Tate McRae - you broke me first (Official Video)

GUYS IT'S HERE. you broke me first. hahaha. fun fact this was filmed on my phone, in quarantine, taped to the front of my mom’s car, on a random rooftop. crazy hey? i really really hope u guys like this song. it means a lot to me and is prolly one of my favorite songs i’ve written. i hope u guys can connect to it like i do. love u all soooo much. stay safe and healthy.
xoxoxo tate

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Directed by Tate McRae
Camera Operator: Jonny Hader
Post Prod Producer: Brian Petchers
EP: Evan Brown
VFX: Bradley Crawford
Beauty/Color: Loren White (Lookwell)
Thanks to Michelle for always being there!
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you broke me first
maybe you don’t like talking too much about yourself
but you shoulda told me that you were thinking bout someone else
you’re drunk at a party or maybe it’s just that your car broke down
or your phone’s been off for a couple months, so you’re calling me now

i know you, you’re like this
when shit don’t go your way you needed me to fix it
and like me, i did
but i ran out of every reason

now suddenly you’re asking for it back
could you tell me where’d you get the nerve
ya, you could say you miss all that we had
but i don’t really care how bad it hurts
when you broke me first

took a while, was in denial when i first heard
that you moved on quicker than i coulda ever
you know that hurt
swear for a while i would stare at my phone just to see your face
but now that it’s there, i don’t really know what to say

i know you, you’re like this
when shit don’t go your way you needed me to fix it
and like me, i did
but i ran out of every reason

now suddenly you’re asking for it back
could you tell me where’d you get the nerve
ya, you could say you miss all that we had
but i don’t really care how bad it hurts
when you broke me first

what did you think would happen?
what did you think would happen?
i’ll never let you have it
what did you think would happen?

now suddenly you’re asking for it back
could you tell me where’d you get the nerve
ya, you could say you miss all that we had
but i don’t really care how bad it hurts
when you broke me first


  • TateMcRaeVEVO

    i love you alll sooo much. i hope u guys enjoy my quarantine, iphone music video heheheh. go stream this song nowwww❤️❤️❤️

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    This was awesome. I got serious Alanis vibes. Like under the surface, but ever present.

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    my biggest flex was that i was a fan before this song blew up

  • bianca

    catra when adora left the horde:

  • TehNariek

    Her voice makes me melt. I love the way she pronounces certain words in her singing voice, e.g. "nerve". I'm guessing that's some European influence from her parents?

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    u are gorgeous ily

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    POV:you can't stop listening to this song

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    Hoda Salah3 órája

    This song remember me of bad Mameroise 😓

  • Vaishnavi Sonwale
    Vaishnavi Sonwale4 órája

    This song hits different when you are broken because of your family

  • Dee-Ay85 -
    Dee-Ay85 -4 órája

    @tatemcrae watch the voice kids 2021 Germany... There is a battle where three amazing, talented kids sang your song... I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes... The winner of the battle won the whole thing

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    I never forget to come back

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    Mi manchi Timmy 😘

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    Questa canzone mi ricorda i momenti con il mio gatto che non c'è più 😢😰😭

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    It's August 2021 and I'm still learning

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    Tate..i love your songs

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    I’m so addicted to this song! But why did I think it was Billie Eilish? 😅

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    august 2021 anyone?

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    This is da best song ever ❤️

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    It's August 2021,anyone who listens to this master piece is a legend 🙌

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    I love you song 😘

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    There's a reason this has almost 110 mil views

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    Olha eu aqui de novo, amo a música 💘😍

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    I never thought I would be so heartbroken 💔it hurts so much

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    hübsche Frau ich liebe sie😍❤️

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    Omg she's so perfect

  • jose hernandez
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    ever time I listen to this it makes me think what Ive done to fix what Ive not done, Im human being things happened and we are all creatures of god, but understanding each other is more futher to think what happened in the end we are all hurt, thank you good song and video

  • Suky-ann Hayer
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    why is it when they hurt you first and then you hurt them back then you are the bad one?

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    Yes go grill

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    listening this till 2021 July 😭

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    Artists learn this lesson ....she was alone 🙏Just be you


    was this filmed in auckland * the sky tower?*

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    I love this song it sends me to sleep and makes me feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside and her voice is just beautiful

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    Remember when i was 8 loving this pretending to be u i knew u would make it

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    who doesn't like this song is someone who made tate McRae broke

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