I'm going away for a while... Goodbye.

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  • Montana Johnstone
    Montana Johnstone12 napja

    I honestly am so inlove w you it hurts 🤣🤣🤣

  • T. Bombadil
    T. Bombadil13 napja

    I think this next decade will be shit too

  • Yamikinz
    Yamikinz14 napja

    Wow love the fact that you kept it 💯 most people can't (and I'm including myself) overcome what you have, way to go Jeff

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B25 napja

    loving the mydaddysteve cameo, he deserves some attention

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B25 napja

    Okay David, come out ha ha ha ... He's not coming, is he?

  • the___ WHAT?
    the___ WHAT?26 napja

    *D E P O R T E D*

  • hechoenmexico0307
    hechoenmexico030728 napja

    My nickname since a baby has been fatty "Gorda" in spanish like my family says and don't bother me no is my nickname if it don't bother my why should it bother random people tho.🙄 Fatties are awesome.🥰

  • nek a
    nek a28 napja

    My most loved person on HUbase is Jeff Wittek. I love his personality, his HUMOR, his kindness, his content... Everything

  • Bliy zurd
    Bliy zurd29 napja

    Shoulda went to the sierra mountains

  • Amanda Mendoza
    Amanda MendozaHónapja

    The jaded teller repressingly explode because witch unusually snore anenst a six father-in-law. moldy, thinkable starter

  • Pranav Suresh
    Pranav SureshHónapja

    Seeing this after watching the documentary, you're an inspiration man. Never give up. You're unstoppable!

  • La Cangriii
    La CangriiiHónapja

    Lol Jeff wakes up and chooses violence 😂💀 G really said “I will strike you, idgaf” 💀

  • jasmine cote
    jasmine coteHónapja

    Don’t you know that he’s just doing it because he loves you and he feels bad for you, That doesn’t mean you get to treat them like shit

  • jasmine cote
    jasmine coteHónapja

    Just because people are fat and whatever and you’re going through your own problems does it mean you have to take it out on them

  • K Scrib
    K ScribHónapja

    *Jeff channeling his inner Dean Winchester* “I love my posse. I’m a posse magnet. Put that on a T-shirt” 😂😂

  • TheRealJamesCrawford

    Can I take your place

  • You a JiveTurkey
    You a JiveTurkeyHónapja

    Jeff an inspiration 😂💯🐐

  • 005Amergin

    For Stephen (intern)..bring peppermint or lavender oil. ( Dont mix them though) for long car trips. Cold compress on ice ( back of neck) Might be anxiety related so if he feels he's going to pass out - get him outside in the shade, shoes off/ to get his body temp down. On another note; Jeff, its good to be drivenby a vision and a clear plan..and to push beyond obstacles but sometimes life /situation/ universe /whatever is either saying,: No/ not yet/wait/ stop/ go/ go right now or /hell yea. It seems that at that time..the blocks were everywhere- its tough to sit and wait or back away... Kicking a door in that's not opening just doesn't work sometimes. The kid was intimidated by you.. didn't feel he could speak freely- not good. Jeez when your super pissed & feeling boxed in like that- park the car and run it out..cool off abit so you don't misdirect your energy. All that work..and youtube got on your case- had you know it would be blocked maybe you would have made a different idea. Being flexible and very patient in creative stuff helps us fr freaking out when everything is upside down! Peace & health to you!

  • Synergistic Collusion
    Synergistic CollusionHónapja

    I can see exactly why HUbase doesn't like you.

  • Sofia



    Why huh he really doesn’t have nothing wrong with him your just a snowflake and you can’t take his humor

  • Donis GamingPortal
    Donis GamingPortalHónapja

    Coming back after the documentary and man you were so happy and positive. Glad your starting to get better and back to your old self 😁❤

  • Gary's Barber Shop
    Gary's Barber ShopHónapja

    Jeff is the best

  • Donis GamingPortal

    Donis GamingPortal



  • Samantha Marte
    Samantha MarteHónapja

    I admire how persistent you are, you never give up, and you fight for what you want

  • 0MissElizabeth0

    Anyone see this in May 2021 and freak out for a sec. when you saw the title ? 😅

  • SpaceLord

    And this is why christmas specials are shot in October November

  • Elaine Davidson
    Elaine DavidsonHónapja

    Jeff idk what's really going on I had to come back to get the story but you make me laugh please stick around

  • Akz Camo
    Akz CamoHónapja

    How can David look at Jeffs face and not feel so bad

  • Mason Higginbotham
    Mason HigginbothamHónapja

    you can thank all the snowflakes for these stupid restrictions

  • I am not real
    I am not realHónapja

    Jeff says some iffy things but something tells me he's a complete sweetheart.

  • DiamondCaliVro

    crazy thing is other youtubers wouldn’t show the bad side. Much respect Jeff 🙏

  • Elly Gamelin
    Elly GamelinHónapja

    I really like Jeff his most real of em all n genuine

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi
    Hanamichi SakuragiHónapja

    You American are normalizing that it is accepted for police to pull out their gun during a simple traffic stop. Ridiculous!

  • Mr. Tornado
    Mr. TornadoHónapja

    that video was dope tho

  • Khalil Kafieh
    Khalil KafiehHónapja

    Does he have a patreon, because i would definitely consider funding his channel if i could

  • kristen reed

    kristen reed


    yeah it’s just jeffwittek

  • Iiris Piilbak
    Iiris PiilbakHónapja

    and BY The Way you dont have a lazy eye! you have a eye that show’s I’ve seen shit

  • Iiris Piilbak
    Iiris PiilbakHónapja

    is there any way to share my thought with you, mate? you keep going and enjoy youself,drive safe too

  • AMY da BudafullDisaster
    AMY da BudafullDisasterHónapja

    *we* *care* 💙glad you are able to keep posting 💙

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb ThomasHónapja

    I fell asleep

  • Bolt Boy
    Bolt BoyHónapja

    I don’t want Jeff wittek to leave HUbase man

  • McKenna Elise
    McKenna EliseHónapja

    i dunno but this hits different with the doc out. hope u don’t still think we’re in the terrible twenties. keep your chin up. love u jeff

  • Char



    Well the fact that we're in a pandemic means it really is the terrible 20s. Its ok to admit that. The pandemic may end next year but we'll feel the effects for most of the decade (Not trying to be discouraging, I think we should all keep our chins up and look forward to a much better future).

  • D V
    D VHónapja

    Mt Hood next to Portland has snow on year round. Which is why we have so many snowboarders that live here. Year round, everyday. Timberline lodge at the top is also where they filmed the shining(fun fact)

  • AllegorX FPV
    AllegorX FPVHónapja

    You’re a lot more like Dobrik than you think.

  • Fukai Kokoro
    Fukai KokoroHónapja

    Why are people so afraid of pet rats??? They are the sweetest. I have three. Even when the bite it’s soft love bites. And if it’s an accident like they smell food on your finger it still is very gentle. I’ve never been viciously bitten. I even have feeder rats. So. That goes to show their sweet nature. The first day I got them completely untamed they didn’t bite. They where scared but never bite. And they are so smart.

  • scentless apprentice
    scentless apprenticeHónapja

    I fucking love you Jeff

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack AndersonHónapja

    I didn’t know Jeff and Kewon were buddies. Are Jeff and Danny Duncan friends?

  • YourFutureExWife

    Funny how they age restricted your vids but there is a video of two guys having s3x with nothing but a tiny “sheet” and it’s not age restricted. 🙄

  • Naomi Vanessa The Fatgirl
    Naomi Vanessa The FatgirlHónapja

    You are a great storyteller.

  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle JohnstonHónapja

    The way you treat nick is the way I treat my younger brother. You get bullied by David D. so you bully Nick. I get bullied by my older brother so I bully my younger brother. Let’s stop bullying together and freaking be nice.

  • AllegorX FPV

    AllegorX FPV


    Hey man. You’re good. Self awareness is a sign of maturity. Keep that shit up.

  • Luis Santana
    Luis SantanaHónapja

    Like how @youtube had two 15 second ads w/ no skip smh

  • Joel Edmonds
    Joel EdmondsHónapja

    Bro I’m a big fan but I hate seeing u make fun of Joana and the other people. U don’t understand what it does to someone’s mind. I used to weigh 300 lbs. and when I got made fun of I tried to hurt myself. Just be careful with your words because u have a platform where other people will do it when they see them and it’s a down ward spiral

  • Aaran Singh
    Aaran SinghHónapja

    Who’s here after the doc and probably one of the reasons he stopped filming

  • 花

    Jeff and Jonah's love and hate vlog relationship is the only trolling I can take! 🤣🤣🤣

  • 花

    4:40 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • scottie ellsworth
    scottie ellsworthHónapja

    Damn Jeff you have every right to complain about how shit your year was. Basically covering up your near death experience.

  • pepe

    Good bye 🙄

  • Flabby Abs
    Flabby AbsHónapja

    Wait registration was out and car got towed? I went a year with it expired in Texas and I just got a warning.

  • Samantha Manley
    Samantha ManleyHónapja

    My nephews name is literally fatty & not even because he’s fat or overweight. When he was a baby he was chunky & it stuck. He likes his nickname & knows we don’t say it out of hate.

  • Dawn NJ
    Dawn NJHónapja

    Wow thats crazy. My friend had that happen to him w the cops for speeding an the followed him to a atm to get $ for a video court. Such a scam. I know he messed up speeding but they really know how to pick people with money for there town.

  • Stella Franovich
    Stella FranovichHónapja

    as a woman from maryland, i am offended and would once again like an apology.

  • Out Of Time
    Out Of TimeHónapja

    You look good Jeff. You would never know anything happened

  • Karen f
    Karen fHónapja

    Why people are being killed on routine stops

  • Karen f
    Karen fHónapja

    Facebook graveyard for social media

  • Allee 000p
    Allee 000pHónapja

    Woah. I watched all of these and never noticed Jeff's eye ONCE. I hope that goes to show that most of us out here don't know/care about the eye being different-you're still cute as hell and people like me didn't even know you were injured in the first place so please don't be self-concious about it!! All love

  • Benjamin Johansson
    Benjamin JohanssonHónapja

    Real legend

  • Rach H
    Rach HHónapja

    I'm offended at the woman joke and would like a personal apology. It's not because I want Jeff's attention. No, definitely not.

  • C T
    C THónapja

    I like Jeff but some tik tokers man..

  • Javier Lozano Ortiz
    Javier Lozano OrtizHónapja

    You're too upset all the time 😤🤦🏽‍♂️😤🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Eric Bergstrom
    Eric BergstromHónapja

    lol Ed so hard when you said fatty blurprd

  • Too Funny
    Too FunnyHónapja

    Because of beef I’m obese

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • Ash Marie
    Ash MarieHónapja

    Jeff’s persistence deadass keeps me motivated

  • Bergarelli

    The sounds on the back made me fucking trip out

  • tooooooooooooota

    18:30 I’m offended, I want a personal apology Jeff Wittek!

  • FreshJuice

    Bruh u signed up for it accept some personal accountability

  • Fany

    Shoulda meant it then :/

  • Amanda A
    Amanda AHónapja

    I just watched pt. 2 of Jeff's docuseries and I hope he has changed from the Jeff in this video, this is not how I expected him to be. He is so degrading here, so rude, mean and just seems like an inconsiderate jerk. I feel bad for what happened, but I hope he is in therapy now and doing well.

  • brainrot



    he has dry sense of humour and use sarcasm alot. if you watch his other videos you'll understand his humour style. he come off as rude and abrasive guy but he genuinely sweetheart off camera

  • crackkillspuppies



    Same for me. I don't know anything about Jeff and never watched his content before the docuseries. But I kinda think this might just be his sense of humor/social media persona. The docuseries, his apology, and the interview on the Frenemies podcast might be who is is when he's being real. But so far, not really impressed with him after watching some of these. In this video, I can see why he was a part of the vlog squad.

  • Katherine Hunt
    Katherine HuntHónapja

    Now it makes sense

  • Bienvenue

    Don't ever say that, please 😥

  • Bienvenue

    Jeff please LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF 💯

  • Dee Gee
    Dee GeeHónapja

    Jeff Alex and Heath are the only real ones

  • Toebiwan Konobi
    Toebiwan KonobiHónapja

    Have a good friend we have Called "fatty" since we were little and he is not even fat so who gives a fuck.

  • Beam BOYZ
    Beam BOYZHónapja

    Nick hang in their bro one day they will show u the respect you show them don’t change and go cold keep that warm self alive

  • Kassandra OB
    Kassandra OBHónapja

    So all I have to do to talk to Jeff is write that I’m offended? Hey Jeff, I’m offended by the shitty year you’ve had. It’s been the same for me. 2021 doesn’t look much better, but I hope you’re in a good place. I’ve never watched you before, but you recent videos demonstrate so much integrity that I’ve felt compelled to show you support. Now I’ll wait for my personal apology...

  • Jessica Feldman
    Jessica FeldmanHónapja


    SEBBS VLOGSHónapja

    Like big credz to him

    SEBBS VLOGSHónapja

    I honsetly feel like jeff is so open

  • Happy Jack
    Happy JackHónapja

    Lol u got arrested with all ur filming shart lol

  • Happy Jack
    Happy JackHónapja

    That's a felony stop bro what u hiding?

  • lou woollard
    lou woollardHónapja


  • hsimah


  • hsimah


  • hsimah


  • Alcid Ruiz
    Alcid RuizHónapja

    Bro next time you want to go to the snow go to the angele forest it'd off the 210 and Sunland

  • Austin B
    Austin BHónapja

    Can’t even make jokes on HUbase anymore 🤦🤧😪

  • Rob Warner
    Rob WarnerHónapja

    I'm offended

  • Vincenzo

    I want Jeff and schlatt to collab. They’re so fuckin similar

  • Koda L
    Koda LHónapja

    Wait but was the N word actually used?

  • hentaiking

    I think that the next decade is going to be horrible

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson2 hónapja

    You probably won’t see this Jeff but that lady that turned you around from going up the mountain gave you false information 🤣 first off you had a 4wd truck a raptor to make matters worse, on snow rated tires!! chains aren’t needed when you have snow rated Bfg ko2s also you could always take off road trails up the mountain

  • Ermer O
    Ermer O2 hónapja

    Bro, pay attention to the car ride. He definitely did botox.