at least 10 cm . By the way , have I missed the original Panenka from ... hrmm Panenka and the famous penalty in 2 , where Cruyff plays the Ball to incoming Jesper Olson who return it to Johan who then scores .

  • Mir Hassan
    Mir Hassan6 órája

    I love you football 💪💪⚽🏃⚽⚽

  • Baibhav Kumar Mishra
    Baibhav Kumar Mishra7 órája

    Messi(lessi) the noob😂😂

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  • Abir Majumder
    Abir Majumder8 órája

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  • mlz90
    mlz908 órája

    3:33 watch the ball at 0.25x speed. The ball move before the kick

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    legendary video penalty

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    yes it best football chanel

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    goal zidane penalty

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    red card suarez penatly mis his happy

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    goal ronaldo

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    ok now messi strike

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    slah give win

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    goal neymar

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    i don t belew messi mis penalty

  • Sanja Mijatovic
    Sanja Mijatovic10 órája

    this is best shots

  • Krishna Patil
    Krishna Patil10 órája

    This video clearly insults Zlatan Ibrahimovic by using him in thumbnail

  • Stan
    Stan10 órája

    The thumbnail is so bad lol

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  • Maragoudakis
    Maragoudakis10 órája

    7:40 look how far he comes off his line 😂

  • A. Srikanth
    A. Srikanth11 órája

    1:35 neuer tells it all

  • Naman Singh
    Naman Singh11 órája

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  • Sarah Schaefer
    Sarah Schaefer15 órája

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  • Peterson Oliveira
    Peterson Oliveira19 órája

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    TEDDY THE GOAT19 órája

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    Рикардо крут 💪

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    Izaqui Gomes

    19 órája


  • Mango Yt
    Mango Yt20 órája

    Where is usa vs Mexico concaf

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris21 órája

    Dudek's antics wouldn't be allowed with today's rules. He was a full three yards off his line when he saved Pirlo's penalty!

  • Marites De Guzman
    Marites De Guzman21 órája

    Name of song?

  • egg
    egg22 órája

    This is what man‘s make cry

  • J. Diva
    J. Diva22 órája

    Chills throughout my body!!! Granted Suarez did do a hand ball, but if it weren’t for that we wouldn’t of qualified so amen to the quick thinkers in the Uruguay team!!! Goooo Uruguay 🇺🇾 xxoo

  • Qara Mikrofon
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  • Qara Mikrofon
    Qara Mikrofon22 órája

    Beğenin İngilizler önemli bir şey sansın ;)

  • hitman88 Thakur
    hitman88 Thakur22 órája

    4.30 oh.. That is what u call LUCK

    UMMER FAROOQ M.P23 órája

    It was the unexpected match finish Uruguay and Ghana world cup quarter final

  • XimpiX 123
    XimpiX 12323 órája

    Were is Germany vs Italia ?????

  • Im Gone
    Im Gone23 órája

    How's the Allah commentator lol

  • Liana Mullen
    Liana Mullen23 órája

    2:00 drogba🛫🏆 Mount 2021🛫🏆

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  • il Futurista
    il FuturistaNapja

    Where is the penalty of Ibrahimovic with the goalkeeper outside the door. It's in the picture of video. You're a fake!

  • Md.Zahidur. Rahman.
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    Messi and Ronaldo Is a best


    pachuve...endha pattiye..vaa goal idam

  • EpicJoeLow

    Such a scam with the thumbnail I feel cheated

  • Lingardinho

    Just a question not to start an argument but how is messi missing a penalty legendary?

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    Ronaldo has a mentality of winner, Beautiful moment with Mouthinho.

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    I like this it's about football I'm subed

  • Simphiwe Fiddy
    Simphiwe FiddyNapja

    That Suarez moment is not legendary... that's a disgrace moment in football!!

  • Moyna Westerheide
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  • Gonzalo

    Damn that slide at the end by alexis chanchez was so smooth. Thanks for this

  • Nikhil Das
    Nikhil DasNapja

    Football is not only a game it is an emotion

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  • Bobby Prasad Das
    Bobby Prasad DasNapja

    Best Save is by Saurez ever. Period

  • Rick Blanton
    Rick BlantonNapja

    Dudek was so far off the line he might as well rode a bike to his mum’s before the ball was kicked

  • Iraj Sarkar
    Iraj SarkarNapja

    Ronaldo is real legend 😍

  • Dorothy Lester
    Dorothy LesterNapja

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  • Fahmi Rahman
    Fahmi RahmanNapja

    When Ronaldo give a legendary word "if we lose , so be it" 😢

  • Fazly Broww
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  • Krtek Zmetek
    Krtek ZmetekNapja

    Where is mother all penalty kick? Mr Panenka

  • George Joseph
    George JosephNapja

    Im a ronaldo fan but when I saw messi crying, "I felt pain"

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  • Pedro

    i'm Brazilian, i'm crying why i'm emocionated with the goal of Neymar Jr. This goal is Brazil vs Costa Rich

  • Pedro



    i'm well, now, hahahahahahhaha

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  • george CS
    george CSNapja

    Espero que salga el América vs Cruz Azul del 2013, esa tanda es legendaria

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