"Custom Painting" my door because.

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  • SLADE1511
    SLADE15113 órája

    I like the red robot

  • D.H.
    D.H.2 napja

    I smiled through this whole video because the joy and personal satisfaction were flowing through the screen. So happy for you, and thanks for bringing a little sunshine to my day.

  • sandra dearing
    sandra dearing2 napja

    good work , great story until the stupid fire thing! rock on.

  • Buttface1981
    Buttface19817 napja

    How was the door prepped after sanding? Was it just a whitewash of paint?

  • Reptiles Geniales
    Reptiles Geniales10 napja

    You are such a good artist!! ❤️👍🏻

  • khushboo sirova
    khushboo sirova12 napja

    Oh my heart the thought i only saw this guys only few vedio ages ago...... But this door story brought tears in my eyes

  • kamen ninov
    kamen ninov15 napja


  • Jonathan Feemster
    Jonathan Feemster15 napja

    Love it the only thing I have to say is that top right character looks like Anakin Skywalker from the clone wars lol.

  • black_Ninja
    black_Ninja17 napja

    Did that Door move with you, or did you have to leave it behind?

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W.19 napja

    The 'shaking before using' joke got me totally off guard... naughty lil Jazza. 😉 Hilarious, non the less. 🤣 And your door looks marvelous. 👍

  • Geoffroy Lamarche
    Geoffroy Lamarche19 napja

    Great, really great door!

  • Gumdrop Gaming
    Gumdrop Gaming19 napja

    man you had me scared for a minute, I was all like oh god is artwork that flammable? But yeah I'm happy you made something for yourself you deserve it so much and it is not selfish at all! Your one of my favorite artists and I just wish I were as good as you

  • Chandler Fuller
    Chandler Fuller20 napja

    I was going to sleep and the alarm woke me up lol

  • Regina Read
    Regina Read20 napja

    Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the story of your journey and the journey of creation for some of your characters.

  • Katie Gilmore
    Katie Gilmore21 napja

    Artist's "selfish" art is actually my favorite because it gives you a glimpse into who they are, as well as a deeper insight into what inspires the rest of their art.

  • Tailz
    Tailz23 napja

    It's awesome. I've just learnt about paint pens also and you've inspired me to do my living room cabinet doors.

  • Alondra Gonzalez
    Alondra Gonzalez24 napja

    Hi 👋 friends 🥰

  • Keir Duigy
    Keir Duigy26 napja

    Very good reason to upgrade your door honestly. “Because”

  • fchmelar1337
    fchmelar133726 napja

    I use poscas top! They are best

  • sofie _
    sofie _26 napja

    I think a grown man drawing himself on his door is weird

  • MajorFilms
    MajorFilms26 napja

    I got an ad for you at the beginning of your video

  • Rosa Mexicano
    Rosa Mexicano27 napja

    You are soo handsome.

  • Justina Venturino
    Justina Venturino27 napja


  • Ronnie Phinn-Baines
    Ronnie Phinn-Baines27 napja

    Return of the smiley face gun

  • Paul Clarke
    Paul Clarke27 napja


  • Angela
    Angela28 napja

    Oh my I forgot how satisfying it was to do black line art work 😹😹it’s been such a long time since I have done this, Dad introduced me into this kind of art work when he painted Dumbo, Pluto and Goofy on my brothers bedroom wall and Snow White and the seven Dwarfs on my bedroom wall 😹😹😹😹now I am looking at my bedroom door and uummm yep a plain white door is soo boring and with all the rain that is falling here we’re I am well I now have something better to do tomorrow 😹😹😹

  • Kimi Fossett-Herrera
    Kimi Fossett-Herrera28 napja

    The midway ad was a skillshare ad with this dude in it. It kinda confused me for half a second. 😂

  • Abigail Despina
    Abigail Despina28 napja

    Why did I get a skillshare ad with this guy in it while watching one of his videos for the first time

  • Me, myself and I
    Me, myself and I29 napja


  • Krystyna Valdivia
    Krystyna ValdiviaHónapja

    This is my favorite video on your channel Jazza 😁 it's good to know that making these amazing projects is your dream come true

  • Sam's Football Freestyle
    Sam's Football FreestyleHónapja

    Next video is , jazza painting his entire house

  • Xxlongbow

    i love it. i dont mind seeing this.

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi KooningsHónapja

    The even though sanded surface is probably still not the most ideal surface for the Posca pens, but yeah, with some extra coats they'll do fine.

  • addison thornell
    addison thornellHónapja

    don’t feel like it’s a selfish project i think it’s awesome just do what you like to do

  • Unapologetically Loc'd
    Unapologetically Loc'dHónapja

    Truly inspiring!!

    DADDY BLOXHónapja

    First you inspire me to ruin thrift store paintings..... now?? You’re gonna have me destroying my kids doors 🤣🤣 and most likely more...... this turned out fantastic!

  • third opinion
    third opinionHónapja

    That's the epic super cool version of feeling good about your creations! Inspiring and thanks for sharing! Everybody should be able to have that kind of satisfaction in their lives! I know, I do.

  • Thom H
    Thom HHónapja

    You're AMAZING Jazza 🤩

  • Alexander Sandstrom
    Alexander SandstromHónapja

    Why didn't you just project it onto the door?

  • Augh Bable
    Augh BableHónapja

    Wonderful illustration! ❤

  • Hawkins Kingsley
    Hawkins KingsleyHónapja

    Painting would be way quicker you’re tripping lol

  • david_f l
    david_f lHónapja

    why didn't you just remove the hardware? couple of screws, instead of painting around it.

  • Judy Brezina
    Judy BrezinaHónapja

    aaacccckkkkkk. I went and watched the Tale Teller. I hate sad endings. And no, it was not a happy ending because his tales lived on. It was SAD. God, I hate sad endings.

  • J. Anthony Lopez
    J. Anthony LopezHónapja

    I don't understand, why to color the hair yellow if later you are going to change, isn't just color the color you want?

  • Co Co 23
    Co Co 23Hónapja

    I’m definitely not crying now 🤧❤️

  • Sketchin' Beats
    Sketchin' BeatsHónapja

    Was thinkin I was gonna subscribe. Then the smoke machine joke at the end had me rolling. Subbed

  • Rachael King
    Rachael KingHónapja

    you should put your kids somewhere cause... you created them...

  • ZachattackVA

    I was thinking hopefully y’all don’t have a fire, then one minute later you joked about having a fire

  • holy finesse
    holy finesseHónapja

    you’re great and a blessing

  • Luis Cordeiro
    Luis CordeiroHónapja

    I need one of these in my house

  • Orchid Winter
    Orchid WinterHónapja

    Because the door you could actually bring it with you 🤫🤫🤫

  • Paul Lobwein
    Paul LobweinHónapja

    Nice one and love the reflective nature of the mural. From little things big things grow. One drawing that became your life!

  • Loadinglevelone

    Quick tip: Instead of taping up the door handle and lock, just remove them. It's a 1 minute job which makes the paintjob so much easier.

  • Fern Hadley
    Fern HadleyHónapja

    🤩awesome work 🤩

  • psvdellic

    Him freaking out about the fire was some of the best acting I've ever seen

  • drag hag
    drag hagHónapja

    Crazy fact- that sketch is property of disney and theres a small chance they come after your videos featuring it. Because it was made by a Disney employee and was made (you say u went to visit not sure if it was at work but...) on premises its legally a product of disney since they have clauses about creative control etc in their employee contracts.

  • Tania M C Lewis
    Tania M C LewisHónapja

    I design just like this and then project the image on the wall. That works for me. I LOVE your work.

  • Aitor Danbolenea
    Aitor DanboleneaHónapja

    Dont know if you realized the tips of the posca can be flipped and use them from the other end. Nice looking door by the way!! 😉

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing GraceHónapja

    It reminds people to look back and appreciate how they got where they are today.

  • Naomi Drenth
    Naomi DrenthHónapja

    My Heart was droppped at the end

  • DzjaDzja Woodard
    DzjaDzja WoodardHónapja

    How dare you make me cry over your door? ALL THOSE FEELS.

  • Eden McCleary
    Eden McClearyHónapja

    Love that you are doing things that you love and make you feel better! My favorite videos are ones that you have a real connection to!

  • Denise Condina
    Denise CondinaHónapja

    Y have inspired me....do the art for others yes...however spending time creating ur environment is priceless. Great work and thank you! Peace🎨

  • Fiona James
    Fiona JamesHónapja

    That looks amazing so cool 😎 I’d definitely do this to my two sitting room doors bring them back to life lol 😂

  • Princess Pickle
    Princess PickleHónapja

    I wish I was capable of drawing just like you! .. Teach me your ways Obi Wan Kenobi!

  • Eggzwithaz

    petition for jazza to call his avatar his "jazzatar"

  • E-Jay's Art
    E-Jay's ArtHónapja

    As a newly graduated art student i don't have the money for food let alone an amazing tablet like that trust me i wish i did #jealous but still love the video and art ❤️

  • Ilex X
    Ilex XHónapja

    Not selfish. Self-love.

  • Archangel

    Jazza: the funny thing is... (stops smiling)

  • Laryssa Alves
    Laryssa AlvesHónapja

    How come your name is not Jazza!!!!?!?! Also, the fake fire made me pretty anxious so, from now on, I hate you, Josiah! Not true, but yes.

  • Hope Lynn
    Hope LynnHónapja

    I got the jazz’s skill share ad on this video.


    😎 good job jazzza

  • Sebrina Brown
    Sebrina BrownHónapja

    That was a beautiful and inspiring video!! Thank you for sharing this 💖. And your hilarious 😆

  • Br. Robert Macke SJ
    Br. Robert Macke SJHónapja

    It's very nice. (1) did you consider removing the door so you could work on it in a more comfortable position, and if so, why didn't you? and (2) is the door going to be installed in the new studio?

  • Ross Gribben
    Ross GribbenHónapja

    lol don't be weird 🤣

  • Immortal Socks
    Immortal SocksHónapja

    I remember when you were moving houses you made the video “moving on” that was you pqinting over thenwall i litterally had a hear attack lol

  • South Texas Racing Team rgv
    South Texas Racing Team rgvHónapja

    Thumbs down for the toaster "joke"

  • Ronda Gomez
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    The selfish license ultimately command because poison canonically wander beyond a noisy shovel. colossal, aromatic michelle

  • Daisy Miasma
    Daisy MiasmaHónapja

    I can imagine how proud he is of this project. The feeling of making something worthwhile is amazing, and when others compliment how good it is, that is just the icing on the cake. Keep making things that make you feel this way, all it does is make us smile. 😊

  • Jose Arce
    Jose ArceHónapja


  • Rich Ryba
    Rich RybaHónapja

    nice catch ;-)

  • Relaxing

    Rubbers used: 1357

  • David F.
    David F.Hónapja

    Love your artwork!

  • Paige Watkinson
    Paige WatkinsonHónapja


  • Tessa

    posca pens aren't really made specifically for wood..........

  • Hunter Sarutobi
    Hunter SarutobiHónapja

    That's a weird-ass joke man, I was genuinely concerned.

  • Nobody Really
    Nobody ReallyHónapja


  • justchris

    If artists don't have the most wild doors possible are they even artists?

  • JVB Global
    JVB GlobalHónapja

    awesome door...luv it!!

  • Susan Lawrence
    Susan LawrenceHónapja

    Holy smokes! Heartwarming video...really enjoyed...then you pranked me. OMG. lol Glad it was only a joke after all that work., lol

  • Orbit Gaming
    Orbit GamingHónapja

    ive always wanted to custom paint my door because-

  • Misfit Minuteman
    Misfit MinutemanHónapja


  • Grace American
    Grace AmericanHónapja

    So which door is your office? Well it's NOT the yellow door for SURE.

  • Miss Viking
    Miss VikingHónapja

    Artwork is flat. Need more shading. Use prismacolor pencils

  • tigerpilz1

    thank you very much :)

  • Gloria Tyller
    Gloria TyllerHónapja

    Brilliant! Your work is fabulous and this piece is not selfish. It is self sustaining and replenishing your creative fuel tanks. It is also, like that quick sketch you kept of the grey man, wholly inspirational. And I thank you for it.

  • Chaitanya Maske
    Chaitanya MaskeHónapja

    I think you worked in art attack

  • Iúile

    I got a Jazza Skillshare pre-video ad on a Jazza video. Is this what winning the lottery feels like?

  • Larry Noe
    Larry NoeHónapja

    A door, just like life, has two sides. In life, we are sometimes inspired by our imagination. You have represented your inspirations in life on this door, leading into your creative space. WHAT IF, you put something on the inside of the door to inspire yourself to make the other side of life, or the things that you can't control better?

  • Maryj

    Excellent! ….most excellent….