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  • Liv Perkins
    Liv Perkins17 órája

    It isn't swimming, *it's twirking*

  • Charlie Johnson
    Charlie Johnson23 órája

    The yeti is doing the Harlem shake

  • Charlie Johnson

    Charlie Johnson

    23 órája

    Yeti is

  • Jessica C:
    Jessica C:23 órája


  • Flip-Araújo
    Flip-Araújo2 napja

    I think it's already amazing to prototype ideas and see how a cool new character design would work :3

    CYNYD CYNDY4 napja

    I adore you so much I wanna adopt ya ;')

  • Straw
    Straw5 napja

    i am beyond terrified

  • jjmation
    jjmation5 napja

    the dog tho

  • Yin Choi
    Yin Choi6 napja

    What app is that? I really want to animate;((

  • Bright Knight
    Bright Knight6 napja

    My ferrets run by jumping

    GLC STUDIO Andy7 napja

    What's the app name.

  • Odd Axolotl
    Odd Axolotl8 napja

    When I clicked on the video I got an ad for skillshare and the ad was for Jazza's skillshare class

  • Sleepybeans _31
    Sleepybeans _3110 napja

    I just need to know 1. The app name and 2. If I can get it on apple devices

  • Matthew Farquhar
    Matthew Farquhar10 napja

    How dare you insult dragons!

  • Matthew Farquhar

    Matthew Farquhar

    10 napja

    A wyvern is a dragon

  • joonjoon Sunrise
    joonjoon Sunrise10 napja

    I literally just got an ad with you in it when I clicked this video its the first time its happened lol

  • Winter
    Winter14 napja

    The second one is a cat fish? XD

  • flappy zombieee
    flappy zombieee14 napja

    “His big mouthy thing” Yes that’s called a mouth

  • Michalinka Sawicka
    Michalinka Sawicka15 napja

    What app?

  • MJGalanex
    MJGalanex17 napja

    6:53 Looks like a new TikTok dance

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant .get plant

  • Zackaroni E. B.
    Zackaroni E. B.23 napja

    I have to respectfully disagree with Jazza, the Yeti is definitely one of the best things he’s ever made.

  • Joo Na
    Joo Na25 napja

    The thumbnail kind of looked liked the creature was Fortnite dancing, and I just had to make sure I was wrong.

  • ranrafqu qureshia
    ranrafqu qureshia28 napja

    i love ur vids btw what did u use to draw (i bet hes not gonna see this) do u guys know??

  • Morissa Edwards
    Morissa EdwardsHónapja

    I would have loved to watch one of them do the floss dance

  • G Glue4
    G Glue4Hónapja

    Jazzzaaaa noooo that dragon had some serious potential before you messed with the wings

  • Blue Eve Wolf
    Blue Eve WolfHónapja

    Please do more

  • Safirentwiluea

    the yetti is my favourite x'D i coudn't sstop laughing the entire time!!! x'DDDDD

  • c4t 1n t0w3l uwu
    c4t 1n t0w3l uwuHónapja


  • X A roll no 29 Aakash L shaud
    X A roll no 29 Aakash L shaudHónapja

    The titles justifies the video to much......

  • zain khurshid
    zain khurshidHónapja

    i saw an ad of owls screaming we have to stop people from killing owls its not good

  • Иван Ганев
    Иван ГаневHónapja

    the dog ferret was , not the best ? di d the feerrets walk like that ? the dragon''s tail should be farther ? like ... the dog you did leg kneee joints

  • Beth Allen
    Beth AllenHónapja

    Witch app is it 🙀😻😸

  • M McIntyre
    M McIntyreHónapja

    Uses watermark image to make paid content: "Just blur it and copywrite doesn't matter!". Gross.

  • Masonation

    I was laughing the whole video, it's so funny!

  • Morro UwU
    Morro UwUHónapja

    That dragon looks kinda drunk lol I'm making up a story about a drunk dragon that collects librarians now

  • Julie


  • garrett

    I feel like he really didn't try on ANY of these...

  • Charlie Stevens
    Charlie StevensHónapja

    Does anyone else hate how he doesn’t outline it precisely or is that just me

  • Glitch Gamer EC
    Glitch Gamer ECHónapja

    I love how the cat looks... Edit: I love how the fish cat looks.

  • Maverick Young
    Maverick YoungHónapja

    At 7:31 is so funny

  • Candimations

    7:00 XD the walk just lol

  • The Aesthetic one
    The Aesthetic oneHónapja

    10:14 wtf is up with this strawberry 😭😭😭

  • Jane Morrow
    Jane MorrowHónapja

    This could definitely have a part two.

  • Jethro Chua
    Jethro ChuaHónapja

    Enter light enter sandman keep fightingi..

  • Jethro Chua

    Jethro Chua


    enter light enter sandman keeep fighting boulevard of broken dreams

  • Jessica Schroeder
    Jessica SchroederHónapja

    DANW for fun no one will stop for danwin

  • Grey

    The yeti looks like those inflatable dancing wavy man things, you know what I mean? Lol

  • Wolfy Wlf
    Wolfy WlfHónapja

    3:34 *WYVERN*

  • annieo444

    Can these animations be exported to use in other software? Can they be animated GIF files or something that can be dropped into a presentation? Thanks!

  • Soft_Box

    Reminds me of parapa

  • Poop

    I like how the first ones said run like a ferret and its not even close LOLL.. Love the video still!

  • Deanna Lopez
    Deanna LopezHónapja

    Blast for me what is that creature it must be Raticated for the well-being of the sea rabbit !!!


    2:03 ma childhood imagination of a CATFISH😁😁

  • Ritika sharma arts
    Ritika sharma artsHónapja

    Awesome 👏

  • Brittany LeCouter
    Brittany LeCouterHónapja

    Whats the game name :(

  • Veyrius S.
    Veyrius S.Hónapja

    “There’s something special about this.” This was the best laugh I’ve had all day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I need a cake break after shop lifting
    I need a cake break after shop liftingHónapja

    Dd = drunken dragon

  • Lunar the sweet serval
    Lunar the sweet servalHónapja

    Disney demands you animate for them

  • CooperGal24

    Have you tried Art Academy for the Nintendo 3DS? It’s quite pleasant and relaxing!

  • NE0SC3N3

    oh goodness

  • Lillypad UωU ఌ 🏳️‍🌈
    Lillypad UωU ఌ 🏳️‍🌈Hónapja

    That’s awesome

  • Luis Fernández
    Luis FernándezHónapja

    You should play SPORE and create some aberrations

  • Bharat Kumar Gupta
    Bharat Kumar GuptaHónapja

    Coolest art channel ever

  • King Joker
    King JokerHónapja

    yang ni lawak.. wkwkwkwkwk 🤣🤣

  • Snoopy

    so cool

  • Adrian Jarvinen
    Adrian JarvinenHónapja

    That yeti seems to have an extra,,,,,,,, appendage,,,

  • Wyvern's Wing Productions
    Wyvern's Wing ProductionsHónapja

    3:34 Justice for all the times I've been called "Wih-vern" or "Why-veern"

  • Eglė Špokaitė
    Eglė ŠpokaitėHónapja

    jazza haim mac tim did you mike tis

  • Heartless-Worm




  • Givemeanamepls

    Lol when I didn't comment the all the comments are 911 lol

  • The cupcake demon
    The cupcake demonHónapja

    It’s the monster mash

  • The cupcake demon

    The cupcake demon


    @Heartless-Worm oh it’s the monster mash

  • Heartless-Worm



    Its a big big smash

  • Kc Meow
    Kc MeowHónapja

    Hey jazza could you do this with my oc? My oc is my profile pic you can animate it how ever you want if you do it but really like I would feel happy though

  • Melting Butter
    Melting ButterHónapja

    The buff strawberry had me dying at 1 am-

  • • Cherry •
    • Cherry •Hónapja

    Just me...or... Does the yeti look like the titan running in “Attack on Titan” 😂

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed ZombieHónapja

    A CAT!!!!!!

  • boog's great adventure come with me
    boog's great adventure come with meHónapja

    This is cool

  • Ethan winters.
    Ethan winters.Hónapja

    You sound like Gordon Ramsey,sorry -

  • Game And Gacha
    Game And GachaHónapja

    best video ever 👌👁👄👁✋

  • The Life Of An RC Car
    The Life Of An RC Car2 hónapja

    12:52 i laughed so hard

  • The Life Of An RC Car
    The Life Of An RC Car2 hónapja

    7:19 what the hell

  • Michelle
    Michelle2 hónapja

    The Yeti one reminds me so much of the monsters in concrete genie I love it!!

  • SilverETD
    SilverETD2 hónapja

    This video was absolutely beautiful hdhshhs

  • keemchoo da goat
    keemchoo da goat2 hónapja


  • BBdesignzs BB
    BBdesignzs BB2 hónapja

    How to export to after effect

  • mason
    mason2 hónapja

    I the wyverin one, when the claw pulls back, you need to pull the top of the wing up

  • capri88able
    capri88able2 hónapja

    That is so cool 😂 what app is this btw?

  • Mary Flavell
    Mary Flavell2 hónapja

    I'd like to see that yeti animated to doing the floss dance :D

  • Mary Flavell
    Mary Flavell2 hónapja

    But what would happen if you rotated the image to the side so you could make wings go up and down.....and then rotate it back to side view once you've got that saved. Would it look like the wings are flapping up and down from the side view???

  • Mr. The Mapman
    Mr. The Mapman2 hónapja

    Strawberry Beefcake, anyone?

  • Plasma Gaming
    Plasma Gaming2 hónapja

    9:36 WHAT THE HELL IS THIS Me: 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭💀💀

  • jasper prowse
    jasper prowse2 hónapja

    this is the funniest video on the internet bar none

  • Sastkryptlox
    Sastkryptlox2 hónapja

    What about the slinky dog? :-( :-( :-(

  • MK Wraith
    MK Wraith2 hónapja

    Try drawing parts separate like you did with the dinosaur and the cat. Then animate them together to form one

  • 紫魂
    紫魂2 hónapja


  • ImATacoNamedAmna
    ImATacoNamedAmna2 hónapja

    "Yeah, he skips leg day-" 🤣🤣


    This video was really fun and all of the animations were very amazing👏 And some of them were funny too😂

  • Imran Mokhtar Beenoit
    Imran Mokhtar Beenoit2 hónapja

    8:54 was cursed

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern2 hónapja

    Is Terry ...Teemo?

  • Omari Cerami
    Omari Cerami2 hónapja

    I have been crying for an hour now because it is not working

  • Omari Cerami
    Omari Cerami2 hónapja

    The app does not work

  • Gab Endo Erean
    Gab Endo Erean2 hónapja

    the strawberry killed me lmao HAHAHAHAHA

  • Aida Mukhter
    Aida Mukhter2 hónapja

    كانه قال كرسي؟؟؟

  • mr zero slime
    mr zero slime2 hónapja

    Cool 👍😎 video