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  • Alie Renee'
    Alie Renee'2 napja

    Not me getting a skill share ad. Specially a Jazza skill share ad. Love to see it.

  • cynthiasandra
    cynthiasandra6 napja

    i wanna see the grazy

  • Eric Hartl
    Eric Hartl13 napja

    Is there anything you can't do?

  • Sobsman Asaju
    Sobsman Asaju17 napja

    Jazza: *Sets the timer to 5 minutes* 'Ugh!, I didn't finish' Jazza: *Adds another five minutes* 'Let's just assume it was 10 minutes initially' Why do I feel like I do something very related to this with my alarm clock?

  • Kieran Mckenna
    Kieran Mckenna20 napja

    Plant. . get plant

  • kellimagine
    kellimagine22 napja

    Sad this didn’t get enough likes :(

  • Mykel Gayle Benjamin
    Mykel Gayle Benjamin24 napja

    can we get this to 100k or 250k, my oh my that sounds like some cool ideas

  • Pancho Verde
    Pancho Verde29 napja

    Omg don't cut towards yourself. Jazza, think about Hieroglyphs for 10 seconds. Do you know what is Quezlcoatl? Also, only 33k likes to go.

  • Kiley Hanson
    Kiley Hanson29 napja

    I hope that since the collaboration has apparently fallen through and that he's moving into a bigger space that Jazza will revisit doing the foam art tools and try again, who knows they might come out even better

  • AlexDeMaster_
    AlexDeMaster_29 napja

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh lets go guys to 100,000 likes!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah Pieplow
    Hannah PieplowHónapja

    They both look good I think the Skull looks cool though

  • Pretty Badger
    Pretty BadgerHónapja

    Like the video everyone!

  • Leah Dodson
    Leah DodsonHónapja

    Nobody: Jazza: “OH NO, that’s not good at all!” (continues to keep doing the same thing)

  • SquishyDP Arty boo
    SquishyDP Arty booHónapja


  • Student Zaid Ibrahim
    Student Zaid IbrahimHónapja

    10:54 😂

  • 0MindSwept0

    Definitely a hot idea

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda VegaHónapja

    Day one of commenting until jazza reviews The Neopiko brush Markers

  • Cas Meganck
    Cas MeganckHónapja

    We are not at 150k likes yet, but plz make the thing

  • Tr0n1ka

    ngl I think it'd be pretty cool if you made an entire knight cosplay or at least prop weapons like the shield and a sword

  • MrGeekman9999

    I find the noise the foam makes to be so uncomfortable that I can't watch the video. :(

  • C K
    C KHónapja

    The sound and texture of polystyrene is my worst nightmare

  • Saeblundr

    come on people, its been over a week now. why we not at those like goals. get on it.

  • Claire Rubbelke
    Claire RubbelkeHónapja

    We've seen you sculpt with so many things, but I don't think I've seen you use like an actual pottery wheel! It'd be cool to see you make like a tea set or something!

  • Technically Magic Effects
    Technically Magic EffectsHónapja

    If you like Monster Clay, try shredding it with a cheese grater and storing it that way in ziploc bags. It's easy to build up and warms up in your hand quickly. The microwavable feature is more for doing clay pours into molds. Melty clay isn't as handy to build up and can burn the shit out of you if you're not careful.

  • Fun Art with Srithi !
    Fun Art with Srithi !Hónapja

    11:05 that was soo cute!!!!😂😂💕 also I really want to seeeeeee what you can do to that !! Guys please likeeeee!!!

  • Ikanaide


  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer DudeHónapja

    FIANLY I get the answer to what happened to the foam art supplies

  • Linundus A.S.P
    Linundus A.S.PHónapja

    My endurance was tested to its limits when I hear the foam against the table

  • Ted Maude
    Ted MaudeHónapja

    We need to get to 259k likes lads

  • Jonathan Sikes
    Jonathan SikesHónapja

    Yeah, but how well does it work on butter?

  • the orange skittles are burning in hell
    the orange skittles are burning in hellHónapja

    HOT. GLUE. GUN. 2.0

  • Rosie Sibley
    Rosie SibleyHónapja

    Not me thinking that Jazzas second sculpture was a uterus 🤣🤣

  • Nate Gutierrez
    Nate GutierrezHónapja

    He kinda looks like the slapchop dude with the microphone

  • G K
    G KHónapja

    Now speed paint them but swap the timings, 30 minutes for the background, 15 minutes for the skull and 5 minutes for your thinking man

  • Manav Shah
    Manav ShahHónapja

    legends use it to play fruit ninja

  • kate szydelko
    kate szydelkoHónapja

    I'm sad how one of my favourite youtubers is begging for likes. Like it's low-key putting me off watching your videos. I'm not tryna hate and I know your getting your new studio, I just miss the old you. Your new content feels kinda fake. I want the UCD videos and challenges where you seem genuine. Idk your newer content feels fake like your trying really hard to get likes and subscribers and the quality is going down. I know the algorithm doesn't really put creative HUbasers in its favour but at least be genuine about your videos. I personally would prefer less frequent videos that are really entertaining and not clickbait for likes, subscribers and views. I'm sorry I feel like I'm being harsh but that's how I feel. I've been subbed for I think about 4 - 5 years now and I've seen your channel change and develop but I think it's turning into a cash grab. I know you need to pay for your new studio but there's got to be some other way. Like the ultimate creativity collection is brilliant and I'm so glad I own it, I just wish the signature on the art print I got with it was from the same Jazza I watched every week teaching me how to draw and animate and who entertained me with challenges. I swear to god if that plant is making you do this I will fly out across the globe to Australia myself and stick it where the sun don't shine.

  • PinkMuffin

    I like you Jazza but I really hate those like-challenges. I'd love to see the videos and the second one (with the giant block) would certainly give you a lot of views and really lends itself to a great thumbnail and title that would probably get viral in no time. By limiting yourself with this like-challenge, your loving community might not get to see a video that they are hyped up about and you rob yourself of a great video idea. As I said: I love you but those challenges aren't a smart move. This video is a week old and doesn't even have 100k likes, so now it feels to me like there isn't even a point in liking it.

  • Rain Sagarku
    Rain SagarkuHónapja

    Hi, and thank you for the BoB! It was the game n1 4 me during a few many years ago( It was a part of my life, map creator was the first art, that i've done successfully...bob was one of the first steps from a little russian boy to a man, interested in art, strategy and English language. Great thank you bro. Map by Seceibo* Tell me, please, is the story of Larry is over, after 1, 1,5 and 2 episodes?

  • G. Dochev
    G. DochevHónapja

    " sculpting " 🙄

  • Eleanor S
    Eleanor SHónapja

    I'm gonna scoop out the eyeballs!

  • K1tsun

    Lost a chance at a 1000 degree clickbait revival smh

  • DieNaddys

    Why didn’t you call the police for this? He probably got an huge amount of money with the proof you did for it

  • Craft with Love
    Craft with LoveHónapja

    If you cannot say "texture" properly, all of us non-originally-English-speakers are DOOOOOOOOMEDD!!!!!

  • JuriAmari

    0:45 my self from 2 years ago just breathed a sigh of relief for that mystery finally being solved. Sorry for what happened btw. Hopefully the next set of props in your new studio go much better!

  • Gwan Gwan
    Gwan GwanHónapja

    Real artist are good at everything.

  • Danny Naylor
    Danny NaylorHónapja

    try spill art and sellotape art - shine light through behind, build up layers etc.

  • Rainbow Quartz 2.0
    Rainbow Quartz 2.0Hónapja

    11 seconds in an my thoughts so far consist of 1. who is going to get injured 2. how long will it be until someone gets injured 3. myself being accident prone should never try to do this ever, but, it is something that is newly on my bucket list

  • Tijn Tinnenbroek
    Tijn TinnenbroekHónapja

    Don't go over 250k likes lmao

  • David Rail
    David RailHónapja

    How it looks 🙂 vs How it sounds 🙃

  • Taylor 3D
    Taylor 3DHónapja

    Has he sculpted butter? 🤪🤔

  • Tribal Fuse
    Tribal FuseHónapja

    You look like the dude from the SlapChop commercial

  • Aisling Ní Fhoghlú
    Aisling Ní FhoghlúHónapja

    "Just make it make sense in your head... and click like 👍"

  • groovy kir
    groovy kirHónapja

    There is a swastika in the shield 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Minecraft Bee
    Minecraft BeeHónapja

    God the noises are like reverse asmr lol

  • Luna

    my teeth hurt from this video

  • Lunera Scura
    Lunera ScuraHónapja

    Just do it even if you don't get the likes because you really seem to want that redemption 😆. I just like watching you experiment and just explore the madness of your own inspiration.

  • Princess Sammy
    Princess SammyHónapja

    LIKE THE VIDEO NOW I WANNA SEE IT PLEASE LIKE 😱😬sorry I really wanna see those cool vids he mentioned 😅 😊

  • NerdyDirtyBirdy

    Love your content jazza keep it up

  • cindy blount
    cindy blountHónapja

    you should try the pink foam, it is solid no small beads of foam.

  • samtic

    1000degree knife 2021

  • Faizan Ali
    Faizan AliHónapja

    The sound of the foam is so sooo irritating

  • Socorro

    I've barely started and I can tell it's going to be a good video based on the fact that the first thing he does is wave the knife around

  • Jessica Nkatha
    Jessica NkathaHónapja

    The foam scratching on the board ✨disturbia✨

  • Charleen del Junco
    Charleen del JuncoHónapja

    Even if you don't get the likes I want to see more!

  • Darian Mullis
    Darian MullisHónapja

    If everyone who didn’t dislike the video just liked it we would have our videos coming.

  • NewtonPlays

    Maybe get a pyrography pen / soldering iron for detail work? \o/

  • Klhery

    I'm conflicted with the foam noises, it sounds satisfying but also grates my ears.

  • Ampgamer$7$

    Man I hate this will never get enough likes because I really wanna see the giant foam block

  • Bullfrogerwytsch

    I don't think anyone really needs you to stick to time limits, I think we mainly just want you to make cool stuff that you are passionate about, regardless of how long that takes you.

  • Bullfrogerwytsch

    You are so polite about not having gotten your set pieces back, That would have annoyed the absolute heck out of me, that set design was part of a dream of yours, to emulate art attack. So sad that you haven't been able to get them back.

  • Bullfrogerwytsch



    Maybe they went to paint them and used paints that dissolved the foam and they are too scared to tell you they dissolved your set pieces.

  • Kati Jade
    Kati JadeHónapja

    I definitely, would love to see you do a foam sculture as big as you, some of your other pieces turned out so good. Imagine how EPIC such a big piece would be!!!!!

  • B0nd3n

    I could not watch the video the sound that comes from the foam makes me uncomfortable, but keep up the good work and thx for the video :)

  • Sophie

    Jazza, you should make a book nook.

  • Abi

    Come on I liked the video...... I already wanna see him executing his promise😂😂😂

  • Ilona Sinnema
    Ilona SinnemaHónapja

    Am I the only one who thinks that the first sculpture looks a bit like Eve from Reboot?

  • Erin Makes
    Erin MakesHónapja

    How was the different phones different on the knife? Looks like the XPF foam aka the blue one was slower to cut through than the styrofoam white one

  • Darrz

    Love how Jazza cares about finishing even through the time ran out.

  • meiwakubunny

    I hate the sound of the styrofoam moving across the table almost as much as I hate the sound of a squeaking marker 😫

  • Ssquirrel !
    Ssquirrel !Hónapja

    Please do it

  • Heather F
    Heather FHónapja

    When I was a prof. photographer, I learned to sculpt foam props as well! We used a modified coping saw with a special kind of electrified wire instead of saw blade. Another technique is to use a paintbrush with acetone! It allows you to do more "painterly" sculpting! We also used additive techniques and also would first use 3M spray glue to glue several dense foam sheets together then sculpt them & then cover them a little like papier mache but with cheesecloth pieces & plaster-like stuff then painted them. I hope you try acetone and do more foam sculpting!

  • Tuh Mater
    Tuh MaterHónapja

    Modeling with monster clay kind of looks like it would feel how chocolate tastes

  • Muda_V

    Like like LIKE!

  • Chelarino

    with his mic on his head and his gestures, jazza just screams infomercial host to me in this episode

  • Fantasmic_Herkimer!

    Jazza, you should try ice sculpting! It's not as fast as foam, but it's super fun!

  • The Sote Gamer
    The Sote GamerHónapja

    Im split between continuing to watch the video because I want to see the result or stopping because the sound that foam makes is unbareable

  • K Art
    K ArtHónapja

    I actually like the first one better lol



  • Degastone Plays
    Degastone PlaysHónapja


  • Chupazombra

    Try a turkey carver and upholstery foam next !

  • Evolution of a wannabe artist
    Evolution of a wannabe artistHónapja

    Jazza, I have a great idea. You should do a bunch of dabble and dive videos, and in the end, explain everything you learned. This can be a tutorial, for everyone who wants that, and your likeable, fun traits can also be included, all in one video.

  • Tomer Shay
    Tomer ShayHónapja

    Have your tried zbrush? 😊