"Portals" from Avengers Endgame played by over 100 trombonists!!!!

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  • Sana Shy
    Sana Shy2 napja

    Yibambe! Yibambe!

  • ràfael Perera
    ràfael Perera2 napja


  • OG_hAz
    OG_hAz2 napja


  • Torkung55 we're thekops family's
    Torkung55 we're thekops family's3 napja

    Goodbye ironman Tony Robert...

  • Rama Printing Cawang
    Rama Printing Cawang3 napja

    is that everyone ? | what ? you wanted more ?

  • preeti santhosh
    preeti santhosh3 napja

    goosebumps asured

  • Ashwith Kumar
    Ashwith Kumar4 napja


  • RealBoss-BrawlStars
    RealBoss-BrawlStars4 napja

    3:35 sheeeeesh

  • Roy Mon
    Roy Mon4 napja

    i can hear this all day...

  • Ludivaldo Alves da Rocha
    Ludivaldo Alves da Rocha4 napja

    Maravilhosa orquestra!

  • NHK                           !!
    NHK !!5 napja


  • Trần Giàu
    Trần Giàu5 napja


  • Redx gaming
    Redx gaming6 napja

    2:20 goosebumps

  • Timothy Jo
    Timothy Jo6 napja

    I can picture the scenes just by hearing them. Majestic piece

  • Lahmacun Ayran 🍻
    Lahmacun Ayran 🍻8 napja


  • Quinten 730
    Quinten 7308 napja

    How to join 🥺🥺

  • Rushikesh Shimpi
    Rushikesh Shimpi9 napja

    Where are drums?

  • kitty bros
    kitty bros10 napja

    2:00 was my favorite part

  • Rubymosquito763
    Rubymosquito76310 napja


  • MightyElemental
    MightyElemental10 napja

    This is one of the best pieces of music in the MCU. Absolutely love it. 2:20 always get goosebumps at the Avengers theme

  • shi zi
    shi zi10 napja

    "GIVE IT TO ME" - T'Challa

  • Tanguy Breton
    Tanguy Breton12 napja

    Petition to make marvel hire them for the new movies

  • Иван Петров
    Иван Петров13 napja

    Captain America: The Other War Cap: - Sam, to your left. Avengers Endgame Sam: - Cap, to your left ...

  • Klober Unkret
    Klober Unkret14 napja


  • james f
    james f14 napja

    who needs different sections when you've got that many trombones!

  • Estela Lezue
    Estela Lezue14 napja

    Hermoso 😭😊😁

  • Siegfried Klein martins
    Siegfried Klein martins15 napja

    I' m a music teacher in Brasil and you sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I love this theme. Congrats.

  • IeatRice
    IeatRice15 napja


  • Toks Shorts 🎬
    Toks Shorts 🎬16 napja

    Who searched for this

  • 田Randy
    田Randy17 napja

    I m here after black widow movie I love marvel movie

  • Internet Gamer'z 360
    Internet Gamer'z 36017 napja

    This is rarest video man. Please don't delete this from HUbase

  • Vianey L.
    Vianey L.17 napja

    Yibambe!!! Wakanda's Battle Cry RIP Chadwick 🙏🏼

  • Mason McPeek
    Mason McPeek17 napja

    all of them to each other afterwards: that was epic poggers sus amoogus t pose big chungus epic fortnite win

  • Moises Ventura Oficial
    Moises Ventura Oficial18 napja


  • KT Ho
    KT Ho18 napja

    This was how I played age of empire2

  • Kellee L
    Kellee L19 napja

    Fabulous ❤

  • עומר עמית
    עומר עמית20 napja

    Such a powerful art

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker20 napja

    when people raid area 51

  • たいへん
    たいへん21 napja


  • U1 Songs whatsapp status
    U1 Songs whatsapp status23 napja

    Jacksparrow bgm pathuttu inga vanthavanga like pannunga

  • U1 Songs whatsapp status

    U1 Songs whatsapp status

    23 napja

  • Miami Sportsman
    Miami Sportsman23 napja

    All Hail The King!!!

  • Asep Jalaludin
    Asep Jalaludin25 napja

    Imagine Zack Snyder hear this

  • 420sanchoo
    420sanchoo25 napja

    f*ck goosebumbs :D

  • Preshie B
    Preshie B25 napja

    I can never get enough of Marvel.

  • Shreyas rohan
    Shreyas rohan26 napja

    When mam asks 'who are all your friends?' by the time My friends 2:00

  • Andrew Brisson
    Andrew Brisson26 napja

    bruh I get chills every time I hear this.

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan28 napja

    Miss those times with everyone especially during the eternal covid19 pandemics.

  • Gaming Waffle
    Gaming Waffle28 napja

    Is it good or bad that my ringtone is literally the avengers theme song

    LACET FF28 napja

    This song is great i ever seen this like song i love so much❤❤

  • Giaccommander
    Giaccommander28 napja

    I need that on my Truck 3:10

    SREE KUTTY29 napja


  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton BanksHónapja

    Previously, a lot of people complained that the Avengers franchise doesn't have a very iconic soundtrack. Now, I can imagine every single scene from that final battle against Thanos as it is playing.

  • Din Din
    Din DinHónapja

    Vão a merda seus cocores

  • Chu Yamone Lwin
    Chu Yamone LwinHónapja

    Wakanda forever✊

  • rohan Raj n
    rohan Raj nHónapja

    Goosebumps evry time

  • Raenald syaputra
    Raenald syaputraHónapja


  • Lucy Ann Panter
    Lucy Ann PanterHónapja

    Woah!! Incredible. I have chills 😍

  • prasaanth S
    prasaanth SHónapja


  • Unleash Martian
    Unleash MartianHónapja

    i am crying right now

  • Fairuz Xavior
    Fairuz XaviorHónapja

    The goosebumps bro

  • Thắng Nguyễn
    Thắng NguyễnHónapja

    Nice !

  • Rafael Pedrosa
    Rafael PedrosaHónapja

    0:17 the 3rd guy on the front looks like chubby tom cruise

  • Arx Arcazo
    Arx ArcazoHónapja

    This gave me goosebumps

  • Sundar Dhungana
    Sundar DhunganaHónapja

    R.I.P. Stanlee

  • Bryan Maya
    Bryan MayaHónapja


  • That one blue man
    That one blue manHónapja

    When will world war three happen

  • 古舘一浪

    Trombonists!! Assemble...

  • George DAmbrosio
    George DAmbrosioHónapja


  • HugoBCH

    Trop cool

  • Pain

    Thanos army Dislike this

  • Pat Cunningham
    Pat CunninghamHónapja

    My faith in humanity has just been restored.

  • Mahesh Mohite
    Mahesh MohiteHónapja

    True avenger will feel🔥

  • Mahesh Mohite
    Mahesh MohiteHónapja

    Getting goosebumps 🔥🔥😍

  • Catherine Black
    Catherine BlackHónapja

    Awesome!! Awesome sound!!

  • Peter Mcnamara
    Peter McnamaraHónapja


  • Gloryn raja singh
    Gloryn raja singhHónapja


  • Norules Mark Markus
    Norules Mark MarkusHónapja


  • HappiestTick234Playzz

    See this is what the middle school band does when the teacher isn't looking.....

  • HappiestTick234Playzz

    On your left.........

  • AbastorTrash30

    R.I.P: Iron Man, Black panter, capitán América y thanos

  • Kavi

    I Love This Bgm Forever My Life 🥰🥰

  • Santiago Álvarez
    Santiago ÁlvarezHónapja

    There was an idea To bring together A group of remarkable people To see if they could fight the battels That we never could.

  • paulson moses
    paulson mosesHónapja

    Emombey 🙂💔

  • Antonio Gherardini
    Antonio GherardiniHónapja

    2:18-2:19 AVENGERS!!!!! ASSEMBLE… AGHHHHHHH!!!!

  • POOPYMAN 3939
    POOPYMAN 3939Hónapja

    It's all trombones? Always has been...

  • rampaginglumine 17
    rampaginglumine 17Hónapja

    R.I.P Chadwick and Stan Lee you two brought us great movies and great joy we hope you are happy and someplace nice, here's one for for you both, Avengers ...... Assemble

  • Cristian Kent Abdula
    Cristian Kent AbdulaHónapja


  • Hafiz muhammd
    Hafiz muhammdHónapja

    13years 1 journey came to an end On this very moment

  • Hafiz muhammd

    Hafiz muhammd


    @HEMMTI DURGAPUR yeah, well technically that's the end




    It’s not ended ... more to go

  • Hafiz muhammd
    Hafiz muhammdHónapja

    'Portals' is a historic moment I'm speechless about that.

  • ali shahid

    ali shahid






    For sure

  • Hafiz muhammd
    Hafiz muhammdHónapja

    Bgm for the doctors fighting against covid

  • Captain687

    Beginning kind of sounds like LOTR lol

  • KYLO_REN_1123

    WOW this is awesome 😢

  • Flixkx

    2:00 is that the kid that was on tv from 7 year ago or so?

  • Flixkx

    Can you link the notes please

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh KumarHónapja

    Bro who are these dumb who disliked it

  • STAT TaNk
    STAT TaNkHónapja


  • Ahana Tippanagoudar
    Ahana TippanagoudarHónapja


  • Justin Anglin
    Justin AnglinHónapja

    This is for Tony Stark

  • Sumit Singh
    Sumit SinghHónapja

    Absolutely marvelous..

  • Zett
    Zett2 hónapja

    I hear it many times

  • Lucas nesey

    Lucas nesey

    2 hónapja