CHATROULETTE ART: Is this a good or bad idea?...

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  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna19 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Kevin Santana
    Kevin SantanaHónapja

    Holaa soy Kevin, el chico de Argentina. Gracias por los comentarios!! Hello i'm Kevin, the Argentinian guy. Thanks for your comments!!

  • daliosaLT

    Thank you for making this in to funny and wholesome video! Real heroes you two!

  • scifinatic Tizz
    scifinatic TizzHónapja

    Duck, duck, goose? More like....I'm not going to finish that sentence.

  • Kingflamedori

    Alternate title: Try to gain subscriber by doing hard labor for random stranger

  • Creative Nerves
    Creative NervesHónapja

    This was so cute! I loved watching this!

  • Stella. Nutella
    Stella. NutellaHónapja

    How nobody gets surprised after seeing a 5.5 mil subs HUbasers drew them 👩‍💻🤔😂

  • Markus

    "That looks ver" *User Disconnected*


    oh my god, HAHAHA I laughed so hard. It is so funny when jazza was trying so hard to find a person to draw a picture of them. really made my day XD

  • pink pink
    pink pink2 hónapja

    I'm only surprised that no one mentioned his 5 million subscribers

  • Emerald Juanders
    Emerald Juanders2 hónapja

    I’m from the Philippines and i would like to apologize for my kababayan the internet is really bad here.

  • MMDNoroi
    MMDNoroi2 hónapja

    Alternate title: Jazza & Gareth fishing for subscribers on Chatroulette 😆

  • Alexis Ventura
    Alexis Ventura2 hónapja

    Brazilian girl #proud Also what is that app? Like, what is the name?

  • RunawayManiac
    RunawayManiac2 hónapja

    This video must have been hard to make and edit.....

  • blue watermelon
    blue watermelon2 hónapja

    Subtitles: g'day everyone i'm jasmine

  • KayTee Smiles
    KayTee Smiles2 hónapja

    God bless gareth... lol

  • ShadyHaze
    ShadyHaze2 hónapja

    I’m glad that there was some really nice people on there.

  • Moma B
    Moma B2 hónapja

    @JAZZA Next time you do this, have a little card with your name and channel info on it PREPARED so you don't need to draw it but just holding it up. 😂

  • sPoNGE Master
    sPoNGE Master2 hónapja


  • Dorey Davidson

    Dorey Davidson


    Yeah he would of had way better luck on there.

  • Maneki360Neko DUDE
    Maneki360Neko DUDE2 hónapja

    What's wrong with people i feel sorry for Jazza to have gone through this.

  • Prod Dusk
    Prod Dusk3 hónapja

    this was incredible !! love iit

  • Zarate Arte
    Zarate Arte3 hónapja

    The best way of win followers

  • bethany moff
    bethany moff3 hónapja

    That swiss guy, despite leaving early, was,,, very easy in the eyes

  • Rxndom_ Bxkudeku
    Rxndom_ Bxkudeku3 hónapja

    "Welcome to the art party my friend and thank you for not whipping your d-ck out!!!"

  • mikael englund
    mikael englund3 hónapja

    How dare they skip jazza!

  • Lisa Arley
    Lisa Arley3 hónapja

    This really just made me smile through the whole thing

  • Huntress Lilly
    Huntress Lilly3 hónapja

    Let’s talk about the pose ad that came up before this video...

  • Carl Marcus
    Carl Marcus3 hónapja

    Should've had a cam on the table.

  • marco jalme
    marco jalme3 hónapja

    Philippines that😊

  • Shauna Call
    Shauna Call3 hónapja

    “Maybe not this again.” LOL

  • Ferdie Cruz
    Ferdie Cruz3 hónapja


  • mielbordios
    mielbordios3 hónapja

    8:23 me: "Eheh ehe , iyiiyiyi , ah oh uw" Tiktok? enyone?

  • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom

    Just an Otaku and a Single Mom

    21 napja

    No. I have too much self respect to be on that garbage app.

  • Weatherz
    Weatherz3 hónapja

    Shouls have one camera aimed down, making it easier for you to draw. Look forward to more of this, pretty cool Jazza.

  • Charley Edwards
    Charley Edwards3 hónapja

    she thought you were together? lol ya your both fairly pretty lol

  • Megorium
    Megorium3 hónapja

    🍆🍆🍆 HAHAHA 🤣🤣

  • Awkward Katalyst
    Awkward Katalyst3 hónapja

    Chatroullette is still a thing?

  • Trigamer64
    Trigamer643 hónapja

    Art man fishes for subscribers in a sea of genitalia

  • M.A.D Dragon
    M.A.D Dragon3 hónapja

    Lol you don’t need to fish for more subs

  • MelloCello
    MelloCello3 hónapja

    That girl from Brazil at 6:45 is absolutely one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!!

  • Aaron G. Randall
    Aaron G. Randall3 hónapja

    I might get my band to do this kind of thing. Super fun idea!!

  • Steven lang
    Steven lang3 hónapja

    Good wholesome editing!

  • tb42krgnkng53kkty
    tb42krgnkng53kkty3 hónapja

    2:01 YASA

  • Dragonboy
    Dragonboy3 hónapja

    Heartwarming. Jazza and Gareth looking at nudes together. It's not lewd, it's NATURAL ART/

  • Nataly
    Nataly3 hónapja

    I love how excited you are every time you meet a face

  • John Vincent Alarcon
    John Vincent Alarcon3 hónapja

    the Filipino one didn't know who Jazza is 🥺 btw im from PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 to

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe3 hónapja

    =) That was fun. =)

  • Tasha c:
    Tasha c:3 hónapja

    I'd love another one of these !!

  • Tyrek Panda
    Tyrek Panda3 hónapja

    I’m surprised he didn’t meet a previous subscriber

  • qwertyuiop qwertyuiop
    qwertyuiop qwertyuiop3 hónapja

    no me esperaba toparme con reggaeton antiguo por aquí xD

  • gareth correlian
    gareth correlian3 hónapja

    Put the unedited one on xtube 😃

  • smarak patel
    smarak patel3 hónapja

    What website was he using

  • Erica Brewster
    Erica Brewster3 hónapja

    Can I just say to all the men who instantly clicked off when there were no bewbs yall nasty and yall missed out! 🤣 but also out of curiosity how many fans are now just being traumatized for hrs in hopes jazza will do a sequel to this one and you’ll be on it? 😅

  • TheChannelIsNotForEveryOneBecauseIHaveNoLife
    TheChannelIsNotForEveryOneBecauseIHaveNoLife3 hónapja

    Lovely jazza man✌️✌️✌️💜

  • DarkUncertainty
    DarkUncertainty3 hónapja

    Kevin was nice

  • Lucent. Rayne
    Lucent. Rayne3 hónapja

    That was fun. Skipping the questionable to find some nice people from around the world.

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon Hunter3 hónapja

    R.I.P Gareth's Sanity

  • Keiida Reyu
    Keiida Reyu3 hónapja

    So this how to get new subs,, intresting 👍🏻

  • Lacriss
    Lacriss3 hónapja

    more of these videos pleeeeeease!!!!! make that a serie... next time you can go on omgle and find people that like jazza

  • Vladimir Ivanitsky
    Vladimir Ivanitsky3 hónapja

    he proboley got hacked a lot not as much as omegle

  • Vladimir Ivanitsky
    Vladimir Ivanitsky3 hónapja

    thank god if there is one that he didn't use omugle

  • Super Who
    Super Who3 hónapja

    Them holding each other in horror and the constant stream of no's, I'm literally dead

  • Lucy
    Lucy3 hónapja

    This was a ride of a video, wholesome, cute, fun with shlongs aggressively mixed in. A real emotional rollercoaster thank goodness they're all blurred.

  • Joseph Newland
    Joseph Newland3 hónapja

    COLD CALLING FOR SUBSCRIBERS: is this a good or bad idea?...

  • Abigail Sundeen
    Abigail Sundeen3 hónapja

    This just ended up being a hilarious quest to find subscribers

  • Roland Katsuragi
    Roland Katsuragi3 hónapja

    This seems like a vehicle for Jazza to plug his channel

  • Susan Matthews
    Susan Matthews3 hónapja

    I laughed so hard my tummy hurts. That, and my cat, Dakota, thinks I'm possessed. LoL 😆😍

  • Josh Hogge Arts
    Josh Hogge Arts3 hónapja

    I saw chat roulette and knew where most of it would go 😂 I feel bad for the editor.

  • ThePolygator
    ThePolygator3 hónapja

    to be fair, gareth and jazza kinda did look and act like a couple xD

  • Adrian Fuentes
    Adrian Fuentes3 hónapja

    Such a great and entertaining video! Thanks for trooping through all those 🍆😅

  • Nootasaurus Rex
    Nootasaurus Rex3 hónapja

    Man I'm kinda bummed I dont use that sight.. but at the same time as a long 5ome subscriber I wouldve fangirled lmfao XD Also props to jazza getting new subscriber xD

    THAT WEEB / OTAKU YISH3 hónapja

    In the end he really just wanted more subs and friends

  • zai
    zai3 hónapja

    noooo i recently went random chatting in chatroulette and all I found were those uhm... WHY DID I NOT GET JAZZA!!!

  • Kparkiart
    Kparkiart3 hónapja

    Jazza actually drew timothee chalamet

  • Mik3y
    Mik3y3 hónapja

    This was wholesome... except for of course, the dicks.

  • M Mm
    M Mm3 hónapja

    We need a nathar Video

  • Emily Kilpatrick
    Emily Kilpatrick3 hónapja

    I feel so sorry for Gareth having to see all of the unspeakable things all over again while editing.

  • Angeline Sophia Aguilar
    Angeline Sophia Aguilar3 hónapja

    I'm subscribe your jazza but I am From Philippines

  • AlexDeMaster_
    AlexDeMaster_3 hónapja

    Jazza plz do some actual art stuff like the smallest challenge those videos are so inspiring and what a lot of people actually sub for

  • Jared Volkman
    Jared Volkman3 hónapja

    Nice one Jazza.

  • Nicholas G
    Nicholas G3 hónapja


  • Joanna G
    Joanna G3 hónapja

    Is so sad to see that many children on twitch watching those disgusting perverted people. Very sad.

  • adjerram
    adjerram3 hónapja

    Oi thanks gareth

  • Me My Bro And Other Random Stuff
    Me My Bro And Other Random Stuff3 hónapja

    Try Omegle I think there are slightly less Ds

  • Patience Zero
    Patience Zero3 hónapja

    Without watching, I'm going to say bad. I bet I'm right, but watching now.

  • Sheriff of Weird
    Sheriff of Weird3 hónapja

    This video is just so heart warming my heart couldn't take this much cuteness

  • SpazztastiKim
    SpazztastiKim3 hónapja

    Bless your soul for trying this unmoderated. But also, what were you thinking??? Bless.

  • _Unicornicorn
    _Unicornicorn3 hónapja

    I dont know what you guys expected XD

  • Kathryn Sewick
    Kathryn Sewick3 hónapja

    RIP to Jazza’s eyeballs. Chat roulette is either scary or wonderful and no inbetween.

  • KaityMay_ClayDesigns
    KaityMay_ClayDesigns3 hónapja

    The first guy, do u want a picture. "NO!" XD help

  • laura cash
    laura cash3 hónapja

    I wonder how many people without pants they encountered

  • MelAFig
    MelAFig3 hónapja

    Please do this again Jazza! Get a Spanish translator =) I volunteer

  • insawid
    insawid3 hónapja

    please, jazza... please never subject yourself to this again hahaha

  • Ranger Peeps
    Ranger Peeps3 hónapja

    This turned into Jazza promotion really fast!

  • Renée Scarted
    Renée Scarted3 hónapja

    Well you did look like a gay couple XD Might've been why people scrolled away so fast? Which is stupid but oh well.

  • René
    René3 hónapja

    Ok the Swiss guy is hot.

  • Abril Pérez
    Abril Pérez3 hónapja

    ARGENTINA!!! waw

  • Bad name #568
    Bad name #5683 hónapja

    Why not go on Omegle

  • Harsha Sur
    Harsha Sur3 hónapja

    It was your avatar + Bob Ross

  • wynterine
    wynterine3 hónapja

    Why does everyone think jazza is gay..

  • Prince_7557
    Prince_75573 hónapja

    Ya avoid public webcam sites, especially if your under 18 there are far to many people on there showing their stuff thinking people gonna enjoy it