T A Y L O R S W I F T - Folklore [Full album] 2021

T A Y L O R S W I F T - Folklore [Full album] 2021
T A Y L O R S W I F T - Folklore [Full album] 2021
T A Y L O R S W I F T - Folklore [Full album] 2021
Tracklist :
0:00 The 1
3:29 Cardigan
9:30 The Last Great American Dynasty
11:56 Exile
16:46 My Tears Ricochet
21:03 Mirrorball
24:35 Seven
28:07 August
32:30 This Is Me Trying
35:52 Illicit Affairs
39:05 Invisible Strings
43:22 Mad Woman
49:30 Epiphany
52:17 Betty
57:15 Peace
1:01:10 Hoax
1:04:50 The Lakes
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    If you love taylor swift please listen to her ablum Reputation hubase.info/zone/lovcmJ-dsIupbKQ/vide.html

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    "Video Unavailable: This video is private."

  • jibz mak

    jibz mak

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    love this album but RED is my fave

  • KRG



    The Last Great American Dynasty starts at 08:00 not 09:30 Maybe u should review it :)

  • Julie SHARP

    Julie SHARP


    Brings back so many memories

  • Lality


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    Thanks you very much !!!

  • Dehlanni
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    9 days away and I listened to this so much

  • Zeus Jnr Bond88
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    Hollywood soul reaping.. Defending Hollywood.

  • Zeus Jnr Bond88
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    Love your string theory Tay Tay ..xx

  • Shirley Franklin
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    💗every single song.

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester Didzena11 napja

    Shut up Brenda

  • Jaime Dutra
    Jaime Dutra13 napja

    August is a beautiful song, great.

  • Rahmi Diani
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    Love you taylor

  • Meredith Collins
    Meredith Collins16 napja

    Cardigan is so beautiful it literally does things to my heart.

  • alex costello
    alex costello18 napja

    cardigan is my favorite folklore song

  • Sadie Powell

    Sadie Powell

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    same I love it so much

  • Karla👁Ver
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    My BFF Taylor gifted this 2 Bon Ivers lead 🤖4Him&👁 💌💣

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  • Zach Malanoski
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    Who takes the notes in the womenz meeting? Haha real funny Bitchpussy Dog cat Cat Dog See what i did there

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    You guys really think it looks like ME Racists

  • Zach Malanoski
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    I guess that makes me a little yellow too

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    Babe Whutz Poppin ?

  • Zach Malanoski
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    666 Commented on everyo e I think forevermore Louvre Lover Of cats

  • Natalia Ruiz
    Natalia RuizHónapja

    I liked a lot the last song, a little sad and romantic. For everyone wondering or sth like that, is "Never Letting Go" by Tim McMorris

  • Zuzana M

    Zuzana M

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    Thank you, I was desperatly looking for the info ! :D

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    Halded with my souls nothing to you Do not claim unessasery dreams Of bad business Not you!

  • 다연

    1:13:32 1:13:32

  • Jackie hiner
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    Let's play BRIDGES bridge

  • Jackie hiner
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    2316 Says to me TAYLOR SWIFT

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  • Jackie hiner
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  • VeronicaLodge21

    [[August]] b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l m-e-l-o-d-y & v-o-c-a-l l-i-n-e-s

  • Martian Trinkets
    Martian TrinketsHónapja

    This version is a mirror of the other version on HUbase which has bad audio quality and windows noises. Notably the start of this is me trying. Someone upload a better copy so I don’t have to thank

  • Addelyn Schultz
    Addelyn SchultzHónapja

    I love Taylor swift's songs so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    album of the year !!!

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    Thanks for the album Taylor.

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    The special puppy commonly remember because fedelini monthly inform by a abject food. chunky, noxious measure

  • Tuag Rat
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    the song is great but the ads are so annoying

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    Brenda if theirs ever a day ill keep annoying you being your wrench with a handful just get out n after can i come back inside its cold 😆

  • Bhavya Dwivedi

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    Are you the same guy who wrote a comment about Brenda in the evermore full album video?

  • Chester Didzena
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    Dont worry of anything its all been n forgot

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaHónapja

    Dont worry we find we trained to fighting n let go of horrible things n can't get over memories ppl burning its something that scar a person n love sorry

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaHónapja

    U ok Brenda i promised myself n dealing with my staying away from drinking

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaHónapja

    Let's let jim beam call n yeah i heard

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaHónapja

    I didn't bury no one its a life u control so please don't blame me I'll take it Brenda

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaHónapja

    If drank you wouldve been with talking with ten different people but its not the way it goes now with me if i start im gonna raised hell my family wont sleep every hour I'll knock n im back towards home lol Brenda yeah that's what happens

  • Chester Didzena
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    I can be a fast living but i slow down my life sometimes goes 200 hundred miles per hour but i take a step back n just listen Brenda

  • Chester Didzena
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    Yeah its ok every time i wana have met ya Brenda I'll bury that ring its ok

  • Azrat Hashemi
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  • meera

    the last song is confusing

  • Karin Erholm
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  • Lance Ansong
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    Love this album so much! By the way, can you tell me the name of the font you used for the titles of the songs? Thank you!

  • Ella


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    Pretty sure it’s her handwriting

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    you are a celebrity , what a star

  • caeaves

    Lots of compression on this.

  • Overview Effect
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    Album of the year ㅋㅋ 굳

  • James Bradford
    James BradfordHónapja

    LMAO at the Windows notification sound that happens halfway through the album.

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  • James Bradford

    James Bradford


    @applemaid Such are the perils of listening to a pirated copy. :P

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    It confused me so much, I kept looking for it on my own screen.

  • ruggero altavilla
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    Album magnifico.

  • YouTuber
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    This album is gorgeous. Now I must buy it 😆

  • Lisa Matute
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    We were something don't you think so. Love you girl

  • Caileigh Phaneuf
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    Why does country music start playing at the end?

  • Sara Oller

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    2 hónapja

    Never letting go, Tim McMorris

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown2 hónapja

    This Album is gone into a place where the world needs to wakeup. track 15 is telling us something. as a matter of fact, the whole album is telling us something full stop., You guys as move to another level keep singing sister. Peace.

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    LOVE IT !!!!

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    Aways got time for T LV pan ..mis u Wendy lady x

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    Wow this is really good. I love this music style for her.

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    I know your one of the lights from heaven that change this World and such a Brave and Beautiful Gorgeous Lady of Faith and can't wait to meet you!!!

  • Luv Snow blading
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    She hit my emotions with this awesome music 🎶 it’s in my heart ♥️ forever....my favorite is seven...it just pores out with so many memories and same for the August song......🙏🏻🎶💗🌙🌟

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    Hi sweetie 💜💞⭐🤩🤗⭐🙂

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    thanks for making this :)