Kitten Tries To Drink Soda With Straw - 1179215


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  • Rahim Raheeb
    Rahim Raheeb11 órája

    Tom, is that u?

  • SupermarioNikolas
    SupermarioNikolas14 órája

    Akinator music

  • human
    human19 órája

    Wait, this cat is standing on 2 legs .....

  • ᳒
    20 órája

    He will get there eventually…

  • Norita Othman
    Norita OthmanNapja

    When it accidentally sipped it, oh hell nah it will *SHOOKETH*

  • Dipak
    Dipak2 napja

    HUbase : "Daily Dose of Internet" viewers Also watch this channel..... do you want to watch?? Me : Yes...

  • MaZha
    MaZha3 napja

    I have a 3 yr old cat looking exactly the same

  • Mordechai Nyamekye
    Mordechai Nyamekye3 napja

    Evolution happening right before our eyes.

  • •Mini Shadow•
    •Mini Shadow•4 napja


  • Blockhain Investor
    Blockhain Investor5 napja

    **one eternity later**

  • septian farhan
    septian farhan5 napja

    wait wut :v🤔 how can stand like that with long time

  • Derek Dsouza
    Derek Dsouza5 napja

    Cat looks like Tom

  • tousekitetsu
    tousekitetsu5 napja


  • Erik Walla
    Erik Walla6 napja


  • Philip Berry
    Philip Berry7 napja

    Cats are smart and funny too

  • Gaius Julius
    Gaius Julius7 napja

    Cute but the cats just playing with the straw...

  • Michael Jenca
    Michael Jenca7 napja

    Darn it all they make it look so simple.

  • blisteringheightsofstupidity
    blisteringheightsofstupidity8 napja

    anything I want to do: this is my whole life.

  • Sana Shiraz
    Sana Shiraz8 napja

    how cute 😍

  • Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva
    Samuel pinho Silva Pinho Silva8 napja


  • CJ
    CJ9 napja

    That's kiyo from Ninja Hattori

  • Muhammad Hafiy Haziq
    Muhammad Hafiy Haziq9 napja

    This is tom friend

  • Faiz Mk
    Faiz Mk9 napja

    Two Thausand hundred Thausand Thausand years Later

  • Maju Pesona
    Maju Pesona9 napja

    Very nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕🌷🌷🌷🌺🌺🌺

  • A H
    A H9 napja

    It is the perfect tuxedo kitten accomodation: the wine glass keeps him looking fancy, while the straw and drink choice allow to still be drank by a baby

    ARCVEO YT10 napja

    I thought that I would make it ☹

  • 30.Brintha S
    30.Brintha S10 napja


  • MultiMedia Mixed
    MultiMedia Mixed11 napja


  • الشمس المشرقة
    الشمس المشرقة11 napja

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  • Don Star
    Don Star11 napja

    It is cola not soda

  • *ƤƛMЄԼƛ ӇƛƳ*
    *ƤƛMЄԼƛ ӇƛƳ*12 napja

    Tooo Cute!😽

  • Diego Connor
    Diego Connor12 napja


    SSSAH12 napja

    Everyone gangsta until the cat suck the soda

  • Huskarl
    Huskarl13 napja

    So it proves that humans evolved from cats by trying to drink soda with straw

  • Wulan Rachma
    Wulan Rachma14 napja

    Aww so adorable

  • Nickname
    Nickname15 napja


  • Jorge Matheus Parreira madeira
    Jorge Matheus Parreira madeira15 napja


  • aesthetic roach
    aesthetic roach15 napja

    For some reason, the cat gives me Tom and jerry vibes

  • Ana Maria García
    Ana Maria García16 napja

    Qué bonito! Imita. Qué pasaría si logra usar el sorbete? Te harías millonaria!!

  • カレーライス師匠
    カレーライス師匠16 napja


  • Emine Nişancı
    Emine Nişancı16 napja


  • pan da
    pan da16 napja

    Legend says the kitten is still trying

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella17 napja

    why is this looks like those very old viral videos everyone believes that turns out fake(?) lol

  • [•Äyuki Chän•]
    [•Äyuki Chän•]18 napja

    Yaa kıyamam

  • Cahan Rzazadə
    Cahan Rzazadə18 napja


  • Murshida Mary
    Murshida Mary18 napja


  • E. S.
    E. S.19 napja


  • Agustin Navaja ortiz
    Agustin Navaja ortiz19 napja

    Es no hay na no puedan ase el mío abría asta los pomos de las puertas fueran de manivelas o redondos o alto que estuviera N lo juro

  • Aremi
    Aremi20 napja


  • Crona xananort
    Crona xananort20 napja

    PUT THEM PAWS UP KITTEN.. YEAAH all that action run it!

  • Amitabh's world
    Amitabh's world21 napja

    Kitten just fetch yourself a girlfriend , she will teach you everything।

  • V Kedaresh
    V Kedaresh21 napja

    everyone: so cute, kitty is trying to drink it. kitty: well this is the best boxing/defending practice.

  • tegaroh
    tegaroh21 napja

    When your baby is starting to become like you and start trying to stand and drink from a straw

  • J.S Bach
    J.S Bach22 napja

    The music even makes this better

  • Bum ber Pikachu
    Bum ber Pikachu22 napja

    This kitten just play with it, not tries to drink it!

  • Muhammad Zaman
    Muhammad Zaman22 napja

    He do be tryin to drink doe

  • mohamad fairuzh
    mohamad fairuzh23 napja

    tom n jerry junior.

  • Amritha ammu
    Amritha ammu23 napja

    ഒന്ന് അങ്ങ് കുടിക്കടെ...😁😁

  • Lux Webb
    Lux Webb23 napja

    That cat keeps a better composure than I can🤧

  • Nelson Idr
    Nelson Idr23 napja

    the cat is paid actor

  • Yo-da Zeta
    Yo-da Zeta24 napja

    This video was featured on a Japanese TV show this morning. I do want to play with the cute kitten.😆

  • Skeleton
    Skeleton24 napja


  • Alessandra Mancuso
    Alessandra Mancuso25 napja

    Che carino 😁❤

  • sawsan fiysal
    sawsan fiysal25 napja


  • Hüsniye Demirkaya
    Hüsniye Demirkaya25 napja

    Oysi çok seker

  • heenakousar b
    heenakousar b25 napja


  • NSD Tech
    NSD Tech26 napja

    This is what will going to happen If we study just before exams😂

  • Reshma Zareen
    Reshma Zareen26 napja

    I love

  • ساره احمد
    ساره احمد26 napja


  • Valeria Valdez
    Valeria Valdez26 napja

    They say he is still trying to hold the straw till this day

  • Snow Cream
    Snow Cream26 napja

    Why dont u help him we want to see his reaction after drinking soda.

  • Mimiko
    Mimiko27 napja

    He's just playing with the straw. Imma buy a straw for my kitty.

  • mask with lil sister
    mask with lil sister27 napja

    me : why internet is dangerous mom : it can make cat evolve into human and when there is so many cat human they will take our society and make us their pet and if we dont follow thei rule we will have war between them

  • tutimelati kanin
    tutimelati kanin27 napja


  • Achmad Rijal Fauzan Nashr
    Achmad Rijal Fauzan Nashr27 napja

    Cute asf 🐱

  • منير العراقي
    منير العراقي27 napja

    يا الله اني اعشق القطط أتمنى ترسلياها في البريد السريع أريد هذة القطة 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁فدوى كيوت

  • Tania Ahmed
    Tania Ahmed27 napja

    So cute

  • Sergio Ramos C.
    Sergio Ramos C.27 napja

    Yo no Spiko Inglish wey!

  • Sergio Ramos C.
    Sergio Ramos C.27 napja

    C mamó xd

  • Doctor Pets
    Doctor Pets27 napja

    So nice video...

  • 。。ピカ
    。。ピカ27 napja

    ohhh my godddd thats sooo cuteeeee

  • PES EF
    PES EF27 napja

    It's mostly Playing then drinking

  • Indra Sefrianto
    Indra Sefrianto27 napja

    the kitten wanted to catch the straw,thats why he stand with two legs.

  • Сюзанна Либерман
    Сюзанна Либерман27 napja


  • ゆき乃
    ゆき乃27 napja


  • 0 9 A Z
    0 9 A Z28 napja


  • ChapmanGriffith
    ChapmanGriffith28 napja

    That is so precious

  • Frenatus Nefratus
    Frenatus Nefratus28 napja

    Lindo kkkkk

    APOKALIPTO MS:1328 napja


  • stomp
    stomp28 napja

    Music sounds like I'm playing the puzzle level of some 2012 Disney game.

  • snuker group
    snuker group28 napja


  • The Patriotic Indian
    The Patriotic Indian28 napja

    Legends say that kitten will be trying even after 100 years 😂

  • MR Rashead
    MR Rashead28 napja


  • goro -yoko-teto
    goro -yoko-teto28 napja


  • Sathya Sudhakar
    Sathya Sudhakar28 napja

    The way he is trying to grab the straw is cute beyond description.

  • 7 7 7
    7 7 728 napja


  • ツKaneki
    ツKaneki28 napja

    Commenting just to see my comment again after 5 years

  • Juba - يوبا - ⵊⵓⴱⴰ - ᛄᚢᛒᚨ
    Juba - يوبا - ⵊⵓⴱⴰ - ᛄᚢᛒᚨ28 napja

    A kitten trying to establish civilization by getting into the Standard American Diet's main drink.

  • 0718 2016
    0718 201629 napja

    ( 〃▽〃)♥♥♥

  • Crow BS
    Crow BS29 napja

    Encontraste el comentario en español q buscabas :D