Kaleo - Broken Bones (Live on KEXP)

KEXP.ORG presents Kaleo performing "Broken Bones" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded April 10, 2015.

Host: John Richards
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Luke Knecht



  • Katy Murakami
    Katy Murakami28 napja


  • Светлана Борщук
    Светлана БорщукHónapja

    В лучших традициях негритянского сперичуэлса. Даже Где- то как- то созвучно 60- тонн.

  • Noa Hooni
    Noa HooniHónapja

    pero bueno Zorman que haces aqui? :0

  • Tom Newman
    Tom NewmanHónapja

    La canción me recuerda a Django de Tarantino.

  • Serenaif

    Amazing song and performance... it touches something deep in my soul.

  • Gustavo Cisnero
    Gustavo Cisnero2 hónapja

    White man with black man voice, only music, thank

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores2 hónapja

    2021 y esto sigue siendo un temazo AAAA

  • Big Gravy
    Big Gravy2 hónapja

    Kaleo and Chris Stapleton need to crank out a song or two together. Can you imagine that???!!!

  • Carolina Esposito
    Carolina Esposito2 hónapja

    you guys are absolutely amazing! nowhere else i can find music like you do. keep it up!

  • Davorka Milić
    Davorka Milić2 hónapja


  • Gael Hillyard
    Gael Hillyard2 hónapja

    What came first - this or Sing Sing by the Bones of J R Jones? Think it was J R Jones.

  • Kiwictor
    Kiwictor2 hónapja


  • Danelle Mills
    Danelle Mills3 hónapja

    I just found these guys!! I think Gregg allman would really respect them..why hmmm? They are their. Own band and screw ya if ya don't like am! May be yes?

  • Leni
    Leni3 hónapja

    Cool Boys 😎👏👏

  • Christi Shields
    Christi Shields3 hónapja

    You moved my soul, love you and thank you! Music makes me a free woman.!

  • Omi Singh
    Omi Singh3 hónapja

    Holy shit those subtitles

  • Dorothy Simms
    Dorothy Simms3 hónapja

    Whoever cuts his hair does a nice job. lol

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown3 hónapja

    He sounds like he's lived the blues for 50 years

  • jimmy conway
    jimmy conway3 hónapja

    Omg legend

  • 짠테크
    짠테크4 hónapja

    들으면 들을수록 좋다 진짜

  • lulospawn
    lulospawn4 hónapja

    Finally. Faith in music restored. Terabytes of crap are behind us. We have a proper band of dudes under 50.

  • Iris Paulino
    Iris Paulino4 hónapja

    Maravilhosa voz não consigo deixar de escutar...sei lá acho muito SENSUAL...as músicas são ótimas os acordes melhor ainda...

  • Saeed Alradwi
    Saeed Alradwi4 hónapja

    OMG! dramer voic in back, have U notice that!

  • Targaryen King
    Targaryen King4 hónapja

    Sorry! All the songs sound the same :D but i like it! :)

  • MrDschiesus
    MrDschiesus4 hónapja

    wow. great performance. great sound.

  • Mirelly Tainá
    Mirelly Tainá4 hónapja

    amo q amo

  • Ana Maria Calderon Franco
    Ana Maria Calderon Franco4 hónapja

    El solista, el guitarrista, el bajo todo todo de lo bueno

  • Gym Sneds
    Gym Sneds5 hónapja

    The deadpan wash weekly disapprove because processing intriguinly mend regarding a wealthy manicure. malicious, imminent iron

  • Alia Army BTS
    Alia Army BTS5 hónapja

    I'm 16 and I'm already in love with'em like Bro it's been about 5 months since I found them and thank god for this 🙆‍♀️I love guys wallahh🙆‍♀️this is what I call a real art 💜 A new fan from Algeria, anyone there?

  • Lilia Cirlan
    Lilia Cirlan5 hónapja


  • sammy raffel
    sammy raffel5 hónapja

    a red gibson lucille- my heart- i want. . .

  • Methasulem
    Methasulem5 hónapja

    WHAT !? THIS !!!! WHAT !!!! OMG MY NEIGBOURS ARE RINGING MY BELL : WHOS THIS !!?? “Eeuh want a beer and a place to enjoy music ?”

  • Елена Коваль-Шапочкина
    Елена Коваль-Шапочкина5 hónapja


  • Q z
    Q z5 hónapja

    БЪ!!! Пушка!!!

  • Gabriel Costa
    Gabriel Costa5 hónapja

    2021 🇧🇷

  • Aline Clair
    Aline Clair5 hónapja

    A melhor banda do mundo, com certeza!

  • Chris Alexander
    Chris Alexander6 hónapja

    They are fuckin awesome simple as that.

  • Charles Keledjian
    Charles Keledjian6 hónapja

    When I thought of Iceland music I thought of Bjork. This soul doesn't compute

  • Mert Duğral
    Mert Duğral6 hónapja

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  • Lotte kerkman
    Lotte kerkman6 hónapja

    Sounds like “sexbomb” lol

  • Gabriel Wallace
    Gabriel Wallace7 hónapja

    Robot Man!!! he is a robot dude with a guitar.

  • Samuel Varga
    Samuel Varga7 hónapja

    My favorite band

  • baddie78
    baddie787 hónapja


  • Билайн Офис продаж и обслуживания
    Билайн Офис продаж и обслуживания7 hónapja

    Вы супер!!!! Нет слов!!!!

  • wendyb
    wendyb7 hónapja

    Let me tell you i luv you in texas. Love you guys

  • Terence Roberts
    Terence Roberts7 hónapja

    Christ, they're white?! I've heard the song lots of times, always assumed they were black. Well.. suppose those assumptions on race say something about me, don't they... Please tell me I'm not alone with that assumption.

  • Xochipilli
    Xochipilli7 hónapja

    One of the best performance..in my opinion. I myself been to Tennese florid and from Texas.therefore I dig the vibes

  • Joe Stukenborg
    Joe Stukenborg8 hónapja

    Awesome! Really enjoyed this!

  • Татьяна Гарш
    Татьяна Гарш8 hónapja

    Я точно соблюдаю вежливость.хочется рыдать.петь.танцевать все одновременно.охренеть

  • Татьяна Гарш
    Татьяна Гарш8 hónapja

    Охренеть.....слов нет

  • Şevval Gönül
    Şevval Gönül8 hónapja


  • Sørrøw JakaKonc
    Sørrøw JakaKonc8 hónapja

    to all the girls out there you're missing out if you dont know kaleo

  • Roberta R
    Roberta R8 hónapja

    Love listening to this album, again and again. Very well done! Thank you for a new and great listening experience.

  • Mehul Chirania
    Mehul Chirania9 hónapja

    I can start jamming to Kaleo's music literally at any time anywhere.

  • Janesy Medina
    Janesy Medina9 hónapja

    Its 2020 and im still listening to this masterpiece. 💟💟💟

  • cool guy
    cool guy10 hónapja

    Just noticed that his guitar is a Semi Hollow Gibson with the Lucille tag on the headstock.. B.B. kings guitars were semi hollow and he would name them Lucille.

  • Ruth Anais
    Ruth Anais10 hónapja

    I LOVE the blues so much! Im 52 and forever i hear this music

  • Erdenebat Enkhtaivan
    Erdenebat Enkhtaivan10 hónapja

    WOW. Is that you? Luccile...

  • Facundo Peralta
    Facundo Peralta11 hónapja

    I have a playlist for this kind of post apocalyptic songs open.spotify.com/playlist/1WPf5YJugKen8HV4uV1Jl0?si=nHQbYKPkSP2mA7w04xJ0iw

  • Philou Dion
    Philou Dion11 hónapja

    Très bon! Et vous faites aussi une magnifique version de Bang Bang. Bravo! Votre voix est un pur délice pour l'oreille... 🌺❤❤❤🌺

  • michele ortlieb
    michele ortlieb11 hónapja

    Oh to be 25 again!! I love these guys. His voice is so old school. He's hot a hippie soul.

  • U Ger
    U Ger11 hónapja

    Seen them live in Hamburg, Germany. Would go there again whenever they perform there

  • Jessie Aries
    Jessie AriesÉvvel

    i found this band on youtube. i had to find out more bout them. went to Wikipedia to learn more & was so surprised to find out they're from ICELAND? Rock on Kaleo and Thank you for the sweet tunes. ☺️ ❤️

  • adahadaa

    What kind of people dislike this ? :O

  • Jimmy Apabarang
    Jimmy ApabarangÉvvel

    Terbaik bro..😁😁😁

  • Da Realman
    Da RealmanÉvvel

    hey guys welcome back to my channel this is jelly, today we're playing Gta V...

  • Hakim Elhaj
    Hakim ElhajÉvvel

    Mild COVID-19 version of Tom Waits! :D

  • Hakim Elhaj
    Hakim ElhajÉvvel

    I don't know why I squirt to this song!

  • adezly

    T E X A S .

  • JDoactive

    0:43 He has a bass for a voice

  • Angela USA
    Angela USAÉvvel

    Live is the ONLY way to truly take in the amazing wonder of the music made from this god send of rock!

  • sandra rojas cofre
    sandra rojas cofreÉvvel

    Un hombre blanco que debio nacer negro 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩..

  • Edgar Niño
    Edgar NiñoÉvvel

    What kind of white chain gang is this?

  • john hammond
    john hammondÉvvel

    spitting image of shaky graves .roll the bones same t shirt .stuble ect audiotree live

  • Elena García
    Elena GarcíaÉvvel


  • Angela Henry
    Angela HenryÉvvel


  • Angela Henry

    Angela Henry



  • Сулейман Магомедов
    Сулейман МагомедовÉvvel

    The devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free Oh, the devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free I've been down, deep Texas Mississippi state Hoping things might go my way For every hard earned dollar I make There stands a white man just to take it away Some might say I talk loud, see if I care Unlike them, don't walk away from my fear I've busted bones, broken stones, looked the devil in the eye I hope he's going to break these chains, oh yeah The devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free The devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free (Yeah, set me free) Another hard day, no water, no rest I saw my chance, so I got him at last I took his six shooter, put two in his chest He'll never say a word no more Oh, he'll never say a word no more The devil got him good for sure Ain't got no place to call a home Only chains and broken bones Ain't got no place to call a home So come on Lord, won't you take me now? Ain't got no place to call a home Only chains and broken bones Ain't got no place to call a home So come on Lord, what you waiting for? Oh, the devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free The devil's going to make me a free man The devil's going to set me free Ain't got no place to call a home (The devil's going to make me a free man) Only chains and broken bones (The devil's going to set me free) Ain't got no place to call a home (The devil's going to make me a free man) So come on Lord, won't you take me now? (The devil's going to set me free) Ain't got no place to call a home (The devil's going to make me a free man) Only chains and broken bones (The devil's going to set me free) Ain't got no place to call a home (The devil's going to make me a free man) So come on Lord, what you waiting for? (The devil's going to set me free)

  • Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas GreenleafÉvvel

    My soul like it

  • Ella N
    Ella NÉvvel

    Damn wish I could play guitar like that

  • irem koç
    irem koçÉvvel

    reis iyi söylüyor...

  • joe mc8488
    joe mc8488Évvel

    Truly can't get enough...over and over...Thank you guys.

  • brettjamz3

    He's got some soul

  • The High King
    The High KingÉvvel

    Im Icelandic it's a beautiful country but they mest it up 😪

  • The High King

    The High King


    it aint Iceland ani more Covid fucked it up a lot and the black pepole white pepole are the icelandic pepole not racist

  • n. p.

    n. p.



  • Sil Betinassi
    Sil BetinassiÉvvel

    awsome, one of my favorite bands and so of my son (15 years old)


    I clean my guns to this song on repeat.




    Hlibba BÓ “the pride” by five finger death punch

  • Hlibba BÓ

    Hlibba BÓ


    What do you listen to when shooting guns?

  • Silvina Ceresani
    Silvina CeresaniÉvvel

    Estoy usando mail de mi padre. Una de mis favoritas. El diablo me hará libre...🤐... Silvina. Gracias por todo Kaleo.

  • Lulu Martinez
    Lulu MartinezÉvvel

    He's on point

  • mohanprasad acharya
    mohanprasad acharyaÉvvel

    Who is agree sound like james bay... nd black key band ..🤔🤔🤔

  • Briar Kennedy
    Briar KennedyÉvvel

    Put this band on spotify radio and thank me later

  • Vodena Puška
    Vodena PuškaÉvvel

    They are talented, but theres nothing we haven't heard already.

  • POPPY 1776
    POPPY 1776Évvel

    The Devil sets you free out of existence, who is kaleo!!!!!!! to bad, saw it coming.

  • Roy H
    Roy HÉvvel

    love it

  • muhammad zain
    muhammad zainÉvvel

    i love the the music sound the heavy guitar sounds percusions by the drummer all everything exceot the part of the the lyrics " the devil gonna break me free", wtf kaleo..............love this band love this music but the lyrics is not suiting it at all.....PS no hate...............most of the people who r gonna react to my comment will hate and curses but people didnt understand me. keep ur music clean my friend that is what i believe.....we have nothing to do with the devil.....at the end of the day he will leave u astray :-)

  • Sander Leu
    Sander LeuÉvvel

    Not bad in 1.25 speed guys

  • James Seamus
    James SeamusÉvvel

    The drummer looks like Post malone 😆

  • Chris Davey Music
    Chris Davey MusicÉvvel

    Is there a better voice currently working the music business?

  • Claudine Agogué
    Claudine AgoguéÉvvel

    J'adore!!!🤪👍 Cette voix vraiment j'adore! 😍

  • Vahida Rehman
    Vahida RehmanÉvvel

    Very nice

  • Armin Khanpour
    Armin KhanpourÉvvel

    clean up on every aisle

  • Евгений Гатауллин
    Евгений ГатауллинÉvvel

    It's so cool!! Hi from Ukraine for everybody!!!