Optical Illusion Art Challenges - Let's BREAK some BRAINS!

Make your own Optical Illusion Drawings/Videos and tweet them using to enter! I'll react and try them out in a future video, and give away some great prizes!
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  • Idk what I’m doing with this channel😐
    Idk what I’m doing with this channel😐7 órája

    This is cool

  • Sam Baldwin
    Sam Baldwin16 órája

    don't break my brain!!!!!!!!

  • gamer bros vr fun
    gamer bros vr funNapja

    the pinncal was rubber

  • Oliver Ness
    Oliver NessNapja

    I got a jazza skillshare ad before the video

  • Khay Clay
    Khay ClayNapja

    So much omg i cabt believ how much

  • Evil AI
    Evil AINapja

    Bob is confused

  • Hecc Mann
    Hecc MannNapja

    4:40 this scared me so much for some reason, I almost had a heart attack

  • GG Gator
    GG Gator2 napja

    What did he just say 2:04

  • Elphie
    Elphie2 napja

    7:27 🤔

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    Drew Ferguson3 napja

    Nope not rubber

  • Der Kohlkopf Händler
    Der Kohlkopf Händler3 napja

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    Turtel Animation3 napja

    I'm super impressed

  • Shelby Snellen
    Shelby Snellen4 napja

    Skill share is too much money

  • Monstercam 09
    Monstercam 095 napja

    Make an animation out of optical illusions

  • The Photon- Infinite Creativity
    The Photon- Infinite Creativity5 napja

    Omg! This is soo me! The fact that I used fingers for blending, and the optical illusion he showed at first, was exactly what I knew !

  • Minecraftman078
    Minecraftman0786 napja

    6:01 "This is paper"

  • Alicia dove Bridenbaugh
    Alicia dove Bridenbaugh6 napja

    To jazza I made a couple of those drawings and they make one very dizzy 🥴.

  • Chrissy Alvey
    Chrissy Alvey8 napja


  • YngGamR251
    YngGamR25110 napja

    I know the pencil one

  • Scoopy
    Scoopy10 napja

    2:04 excuse me?

  • Platinium Zero
    Platinium Zero10 napja


  • AK Knocks
    AK Knocks14 napja

    I love how you were a good artist because i ike your channel and one question it wont come because you didn't use graphics skills on alot of apps

  • jeremiah hensley
    jeremiah hensley14 napja

    oh no not DEATH PERCEPTION NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flappy zombieee
    flappy zombieee14 napja

    Me two hours after watching: wait a and b are the same?

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    42BCreative16 napja

    Have you seen this video... on weed?

  • Space and technology illusion
    Space and technology illusion16 napja

    Okay 👌

  • Sharpie vs. pencil
    Sharpie vs. pencil17 napja

    “WOAH ITS ALREADY COOL!” Gosh dude chill you were so close to the mic i litteraly died of the volume

  • Sharpie vs. pencil
    Sharpie vs. pencil17 napja

    I want the link for the fire-pens

  • Sharpie vs. pencil
    Sharpie vs. pencil17 napja

    Haha did the ladder one before watching this

  • Sharpie vs. pencil
    Sharpie vs. pencil17 napja

    I already know the pencil one

  • LDV Walrus
    LDV Walrus18 napja

    You just learned about blending stumps..? My best illustration was basically only good because of them.

  • DaDumCow
    DaDumCow19 napja

    Your first one was “great”

  • Robert Gailey
    Robert Gailey19 napja

    I love how excited you get in these videos

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    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant get plant

  • Draw 5 Minutes
    Draw 5 Minutes20 napja

    I love this man

  • Shade Fazbear
    Shade Fazbear21 napja

    U lied about it being in the description (fire pen)

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name23 napja

    Thank you jazza i had an art assignment on optical illusion.

  • Gameboy2007
    Gameboy200723 napja

    8:58 Tim burton circle can't hurt you Tim burton circle:

  • Eugen Rivera
    Eugen Rivera25 napja

    On the the one you look at the dot the surrounding dots will disappear for me just multiplied all the dots

  • Eaaz09
    Eaaz0926 napja

    he's obsessed with blending stumps

  • banana
    banana26 napja

    I drew a floating cube once.

  • Caitlin Lach
    Caitlin Lach27 napja

    By the way... those blending stumps work REALLY well with oil pastels (in case you didn't know)

  • Benjamin Blom
    Benjamin Blom29 napja

    The shadow outside the hole was in the wrong spot... Looking at the paper flat it's in the right location, but to make the forced perspective illusion it should have been much more to the right

  • Alex M
    Alex MHónapja

    Sitting thinking some ads have started on the video but then you sit down with some graduation robes on. This is weird I though, this must be the video still. Nope, the ad I got was an ad for your skillshare classes!

  • The McGowans
    The McGowansHónapja

    the flashing dot one actually worked for me

  • Rose rousan
    Rose rousanHónapja

    Can we draw a 4th dimensional illusion on 3rd dimensional surface ?

  • Ben I guess
    Ben I guessHónapja

    3:14 You missed the perfect opportunity to make the shadow of Darth Vader being cast by small child Anakin scene, just saying...

  • Voxilia

    I love how he's trying to do his best optical illusion with the pencil at the start, Nice try bud! You can do it! 0:15

  • cliffopoo11

    the motion blindness one, didnt work while wearing my glasses, i took them off and tried it again and it worked, as is the case with a lot of optical illusions



  • Saben Johnson
    Saben JohnsonHónapja

    Sounds weird, but he has the perfect facial structure, here if he were to get jacked, and did jaw training, he'd look like a badass

  • Kingsley Onu
    Kingsley OnuHónapja

    AMAZING!!! i can't wait to try it.

  • Leo MarBel
    Leo MarBelHónapja

    Funny enough, i have an art assignment EXACTLY about 3d trick art and one of the assignments is that exact ladder video. Its not everyday where 'research' = 'entertainment' LOL

  • ElodePilarre

    I am seriously loving watching you gather new tools for your toolbox from your expirimentation videos! The heat pen and the blending stump showing up again and being useful is just awesome to see, it's like an inside joke for people who saw those videos :)

  • Michele-Lyn Ault
    Michele-Lyn AultHónapja

    No it does not look like rubber

  • Julio Marcelo Rivera
    Julio Marcelo RiveraHónapja

    8:20 Hmmm... the ball and column could use some refraction on the lower left side.. 🤔

  • Sophie

    I'm super impressed

  • Tribal Fuse
    Tribal FuseHónapja

    You want REAL optical illusions? Brusspup on YT. True true talent

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    Rogue GamerHónapja

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    Mythic MystorRussHónapja

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    Probably a PoserHónapja

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    Who wants him to just do a video on him reacting to optical illusions

  • Lupin


  • Eddy / Rocket League
    Eddy / Rocket LeagueHónapja

    5:42 yayy you drew on the other side of the page for once! You usually don't and I was often complaining about that so that's progress already! 😆

  • Haru Maru
    Haru MaruHónapja

    4:40 ngl it kinda scared me

  • Marion Martinel
    Marion MartinelHónapja

    Jazza:"imagine this is your phone" "and if you have another camera" Me: *use mirrors* 😏

  • whatcanidooo

    It actually broke my mind a little when he edited the tape role to look like it fell down the stairs

  • Jasper H
    Jasper HHónapja

    Wow Jazza, that magic trick at the start was amazing. I'm super impressed

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie GreenHónapja

    I have been your subscriber for a while now. And I just have to say that you are truly a wonderful, inspiring person. I found your videos always helpful when I just wanted to distract myself from my anxiety. Your art has come our looking amazing time and time again. Keep it up, Jazza!

  • Andrew Samuels
    Andrew SamuelsHónapja

    You should check out the work of Tracy Lee Stum

  • Jared Volkman
    Jared VolkmanHónapja

    I control reality and all illusion, I'm infinite and you're just a human.-Bill Cipher

  • Noob

    I can't believe he made all these illusions with rubber!

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    Sampreeth T AHónapja

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    C JHónapja

    I live halfway across the world from Jazza and somehow have the same ruler..

  • Green Anxiety
    Green AnxietyHónapja

    I've set up a twitter just to contact you. Sent some art but also I have a story id love to share with you if u can get in touch. Much love

  • Sarah Renae Clark
    Sarah Renae ClarkHónapja

    There’s a girl on Instagram who does hyper realistic 3D art. It is a combination of optical illusions (perspective drawing) and hyper-realistic pencil drawings. Her art is crazy impressive.

  • TiagoTiago

    The perspective stuff is easy to do if you got a projector or with that semi-transparent overlay cheat you mentioned on one of the "drawing like a printer" videos

  • TiagoTiago

    You forgot the link to the heat disappearing pen

  • TiagoTiago

    The rubber trick works better if you hold the pencil not at the center of mass but also away from the ends

  • スターリング

    random thing but while i was eating and watching this video i nearly accidently ate my mouse instead of my food

  • Traekas7!

    Ah-Mazing, Jazza! You’re a better Artist than I ever was, probably. You’re quicker, and hyper realistic with your optical illusions. I used to watch Bob Ross paint, starting in my childhood. He was pretty awesome, too.

  • Fragmentsills

    This is fun i love it😆

  • Elizabeth Affantranger
    Elizabeth AffantrangerHónapja

    0:44 took me a sec to realize it meant the letters and not the squares. I was like "Yeah no. Nope thats stupid."

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    So jazza’ s illusion is a “whole” with a shaft I mean “pillar” with a large bell like end I mean “ball” wonder if he had anything on his mind?

  • PeaceDenisse

    I just taught my student about OP Art I wonder if they would enter!

  • Arnan Srivastava
    Arnan SrivastavaHónapja

    You didn’t put the video about the fire erasable pen in the description

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    I know if you do it all the way to super fast