old songs but it's lofi remix


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Old songs but it's lofi/chillhop remix Hope you like it ♡
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📝 About the Video:
In this video I wanted to bring old songs, but transformed to the Lo-fi Style. These songs are extremely nostalgic and bring out various feelings, especially with the touch of Lo-fi in them. I hope you like it, I worked hard to choose the best songs, made by Lo-fi producers (credits in the video and in the description), to create a very pleasant vibe for all of you! :)
📝 About the "Lo-fi Music" channel:
My purpose here is to spread good Lo- fi Hiphop artists and producers to the whole world, through compilations, in which I carefully and slowly choose the best songs to put on it. The result of this work are videos that really bring feelings to people and make them meet new Lo-fi artists. More than just showing artists, I want to create a community of lovers and producers of the Lo-fi genre. Making all this happen - sharing artists, creating a community and helping people - is what moves me to continue bringing this content to the world.
🎶 Tracklist:
[00:00] Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Aiivawn Lofi Remix)
Credits: hubase.info/zone/u6a0zZ2tjH5lp5w/vide.html
[04:00] Just want to be the one you love by cryst
Credits: hubase.info/zone/1oW0qJ2ffKVye2U/vide.html
[05:58] Fly Me To The Moon - Lofi Cover (Prod. YungRhythm)
Credits: hubase.info/zone/k2allYaBm4umY6A/vide.html
[09:18] Build Me Up Buttercup (Reigh Lofi Remix)
Credits: hubase.info/zone/tK3dzbOCkKyKr4I/vide.html
[11:08] Nat king Cole "I love you" lofi by My lovely weapons
Credits: hubase.info/zone/q2vazqSIpmxmbpg/vide.html
[13:29] "How deep is your love" Bee gees
Credits: hubase.info/zone/loO9rYGEr2eeqpg/vide.html
[14:59] "Mr. Lonely" Bobby Vinton Lofi by Ernesto Music
Credits: hubase.info/zone/zIaTs7CEipVpooI/vide.html
[17:22] "Blue Moon" Dean Martin Cover Lofi by J a r i t e n p.h.
Credits: hubase.info/zone/u5LEyY6AnGmnpqQ/vide.html
[20:40] "Close to You"- The Carpenters - Reneé Dominique Cover
Credits: hubase.info/zone/qoXJuYVwjoRhqZQ/vide.html
🎨 Artwork done by:
→ br.pinterest.com/pin/397653842099538988/
❗ We are an Old School Lofi Hip Hop Record Label and provide you the best vibes to chill to ***
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