VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters this fall.

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Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

Directed by: Andy Serkis
Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
Based on the Marvel Comics

Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Reid Scott
Stephen Graham
and Woody Harrelson


  • Kutan Alyadua
    Kutan AlyaduaPerce


  • GadNuk_breakerOf_WoRldS
    GadNuk_breakerOf_WoRldS3 perccel

    I already saw this movie with out watching it

  • Jayce Rustia
    Jayce Rustia3 perccel

    Soo the food chain now is the other way round huh....

  • 찬우
    찬우4 perccel


  • Reegan Busby
    Reegan Busby4 perccel

    The sound effect for the ducati was an inline 4. What a joke, sound designers are fukin lousy

  • axileas tanushas
    axileas tanushas4 perccel


  • Raden Arba'in
    Raden Arba'in5 perccel

    *We Are Venom.*

  • Muhammad Rahmani
    Muhammad Rahmani5 perccel

    anjimmm bet dahhh👍👍

  • Thes8n
    Thes8n5 perccel

    Just can't wait for this anymore🥺

  • Davion Banks
    Davion Banks5 perccel

    "oh sh**"......I see what yall did there!!! fans will get it hahahahah

  • Carlos M. Alfaro
    Carlos M. Alfaro5 perccel

    So very happy with this but... WHERE IS NO WAY HOME TRAILER???

  • Willow Miles
    Willow Miles5 perccel

    Venom is probably acting like that because they are reproducing.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful6 perccel

    holy shi FINALLY.

  • Farrux Madraximov
    Farrux Madraximov6 perccel

    The best film is Venom for me are you?

  • Paul Kramoff
    Paul Kramoff8 perccel

    Way to spoil the whole movie. Eddie and Venom make a ton of jokes like bafoons, Carnage fucks them up, screaming chick from area 51 weakens carnage enough for our "heroes" to win.

  • Eren
    Eren8 perccel

    good thing venom knows when to run

  • Leo Przytułaç
    Leo Przytułaç8 perccel

    This new play station 3 game is looking good

  • Reddy Feld
    Reddy Feld9 perccel

    Venom Carnage Directed by smeagal. This will be precioussssss

  • schattentaenzerin
    schattentaenzerin9 perccel

    Hi Sony. Could you please add subtitles to the trailer for those with hearing disabilities and foreign speakers? Would be much appreciated!

  • Nk Naresh kumar
    Nk Naresh kumar9 perccel

    Where is NWH teaser trailer

  • Fanuel Ayele
    Fanuel Ayele9 perccel

    This is great but I’m still waiting for the no way home trailer😒

  • NightSkyTony
    NightSkyTony10 perccel

    So no one else wants to talk about how salty Venom is when they learn Anne is engaged?

  • 7sea_anandhu
    7sea_anandhu10 perccel

    @anandhu._.007 - Instagram

  • benotyourboss
    benotyourboss10 perccel

    But wait, that is quite similar to the Bruce and Hulk issue…!

    WRIZCOO10 perccel

    ma mennn

  • artsy77
    artsy7710 perccel

    I hope it turns out good

  • Réyagu
    Réyagu11 perccel

    1:29 poor mans got throated

  • Pure Hangout
    Pure Hangout12 perccel

    White teeth… hmm.


    Man im so resdy for this

  • JzerryBary
    JzerryBary12 perccel

    Damn this got so cool and creepy at the same time

    MEMES N OTHERS12 perccel

    Eddie : I will let you eat EVERYBODY Venom : OH YEAAHH *Enters in the God mode*

  • le Leo
    le Leo13 perccel

    honestly woody harrelson just makes any movie better.

  • Luis Vilchez
    Luis Vilchez14 perccel

    Carnage mordio a un Venom radioactivo y ahora tiene los poderes de un Venom

  • Shazil's Science Experiments
    Shazil's Science Experiments14 perccel

    Help me reach 1k! please I'm making Science Experimental videos.

  • Nick Noventa
    Nick Noventa14 perccel

    What’s the song?

  • Steven Fogamomi
    Steven Fogamomi15 perccel

    All those people who disliked this are trippin'. SURE this won't be as good as End Game. This movie may or may not be better than other Spider-Man movies, but for those who LOVED the Venom & Carnage character in their childhood/comic days, this is what we have been waiting for!

  • /Lavish Ved
    /Lavish Ved15 perccel

    No way home

  • fortune Hunter
    fortune Hunter15 perccel

    Was that “scream”??

    Mr. DEZIGN O CRAFT15 perccel

    Release date please

    ABHAY15 perccel

    I m not a marvel fan, but for venom .

  • Wild Dude
    Wild Dude15 perccel

    Spiderman is sleeping , I mean real Sam Raimi's Spiderman , as Tobey Maguire. Not the new TRASH for brainless kids

  • Thimna Mtombeni
    Thimna Mtombeni16 perccel


  • twice
    twice16 perccel

    Just drop the new Spider-Man movie trailer

  • GT 12C1
    GT 12C116 perccel

    They made SongBird afroamerican? Lets gooooooo

  • Claudio Garcia
    Claudio Garcia17 perccel

    1:18 when people get lagged into something else Edit: 1:60 now he’s koolaid man

  • Dead 209
    Dead 20917 perccel

    Oh wow another magical @fric@n.

  • BronzDano
    BronzDano17 perccel

    Let there be CRINGE looks ever worse than the first…and that was a steamy pile of 💩

  • BronzDano


    40 másodpercig

    @Clevon Loney stop habe lame taste in movies 🥴

  • Clevon Loney

    Clevon Loney

    7 perccel

    stop hating

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho17 perccel

    PG-13 boooooooo

  • David Brody
    David Brody17 perccel

    Been waiting for Carnage for a very long time!!!

  • Shuvo Miya
    Shuvo Miya17 perccel

    Nice editing bro 🙃

  • Vortex Sky
    Vortex Sky18 perccel

    I get already tell what’s gonna happen, that scream girl is gonna help venom near the end and save his life or something

  • Michael V
    Michael V18 perccel

    Thank goodness the wig is gone!

  • Veezo TV
    Veezo TV19 perccel


  • Will mckean
    Will mckean19 perccel

    I am so fucking excited for this!!!!

  • SpArTaNs GaMiNg
    SpArTaNs GaMiNg20 perccel

    Spiderman and venom from sony pictures . But now marvel takes advantage

  • JMNG
    JMNG20 perccel

    Hangi reklam ajansıysa baya iyi reklam hshs

  • Filip Klus
    Filip Klus21 perce

    2:12 did he say family ?



    18 perccel

    Dom is that u??😂😂

  • vkAwesome
    vkAwesome21 perce

    deepest kiss 😘

  • Jesus Santiago
    Jesus Santiago21 perce


  • シbigmanstan
    シbigmanstan21 perce

    So wheres the sick eminem song?

  • KOS Listed
    KOS Listed22 perccel

    Woody will steal the show, just like Heath Ledger and Jack Nicolson did as the Joker.

  • Alyssa Willie

    Alyssa Willie

    21 perce

    Most likely. It’s almost always the villains who are the highlight of the movie.

  • Firestorm
    Firestorm22 perccel

    Tom Hardy is back with a bang

  • Cactus Jac
    Cactus Jac22 perccel

    This looking real decent, But why they change venom voice


    Carnage+Venom= Craneom

  • Abdul Basit Siddiq
    Abdul Basit Siddiq23 perccel

    Oh man! Woody Harrelson!!!! You are the best

  • Akhil Bharadwaj Chintada
    Akhil Bharadwaj Chintada23 perccel

    This movie is gonna rock. Let there be Venom X Carnage.

  • Isaac Barba
    Isaac Barba23 perccel

    trailer for nwh

    JOBAR RAI23 perccel


  • Anant Parab
    Anant Parab23 perccel

    No way home

  • Abhiram P Lal
    Abhiram P Lal24 perccel

    Did anyone notice at 0.46 the newspaper is daily bugle.....the one company that hired Spider-Man

  • Dj Crye
    Dj Crye24 perccel

    Who made the Panigale V4S sound like an Inline 4?? That's atrocious.

  • Usha Sundari
    Usha Sundari24 perccel

    1:48 doctor strange op😆😆😆😂

  • Jack Leo
    Jack Leo24 perccel

    where is Spiderman?

  • Buttercup 67
    Buttercup 6724 perccel

    The graphics are AMAZING!!

    VICKICKS1125 perccel

    The trailer mentioned area 51, which was owned by Tony Stark which is also where he kept the reality stone safe. Now if you don't know what the reality stone is it is the red stone. Which is going to be in doctor strange in the multiverse of Madness. So my theory is that doctor strange will see all of this and will take the reality stone to a different multiverse where tony is still alive to protect it. Which will then be in possession of Kang the Conqerer

  • Ainzatul Maisyarah
    Ainzatul Maisyarah25 perccel

    The girl’s power reminds me of the kungfu hustle aunt’s

  • ARITRA DEY Class 8c
    ARITRA DEY Class 8c25 perccel

    No way home sinister six i want= doc ock(spiderman 2) electro (tasm2) carnage (venom) vulture scorpion mysterio Vs venom ,amazing spiderman,spiderman,iron boy jr

  • Lee Presson
    Lee Presson25 perccel

    Is anyone else sick to death of over-orchestrated pop tunes in movie trailers?

  • ¿ . ?
    ¿ . ?26 perccel

    Gente que buena broma le hice al chofer le pague y no me subi XD

  • sirkazm
    sirkazm27 perccel

    I’ll wait for the dvd. Doesn’t really look all that good, tbh. And Charlie Tahan would be better cast as Cletus Casady. Not grandpa harrelson.

  • Ps4ify
    Ps4ify27 perccel

    Can someone explain to me why does cletus bite eddy THEN become carnage. Was carnage not in cletus beforehand? I don’t really understand it. Is it like he’s got a bit of venom in him from biting eddy but because he’s an evil person it becomes a “red one” and therefore he becomes carnage?

  • Jakub Boczniewicz
    Jakub Boczniewicz28 perccel

    Sneaking in Bydgoszcz? Venom do you know where is it?

    BAHBAHA LMAA28 perccel

    Holy moly

  • sahiba khan
    sahiba khan28 perccel


  • SilvLocs
    SilvLocs28 perccel

    As of now, Carnage ain’t red enough

  • notabasilisk
    notabasilisk28 perccel

    jeez all this shitty trailer needed was that one shot of mfs about to kiss

  • Ali Arslan
    Ali Arslan29 perccel

    Look at the scene at 2:06. I think Carnage will die in fire, like Riot. But Venom will suffer a lot.


    this movie have long begins to endning . im think its ( 1hours and 45 mins ) im hope at last over 2hours this movie

  • Mr. Geo
    Mr. Geo30 perccel

    Nobody cares about Scream... Just let it be Carnage and Venom... It's already bad enough that their is no Spiderman and the whole universe makes no sense

  • semi shin
    semi shin30 perccel

    imagine your otp

  • Alejandro Sarmiento
    Alejandro Sarmiento30 perccel

    Ok but this trailer showed me the whole movie

  • Jdm Zibby
    Jdm Zibby30 perccel

    Holy shit a movie Im excited for!

  • JMBS
    JMBS31 perce


    B2X MEDITATION31 perce

    Nice beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Juan Lemus
    Juan Lemus31 perce

    Is this MCU?