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  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek9 hónapja

    So happy this didn’t hit 200k likes.. guess we’re all gonna be fat forever #season3canceled





  • crbox`TV



    186k, getting close

  • Critical Thought

    Critical Thought


    Even though you didn't hit 200k likes, season 3 is definitely needed still! Do it for them and their well-being.. after you're healed of course bc that's important too! Hell, put it on your site with a pay wall lol seems like a lot of people here would pay to watch it

  • DemokuPlays



    Wtf ;-;

  • shush



    16k to go

  • sneakysealpupTV
    sneakysealpupTV2 napja

    "We're all big fat cows with money symbols" 😂

  • Randy Leon
    Randy Leon3 napja


  • W7N
    W7N6 napja

    Vardon gained 62lbs but it’s ok because “he grew taller” wtf ok? 😂

  • Letty
    Letty8 napja

    “It’s all fun and games until the scale comes out” LMFAO ☠️

  • The Billy Wright Show
    The Billy Wright Show21 napja

    Vardan: "I hate it how you all always interrupt me" Vardan: Gets going into a rant...... *cuts to ad*

    REFZZ25 napja

    do a year not a week

  • Connor Nevitt
    Connor Nevitt27 napja

    Vardains voice is so deep now

  • santiago sirias
    santiago sirias29 napja

    It’s weird to think that after seeing the documentary and seeing these episodes and realizing what he was going through

  • Definix11

    Please make more of this. you can literally save their lives with this. please make them stop talk so down to eachother, no wonder they gain weight with all those negative affirmations all the time. i feel so bad for them cause they are all insecure about it and very emotional and cover it up with talking shit to eachother dressed as humor but its sad. please help them, they evenn said they felt better and everything. please save them man, you are the only one who can. please help them and talk to them seriously about how they speak to eachother. respect my man

  • Shaun Andrews
    Shaun AndrewsHónapja

    I can’t say this enough I love this family😂😂😂

  • Andrew Kosche
    Andrew KoscheHónapja

    “The only thing that changed is your weight” hahahahahahahahahhaha

  • Rayyan khan
    Rayyan khanHónapja

    Vlog squad is not the same anymore :(

  • J

    My bad, i forgot to mention Vardan’s growth spurt LMAOO i only discovered y’all last week so initially i was watching all of Vardan’s and his family’s old clips with David, Jason, Josh, etc. and then i maneuver my way to your channel and my mouth dropped @ his growth! Looking great Vardan! And Jonah, don’t you ever forget.. you’re a hot piece of A$$ 😏

  • J

    I actually did a weight loss challenge with 4 of my best girlfriends recently, 1.5 months and a $500 pool. Guess who’s down 15.2 lbs and up $500🥳. Its been a month since the challenge ended and in hindsight, the challenge created a routine that will stick with me forever. Waking up @ 5AM to hit the gym and still having a whole ass day ahead of me. Maximizing my 24 hours and my productivity! clean eating, & calorie counting. So i absolutely loved this mini series of the Antonyan family weight loss! Congratulations to everyone on their hard work, y’all put in WORKKKK! Love y’all OD and now I’m down a rabbit hole watching all y’all vlogs 🤣 SEASON 3 PLSSSS N TY 🥺❤️ with much love from NYC!

  • Perla Orellana
    Perla OrellanaHónapja

    Hilarious!!! Jeff’s videos always make me laugh. Straight up my fav HUbaser

  • TV

    Still no season 3 :((

  • Terrance Allan
    Terrance AllanHónapja

    So where is season 3 then

  • Judo- teki
    Judo- tekiHónapja

    Man I hate her laugh it’s so annoying

  • alejandro armendariz
    alejandro armendarizHónapja


  • Jesus Suarez
    Jesus SuarezHónapja

    This was hilarious

  • LaRocha

    Where is this series?!🥰💜😂

  • Yung_ Vegeta
    Yung_ VegetaHónapja

    Even before quarantine they even slacked lol

  • Danyal Mohammad
    Danyal MohammadHónapja

    Jeff bringing out the bong was DIRTY lmao

  • Alejandra Chavez
    Alejandra ChavezHónapja

    So where’s season 3

  • Ggg Vvh
    Ggg VvhHónapja

    what shoes is jeff wearin

  • Sea Kay
    Sea KayHónapja

    2:54 I have been watching this one second clip for the last ten minutes lmaoooo

  • super OG King 296
    super OG King 296Hónapja

    Omg, Suzie looks just like her dad!!!

  • Chrissy Curtis
    Chrissy CurtisHónapja

    Can I just Add that their Father has a baby face 100%

  • Chrissy Curtis
    Chrissy CurtisHónapja

    You so need to do season 3! My man & I have been binging out on Jeffs barber shop lately (God, you're so beautiful Jeff) Anyway I was watching this one last night on my TV and had to come to my phone to come comment. I was shouting "season3! Season3! Season3!" With all of you! I NEED A SEASON 3!! You're almost healed so let's do this Jeff!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!💋💗🤤I so love this Family & you too Jeff=beautiful at its finest!

  • Bryn RK
    Bryn RKHónapja

    It’s a whole god dam Documentary

  • Richard Goetzen
    Richard GoetzenHónapja

    Vardan: why do people say I'm a bully Also Vardan: insults family entire video

  • Life is now Loca
    Life is now LocaHónapja

    Jeff, you're awesome

  • saurav singh
    saurav singhHónapja

    Vardan actually crosses the line sometimes

  • karl wilson
    karl wilsonHónapja

    Vardan shouldn't throw stones when he lives in a glass house 😂

  • Sonya & Donya
    Sonya & DonyaHónapja

    I love this family man, and I like how Jeff treats them

  • Jadon

    I wish he didn’t keep his injury a secret.

  • Hello Moto
    Hello MotoHónapja

    Did nicks dad call him Jonah? Omfg

  • Halia Bower
    Halia BowerHónapja

    Not vardan saying his mom cries at everything when HE ALWAYS cried at everything LOL

  • another Bigfoot with internet access

    another Bigfoot with internet access

    13 napja

    Kids cry, teens cry. It's normal I guess. Hormones and shit make it worse.

  • karla avila

    karla avila


    i mean hes a kid no?

  • no one

    no one



  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia SmithHónapja

    Why is jeff shamming nick for using drugs? Wasn't he a drug dealer?

  • Ajaxsuomi



    Sort of, but I'm not going to comment on that

  • Ami Leopard
    Ami LeopardHónapja

    Their family really loves each other.

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy LopezHónapja

    They should make their own show! They are all funny and drama 😆 I love Jeff's show too I can't wait to see more from him!

  • sou saelee
    sou saeleeHónapja

    Joanahs leg cross is a classic

  • Reagan Lincoln
    Reagan LincolnHónapja

    It’s not a fat shaming show say fat, fat fat fat perfect 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Uno

    you are a menace for the caption LMAO

  • Miguel Romero
    Miguel RomeroHónapja


  • Jack Johnson
    Jack JohnsonHónapja

    Susie and Jeff are a good combo

  • Coralinda Ramirz Robles
    Coralinda Ramirz RoblesHónapja

    I love mom . All mom cry for hes kids

  • Morrito 1029
    Morrito 1029Hónapja


  • Andrea Mesa
    Andrea MesaHónapja

    Aye I’m here for this! Lol i need motivation too

  • Patty Mayonnaise
    Patty MayonnaiseHónapja


  • Tyler Scales
    Tyler ScalesHónapja

    dead silence when the scale came out lmaaaaaooooooo

  • Shawn Reaves
    Shawn ReavesHónapja

    Vardan is pissed😂😂

  • fortnite beast
    fortnite beastHónapja

    Rents 4000

  • fortnite beast
    fortnite beastHónapja


  • Takeyourvit4mins

    His face looks full of plastic

  • jcmea13



    Well it’s full of metal because of his accident

  • lys
    lys2 hónapja

    1:33 oo...

  • Shonen Master
    Shonen Master2 hónapja

    when mama cried i cried

  • LOG
    LOG2 hónapja

    vardan put more on

  • El show de Josefa
    El show de Josefa2 hónapja

    i fricking love jonah's fam

  • Silky Mane
    Silky Mane2 hónapja

    vardon’s mom : everything jeff’s fault jeff just giving a haircut 🤣

  • Alex Aaron
    Alex Aaron2 hónapja

    The legal bear objectively reject because state controversly steer of a fascinated denim. flat, gaping link

  • Kabir Noreen
    Kabir Noreen2 hónapja

    I feel like that suzie brings up everyone's mood

  • Sanad Khouri
    Sanad Khouri2 hónapja

    i feel bad for jonah. they bully him alot, when vardan is about teh same weight of him, and everyone said he's changed, but still gets bullied. alot.

  • Sanad Khouri
    Sanad Khouri2 hónapja


  • Da Don
    Da Don2 hónapja

    Holy shit Vardon

  • Nathaniel Pilawski
    Nathaniel Pilawski2 hónapja

    It’s a vas 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Anthony Pozzi
    Anthony Pozzi2 hónapja

    I can’t tell you how much I hate Jonah

  • M McKinnon
    M McKinnon2 hónapja

    i love jeff’s relationship with the family

  • Sophie
    Sophie2 hónapja


  • Lindsey Ferrin
    Lindsey Ferrin2 hónapja

    Ahh...reality TV

    NARZA2 hónapja

    bro like this vid we need that season three weight loss series

  • A B
    A B2 hónapja

    Jonahs family is so entertaining and I think a lot of people exploit them for money but I hope they get money from this.

  • Ver Cart
    Ver Cart2 hónapja

    It’s all fun and games until the scale comes out. Hahaha damn

  • Majd Yassin
    Majd Yassin2 hónapja

    Bro why r they like this with vardun thats not cool fuck that thats so annoying I feel sry😡😟

  • dang dane
    dang dane2 hónapja

    Guys get the 200k and surprise the man

  • Lil Bro
    Lil Bro2 hónapja

    The whole family is so bad God dam just why

  • imerlo
    imerlo2 hónapja

    damn how he acts in his vids is just genius

  • Loni Lange
    Loni Lange2 hónapja

    Respect for Jeff Wittek

  • Harsimran Kaur
    Harsimran Kaur3 hónapja

    Vardon grew up

    _.GOKU_. MEXICAN_3 hónapja

    I started to lose respect for Jonahs mom

  • Cgx #2774
    Cgx #27743 hónapja

    Season three season three

  • 3zooz
    3zooz3 hónapja

    He’s fuckin huge

  • aldrin monquatro
    aldrin monquatro3 hónapja

    how jonah keeps looking dumber everytime i see him

  • Flickzy
    Flickzy3 hónapja

    What the fuck happened to vardon

  • Nilima Rashid
    Nilima Rashid3 hónapja

    When did vardan become this big..! Almost like a different person.. I miss that tremendously cute vardan.. Aww he was such a cute boy 😲😭

  • Jose Ochoa
    Jose Ochoa3 hónapja

    The family is 1000 pounds but Jeff's crow is 19000

  • Jose Ochoa
    Jose Ochoa3 hónapja

    I hate Jeff he triggers me

  • Josh Padilla
    Josh Padilla3 hónapja

    Vardan gained so much

  • Armando Krcaj
    Armando Krcaj3 hónapja

    Season 3 season 3

    ERCAN ADEVA3 hónapja

    What happened to the old Vardan 😢 he used to be soo kind

  • nflu
    nflu3 hónapja

    This family needs David😂

  • n3wb
    n3wb3 hónapja

    Holy shit🤣😂

  • Noah Teeter
    Noah Teeter3 hónapja

    JESUS loves you and will never leave you

  • Adi
    Adi3 hónapja

    I love how Nick's dad call him Jonah.

  • ACJ playboi
    ACJ playboi3 hónapja

    Vardan just predicted

  • Ashton Hashbrown
    Ashton Hashbrown3 hónapja

    Vardan's a jerk, Jonah is depressed, dad is cool, Jeff is rich, mom is sad, Suzy is trying to be a good sister, and it's upseting to see what this family has become, hope they make season 3 worth while.

  • Ashton Hashbrown
    Ashton Hashbrown3 hónapja

    Vardon: "Honestly I think everyone in my family hates me." Yikes Vardon's gonna be one of those people.

  • taylor timothy
    taylor timothy3 hónapja

    POOR VARDON..........:(

  • Game Gamerz
    Game Gamerz3 hónapja

    Vardans voice has CHANGED