Christina Aguilera - Tribute to Aretha Franklin (Live At Grammy Awards 2011)

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  • Erwin Corbo
    Erwin Corbo2 órája

    Ive been waiting for this video!!! Thanks for uploading!

  • Misty Lake
    Misty Lake6 órája

    I don't know what it is with Jennifer but her voice is so difficult to listen to. I find it so sharp(?) and uh..i don't know how to describe it.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez21 órája

    funny that the last song is Sisters doing it for themselves..and everyone of them was doing their thing but i saw no sisterhood between the performers. Theres a cute moment between Yolanda and Cristina and Florence reacts to Christinas whistle note but thats felt they had argued before u know?

  • Doug Antelman
    Doug AntelmanNapja

    So many great songs, her contributions to funk and soul

  • Lourdes melendrez
    Lourdes melendrezNapja

    Anyone here 2021 watching while reading about my baby. Xtina? They deserve everything but the falseto of xtina is exceptional. Emeged.

  • Amby Anthony
    Amby Anthony2 napja

    I'm just wondering whether Christina could hit G#5 of the Bridge of "Ain't No Way", or not if she took that part. Anyway her falsetto was amazing.

  • Puka Keneki
    Puka Keneki2 napja

    Florence QUEEN

  • Mario Amatriain Alcalde
    Mario Amatriain Alcalde3 napja

    Omg Florence she ate

  • José Galán
    José Galán3 napja


  • Ziane belaid
    Ziane belaid5 napja

    Xtina is a legend

  • Alejandro Cole
    Alejandro Cole6 napja

    Yolanda / Jennifer … impressive ! Simply the best that night #Wow

  • Trường Phước
    Trường Phước6 napja

    Did Christina fall at the end?

  • Josh Disbennett
    Josh Disbennett7 napja

    Christina and Yolanda understood the assignment

  • Blueridge4000
    Blueridge40008 napja

    Did y’all see where Xtina fell @ 12:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣oh my GOD 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee8 napja

    Love when Florence & Jennifer groove! My Favs

  • Nigel Ramlal
    Nigel Ramlal8 napja

    Don't get me wrong..but it's like Christina is looking hard for a big note..but never gets it. Good grief.

  • Sergio Daniel Sánchez
    Sergio Daniel Sánchez8 napja

    Se imaginan los covers de las canciones de las musas de Hércules con estás voces?

    RAMOS9 napja


    RAMOS9 napja


  • Simone B
    Simone B10 napja

    JHud all day

  • Cornelius Charles
    Cornelius Charles10 napja

    Can we stop comparing these amazing vocalists? They all have different styles in singing. I mean obviously we all have favorites. I loved Yolanda's performance the most.

  • Long Live Crown
    Long Live Crown11 napja

    4:45 it’s the "YES" by Yolanda for me 🥲❤️

  • Lakbay with Nikki
    Lakbay with Nikki11 napja

    Very Beautiful Performance

  • Giih Cristina
    Giih Cristina12 napja


  • letras Miguelito
    letras Miguelito12 napja

    Yolanda Adams' face when listening to her companions sing ... it is everything in life 😍

  • Ciclo de Krebs
    Ciclo de Krebs13 napja

    12:09 Christina falls

  • The Nite Nite Caraloo🌙 💤
    The Nite Nite Caraloo🌙 💤13 napja

    Yolanda and Jennifer making my NERVES BAAAD CHILD!!! You can cut the tension with a knife 🔪!!!! 🥴🚬

  • Ms. Monic
    Ms. Monic13 napja

    Powerful! ❤️💯🔥

  • Gregory Murad Reis
    Gregory Murad Reis14 napja

    I love how Jennifer was just enjoying her sisters’ high notes letting them do their thing at 11:55 … hahahaha

  • TCt83067695
    TCt8306769515 napja

    I forgot this was the same show Beyoncé performed if I were a boy

  • Nope
    Nope15 napja

    I mean Yolanda Adams is just another level! Wow! Jennifer and Florence were brill as well.

  • DanieL Gideon
    DanieL Gideon16 napja

    Always excited seeing these divas. Great example when they have to sing solo, back up and together. Everyone is equal.

  • tsxnami babe
    tsxnami babe17 napja

    they all killedt that shit

  • kingsley Moeng
    kingsley Moeng18 napja

    Martina McBride ❤❤she is doing wonder in country music I am happy she landing her vocal on soul that's great tribute collaboration

  • kingsley Moeng

    kingsley Moeng

    18 napja

    @Zul Fadhli nice ❤but still you gonna cry again on a broken wing at same time get upliftment

  • Zul Fadhli

    Zul Fadhli

    18 napja

    @kingsley Moeng So far I've only heard Anyway and Concrete Angel, both made me cry because of how emotional the songs were to me. Thanks for the recommendations, definitely checking them out!

  • kingsley Moeng

    kingsley Moeng

    18 napja

    @Zul Fadhli defenately she awesome love her vocals and she is very humble they should check some of her work on HUbase A broken wing,independence day, concrete Angel and Anyway she's great and is not first time she land her vocals on soul remember when she join Gladys knight for midnight train to georgia at sky.. Martina McBride she can held note the was no way she wouldn't be asked to join the tribute,she always asked to do this even Kennedy center honors,cma honors I will always love you Rock n roll

  • Zul Fadhli

    Zul Fadhli

    18 napja

    Yeah I don't understand why people are attacking her. She is one of the greatest vocalist of Country music, and can hold notes for a very long time such as in "Anyway". Great vocalist.

  • Zul Fadhli
    Zul Fadhli18 napja

    So everyone else didn't notice Christina fell at 12:10 ? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • kingsley Moeng

    kingsley Moeng

    18 napja

    I notice

  • Mage Tuanqui
    Mage Tuanqui18 napja

    jennifer be clappin’ at the end instead of joining the last roar 😭😭😭

  • Mage Tuanqui
    Mage Tuanqui18 napja

    i just cannot move on from jennifer hudson’s perfomance here!!! considering that her movie’s titled “respect” too 🥺

  • Smoak
    Smoak19 napja

    there’s no way y’all think this is good. especially christina.

  • Smoak
    Smoak19 napja

    this isn’t really good tbh. i get putting a twist on a song and making it ur own but you can’t really do that with a song like arethas Natural Woman

  • Pattadon
    Pattadon19 napja

    10 years later Jhud sing respect on arethra Franklin movie

  • Jap Leoj
    Jap Leoj21 napja

    Christina 🤯🤯🤯

  • Brazos de Sol
    Brazos de Sol23 napja

    Wow. I just died and went to voice heaven.... 😱

  • Sidivan Santos
    Sidivan Santos23 napja

    🇧🇷#Yolanda 💥💥💥😳😳😳💥💥💥🇧🇷

  • David Alonso
    David Alonso24 napja

    Christina Aguilera ❤️🙌🏻

  • Trung Khang
    Trung Khang26 napja

    I love the way Xtina oversing in her style Talented

  • Marie Cyprien-Taylor
    Marie Cyprien-Taylor29 napja

    Aretha Franklin has a amazing songs and a beautiful singing voice. what a performance. God bless her lovely soul

  • Malachi Flowers
    Malachi FlowersHónapja

    When Yolanda said “RIIIISE” I felt that and got up waved my hand!

  • Les Perkins
    Les PerkinsHónapja

    Christina Aguilera and her back up singer's, Damn she killed it!!!!!

  • Les Perkins
    Les PerkinsHónapja

    Christina Aguilera Falsetto Dead....Best singer currently Alive !

  • Karla Estrada Garcia
    Karla Estrada GarciaHónapja

    This show is amazing, sorry but un my opinion Chrostina is thd best for me!!

  • Alma Teresa Guerrero
    Alma Teresa GuerreroHónapja

    Greatest Cristina🧡

  • vigspark

    Ok Yolanda slayed it here

  • Cam Jones
    Cam JonesHónapja

    11:55 When you’re doing a group project but you’re graded individually

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan MartinezHónapja

    Why are yall sleeping on florence- she killed that last note in think.

  • David Jarar
    David JararHónapja

    ᴾ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̂̾̾͑ͣͤᴼ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̆͒̾̓ᴿ͓̫̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ ᴸ͓͙̦̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͥ̍ᴬ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̽̈͊ ᶜ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᵀ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͊ͮ͋ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̑ͤ͑̂̆͒̾̓͋ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̂̾̾͑ͣͤᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̆͒̾̓ᴹ͓̖͙̬̮͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͮ̏ͤᴹ͓͚͚̲̝͇̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̔ͮ͂͗ͦᴹ͓̰͍͚̞̣̱̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͑ͬͦ̉ᴹ͓̖͙̬̮͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͮ̏ͤᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̂̾̾͑ͣͤᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̑ͤ͑̂̆͒̾̓͋ᴹ͓͙̦̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͥ̍ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̑ͤ͑̂̆͒̾̓͋ᴹ͓̲̩̘̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̈́ͦ̐ᴹ͓̲̩̘̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̈́ͦ̐ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᴹ͓̲̩̘̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̈́ͦ̐ᴹ͓̪͕͙̯̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̅ͬ̈ͯ̌ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̽̈͊ᴹ͓͎̗̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̅ͥᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̆͒̾̓ᴹ͓͙̦̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͥ̍ᴹ͓̲̩̘̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̈́ͦ̐ᴹ͓͚͚̲̝͇̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̔ͮ͂͗ͦᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̂̾̾͑ͣͤᴹ͓͈̮͈̝̪̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͫ̅̐ͮᴹ͓͚͚̲̝͇̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̔ͮ͂͗ͦᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̋͊ͮᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͒̾ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̑ͤ͑̂̆͒̾̓͋ᴹ͓̖͙̬̮͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿ͮ̏ͤᴹ͓͎̗̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̅ͥᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̆͒̾̓ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̊̈ᴹ͓͚͚̲̝͇̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̔ͮ͂͗ͦᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̊̈ᴹ͓̰͍͚̞̣̱̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͑ͬͦ̉ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̽̈͊ᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿͊ͮ͋ᴹ͓͚͚̲̝͇̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̔ͮ͂͗ͦᴹ͓̃̐̊̍̾̽̿̊̈

  • Ernesto Nillar fonseca
    Ernesto Nillar fonsecaHónapja

    Xtina the best

  • Ricardo Mejia
    Ricardo MejiaHónapja

    11:53 Here's where magic comes from

  • Vincent Teregeyo
    Vincent TeregeyoHónapja

    I wish Martina still had her voice

  • Mr Johnny
    Mr JohnnyHónapja

    Absolute perfection!

  • Anna Macari
    Anna MacariHónapja

    jennifer killed it🔥🔥🔥

  • XTIN0

    3:31 for a moment I thought Xtina was singing "Impossible" (a song written by Alicia Keys for X's masterpiece album "Stripped"). These 5 ladies all nailed it, this is one of the biggest all-female vocal performances of all time. 4:44 When Xtina owned the performance, they don't call her the "Queen of falsetto" for nothing. What a voice! Florence's note at 7:14 was another highlight.

  • Joe


  • Ethan Rice
    Ethan RiceHónapja

    i was not expect that from Florence……

  • Lissandra Freljord
    Lissandra FreljordHónapja

    11:55 When the anime heroes throw all their most powerful attack collectively to kill the villain.

  • Badd biatchh
    Badd biatchhHónapja

    The Queen in the middle and with a red microphone 👑

  • Vergara Chen
    Vergara ChenHónapja

    The stage will destroyed because christina yolanda and jhud like even dead thing will scared of them

  • Abraham Guardado
    Abraham GuardadoHónapja

    I can't stop to watch the Yolanda's note when sang the part rideeeeee Sally ridee. Incredible

  • XRP Adoption!!
    XRP Adoption!!Hónapja

    Christina is a 100 times better than Aretha. Sorry...I know music.

  • Quenton Long
    Quenton LongHónapja

    It’s a 12min video, but I spent 2hrs here.. still unbelievable.

  • Haute Voltage
    Haute VoltageHónapja


  • Rody Blogs
    Rody BlogsHónapja

    Christian Aguilera es de otro mundo!

  • BDL1888

    11:55 Yolanda Adams say...."Hold my mule and let me SET THE TONE as we close this out!. Y'all ready girls?!. Here we go!." 🔥🔥🔥 Mama came with the spirit and the power....and I'm quite sure WE ARE ALL HERE FOR IT!!!...❤❤❤

  • Caio Ferreira
    Caio FerreiraHónapja

    I love the interaction and support between the girls, especially Xtina, Yolanda and Florence

  • Superelectra Superheroe
    Superelectra SuperheroeHónapja

    Personally, Xtina has the best tone among all the pop singers there are, but she also has one of the unhealthiest technique lol. Her high notes hurt my voice seriously

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor HarrisHónapja

    11:54 and beyond sounds like they let a bunch of goats out of a pen to run the pasture after being cooped up all day. 😂 JHud said yall are on your own with this.

  • Willmar Joachim Camus
    Willmar Joachim CamusHónapja

    i feel like xtina did too many runs

  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro FerreiraHónapja

    11:54 I don't know if it was just me who was in love with the way Yolanda and Florence's voices contrasted and at the same time complemented each other in the end, it gave me a lot of shivers, it was perfect

  • Victor N
    Victor NHónapja

    The end 😂😂😂😂

  • Ron Farkas
    Ron FarkasHónapja

    Scream out the high notes, go off key all over, and end it with a shouting match when you could've just harmonized. Forgive us for this, Aretha.

  • Xoruna



    Even if I love this performance, I can't disagree with your opinion about the end, a final harmonized note all together would have been much better.

  • Your Average Guy
    Your Average GuyHónapja

    Perfect example of biting more than you can chew. :3

  • Marnick Claes
    Marnick ClaesHónapja

    Almost a crime this has just over 300k views...

  • renato robles
    renato roblesHónapja

    Everyone on stage gets more time than Christina🤡

  • Problematic Bitch
    Problematic BitchHónapja

    @6:59 sia when she finally escapes beyonces basement

  • Katya_Velour




  • johnnie

    Respect florence

  • Jorge García
    Jorge GarcíaHónapja

    Martina looked so bitter when christina was singing, lmao

  • T

    I love Christina Aguilera that's my girl

  • hey nu
    hey nuHónapja

    7:10 You gotta love how JHud catched that!!! Reminds me of P!nk on Lady Marmalade

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez


    She cought what?

  • mirage angelica
    mirage angelicaHónapja

    I'm sorry but my throat really hurts just listening to xtina =(((

  • Victor do Amaral
    Victor do AmaralHónapja

    Florence ❤️


    Jennifer and Yolanda so perfeect, love so much

  • RK AB
    RK ABHónapja

    Rihanna totally laughing at Christina for falling

  • Lucas M
    Lucas MHónapja

    Maybe the Florence stans don’t want to admit it but her performance was horrible: offkey, no soul, dry voice, no power. Wrong genre for her.

  • r copern

    r copern


    I’d say Martina was the worst..she had no right being up there singing the way she did, ruining those songs with no soul, passion or emotion. You have to have those qualities when singing Aretha Franklin!

  • Christian Michael
    Christian MichaelHónapja


  • Levi Magalhães
    Levi MagalhãesHónapja

    2021 and i'm' still not bored of it

  • Fabiaan Vergara
    Fabiaan VergaraHónapja

    Florence just WOW

  • maskdanger

    Back when people were famous for actually having talent.

  • Mar J
    Mar JHónapja

    They way they look at each other n just enjoying the music

  • Katy Perry's Boobs
    Katy Perry's BoobsHónapja

    Christina falling at the end 💀

  • Jeremy Bradley
    Jeremy BradleyHónapja

    Wow 🤩 if this doesn’t lifting your spirits nothing will ! What a performance

  • rose jeudy
    rose jeudyHónapja

    Tribute. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🌷