If I could talk to myself, 10 years ago...

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  • Isaac Limosaurus
    Isaac Limosaurus2 napja

    When Jazza is comforting his past self, am I the only one who felt like he was talking to you?

  • andy tessier
    andy tessier2 napja

    wait a min Friday night funkin logo in o.40 in your vids I saw it

  • Pug 7436
    Pug 74363 napja

    As I Was Trying To Watch Your Video I See Ad Of You In It 🤣

  • Pug 7436

    Pug 7436

    3 napja


  • 犬Trisinu
    犬Trisinu4 napja

    This is just my opinion but the best thing i think u can say to someone who’s in just such in a broken state is “its gonna be okay” Because it just feels so reassuring and it just makes me feel like “yeah, it _is_ gonna be okay” it makes me feel like i actually have the strength to face these challenges and trials (but keep in mind its just my opinion lol)

  • Kimberly Carr
    Kimberly Carr10 napja

    Thank you Jazza, for providing some of the most entertainingly creative, funny and wonderful art videos. But also thank you for sharing your sentimental and vulnerable side. It's not easy to talk about the past, as well as sharing those genuine thoughts about our roughest times. This video gives me a lot of hope to keep going.

  • Jonathan Curry
    Jonathan Curry11 napja

    Wow jazzs that was more inspiring than any motivational speech I’ve heard in a long time. Brought me in tears, I’m going to start drawing today bc of you! It’s my biggest dream.

  • Itami_Funco
    Itami_Funco12 napja

    This video hit hard I was honestly choking up, and since I started watching you in 2014 on my old account inspired me to where I getting to now with my art, Thank you Jazza

  • Debolina Manna
    Debolina Manna13 napja

    Thank you for making this video. I needed to see this.

  • G7z
    G7z15 napja

    what we can learn from this is start now don t wait to do something just do it

  • The Average cat
    The Average cat15 napja

    It's been a month, and I still barely keep it together when I watch this video. 🥲😭 I am still shamelessly brought to tears by this video.

  • satishbhag
    satishbhag16 napja

    Thank you for the hope Jazza, seriously you have no idea how much I needed to see this...

  • Moon child
    Moon child18 napja

    As a person suffering from severe depression, watching this just made me cry so much. I hope I can take inspiration from this, pull through and make a video just like this for myself in 10 years. I'll just set that as my new goal now. Let's do this fellow struggling people out there!

  • Jayce VanGiesen
    Jayce VanGiesen18 napja

    I didn’t click on this video expecting to cry

  • Lauren Prince
    Lauren Prince19 napja

    You were right, at least one person really needed to hear this. Thank you ♡

  • Diana Wodnoff
    Diana Wodnoff19 napja


  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant. get plant

  • Nard The Gamer
    Nard The Gamer20 napja

    This came at the right time and I thank you for this video Jazza. Lately I haven’t been feeling that motivated to do much art and questioning myself about whether or not I’m serious about it. When I’m in this kind of art slump I just don’t put pressure on myself and let myself know to move at my own pace and it’ll all work out however it’s planned to in the end. This video was very touching and I truly enjoyed it.

  • gRAFpx tv
    gRAFpx tv21 napja

    Not sure what happen to the contest but here is my time lapse of my entry ^_^#10YearConvoArt Please follow me on my Channel ^_^ hubase.info/zone/loyktXxssqmqeGE/vide.html

  • Zackaroni E. B.
    Zackaroni E. B.23 napja

    God, I can only hope in ten years I could be able to tell myself that everything is alright, and that I’ll get through everything going on. I hope that more than anything.

  • BlackWolf 744
    BlackWolf 74428 napja

    why u make me cry like this jazza

  • Windell
    Windell28 napja

    I feel like jazzy is slowly, but surely turning into a DILF

  • WingsOfEnd
    WingsOfEnd28 napja

    How does he look younger after 10 years

  • SpiritLynx
    SpiritLynx29 napja

    Kinda looks like a knock off smash mouth

  • Green day_ fan
    Green day_ fan29 napja

    the fact that he looked like Bob Bryar at 2:25.. imagine jazza at that moment whit a lip piercing and thats it

  • Amazin Ess
    Amazin EssHónapja

    I’m 21, and at age 11, my PTSD began. I have no idea what I would even be able to say to my 11 year old self besides this: Life gets better. You’re going to hear everyone say it and think it’s absolutely the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, but it does. It gets so much better. What you are struggling with, it never goes away, but you learn to cope- maaaybe not so healthily at times, but you learn better skills and ways to deal with it. You learn to love life, occasionally. You eventually get a decent job, a decent place, an even better boyfriend who helps you through the worst of times, and two lovely amazing kitties who snuggle you when you cry. Just hold in there ❤️

  • ItsMeRian

    Deutsch: Irgendwer hier? Wunderschön, emotional und sehr bewegend. Ich liebe dich

  • Shinsync

    Man, you're a fucking legend.

  • Jahsie Animations
    Jahsie AnimationsHónapja

    Awww your story is so emotional😭😭🥰

  • Nachnach0214 | Nacho Cheese
    Nachnach0214 | Nacho CheeseHónapja

    This is exactly how I'm going to look at my present day self 10 years later, hopefully. I'm struggling; I know what to do, but I just have such a hard time doing it. My parents told me I'm going to have to go back to my home country and leave where I grew up if I don't pass school. How is someone who's been failing school since 5th grade like me going to change all my grades from F to C in a matter of 3 weeks? I don't know, but I'll find a way, not only that, I'm struggling with so many other parts of my life, our rent is being raised, our pay is being reduced, riots and riots, Asain hate attacks as I'm Asian myself, my mental health not doing well, my physical health not doing well. Nothing is going well, but here I am; I'm here. I haven't given up yet because I don't give up. Everytime I tell myself I want to kill myself, I say... "Why kill yourself if you can keep living to struggle. Suffering is only the symptom of struggle; struggle only happens when going up the mountain that is life and through that you'll one day reach the view you've been looking for. Some don't make it, they accidentla trip and fall down the mountain, some of them live, some of them die, some of them break their arms and legs. There are risky paths that go higher, there are safe paths that go lower and take longer. I chose the fast and dangerous path. I can either make my success in less than 7 years and I'm only 16, but if I fail I'll fall and my chances of making it... I'll probably be dead right when I hit the ground, that's why they have something called 'The starving artist': The ones who fell and broke their legs and are the ones trying to keep climbing."

  • zai sempai
    zai sempaiHónapja

    I am hardly feeling anything as of the moment and art became my socket to feel again. I feel like a failure because artist in my age are achieving a lot. I felt left out. Only to watch Jazza's Video (even though I'm late) I can't help to feel again. Thank you Jazza and once again, you deserve these achievements.

  • Aditya Dhar
    Aditya DharHónapja

    couple of days ago you were trying to make urself cry to make a paint...and now you are making hundred thousands of people cry... Love you man

  • Markcanbark Playz
    Markcanbark PlayzHónapja

    Is it just me or does the old Jazza in the thumbnail look like Mr. Incredible and the Jazza today looks slightly like Gordon Ramsey?

  • Toxin 5ifty
    Toxin 5iftyHónapja

    You made me cry like come on 😢

  • sean jones
    sean jonesHónapja

    i'm 19 and this year was supposed ot be one of the best years off my life as i started university. However, like a lot of other people, my life has been put on pause due to covid. It was nice to hear that in maybe 10 years from now, i'll be able to look back on this year as character development.

  • Rejectedforce

    I tried not to cry bc i was in school but god damn😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andrew Ash Mystic Herman
    Andrew Ash Mystic HermanHónapja

    I love how I watched this and the same day joined the auction you just started to support your new studio, and a 15-minute call with you sold for $601 USD. That’s $2,404 per hour! Imagine yourself 10 years ago knowing you’d be making $2400 per hour now 🤯

  • Andrew Ash Mystic Herman

    Andrew Ash Mystic Herman


    Btw his auction is jazzyauction.com for anyone interested :) I see there’s another video call currently for sale!

  • Troublemakertime 2.0
    Troublemakertime 2.0Hónapja

    If I could talk to myself 10 years ago I’d tell myself “I know you’re only 2 but your parents are divorcing. You don’t even know what that means but it happened.. I’m going to tell You something hard so be prepared... again your only 2 but I’m gonna explain either way... so.. your parents divorced... your mom is gonna meet a guy. He’s gonna become your stepdad. But... he’s gonna be verbally abusive. He’s gonna hate your dad. He’ll hate your step mom too. He’s going to be a bit of a bad person in general... but, even when you get bullied in grade 4, even when that’s when the family life is even worse than ever, even if your grades suck, and even if your becoming kind of depressed, even though you thought about killing yourself to end your pain, it’ll get better... don’t worry. Your best friend is going to stick with you forever.. she’ll help you with all the crap you go through.. she is going to be one of the best people in your life. Your grades and maturity and responsibility levels will get SO much better over your grade 4 summer break. It’ll be better then.. the bullies will finally get the punishments they deserved. It’s gonna be good throughout grade 5 but shit is gonna go downhill... Your dad and stepmom and yours’ close family friend.. he’s gonna commit suicide on Boxing Day... then a few months later your gonna have a substitute and she’s gonna play a music video called get bully... it shows people wanting to commit suicide and one person who actually does it. You’re gonna break down crying because you remember the friend that killed himself... it’s gonna be hard but it will get better shortly after... Until grade 6 at least... In grade 6 one of your friends is gonna get bullied and harassed and put down. She’s gonna become depressed and extremely suicidal... she’s gonna sl!t her wrists and legs. She’s gonna tell you how much she hurts. How much she wants to end it so the pain will be better. She’s gonna ask you to keep her suicidal thoughts and that info secret... you will until it gets really, really bad.. she’s gonna try to commit suicide. She’s going to tell you she’s gonna do it. And you’ll tell her “suicide doesn’t end the pain. It just passes it to someone else.” Your gonna tell her that things WILL get better. You’re gonna get through it.. you are gonna tell that to her and she’s gonna believe you. It’ll start going uphill again. Your going to get a text from her that makes your heart drop. She’s going to tell you that she realized something. U ask her what she realized and she’ll tell you “I don’t want to die anymore.” It’ll stop your heart and you will cry for hours with joy. You’ll know that you helped her. One of your best friends. You will literally save a life and you know what little me? Things will keep going uphill and uphill and better and better. A pandemic will happen. It’s gonna last for a while and you won’t see your friends. You’ll go to a school in another city because of how bad your stepdad is becoming but you’ll meet people that have made your life a hundred times better than before. You’ll realize that you aren’t straight but that you’re a bisexual and you are gonna be proud of it! Your life is gonna turn around for the better and it’ll be ok. Little 2 year old me, your going to become an extremely strong, responsible, and beautiful young girl. You are going to be so strong even in your worst times and I’m so, so proud of you... keep standing high as you grow up little me and be proud of who you are. In the end, your kindness and strength is going to help you so much. I love you 2 year old me.. keep your chin up :)” Thank you so much if you’ve read my comment all the way. Ik im just a random stranger that you probably don’t care about and you probably don’t care about my little life story and the conversation I would have if u could talk to myself 10 years ago but if you do and you read this all the way. Thank you.🥺

  • Will Terrell
    Will TerrellHónapja

    I love your heart, brother. ❤️

  • Ant Hony
    Ant HonyHónapja

    Jazza, I don't know if you've realized this, but, you're literally growing backwards physically, which is great.

  • Jordan Gray
    Jordan GrayHónapja

    This was absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for making it. I needed it. Truly. Thank you so much.

  • Shruti Chanda
    Shruti ChandaHónapja

    Don't be sorry because you choked up thinking about your past. I am thankful that you made this video. I actually love it when you speak from your heart. Lots of love for being so thoughtful.❤️

  • Melmis

    Me 10 years ago: I want to kill myself. Me now: I should have killed myself then.

  • Teresa Lambdin
    Teresa LambdinHónapja

    Thank you.

  • Asome.Assassin

    Wow, I almost started crying listening to this

  • Avocado Gaming
    Avocado GamingHónapja

    I almost cried

  • Woofer-Le-Doge

    Love ya neighbour! 💕

  • Yeo Jx
    Yeo JxHónapja

    Editor editing this: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sal?

    Oh my god I actually cried XD wow

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick ThompsonHónapja

    uggh, stop crying already.

  • DBFDitty



    And stop watching his videos and get a life

  • DBFDitty



    Go back to your cave grandpa nobody asked

  • Soft mocha 0_0
    Soft mocha 0_0Hónapja

    Hi I’m Athena I’m 11 and um I hate my fucking life wanna know why ever since I was 5 my dad was a alcoholic and he abused me and my mom and he has raped my mom hit me cut me her my mom Broke her back made her had a child and all that and my mom was a cheater and now I have to live with her and her bf and I hate both of my parents me my grandma is dead my cats died and I hate my life …… bye …

  • TheCatLadytm

    I haven't really watched your videos in a long time, Jazza. I think I had just sort of grown out of your content if that makes any sense. But, even if I lose interest in a channel I come check on them every now and then, and I found this video. I may not watch you anymore and don't really have any plans to do so again, but I'm glad I saw this, glad to know that you're so wonderfully happy and that your dreams have been realized. It's pretty inspiring since I'm close to having to find my own way in life with college or no college, if college what do I want to do, and all that. I wish you the best, man. Stay safe :)

  • Esther Lowen
    Esther LowenHónapja

    saw the 1M VIEWS fromm jazza vids 1 year ago and thought.. quality hasn't gone down, so maybe its the thumbnails?

  • skilarbabcock

    This video made me cry because I'm that place right now....

  • skilarbabcock

    This video made me cry because I'm that place right now....

  • Alastair Martin
    Alastair MartinHónapja

    The only thing I’d say to my self 10 years ago would be ask for more advice. About that time we had a massive earthquake which made housing hard to find and at the same time I quit my job to go back to school. I spent a bit of time living on couches but in hindsight I made all the right calls. I’d tell my self to ask questions of people in the places I want to be in the future

  • Andrew Lovell
    Andrew LovellHónapja

    I’m not crying you are🥺

  • Sabeha Misbeh
    Sabeha MisbehHónapja

    jazza i ve been watching since i was in 5th grade and now am in 8th u have help me alot with my art and to accept my werid crazy self thank you

  • Roblox iokoj
    Roblox iokojHónapja

    Me talking to my self 10 years ago: awh hi! My two year old self: gaa goo grockensloth

  • 【🗝Err0r🩹】

    i have a heat of rock but genuenly, this made me cry.

  • Jalyne Fidler
    Jalyne FidlerHónapja

    Beautiful message❤️ I thank you for sharing your truth. It touched me and gave me some important insight in my own life and struggle. May you and your family be Blessed always❤️ Jalyne in Utah

  • Abhinav R
    Abhinav RHónapja

    C'mon guy's, ppl just watching without subscribing, subscribe because he deserves that😘

  • The Lcpc
    The LcpcHónapja

    Funfact: You can't spell Wednesday correctly without that one voice that goes "wed-nes-day".

  • Filipponio Bardelli
    Filipponio BardelliHónapja

    Thank you buddy

  • Melissa Vella
    Melissa VellaHónapja

    I’m not crying your crying...💕

  • DandyLion

    I've got severe death anxiety and yesterday was the worst day I've ever had, I was so low I haven't even been able to sleep. I realised that I'm falling into a depression, but I do still have a spark of optimism in me, because I don't want to feel like that ever again. If I could talk to a 10 year old on me in the future, I would hope that I was OK, I would hope that I've gotten through the worst of it, and if I haven't then that the better days are soon around the corner, because although I am super scared of dying and I cannot even think about sleeping unless I just pass out which is likely, I also don't want to continue to feel like this. This was a perfect video to watch at the moment Jazza because although it hasn't fully sunk in yet, I am who I am - whether that's happy go lucky or depressed. This is life and life is learning to cope and feel pain but also feel relief and growth and accomplishment. Thank you

  • SammieDoodlz

    You inspire me so much and hearing about where you started and ended up gives me the courage and the motivation to keep pushing forward honestly. We love you jazz’s thank you for sharing all of your art and your experiences with us

  • Amanda Earlam
    Amanda EarlamHónapja


  • Elias Götzfried
    Elias GötzfriedHónapja


  • Lex Chex
    Lex ChexHónapja

    Ahh Jazza you’ve inspired so many people by just being yourself! Don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness. You’re worth it.

  • ˗ˏˋ R ˊˎ˗
    ˗ˏˋ R ˊˎ˗Hónapja


  • D-Emprah Expects
    D-Emprah ExpectsHónapja

    This is the best as a must touching video I've seen in a long time

  • Syzmec

    Jazza,.. Thank you so much.. i really needed this

  • Archie Hehir
    Archie HehirHónapja

    I was a baby 10 years ago

  • RED X
    RED XHónapja

    This really actually made me cry

  • Zelda Faye
    Zelda FayeHónapja

    Wise words, Jazza💚💚💚💚! Much love! I'm in the "10 years ago Jazza" situation right now. Need lots of prayers and love. But, ty Jazza for being a bright light for us who are going through a mess right now. I'm so happy for you that you got where you are. My hope is to get to where you are in your life in my own. (Tearing up) Please always shine your light 💚

  • Tommy C
    Tommy CHónapja

    I remember back when I was 18 and graduated high school, I'm 24 now, I found jazzas tutorials. I always liked to draw but around this time I decided to take art "seriously". I wanted to study anatomy to learn to draw my own characters. Your tutorials taught me the basics of anatomy and most importantly how to use construction lines. I have practiced alot on and off in the last few few years. I improved a lot. I started out just doing pencil drawings and have started digital art the last few years. Jazzas videos have helped me a lot in my art journey. While I definitely think I have a long way to go to improve my art but I am very happy with the progress I've made and I know if 18 year old me could see what I can do now is be blown away. Thanks Jazza for helping me in my artistic journey.

  • Minister Danielle Linton
    Minister Danielle LintonHónapja

    Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  • Saeed Alshehri
    Saeed AlshehriHónapja

    WoW, this brought tears to my eyes. It’s great video and it reminded me how life can be or will be or gonna be alright. I was very ambitious and I believe still I am. I hit bottom very hard 3 years ago, and I thought life is over for me. The struggle is real and it’s everyday battle to go over my depression. I’m getting better and I am hanging on. Cheers, From Saudi Arabia

  • gav turgoose
    gav turgooseHónapja


  • Ritika sharma arts
    Ritika sharma artsHónapja

    I think we should do that work which is right so that we will not remember our present in future😘but every person always remember thier past🤭

  • Raya plays games
    Raya plays gamesHónapja

    I would just tell myself never to date that one toxic person who ruined my life and gave me literal ptsd

  • S Naik
    S NaikHónapja

    Broooo 🥺

  • Veronica V
    Veronica VHónapja

    This video is so powerful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Jazza. Sometimes life can be without colors, that press you down and that destroys your inside.But with work and people that loves you then it can turn into a beautiful colourful artwork. Have a wonderful and colorful day 🌈

  • Boston Williams
    Boston WilliamsHónapja

    Damn allergies acting up again...

  • Gori San
    Gori SanHónapja

    I want to cry . Thats it , thats the comment . Go cry now

  • Rainbow Queen Megan
    Rainbow Queen MeganHónapja

    Who else cried along with Jazza?

  • Corey Woods
    Corey WoodsHónapja

    did anyone else tear up from this one?

  • Ali Artist
    Ali ArtistHónapja

    That video was really emotional 💔

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan AdamsHónapja

    Dang Jazza this video made me cry! But I just spent the last few hours listening to your music (what I could find on youtube at least) and I gotta say its really good! I can tell you put a ton of work into it too, so don't discount what you did. I've been struggling a lot lately and your video helped. It makes me more motivated to get back into my creative side again.

  • Gabby Simps
    Gabby SimpsHónapja

    Recently I've been terrified of the future, terrified by the fact that I might be unsuccessful or work a dead end job or maybe even still be broken. This video was a real eye opener that things can get better! I don't have twitter but I will be doing this art work for my own sake, and because I'm only 14 I'm gonna draw what I hope to be 10 years from now. 😊❤️

  • Gabby Sketch

    Gabby Sketch


    As a fellow Gabby, I understand

  • INegma Official
    INegma OfficialHónapja

    Yes sir! Thanks to you! I got my first huion tablet on Sunday! Thanks again

  • CoralineDark

    Man I was just eating a bowl of pasta and now I’m eating a bowl of soggy pasta

  • Jody Avery
    Jody AveryHónapja

    I'm not crying, you're crying!! We love you Jazza, thank you for being so real and so honest.

  • Plant Gang
    Plant GangHónapja

    Man, this is the only HUbase channel that manages to make my eyes wet like this. And also, happy birthday, Jazza!

  • SilverStuffwastaken


  • Canopy Moth
    Canopy MothHónapja

    me, 10 years old, talking to an infant born a month ago:

  • Khyati

    Don't make these types of videos Don't....... It make me cry It give me hope It make me feel like may be I also could be successful 🥺😥😢😭

  • Khamii

    Ok, now i have fuel to paint with my tears

  • Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie JaneHónapja

    Oop I knew I was gonna cry

  • Maitrayee Dadhich 33
    Maitrayee Dadhich 33Hónapja

    Can I just say Thankyou for sharing this ...This gave me a little hope I was looking for ❤